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Photo Credit: Dick Doeren

Nicolet National Forest Snow Falls Creek State Natural Area (715) 582-5000 Peshtigo Brook State Wildlife Area (715) 582-5000


Blackburnian Warbler, Least Flycatcher, RedShouldered Hawk

Merlin, Ruby-Crowned Kinglet, Yellow-Throated Warbler

Open All Year Weather Permitting

From Lakewood, drive east and north 3 miles on Cty F, than east .3 miles on Smyth Rd, then south 2.3 miles on Sullivan Springs Rd (FR Lakewood 2330), then drive or walk southwest 1.4 miles on FR 2944 to the Snow Falls Creek crossing. Follow creek south into the site.

Oconto River Valley 2,200

Ruffed Grouse, Barred Merlin, Loggerhead Shrike, Owl, Common Nighthawk Warbling Vireo


From Hwy 141 north of Pound, travel west 10 miles on Hwy 64 to the property which is south of the highway.

Oconto Falls

North of the river, drive east on Cty I (Stiles Road); south of the river use Koniter Rd and Timberline Rd


From downtown Oconto, follow Cty Y east. Turn right onto Harbor Rd and follow .25 miles to the breakwater. Follow Cty Y north to reach the Oconto Marsh and Rush Point properties. Viewing binoculars available at harbor and the marsh.

Open All Year

Historic Bay Shores Open All Year Open All Year

Open All Year

Pensaukee Located 1 mile south of Pensaukee on Cty S. & Oconto

S N O I T I D N O S C T L I N A E R T & EV


Red-Shouldered Hawk, Blackhurnian Warbler, Machickanee Unit 3,100 Swainson’s Thrush, Ruby-Crown Kinglet (920) 834-6827 Oconto Harbor, Oconto Snowy Owl, Marsh & Rush Point Long Tailed Duck, RedWhite Pelican, Common Green Bay West Shores 800 Throated Loon, & Caspian Terns State Wildlife Area Scoters (715) 582-5000 Pensaukee Unit - Green Common Merganser, Snowy Egret, Yellow Rail, Bay West Shores State Common Goldeneye, 308 Wildlife Area Peregrine Falcon American Bittern (715) 582-5000

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2018 Oconto County Discovery Guide  
2018 Oconto County Discovery Guide