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Catalogue of Experiences COOKING CLASSES 2014 Proposals for individuals, groups and incentives

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Cook while chatting with friends, enjoy a glass of wine and follow our chef’s and gastronomes instructions and tips. Food Wine tours cooking activities are fun but didactic, creative but with traditional basis, from low to high difficulty, participative and pleasant. You will find the chef inside you, whether you are a beginner or an experimented cook... even if you have never used a table board… You’d never thought cooking was so much fun. Our cooking activities are very diverse and some of them are partially outdoor, next to the sea. They can be adapted to a corporate event or for any kind of group. Cook with your friends or colleagues, make your own appetizers, try your self-made paella, delight a mouth-watering desert and… make a toast with a well deserved glass of cava.

For more information and reservations: Telephone: +34 93 317 19 09 General Information: Reservations: Comercial:

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Traditional Cooking Classes in Barcelona............................ 4 Cooking at the Chef’s House & Gastronomic Tour in Barcelona ............................................................................. 6 Paella Cooking...................................................................... 7 Cooking activity of Tapas ..................................................... 8 I ♼ Cookies ..................................................................... 9

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Traditional Cooking Classes in Barcelona Join Food & Wine Tours cooking classes and discover the secrets of our local traditional cuisine. Learn how to cook the typical dishes of the region and taste the menu prepared in a friendly atmosphere. Enjoy while cooking, play with the ingredients and savor the dishes you have prepared, while enjoying one day with your friends or colleagues. Cooking lessons are hands-on, intimate, fun, informative and full of tips and tricks of the trade. You are encouraged to discover and explore the tastes and textures of some of the finest ingredients from fresh fish casseroles (cassola) to “mar i montanya” and rice dishes, fresh vegetables, green newly pressed olive oil, cheese and our wines.

Types of cooking classes: • Tapas • Paella cooking • Traditional: Gazpacho, potato omelet, tomato bread, shellfish paella and Catalan cream, and so many more! The workshop can begin with a tour at a market, optional. Location: Barcelona City. Barcelona province. Consult other locations Participants: from 8 to 25 people Duration: 2 hours + meal Availability: Mondays to Sundays, all year round under request Languages: English, Spanish, French or Portuguese. Consult other languages. The activity includes: • A hands on cooking class led by a chef • A meal with Spanish wines • Translated recipes • Venue rental • Apron The activity does not include: • All local taxes • Market Tour Photos: =pwa

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Our venues: Born-Sta Caterina: max. 25 ppl

Boqueria market: max. 30 ppl

Down-left Eixample: max. 20 ppl

Arc de Triomf: max. 20 ppl

Catedral Area: max. 20 ppl

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Cooking at the Chef’s House & Gastronomic Tour in Barcelona An experience for gastronomes and culinary adventurers By the hand of our local chef, savor and indulge with us visiting the famous Boqueria market in Barcelona, get a few Spanish and Catalan cuisine essentials and go to our Chef’s house to prepare your food feast! Number for this private cooking class is limited to a maximum of 6 people. This is a chance to discover a traditional market with its display of fruits, meats, fish, etc. This experience will be pure delight for your senses with the display of amazing colors and subtle scents. Discover the secrets of Mediterranean traditional cuisine, a cuisine that is reflected by its territory: the sea provides the excellent fish and seafood so typical of the cooking of the coast; the plain gives the produce of the field, the market gardens and the fruit orchards, from the hills we receive meat, cheese, wild fruits and mushrooms. The mixture of all of these is what has given our cuisine this variety of flavors and contrasts and gained it the name of “sea and mountain” cooking. Menu will vary according to season: Gazpacho, potato omelet, chicken with prawns, tomato bread, shellfish paella, Catalan cream, etc. Once the tour is done we will go to the Chef’s house, located in Barcelona area, where we will culminate the process by cooking traditional delicacies that will be tasted afterwards with a well deserved glass of wine. Bring an extra bag to stock up on the Catalan flavors and products that you’ll undoubtedly want to bring home. You get to eat what you make so… set the table! Languages: English or Spanish. Consult other languages. Participants: 2 to 6 (private) Duration: 4-5 hours Availability: Under request The program includes: • 1 Gourmet walking tour with our Chef • Groups minimum of 2 people, maximum 6 • Chef’s house rental fee • Personalized traditional menu (proposed by the Chef): Appetizers, Entries, Main course, dessert, Wines and Coffee • Ingredients for the menu • Transportation from the Market to the Chef’s house The price does not include: • All local taxes • Transportation • Food and beverage not specified in the program Food Wine Tours, Gastronomic experiences 6

Paella Cooking Roll up your sleeves and make wonderful homemade paella! Paella is the most famous authentic national dish of Spain. Come and learn how to prepare this wonderful and tasty meal. The group will be divided in teams that will have to make the paella following the instructions of the recipe and led by the gastronomes that will be helping and supporting. During the cooking activity tapas and drinks will be serve to give you strength for the contest. Once the paellas are finished, they will be blind tasted and judged on different criteria by the master gastronome or chef. Will you be able to taste your paella? Certainly! Once the activity is finished and the winner team is announced, you will enjoy a full meal (lunch or dinner) sitting on the restaurant consisting on: 5 tapas while cooking: Shrimp / Croquetes / Calamari / Ham and bravas (potatoes) *** The paella made by the participants Salad *** Dessert (crème bruleé) *** Sangria or beer or soft drink during the activity, wine and bottled still water and coffee during the meal. Location: Barcelona City in restaurants in the harbor area, Sitges, Vilanova I la Geltrú Duration: 1-1,5 hours + meal Participants: 20-130 Availability: Mondays to Fridays from 11:30 to 13:30 or from 17:00 to 21:00. All year around under request. Ask for weekend and holidays. Languages: English or Spanish. Consult other languages. The activity includes: • Paella cooking class: material, ingredients, gastronomes • Meal as specified • Recipes and Aprons The activity does not include: • All local taxes • Transportation • Gifts for the winning team • Sound system (necessary for groups bigger than 60 people) Photos: =pwa Food Wine Tours, Gastronomic experiences 7

Cooking activity of Tapas Join Food & Wine Tours tapas cookings in Barcelona and discover the secrets of how to make basic tapas, bringing you near to the world of Cuisine in Miniature. Bar counters display numerous pintxos or tapas. Making the rounds consists of popping in and out of several bars, usually the same ones every day, grabbing a pintxo or tapa and a drink (a small glass of wine or beer) in each one. Cooking activity of tapas in a restaurant next to the harbour. This activity will allow you to learn the basic steps, techniques and some tricks for the preparation of the tapas. There will be a total of 8 different pintxos/tapas elaborated. Menu 4 cold tapas 4 hot tapas Dessert Fruit salad Wine (White, Rosé, Red), Beers, Soft Drinks, Water Coffees The participants will eat the tapas they prepared at the end of the activity, sitting on the table. Note: the experience is done in the terrace of the restaurant. In case of bad weather, the activity will be done inside, but only the cold tapas. Hot tapas will be cooked in the kitchen of the restaurant by our staff. Participants: 16-120 Location: Barcelona City in restaurants on the harbour area Duration: 1-1,5 hours + meal Language: English The activity includes: • Tapas cooking class: material, ingredients, chef • Meal as specified • Recipes • Aprons • Venue rental The activity does not include: • All local taxes • Transportation Any other meal or beverage not specified in the program Food Wine Tours, Gastronomic experiences 8

I ♥ Cookies We make decorating easy. Recipes and techniques to decorate cookies and surprise your friends and family with your own original creations. We will explain how to elaborate the dought, cut and bake. You will have cookies already baked and cut, but we will explain all the process and give you the recipe. Learn the techniques of elaboration and decoration with icing and fondant. How to preserve the ingredient and how to pack them. Participants: 16-120 Location: Barcelona area Duration: 2 hours Language: English

The activity includes • • • •

Cookie specielist Recipe and material Apron Cookies

The activity does not include • •

Venue Audio system (needed for groups bigger than 70 pax)

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Cooking classes 2014  
Cooking classes 2014