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Happy Father's Day USS Gary EM1 Marlon Santiago

Special Edition Father's Day Newsletter June 19, 2011

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Dre, As time goes by, the really important things in life become stronger, more meaningful, and precious... your at the heart of everything that truly matters to US in this life! Not a day goes by that we don't think about you, love you and miss you! Happy Father's Day to my Best Friend & an Amazing Daddy! Love, Jennifer, Dreiden, Jasmine and Jonathan

Hai daddy, We wish you a magnificent Father's Day. When we arrive in SD we can start counting until the day we see you back. LOVE YOU. Big kisses and hugs.

YOU are the most Amazing and Perfect Spouse and Father a wife and child can Jarod and Zoet ever have and glad YOU belong to US. Proud and appreciate the things you do, Kurtis, not only for our family but for the We are sad that you are missing your first real father's day country as well. Can't wait for the day and we are so ready to have you back so we can spoil you you come home and back to our arms. like you deserve! The rest of this time will just fly and we Thank you for making this deployment love you! Love, so much easier for the three of us. We Kammi and Janalee love and miss you a lot! Happy Father's LS1 Stein Day and Wedding Anniversary Babe. Happy Father’s Day! We miss you so much but you will be happy Missing you, to know that all kids are accounted for, your truck has no new Debbie and Ethan Santiago dents and nothings has yet to explode in the home! Although you are hundreds of miles away, we are thinking of you and will enjoy some Reese’s peanut butter cheese cake!

Dear Daddy (aka Kurt Kyle), Happy Father's Day! We love you, Daddy, so much. We will be good listeners to you. We will give you 100 hugs and kisses. Thank you for loving us, and thank you for calling me (Isabel) princess. Love, Isabel and Andrew

IC2 Andrew Draper

CDR Budde

Hi Andrew, We are really proud of you and your service in the Navy. You really make me a proud father on Father's Day. We are thinking of you and wishing you the best!!!! Love, Dad from Nashua

Special Edition Father's Day Newsletter

To My Dad ET3 Chaves

I Miss you I can't Wait til you come home So I can Lick your FACE

June 19, 2011

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Love, Beginning with love at first sight to sky high engagements and secret elopements, love and fate have paved our way. I wish a Happy Father’s Day to the future father of my children. As our journey takes new turns always remember our first dance and the night we fell in love.

Love, Oscar

Always and forever, Emily

Happy Father’s Day!!! love you and miss you so much .


The Orange County Navy League wants to acknowledge the outstanding effort and results on your current deployment, and extend a gracious and sincere “Thank You” to all the officers and enlisted crew members of the USS Gary. We know that you would like to be at home with your loved ones but we appreciate and recognize the sacrifices you make to keep America strong and safe! So to all fathers aboard, we wish you a well-deserved Happy Father’s Day! To my Sailor,hero,protector, husband and amazing father of our son! You're all these and so much more. The Ship sees you with eyes ready to fight, but we see you in a brighter light! The ship is held together by your strong hands, yet loved and catered at home, holding a whole family together so it stands A sailor must work till he may rest, a father at home loves to his best So on this fathers Day, even though oceans are between us, forever it seems

Saori and Donald FC2 Pflughaupt

Hey Dad, I miss you a lot and I'm counting the days until you come home. I love you,


the day and hour of your return, the fire of love in our hearts will always burn We would like you to take this small letter of our appreciation and love of all you are to your family.We say thankyou We want to wish you a happy fathers day! We will celebrate your day when you come home!! Till then, be cool engineman! To my Sailor,hero,protector, husband and amazing father of our son! You're all these and so much more. Love, Cameron and Tiffany Ford

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June 19, 2011 David M. Zepeda,

Happy Father’s Day!!!! May the Lord bless you with a peace filled day. We love you Chief and are proud of what you do! We want you to know that we will always love you and are blessed to have you. Thank you for being such a wonderful father! Love, Your girls: Lisa, Sera, and Kendra To: NC1 Cregar

Hi daddy, how are you doing? I miss you soooo much and I love you soooo much and Toby misses you too. And my sisters misses you too. Love, Camden

Helllooo daddy!! How are you? How long till you come home? I can't wait till you get here. I want to go fishing with Dear daddy, I love you and miss you alot. I you. I love and had fun at the park with a huge slide. miss you sooo Emilee said she thought that she's been much!! there before. I hope you're home on father's Love, Coralyn day. That would be a cool present. We'll be going to Kokomo to grandma's house and I'm excited. I hope you come home soon. Love, Cassie

Honey, having our daughter was the best thing that has ever happened to me, she has the best daddy ever. Bug and I miss you so much...We can not wait until you are back home with us. We love you, very much!!! ~Andrea and Skylar

Love at first sight! Happy 1st father's day to an amazing husband and an amazing dad!!! xoxo

CMC Montes

Happy Father's Day!

Love, Your wife and kids

LSC Kory Tran

Special Edition Father's Day Newsletter June 19, 2011

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Happy Father's Day Cs1 Rupp, Jason you are a wonderful father, a great sailor and a perfect husband. I am so proud of you! We love you and miss you. Your Loving wife 4ever 4always 4 life, Mandi

We're Happy U're Our Dad We feel safe when u r with us U show us fun things 2 do U make our life much better The best father we know is U We're happy u're our Dad And so we want to say I love U, Dad, & wish u A Happy Father’s Day! We love u & miss u like crazy & wish u were here with us. U r the Greatest Daddy in the world & we appreciate U & everything u do. Dear Daddy GM1 Creaton, I miss you and Love you so much daddy!! I can't wait till you come home so we can play and go swimming and the beach and take Ginger for a walk together! We can leave mommy at home!!! Im being a good girl for mommy on most days, but I do have to give mommy a run for her money...who wouldn't? Its funny!! I have grown so much since you have been gone, Im talking a lot more now, and I really run the house around here..Mommy says I'm in for it when you get home...whatever that means, but I know I'm cute so thats what keeps me out of trouble!!! I want to say Happy Father's Day Daddy!! I can't wait to see you again!!! I love you daddy!! Love, Madalynn Creaton!!

Hello My love, Just wanted to wish you a happy fathers day and tell you that you are the best. i love and miss you so very much. C U SOON!!!!!! XOXOXO Love always, Marlana Hi Daddy, Happy fathers day to the best daddy in the whole wide world!!!!!!! I can't wait to see you and play board games with you. I love and miss you sooooooo very much!!!!! XOXO Love always, Your Princess

USS Gary, FFG-51 Father's Day Newsletter  

The USS Gary, FFG-51, our adopted Frigate is currently underway. However, that didn't stop them or us from sending a special Father's Day m...

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