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Premier Award – STUDENT


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The Fort Francis Times The Fort Frances Times has had a web presence since 1997 when news stories were first posted online. They eventually began designing and hosting websites for clients and currently host over 160 different client websites. The judging team combined both editorial staff and web/marketing staff to look over all of the College/University web-site submissions. The team consists of reporting staff, Duane Hicks, Heather Latter, Lucas Punkari, Publisher Jim Cumming, Web Marketing and social media sales Leanne Beck and Times Web Design manager Linda Plumridge.

HONOURABLE MENTION Fanshawe College – Interrobang, is the only online news website in this category not to be run by a journalism program. They are not as strong in editorial content and use of technology, but are probably the only paper to make money.

GENERAL COMMENTS A Newspaper on the internet has different challenges than print product. It has to capture the viewer immediately to keep them reading. It also has to have content updated often to keep readers returning. (An issue noticed when reading over the Christmas break) Readers are expecting all the new technology, video, audio, photo galleries and commenting which is lacking in most of these sites. All the components of this category, design, editorial content, Ad content, community involvement and the use of technology have a factor in keeping a newspaper viable. 3 of the newspapers had no advertising component, which if they had to pay for the design and hosting and writing wouldn’t be able to survive. Accessibility is something these newspapers should also consider implementing. Kudos to Loyalist and Toronto Observer for having mobile settings.


SECOND PLACE ALGONQUIN COLLEGE Algonquin Times uses a good clean design. They do not include enough photos, or they are difficult to find. The website has advertising, and uses social media. They could use some video and audio.

THIRD PLACE CENTENNIAL COLLEGE The Toronto Observer website design is somewhat confusing, and advanced technology is found on links to other sites.

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2011 Awards Results


QNET News – Loyalist has embraced technology, making use of podcasts, video and social media. This website has interesting pages to look at. It includes easy navigation and is well written. However, it does lack advertising.

OCNA 2011 BNC Awards Booklet  

Ontario Community Newspapers Association – 2011 Better Newspaper Competition Results.

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