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Premier Award ~ STUDENT

STUDENT FEATURE WRITING JUDGE Paul Rellinger Paul Rellinger is one of just two present day-one employees of Peterborough This Week, having moved to the city in August 1989. Since then, he has served as Managing Editor and, more recently, as Special Projects Editor and lead entertainment writer as well as writer of a weekly column, People ‘n’ Places, for which he has received multiple Ontario newspaper writing excellence awards. Paul and his wife Mary have three grown children – Paul Jr., Peter and Laura, and two grandsons, Landon and Hudson – and make their home in southeast Peterborough.

FIRST PLACE LOYALIST COLLEGE – Meagan Leonard Kudos to Meagan Leonard for tackling a subject not broached often, if at all, and giving a lifestyle that is frightening to many a human face which, of course, breeds understanding and tolerance. Well done!

SECOND PLACE RYERSON UNIVERSITY – Jelena Djurkic Sometimes quality of writing isn’t enough on its own. A feature subject should be interesting and Jelena Djurkic chose wisely. Again, this is an education which speaks to the always fascinating ability of individuals to use their unique talent to the betterment of complete strangers.

THIRD PLACE LOYALIST COLLEGE – Steve Pettibone For hockey fans, the only thing better than playing hockey is reading about the pure joy and camaraderie of the game as experienced by those who play it socially. I saw myself in these guys – and that is the best reader experience one can have. Better still, non-hockey fans would still find something in Steve Pettibone’s story in the form of passion for time spent with friends.

GENERAL COMMENT – The quality of writing and attention to detail in each of these entries was very good, making for a thoroughly enjoyable judging experience but also an extremely difficult final decision. That’s not to mention the accompanying art, be it photographs, graphics or art. I found most of the layouts highly visually appealing, which really grabs the eye and keeps it there. Generally, where points were lost was due to a lack of secondary sources and, in some cases, predictability as where the story was going. Two of the winning entries – by Meagan Leonard and Jelena Djurkic – educated by tackling subjects not nearly broached enough while Steve Pettibone’s subject – men’s pick-up hockey – simply entertained. If we’re not educating readers, we should be entertaining them. If you can do both, bonus. 62

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