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2 Since 1911 Our strength as a full service electrical contractor is rooted in the diversity of our services BuALBANY, NY BuSYRACUSE, NY BuROCHESTER, NY BuBUFFALO, NY BuVICTOR, NYBu CorporateNYHeadquarters 830 Phillips Road Victor, NY 585.924.217614564 Construction Services - Building Information Modeling - Prefabrication - Design Build tom.sauer@oconnellelectric.comAlbanydonald.coon@oconnellelectric.comSyracusechris.wall@oconnellelectric.comBuffalobrian.rittenhouse@oconnellelectric.comVictor/Rochester Service and Maintenance david.coon@oconnellelectric.comSyracuseandrew.dohse@oconnellelectric.comVictor/Rochester Security Integration joseph.duh@oconnellelectric.comSyracuserob.unger@oconnellelectric.comVictor/Albany/Buffalo/Rochester Power Group michael.parkes@oconnellelectric.com Renewable Energy - Solar - Wind Commercial tim.ehmann@oconnellelectric.comLargejoel.clester@oconnellelectric.comSolarWindProjects Communications - Tele Data - Fiber Optic - Data Centers joseph.duh@oconnellelectric.comSyracuserob.unger@oconnellelectric.comVictor/Buffalotom.sauer@oconnellelectric.comAlbany Technical Services - Preventative Maintenance - Testing and Commissioning joe.leggo@oconnellelectric.comVictor/Albany/Buffalo/Syracuse Temperature Control donald.coon@oconnellelectric.comSyracusecraig.ramsdell@oconnellelectric.comVictor/Rochester Natural Gas phil.matthews@oconnellelectric.com Transportation - Airport - Bridge - Highway richard.maher@oconnellelectric.com www.oconnellelectric.com Syracuse Hancock Airpark 7001 Performance Drive N. Syracuse, NY 315.437.145313212 Rochester Power Group 390 Systems Road Rochester, NY Construction585.424.347214623Services400SystemsRoadRochester,NY14623585.869.4630 Buffalo 20 Lancaster Parkway Lancaster, NY 716.675.901014086 Albany 2360 Maxon Road Ext. Schenectady, NY 518.346.007712308

While I’m eager to make my own mark on the company over time, in the short term my goal is to stay the course by ensuring the business remains profitable, sustainable, and poised for growth by making investments that will keep the company in a strong market position. Long term, I’m focused on continuing to diversify our service offerings and expertise, finding ways to differentiate the company from our competitors and continuing our expansion throughout the mid-Atlantic region.

I also remain committed to carrying on the legacy of O’Connell’s vital community philanthropy and will work closely with my sister, Susan Parkes-McNally, founding family member and board member of the Mary M. Parkes Center for Asthma, Allergy & Pulmonary Care and the Walter & Carmina Parkes Family Foundation to support critical needs in the communities where we live and work.

This has been an incredibly humbling time for me as I write to you as the new Chief Executive Officer of O’Connell Electric Company. I am tremendously honored to have been entrusted with this role. This company is very personal to me and has been deeply rooted in my and my family’s lives for many years.

I’m very proud to announce that rounding out the leadership team, Michael Parkes, a fifth-generation electrical construction professional and former vice president of the Power Group, will be stepping into my previous role of Chief Operating Officer where he will oversee day-to-day operations, including estimating, planning, and scheduling. He’s a meticulous planner with a true passion for this industry, two traits that will serve him well in this new role as we look to build on the foundation my father and Michael’s grandfather, Walter Parkes, alongside key management team members have worked so hard to build over the past 54 years.

O’Connell Electric remains poised for continued growth and the cornerstone to our success is due to the hard work, dedication, and contributions of each and every one of you. I’m grateful for this opportunity to serve you all and I look forward to embarking on this new and exciting chapter of our journey together.

Thank you again for all you do for us, be your brother and sister’s keeper, ask questions if unsure of something, and please work safely on the job and at home.

Thomas Parkes

I’d also like to take this moment to thank my long-time colleague, friend and mentor Vic Salerno, for his guidance and tutelage over the years during his tenure as CEO. Vic’s many contributions to the company have been invaluable and he’s left me with an incredible blueprint to drive the business forward. Although he’ll be taking a step back from day-to-day operations in his well-deserved retirement, myself, and the entire leadership team are grateful to have his continued support as he continues in his role as a member of our Board of Directors.

Thank you, Follow us online

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We are pleased to announce that Thomas W. Parkes, a well-respected and accomplished leader with more than 48 years’ experience in the electrical construction industry, has assumed the role of chief executive officer. Following the company’s succession plan, Tom succeeds former CEO Victor E. Salerno upon his retirement after nearly half a century.

" I’m tremendously honored to have been entrusted with the role of CEO of O’Connell Electric, a company that has been deeply ingrained in my life since I was 12 years old" -Tom Parkes


As a fourth-generation IBEW electrician, Tom brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to his new role. He worked his way up through the ranks of the company, beginning as an electrician’s apprentice, advancing to journeyman electrician, foreman, general foreman and project manager before joining the executive leadership team as president and chief operating officer.


“I’m tremendously honored to have been entrusted with the role of CEO of O’Connell Electric, a company that has been deeply ingrained in my life since I was 12 years old,” Tom said. “While I’m looking forward to the opportunity to chart a new and prosperous path for our team of more than 1,000 dedicated and hardworking professionals, I fully intend to honor the long-standing legacy and achievements that my father, Walt, and predecessor, Vic Salerno, instituted to cement O’Connell Electric’s status as an industry leader in safety, workforce training and customer satisfaction.”

Upon taking the helm of the company that Vic and Tom’s father, Walter T. Parkes, worked hard to build over the past 54 years, Tom is eager to put his mark on the business as the company’s third CEO, shepherding plans for continued, sustainable growth.

“I’m grateful to Vic for his guidance and tutelage over the years as he’s shown me the ropes and helped me realize the global success of the company,” Tom said. “His contributions have been invaluable, and he’s left me with an incredible blueprint to drive the business forward into a new era of continued Assuccess.”CEO,Tom will oversee and lead the company in executing strategic initiatives, general corporate decision-making, growth of divisions, management of financial decisions and responsibility for the well-being of the company’s workforce. Among his list of critical short- and long-term priorities is to build on our success in recruiting and training top talent by establishing more strategic and creative recruiting programs to attract employees to the firm.

After completing his term as CEO at the end of April, Vic transitioned into a new role as a member on the board of directors, where he will continue to support customer relations and help secure new business when necessary. In addition to spending more well-deserved time with his family, he’ll continue to support several local community organizations, some at the board level, and will maintain his responsibilities for representing us in the industry nationally through associations.

It is truly special for me to be able to lead this company alongside my father, a company built by my grandparents, family members, a loyal leadership team and dedicated employees past and present. I am excited to work with everyone here to build on our successes, learn from our failures and take O’Connell to new heights."

ichael Parkes, Tom’s son and fifth-generation electrical construction professional, has been named by O’Connell Electric’s Board of Directors as the new Chief Operating Officer, as which he will oversee day-to-day operations, including estimating, planning and scheduling for each division of the company. Before assuming the role of COO, he served over 11 years as the General Manager and Vice President of the Power Group. Previously, Michael spent two years as a Construction Supervisor and Staff Electrical Engineer at O’Brien & Gere and five years as an Electrical Engineer at TRC Power Delivery. Michael is currently serving the final year of his term as ELECTRI Council Chair and serves as a member of the NECA Innovation & Strategy Taskforce.



A meticulous planner, Michael has a very strong attention to detail. Under his leadership, the Power Group has experienced year-over-year revenue growth.


-Michael Parkes

MICHAEL PARKES - COO Pictured left to right: Tom Parkes, Susan Parkes-McNally, Walter Parkes and Michael Parkes

In addition to this transition in our executive leadership team, changes have also been made within the Power Group. Dave Emmi and Tim Ehmann will be joining our senior leadership team as Vice Presidents, and help develop and execute our company's mission, vision, and goals.

They’ll leverage their expertise to tackle projects that address notable and growing industry trends in renewable energy, electric vehicle (EV) charging stations, live-line bare hand service, vegetation management, building and modernizing substations to meet evolving energy needs as well as upgrading transmission and distribution systems for greater broadband access.

Tim Ehmann has been promoted to Vice President, Substations. In his new position Tim will be tasked with overseeing the day-to-day operations of the Power Group’s substation projects, continuing to develop our renewable energy customer relationships and mentorship of our substation project managers. Over the years Tim has managed and developed some of the company’s largest and most complex projects.

Dave said, "I first met O’Connell Electric at Syracuse University in 2004 at the North Campus 34.5kV underground expansion project. Back then, being a young punk, I had no idea that electric infrastructure construction would become my life’s work. Now, eighteen years later, I have the honor of taking on the duty of a Vice-President. As a member of the executive team, I will bring a continued focus on the safety of our workforce, an incredibly high level of customer service, and thoughtful sustainable growth for many years to come. I am certain that with the team we have here at O’Connell, we will continue to be the best electrical contractor in the business and I am so excited to be


Pictured left to right: Tim Ehmann and Dave Emmi

Tim said, "The opportunities and experience I have gained with the IBEW, NECA, and OCE are wasted if I cannot share and mentor our managers and field workforce. The future power opportunities are too crazy these days to shy away from. Quality, sustainable, reliable, responsible, and safe are virtues I uphold. The executive team has built quite a foundation beneath this company. I am proud to be considered as one of the building blocks both our workforce and clients can rely on. Thank you for your confidence in my abilities and respect."

Dave has been instrumental in the growth and development of both services which account for a significant percentage of the company’s yearly revenue and workforce.


"From my early teens, I have learned something every day from those I have interacted with, especially my father. I now learn every day from many younger than me," Tim said. "This VP role is a good fit for me, for the OCE management team, for our clients and for our workforce."



Alongside Tom and Michael Parkes, our leadership team and divisional vice presidents will continue finding ways to differentiate the company from its competitors, with an eye on the latest technological and safety advancements in the field to better serve our customers, including growing and nurturing new and existing relationships that affirm our reputation both locally and regionally.

Dave Emmi has been promoted to the role of Vice President, Power Group. In his new position Dave will be tasked with overseeing the day-to-day operations of the Power Group with a particular emphasis on our line and vegetation management service offerings and will be responsible for continuing to develop our Power Group team.

To learn more about the Honor Our Nurses or to contribute please visit: https://www.rochester.edu/advancement/honor-our-nurses/

Early in her life, Mary was diagnosed with severe asthma. Though she suffered for many years with asthma, Mary was first and foremost a nurse. A critical care nurse at Rochester General Hospital, Mary was known for her unfailing optimism and perseverance. She understood the challenges of being a patient. Mary was hospitalized more than 50 times in ten years. As a result, she carried a special understanding with her to every patient’s bedside. After a long struggle with the disease, Mary died in April of 1991. She as only 32 years old.

The longstanding partnership between the Parkes family and URMC has enabled the continued advancement of care, research, and education in the healthcare industry. We at O’Connell Electric share these ideals and encourage our team members and friends to take the time to Honor Our Nurses.

Three short years later, the Mary Parkes Center – the first center of its kind in Western, NY – was established. It was made possible through the generous support of Mary’s parents, Walt and Carm, her siblings, and her doctors, Dr. Susan Ristow and Dr. Michael Finigan as well as Mary’s nurse and best friend, Maureen Prince, who is Clinical Director of the center.

Carmina M. Parkes, RN Mary M. Parkes, RN Maureen L. Prince, MS, BSN, RN

Nurses have always had a profound impact on the health and wellbeing of our society. They offer constant care and comfort to patients to alleviate their suffering. Never has this been more relevant than over the past two years as we battled the COVID-19 pandemic, where nurses put their lives on the line every day to provide for their Thecommunities.University of Rochester Medical Center (URMC) knows how important nurses are to the healthcare system and has developed the Honor Our Nurses campaign to raise money for scholarships, continuing education and promote awareness for nurses everywhere. Community members and organizations generously donated to the program as well as shared stories about how nurses have influenced their lives. The campaign was sponsored by several surrounding organizations including O’Connell Electric, who led the campaign as the Presenting Sponsor. The company’s inspiration to present the Honor our Nurses Campaign comes from our owners, the Parkes family, who all have strong ties to healthcare and nurses in particular. Carmina Parkes, wife to Walter Parkes and mother to Tom, Susan and Linda, and Mary Parkes, daughter to Carmina and Walter and sister to Tom, Susan, and Linda, were both registered nurses. They devoted themselves to helping others, a value that continues to be upheld by the rest of the Parkes family today.


O’Connell Electric Company is proud and honored to serve as the presenting sponsor of the Honor OUR Nurses campaign. Our commitment is made in memory of Carmina M. Parkes, RN and Mary M. Parkes, RN and in honor of Maureen L. Prince, MS, BSN, RN, and ALL nurses. We offer our encouragement and support to School of Nursing students, and our deepest respect and tremendous gratitude for ALL nurses for their unflagging compassion, exceptional strength, dedication, and kindness so tirelessly given. Our hearts are overflowing for the difference you have made in the world of healthcare for everyone. Thank you, Dean Kathy Rideout and Chief Nursing Executive Karen Keady, for your devoted and steadfast leadership.


For some reason we are forced to continually ask ourselves some serious questions… Have we beaten the virus? Can prices get any higher? Will the world settle back down? Will the violence end? With things like this looming over our heads and the work load maintaining full capacity with no end in sight it is increasingly important that we step back, take a deep breath and take stock on ourselves first, check in on our families, friends and co-workers, listen to what is happening around you. When we chuckled at the premise of our buckets getting too full in our HPI posters I don’t think that most could comprehend or imagine the type of times that we are faced with or the overwhelming effects that it can have on each and every one of us individually as human beings. Be conscientious that these events have differing effects on those around you and be aware on the job of the distractions that could result. Don’t be afraid to talk, and most of all, please don’t be afraid to listen! As we continue to navigate and conquer some of the most trying of times please remember that humility is not denying your strengths, humility is being honest about your weaknesses. We are proud to announce that the Field Safety Committee has joined forces with our SOP Committee to assist in the development and rollout of a set of procedures that allow employees to safely and efficiently perform tasks not common to their daily activities. We are excited to showcase this work along with the work that was previously completed by the SOP crew. We eagerly look forward to any and all feedback from the field as to content, usability and value as well as ideas for future topics. These documents are not designed to replace an operating manual or to deem someone qualified. They are generally a short outline of tips and tools to adhere to based on research and years of collective experience on each topic. The joint committee has solicited the help of subject matter experts from both inside and outside the company to assist in the development of those documents. We hope these SOP’s can be valuable assets to our brothers and sisters in the field similar to the results that have been noted to date in our Power Group. Our linemen have had a number of these SOP documents in circulation and available to the field for several months generating very positive feedback. Please stay safe and as always feel free to reach out to any of our Field Safety representatives with comments or questions at any time!

FieldJeffFraternally,HarterSafety THE FIELD SAFETY COMMITTEE

Committee Chairman MESSAGE FROM

To qualify for the TEGG Sales Team Award, a team must consist of two or more sales professionals from a contractor's location. The winning team is based upon the total dollar amount booked for the team divided by the number of team members during the Sales Program period of January 1 through December 31, 2021. The team with the highest number wins, and the winning team is awarded the coveted trophy cup that now features their names on it, along with the names of the winning teams from previous years. The cup will remain at the location of the winning team for approximately a year, then as the next year's winner is announced, the cup will move on to the new winning team.

Congratulations to our 2021 Sales Team Winners from O'Connell Electric Company - Michelle Jones, Bill Reed, Brad Hartford, and Chad Anderson.



"Safety Shoutout to Mike Reynolds (Local 41) for calling an “All-stop”. A crane crew arrived on site unexpectedly to pick steel beams on to the roof top. Mike and crew were installing conduit in an excavation adjacent to the crane setup area. Mike was concerned and asked if there was a pick plan, controlled access zone, communication methods in place. A good answer was not supplied and Mike called an "All-stop". He notified the GC, OCE PM and Safety. A site meeting occurred and the crane pick was canceled as a result of improper planning. Thank you to Mike Reynolds and OCE PM Chris Wall for advocating for the safety of all workers on the project. "


- Submitted by Joselis Hernandez, AVANGRID Independent Contractor Here at O’Connell, we strive to create a safe and healthy work environment with reduced hazards and free of incidents. This is our goal every day and that starts with CARING! Caring for ourselves and caring for our fellow O’Connell employees. Caring is at the root of Human Performance Improvement (HPI). Our caring needs to be “active.” It needs to be alive, observable, and impactful. Others need to know that we care about them. In this context, we care about their safety. What does “actively caring” for our fellow employees in the workplace mean? What is the difference between “caring” and “actively caring”? I think we can all agree that no one wants to see another employee get injured on the job. This is caring. Yet, when workers are asked to muster the courage to provide advice to a peer who is working at-risk and could be injured, many admit they do not act on their caring by providing feedback.

Let us all embrace actively caring at work. This will help ensure a safe, healthy, and incident-free workplace for everyone. I am convinced if we had increased caring and increased engagement with others when unsafe acts are happening, we would significantly reduce our number of injuries, and the overall safety of all our worksites.


"Pat Arnold should be recognized. He was asked to present to the entire jobsite on electrical hazards, and he did great. He presented while wearing the 40 cal arc flash suit and voltage rated gloves to demonstrate what should be worn while working around energized conductors. Pat has served on the Field Safety and Construction SOP Committees. He is currently the General Foreman at Mohawk Valley Hospital System in Utica."

"Tim German, O’Connell’s General Foreman, had a Good Catch on 05/05/2022. He recognized an event that had the potential to create harm while a dump truck was dumping stone and breached the Minimum Approach Distance (MAD) of an energized bus in the substation. Tim immediately stopped the activity so no one was hurt and he notified both the spotter and driver of the hazard present. He immediately reiterated the MAD and also held a safety stand-down to reinforce the requirements at the next day morning tailboard. Tim deserves a Safety, Health, Environment and Quality (SHEQ) Coin for it but also because he is always vigilant of the safety conditions of the site, making sure the requirements are met and sending everybody home safe at the end of each work day.

- Submitted by Brian Chamberlain, Safety Coordinator


In our HPI World, actively caring can be seen by “peer-checking” and “peer-review.” We must act. If you see something, say something, and do something. Use the HPI Tools we have to counter the HPI Traps that arise. When we actively care, we continuously provide feedback and coaching to our peers when they are acting in a way that is likely to hurt themselves or another. We proactively care when we perform a peer-check before a task begins. We make sure that our co-worker has the PPE, tools and skills necessary to perform the task at hand. If not, we say something immediately and take steps to correct the situation.

Thanks Tim! Keep up the positive safety attitude!"

- Submitted by Matthew Yonts, Senior Safety Supervisor







O’Connell is proud to be a fullservice electrical contractor covering every major service segment in the industry. In recent years, we have expanded our offerings to include vegetation management services to better serve our clients in every stage of their projects.

Trimming Danger Tree Removal Capital

Vegetation management is crucial in the process of maintaining utility right of ways to ensure adequate clearances between energized conductors and vegetation. The distance allows our Power Group teams to access the infrastructure for inspection, maintenance, repair, and restoration of power. Controlling the growth of vegetation also reduces the risk of outages, fires, or danger to the surrounding area. This not only benefits the local communities, but it reduces the need for possible emergency services from our crews. Since the infancy of this new service offering last Spring, demand has risen significantly and the group continues to grow in a controlled fashion, adding equipment and labor as needed. Currently the team has over 85 IBEW Line Clearance Arborists in the field with an estimated 120 personnel by the end of the year. O’Connell is currently actively offering this service to utility projects across New York and Pennsylvania and is looking to expand our reach to the New England, MidAtlantic and Mid-West regions. We’ve recently received contracts with Pennsylvania Power and Light (PPL), National Grid, Central Hudson and continue to support our makeready work in local municipalities. This team is a promising look at the future of O’Connell and the potential for sustained growth in the division and the company.

SERVICES Maintenance Maintenance Project Management System Inspection and Inventory

Trimming Transmission

The engineers decided instead of trying to install new conduit underground, the best and cheapest option was to recreate the system above ground. They used large boom lifts and a lull, along with the team’s muscle, to haul the 750 and 500MCM cables. A large crane was used to remove the old switch gear and to install the new electrical house along with the 2600kV transformer.


"I couldn’t be more proud of all the men and women that worked on this project. In the end, General Mills was extremely happy with the job and it looked fantastic as well," said Michael Janowski, Project Manager for Buffalo Construction.

Originally, the General Mills equipment was 60 years old and in need of upgrades to maintain their production levels. The conduits for the old feeders were laid underground and prone to freezing, which caused issues for the plant.

This project was estimated to take three months, however was completed in a month, including a four day shutdown that required over 2,000 hours with zero incidents.

DIVISIONS Buffalo Construction & Technical Services Group PROJECT MANAGERS Michael Janowski, Buffalo Construction Mike McIntyre, Technical Services Group GENERAL FOREMEN Dave Peters, LU 41 Wayne Rich, LU 41 GENERALMILLS

13 " " This job was not easy, and we succeeded in finishing on time and have worked our way to be the preferred contractor for General Mills. Once again I want to thank all the men and women that worked on this project. -Michael Janowski

14 ILJINREPAIRCABLE DIVISIONS Power Group & Technical Services Group PROJECT MANAGER Doug Marolf GENERAL FOREMEN Dan Brooks, LU 1249

A job well done by all -Douginvolved."Marolf



Two underground employees assisted two Iljin Electric cable splicers for the next week while they completed the 3000KCM inline splice within the vault. Our Technical Services Group also assisted in providing three rounds of just-in-time testing to prove the integrity of the installation.

Due to a failure on the B phase of RGE’s Line 943N feeder at Station 262 in Rochester, O’Connell Electric underground crews were awarded work under subcontract to Iljin Electric USA, Inc. The project was to remove, replace, and then assist Iljin Electric splicing crews to complete the necessary repair.

The work, which took place in the span of ten days, involved the removal of 150-foot of 3000KCM 115kV copper underground cable from a splice vault into the basement of Station 262.

Following the removal, the crew, with the assistance of a 60-ton crane and lowboy, loaded and transported a 34,52-pound, 12.5-foot tall oversized cable reel through the city of Rochester from Cairn Street to Mount Hope WithAvenue.the cable reel safely transported and set into place, the underground crew successfully installed 172-foot of new cable from the splice vault into the station with some creative rigging.

We’re currently building another 7.5MW solar array on the farm with the capacity to power 1,540 homes.

With a lifespan of 35 years the project has the ability to power 1,053 homes.

Once completed the site was then planted with native grasses and plants and is surrounded by agricultural fencing as opposed to chain link to decrease the visual impact of the array. It also operates with no emissions and minimal noise pollution.



Syracuse Hancock International Airport (SYR) has recently added five new state-of-the-art scanners that will enhance security while decreasing the time it takes for bag checks.

SYRACUSE AIRPORT CT SCANNERS DIVISIONS Communications & Power Group PROJECT MANAGERS Andrew Spring GENERAL FOREMEN Jeffrey McCann, LU 43, Communications Matt Duplessis, LU 43, Power Group DIVISIONS Syracuse Construction PROJECT MANAGERS

The solar array currently spans 30 acres across the Quiet Meadows farm with over 17,000 solar panels. The property owner decided to continue to keep the rest of the farm fully operational. To protect the surrounding farm land, the designers completed a full wetland delineation before construction began.

The scanners are computed tomography (CT) scanners and give TSA agents a 3D look into the contents of a bag, similar to how a doctor views a human body.

O’Connell has partnered with EDF Renewables Distribution-Scale Power team to develop a 6MW solar project in Verona, NY.

Local residences, farms and local businesses can benefit from the clean electricity that is offered to them at a reduced price.

The Power Group and Communications teams provided the power and data requirements for the new CT and X-Ray scanners.

The complex algorithms involved in the technology increases the ability to detect explosives and other threat items. Since the airport's customer base is growing and to further cut down on the passenger wait time, the project included adding a fifth TSA checkpoint lane. The project was then completed successfully on an accelerated schedule to accommodate the increased traffic of spring break.

Maher Sam Obermayer GENERAL FOREMEN Dave Rivers


The scanners work by taking a 360 degree x-ray of the objects and convert them into a 3D rendering for the agent to inspect. Lines are made even shorter since this new technology doesn't require passengers to remove their laptops and electronics during the check.

17 From Prefab to the Field Updates from our Construction Services Team Assembly of pre-fabricated equipment stands for the Nexus Center project in Utica PAR S ST D SCR T PON A T VNUMBEQENDORTY M h d 3dd 0 0 q 5 S e S Bu 2 SH L77e 00 B r S Ae SC x 1 732 00 A SC 5 2 4 56 00 8 S d BS 4 SH 2L7 8 0 0 5 9VA T 0A 0 1G1 a d C 38p Ch e N p 8ee4 C 46y RMC o 1kne452C 4 EEMT MT 75 18600 4 S 7S 0 3 4 71CTR 4 S S S d C N R Tg C C2282y g / 4 F e X 70 5 F X 130 0 D g e / F e Co 8ne 0 dDC2 e 21o EMT EC MT 18300 S 7S 0 1 S 41CR S C N Tk C C2352y 6g g F e Co n 4c 1 dDC2 e 91o H c S ng o k Wa h Ar NS 18 1 0 777 W h h T A Ad NS 18 2 3 R T 82B U 8 1 S N 7 T8 BN 1 926 H B UNC R g h d A) NS A M B 8 2 1 3/ 1 UNC 1 02HB g /) g p g q a e u S S5 5 5 0 6 n Ch n Ce h nn 1 2 x / 3 61900 n Wa h n h T p A a Ad NS 18 2 1 n T pe 02B H B UNC R h d A) NS A M B 8 2 1 1/ 1 UNC 1 25 14HB H S k W Ah NS 18 1 260 h SS 8 2 2 363 g /) 2/9/2022 81707 FAB 2274 15 kVA Transformer Assemb y 1 8 MH Da De esc p Non o RC D 4 6 OCE Des Dgn By C P N D ALBANY BUFFALO ROCHESTER SYRACUSE C U O B O CO NE L C R CO PA Y N ND S CH S N T TO B C P D R PR DU ED OR US D N A T O A WHO E W HOU H WR T EN DRAW NG L ST EV S D ON 4 1 20 2 Nexus Center GE Panel Trans ormer Rack 3 DRAW NG NOTE N b N e e 1 PR MAR S DE MOUN ED ON EF S DE O RA K TY 2 SE ONDARY S DE MOUNT D ON R GHT 3 RAC COMPA I L W TH 5 VA & 3 KVA G TR NSFO M RS 4 AREA CUT AWA FOR LA TY 5 PA T MADE RANSPAR NT O CL R TY S O 1 5 S OTTED STRU MOUNTED OR SU PORT NG ACEWAY X T NG ANE PAN L AND W EW Y MOUNTED ON 7 8 LOT ED TRUT 9 1 kV L N S DE 4 C #10 #10G 0 151 7 3 9 4 3 8 9 4 201811621 1 79 4 19 20 QTY REQ: 3 1 2 7 7 2 0337 2 4 5 Starting with the model and ending with the in-field installation. The layouts and drawing were developed by the design team and all conduit was bent in the Fabrication shop.

18 Employee News New Employees and Position Changes Recent Additions to our O’Connell Family Ruby, Reese and Remi Richard Lattamore, Power Group Safety Coordinator welcomed a third granddaughter! Carter Jacob Sanderson Brian Sanderson, LU 86, Victor Service welcomed his son on 5/19! Rya Lee Beardsley Rich St. Clair, LU 86, Technical Services Technician welcomed a grandbaby on 6/18! RETIREMENTS:RECENT Victor Salerno,CEO Kevin ElectricalSullivan,Engineer For all of your support and time put into our O'Connell Family, Cameron Anderson Warehouse Assistant, Power Group Angel Andrews Project & Sales Manager, Technical Services Group Alfred Bingenheimer Estimator, Power Group William Bradt Assistant Project Manager, Power Group Christopher Burnell Project TechnicalCoordinator/Dispatcher,ServicesGroup David Buys Telecommunications Supervisor, Power Group Isaac Conrad Design & Fabrication Intern, Construction Services Michelle Upton Project Coordinator, Syracuse Lauren Emmi Recruitment Marketing Coordinator, Victor James Gould Intern, Finance Department, Victor Keagan Grim Intern, Technical Services Group Edward Guzenski Warehouse Manager, Buffalo Jared Henry Estimator, Buffalo Alec Hulchanski Project Manager, Power Group Nicole Iorio Procurement, Victor Richard Irish Electrical Designer, Technical Services Group Nathan Jantz IT Support Specialist, Victor Damien Keller Intern, Buffalo Joshua Kowalski IT Cyber Security Co-op, Victor Jeffrey Matthews Junior Project Manager, Rochester Construction Thomas Meyer Intern, Technical Services Group Wyatt Mullin Intern, Technical Services Group Timothy Patterson Fleet Mechanic, Victor Caitlyn Peck Intern, Technical Services Group Scott Precourt Project Manager, Technical Services Group George Rinehimer Safety Specialist, Power Group John Sidorakis Estimator, Power Group Danielle Slavis Safety Specialist, Victor Jessica Sprague On-Site Project Coordinator, Rochester Construction John Torlish Billing Specialist, Victor Timothy Vaquero Engineering Intern, Technical Services Group Jennifer Waldow Marketing Coordinator, Victor Brien Woodard Project Manager, Syracuse Jeffrey Young Shop Supervisor, Fleet

Victor Salerno, Former CEO and current member of the Board, was selected as part of Rochester’s Power 100 for the second year in a row. The list is comprised of individuals who have helped our community through their companies, especially in the past year.



Congratulations Recent Awards and Achievements po wer 100ROCHESTERTHEBUSINESS

The Electrical Association of Western NY hosted their 18th Annual Bowling night. OCE was represented by a team of four - Tom Zielke, Tim Longbine, Phil Yandow, and Gary Means (not pictured Josh Means). They took first place, with Josh taking high game. Congrats, gentlemen !

"Rob Sampson, Virtual Design Team Leader, Brian Cass and Matt Hickman, Virtual Design Team, are absolutely crucial to projects that involve design coordination. Their knowledge, enthusiasm and technical support are invaluable components to getting jobs done quickly and efficiently. Always ready to lend a hand, sharing their time and experience whenever called upon, are what makes success at OCE so prevalent! Kudos and thank you, gentlemen!"

- Karl Rurner, CAD Draftsman

The Rochester Junior Builders Exchange hosted their annual Volleyball Tournament for Flower City Habitat for Humanity in February. OCE was well represented by field and office employees. They played a great game for a great cause!


Vic also received the Distinguished Career Award from the Rochester Chamber of Commerce to honor his many career accomplishments and retirement.

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Joel Clester, Project Manager for our Rochester Construction Division completed his first triathlon and finished 6th in his age group. Great job!

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