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MINIMAX is the official SASSE magazine. MINIMAX is religiously and politically independent. Opinions uttered in MINIMAX do not necessarily represent the opinions of the editorial staff or the student association. The magazine is published four times a year in approximately 2000 copies. MINIMAX is liberated from VAT and sorts under the Media Committee in SASSE. The editorial staff may edit and reject sent in material MINIMAX is not responsible for sent in material.






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Finally! You are holding our very first issue of MINIMAX in your hands. Since the first of March, there has been a workload to attend to far beyond what we imagined before, and some nights have been rather sleepless. But most of all – it has been fun! And we could not have done it without the help from all of the amazing people contributing to this issue. We want to give you a school paper that provides you with more than plain information on what is going on at the school, show you that there is an entire world out there beyond the Rotunda, without compromising with the place given to our amazing student association. To do this we have engaged our two amazing editors – Max Friberg on things school-related, and Ellen Kvarby to take care of fun external stuff. We hope that you like it! Mathilda Eriksson


After the exams I have great plans for my career, social life and shopping, not to mention my love life. But it can all wait until after the exams. Maybe it is forgetfulness or perhaps things just loose significance. Because, after the exams, I tend to forget everything and there is always something new and even more important to do. Unexpectedly I realized that being the editor-in-chief takes a lot of time and that you need to put an honest effort into it. Ergo you can not postpone it to the more convenient ”after the exams”. Now my to-do-list is even more unobtainable and the phrase has changed to ”after the printing”. So, after the printing and the exams, I will cut my hair, loose some weight, do the dishes, start working out, change my sheets and write a readable editorial to the next issue. Monika Ocieczek


A word from A word from the Principal the President At the time of writing the Greek financial problems have developed into a full-blown crisis, creating concern about the stability of the Euro and the prospects for economic recovery in Europe. Nobody knows if the rescue plan decided by the EU member states, and the efforts by the Greek government to reduce the budget deficit, will be sufficient and successful. What is obvious, however, is that those who warned that the common currency needs to be supported by common fiscal policies turned out to be more right than they probably wished. Needless to say the Greek crisis will have to affect thinking and actions by governments, bankers and, in fact, business schools. As I see it the Greek crisis shows that business leaders need to understand a lot about macroeconomics. Although macroeconomic policies are not designed and implemented by individual companies, each and every company will be affected by the effects of macroeconomic policies. Consequently business schools need to ensure that a sufficient amount of macroeconomics is included in the curriculum. Economics has always had, and continues to have, a prominent position at SSE. This is partly due to historical reasons. Thus, when SSE was founded a century ago “business administration” as a field of academic teaching and research was unheard of. Instead the key areas in SSE’s curriculum were economics, geography, history and political science. Since then areas such as management, accounting, marketing and finance have developed and now represent the core of the curriculum at essentially every business school. Another reason for the strong position of economics at SSE is that Sweden is a small, export oriented economy. Thus it has been a common view that business leaders need to have a solid understanding of the determinants of international trade, the determination of exchange rates, and other aspects of the economic environment usually dealt with in courses in economics. A third reason is simply that some of the economics professors at SSE have been extremely successful, with the Nobel laureate Bertil Ohlin as an outstanding example. These arguments are still valid. But the Greek crisis, and the policies and developments behind it, add additional arguments for having economics, in particular macroeconomics, as a core subject both at SSE and at other business schools. (Caveat: I am an economics professor myself, let alone specialized in microeconomics). Lars Bergman

What a start this has been. I entered office on March 1st feeling as ready and able as I could get, and before I even had the time to sit down in my chair I was off to represent SASSE at U9, a meeting-point for student leaders from Sweden’s business schools. In a way it feels like I still haven’t had the time to sit down in that chair, but I kind of like it! In this short time I’ve visited the US, Finland and Norway (and Jönköping) to learn from how their student organizations work. Regardless who you compare us to, it is clear what makes us unique; our traditions, the enthusiasm and drive of all students and our strong SASSE-spirit. Interesting things have been going on here at Sveavägen 65 as well. It has already been six months since you (or at least a majority of you) bundled up this sweet combo that is the SASSE Board of 10/11. I have had a blast getting to know all of them and leading us on the way to effective meetings, clear communication and smart task allocation. We are not done yet but we are getting there. Most of you have also probably heard of the budget cuts that were imposed on Student Services. I and Kajsa Hedbrant, President of the Education Committee, have advocated your views to the SSE management, emphasis being on keeping the exchange programs. No final decision has been made yet but we will keep you posted. You may read the SA view document on With so much activity going on (thanks to all of you) we need a more effective way to communicate. When you come back after the summer we will have a new web portal to facilitate our needs in an effective and informative way. Our association has quite a large turnover (again, thanks to all of you). Our treasury has been rather complex and created many problems. To make sure that we continue to offer a Student Association that is a platform for innovation and creativity we will now restructure this function to better fit our reality. So that is what is going on at the moment. I want to end by connecting to something I found in the archives of my predecessors. It described how the Student Association is a good example of the figure of speech “he who plants the trees seldom gets to reap the fruits.” You who have left feedback on a course you’ve taken, or written a really thorough project report know what I am talking about. In the SA you face this often and it tends to be in times when you need the fruits the most. The essence of SASSE is to keep our collective garden of knowledge full of fruit - our future depends on it. One day someone will need the fruit of your exact labor, how many trees have you planted? Hannes Palm


Vi har bestämt oss – har du? En bättre miljö och ett hållbart samhälle! Tillsammans kan vi påverka vår framtid. Följ med på resan. Ladda hem vår Hållbarhetsrapport 2009 på


“This price is special because it is the students’ voice”

Rickard Sandberg - Teacher of the Year 2010 “Teacher of the Year 2010 is Rickard Sandberg!” A man in a tailcoat comes onto the stage, enthusiastically throws his arms in he air and then steps to the microphone. “Thank you very much!” he says with a big smile.


“When I received the price at City Hall I had prepared a small speech, but then I went completely blank. And I think I have quite some experience speaking in front of people.” Rickard Sandberg sits opposite to me in his office, still visibly moved by his election as Teacher of the Year 2010. Countless papers for the upcoming EQUIS accreditation are scattered around the office, a circumstance for which Rickard apologizes. Back in 1999, he came to Handels to do his PhD in Econometrics, the field in which has now been teaching since more than nine years. “Most important is a clear structure”, he says talking about his teaching style. “As a teacher I can decide on the course´s content and structure”. Finding solutions to complex problems seems to be one of his bigger fascinations. As the one book he would recommend to his students Rickard states Fermat’s Last Theorem. “It is about a researcher who solves an extremely tricky question. A person who is committed to solve a problem”. So is that his secret? Is that the reason for which his classrooms are often filled half an hour early, as rumors have it? “Well, I come from Värmland, you know”, says Rickard, “so in the two first classes the students can smile. The accent might sound a little stupid”. Are there classroom situations he would rather like to forget? Rickard laughs. “Probably many! Like the one time when I tried to convince a student that I was right. I explained the solution to him in a very calm way. Then he calmly explained me why I was wrong.” “How do you prevent such mistakes?” I ask. “I try to prepare quite carefully. I always come here at seven and prepare half an hour before the lecture. First thing when I come into a classroom I check if the whiteboard pens work. I am always still a bit nervous.” If Rickard Sandberg would not be a teacher at Handels, he would probably be a football player. “But I guess that is not such a good answer”, he laughs. So which Swedish team does he support? ”Not one of the teams in Stockholm. Rather the same team like my older brother, because he forced me: Elfsborg. Internationally it is Barcelona of course.” I buy his diplomatic answer. Then we come to talk about the award:

How did you find that you had been elected Teacher of the Year 2010? “It was a Friday afternoon and I was very tired. When the phone rang I just said hello not checking the number. It was a nice lady who introduced herself as head of the student´s association. When she told me I had won the voting, I suddenly became very awake, at first I thought it was a joke. But I was extremely happy and right after I phoned my wife.” This year out of the 2034 students entitled to vote, 554 participated. It was an even battle with Tore Ellingsen being the runner-up. (Close behind came Jan Bergstrand and Gunnar Lindholm) “Then I must say that I feel very, very happy. Because I know Tore, and he is brilliant” What makes this prize special to you? “This price is special because it is the students´ voice.” We have now talked for more than 40 minutes. “I am not used to this”, Rickard comments showing that he still cannot fully believe having won the award. Concludingly I ask him about his plans for the future. “Becoming Associate Professor, which will be decided soon”, is his immediate reply. But first of all he will take his family on a long dreamt-of trip to Yucatan, Mexico. Maybe to pursue one of his greatest passions, namely that of walking. Maybe to dive into the mysteries of the Maya culture. Or just to take some time off. Because if Rickard could teach his students one lecture, it would be the following: “Do not forget to have fun! I can say that I forget that sometimes. Everything is so deadly important when you are close to things. And then, let us say a couple of months later, you realize it is not of any importance. Everything is so serious. I try to slow down a bit.” Johannes Laufs Photo:


The Feminist Club There are very few jobs that actually require a penis or vagina. All other jobs should be open to everybody. Florynce Kennedy The Feminist Club is a brand new association, established in the beginning of May. It’s open for everyone who wants to discuss gender equality, gender structures and their own experiences from working life, within education, sexuality and in everyday life. During the year we will organize interesting group discussions, lectures, and workshops. Together we can make a difference at SSE and in tomorrow’s business world!

The School Editor

Welcome to The Feminist Club.

With a brand new Minimax crew onboard, I’m happy to guide you through all things related to the school and our student association during the year to come. Many of us are just finishing a year of long nights in the Rotunda, longer nights in the computer labs with even longer summer holidays.[1] A fair amount of småttingar[2] receive their first Minimax this summer. Hang on, fellows, we’re glad to have you here! Study these pages, get a grasp of what it’s like to be part of SASSE and you will someday be one amongst Enoks and Eunucks. The past year at SSE has been busy. Starting off with centennial celebrations followed a year of fairs, interesting lectures, project trips to all around the world and a bunch of good parties. The new Master students joined us and the new atrium was finished... almost. This fall, we’re looking forward to see what the Nobel Night Cap Committee can muster when the party finally comes back to Handels. Enjoy the reading! Max Friberg [1] For suggestions on where the party’s at this summer - check Ellen’s column. This one deals with school stuff. Strictly. [2] New recruits from the outside world. Little do they know about life at SSE. If you see one, please return it to the nearest Småtting Parent.


Livia Moore

Dare to be an entrepreneur There is more to entrepreneurship than just coming up with an idea for a business plan. This year’s edition of Enterprise Day aimed to inspire students to take an alternative career path. As a fairly new project to our Student Association, this year’s Enteprise Day took place on the 9th of April. Like the name might suggest, the objective of the project is to inspire future entrepreneurs. This time, that goal was reached through a day with lectures, seminars, a fair and a summarizing panel debate with famous names from the industry. All of it, of course, followed up with dinner and mingle in the Rotunda. To evolve the concept of the project from earlier years, the work group that was gathered last November, took the business idea competition named “Guldräven”, that normally is held in collaboration only with the SSE Business Lab, and combined it with the project due to the fact that they both address the same audience and industry. The incentive of the competition is to promote new ideas, and to encourage that they are actually carried through. Five finalists were chosen, given help to develop their ideas and during the day they got to pitch them to a jury that announced the winners during the party later on that night. During the day, seminars were held by both head sponsors, law firm Wistrand - a crash course on corporate forms- and the accounting firm Finnhammars - on things an entrepreneur might need to know. The project manager, Rasmus Westholm, explains that there is more to entrepreneurship than just having an idea, that attending SSE gives you a good platform to stand on before entering the industry, and that the seminars were meant to provide an idea of what support functions you may need when starting up a new business. The inspirational part was for example handled through an, amongst the students, highly appreciated panel debate with participating entrepreneurs with a wide range of experience, from Calle Schulman to Staffan Helgesson. But also through the lunch lecture with Ulf Spendrup that aimed to provide the students with a view of the wider perspective of entrepreneurship – how different people in the industry can be but how they all share the same passion of building something of your own. In the aftermath of this year’s project an entrepreneurial group is now being formed in the Student Association, under the Business Committee, which will take over the handling of Enterprise Day and “Guldräven”, but also be a social platform that is natural for students interested in entrepreneurship to turn to. Half of the seven people on the board have already been recruited and according to Rasmus Westholm the need and demand for the organization is noticeable. - We have seen that there is an interest in entrepreneurship amongst the students at the school. I know that there are plenty of good ideas but I think that many students decide to play it safe instead of taking the step, he says. With a social forum hopefully more people will dare to succeed. Mathilda Eriksson Photo: Charlotte Levin



On April 21st, students and alumni as well as professors and other staff gathered in the auditorium to experience TEDxSSE4m, the first TEDx event ever held at Stockholm School of Economics. Organized by Master students in Marketing and Media Management, the theme of the event was ‘The Creative Power of New Media’. Minimax offers you a peek at the two months leading up to the event. February 26, 2010 - We want to be a part of this! It was during a Stockholm Social Media Club lunch meeting that we first came to think of organizing a TEDx. Henrik Ahlén, one of the people behind TEDxStockholm, pitched their ambition to make TEDxStockholm into the largest one in the world through hosting many smaller events in and around Stockholm during one week. Henrik encouraged everyone to host their own event. We did not need to think twice to know that we were interested in participating.

April 21, 2010 - T-Day After five hours of frantic fine-tuning, we opened the registration desk half past five. 110 people turned up before the start at 6. Joakim Jardenberg, CEO of Mindpark, had a brand new presentation about government 2.0 and the responsibility we have in demanding more openness and democracy from our governments around the world. Robin Teigland talked about learning and leadership in virtual worlds, primarily about Second Life. Tomas Bacoccoli from MTG Radio talked about the importance of sound and music in marketing and proposed that they have a crucial role in letting us express emotion and influence people. In addition to the live talks, the program encompassed two recorded TED Talks by Alex Ohanian and by Aimee Mullins. In addition to the inspiring talks, the attendees appreciated the chance to mingle with each other.

March 12, 2010 - What are you passionate about? To organize a TEDx event, you need to get a license. On March 12th we finally got together to fill in the application. Some of the questions in the online form were simple to answer. Yes, we were planning on inviting live speakers. No, none of us had attended an official TED Conference, which meant we could only have a maximum of 100 people in the audience. Some questions demanded more reflection. TED for example wants to know what the licensee feels passionate about. As we completed the application we were wondering how long it would take before we got our license and could really start planning. But no need to worry. We got our license the very next day. We also received an info package from TED. As they have rather strict rules, there was a lot to read. March 15, 2010 - Time to roll up the sleeves

–I came here to meet people who think, I am so tired of people not thinking. And so far my expectations have been met, described an SSE alumni during one of the breaks.

We had our first official meeting. At this point, there were a little over five weeks to go. We would need to find more speakers, attract sponsors, launch a website, find out how to live stream the event online and arrange an after party – just to name a few of the tasks. All in all, we were ten people in the team. Other people from the class were willing to volunteer during the event. The faculty at the Department of Marketing and Strategy was very helpful. M2, the marketing and media career fair that would take place the same week as our event, wanted to include TEDxSSE4m in their program. SSE promoted the event to alumni and staff. We had a lot to do but we were excited!

Riikka Murto

March 29, 2010 - Let’s go live! In less than a day after we had launched the event website on March 29th we had received 30 applications. As the days passed by, the number kept growing. The marketing of the event was all based on word-of-mouth and spreading the message online. As we were reviewing the almost 200 applications, we came to realize that people’s expectations for the event were very high. Everything would have to be perfect!

Attending the event was also possible through a live video stream that was available on the website and an audio stream on Second Life. A viewer from Greece commented: –TEDxSSE4m gave me and a lot of other people the opportunity to learn about new and useful ideas regarding social progress and technology. I feel lucky that I got the chance to watch the event live without being in Sweden. Even though we, the organizers, were still busy with different tasks during the event, the experience was rewarding and we are already planning on hosting another TEDx event.

What is TED? TED stands for Technology, Entertainment, and Design. These were the topics covered in the early TED conferences but since then the scope has become broader. TED is a non-profit organization devoted to Ideas Worth Spreading. They believe in “the power of ideas to change attitudes, lives and ultimately, the world”. In TED Conferences, the world’s most fascinating thinkers and doers are challenged to give the talk of their lives in 18 minutes. The best TED Talks can be watched for free on What is TEDx? TEDx is a program created by TED that allows local communities to host their own, independent TED-like events. They range from showing recorded TED Talks to a few friends to inviting several hundred people to listen to a mix of recorded and live speakers. Organizing a TEDx event requires a license from TED. What is SSE4m? SSE4m stands for Master’s program in Marketing and Media Management at Stockholm School of Economics.


Nyhet! Ett hus med bara ettor. Och ett med bara tvåor. I attraktiva Sundbyberg Strand bygger vi två nya hus. Ett med bara ettor, ett med bara tvåor. Tillsammans en helt ny tanke. Brf. Sjöbodarna. Här bor du i första klass med egen balkong, rostfria vitvaror, egen tvättmaskin och riktigt hög standard i alla materialval. I vår nya StilStudio kan du forma ditt kök och badrum i egen stil utifrån nästan tolvtusen kombinationer av kostnadsfria val. Allt till en månadsavgift som är lägre än du tror.

Hitta ditt drömboende och se när nästa visning är på Kontakt: Mathias Sandberg på 08-553 635 11 eller

SMS:a BOD till 72100 för mer information.


M2 Media & Marketing

Are you interested in marketing, advertising or pr? M2:s goal is to show students at SSE an alternate career path after graduation. During a week M2 arranges lectures, panel-debates and workshops. This ends with a fair where students get the chance to meet their - possibly - future employer. I would guess that few people missed who was here to hold the lunch lecture that day, the twenty-third of April. While many of the fairs at the SSE go by unnoticed to a fair amount of people (get it?), this controversial character, known to most as Blondinbella, was a sure-fire way to attract some of that most sought after attention. The lecture was named How to Market Yourself and was to make apparent exactly what it may be, that has made this woman so successful in her endeavours. Naturally, in true Blondinbella manner, the lecture focused a little bit more on how marvellous her journey has been than it did on marketing strategy, and while this may or may not have been what one expected, it proved to be a very enjoyable presentation. She could obviously not help to reveal how much money she was making, but the general reaction in the crowd was probably more like a silent naw than it was an appalled yuck, like she is probably used to anywhere else this country. - Work hard and believe in yourself, was her advice, though it was quite evident that she would be nowhere near her current position if she didn’t have the brains to boot. In any case, it was inspiring to hear her speak of it all and I should think that most of us look forward to seeing what the future may hold for her. All in all, thumbs up for Blondinbella, and for the M2-team for bringing her in. As for the fair itself, I cannot speak for the preceding years, but the feeling at this year’s M2 Fair was indeed a good one. What really made it so may not be painfully obvious, but I suppose the freezer full of Ben & Jerry’s did not hurt. The decorations as well, were in the line of that fluffy, cosy media vibe we all love, and judging from the turnout it was much appreciated.


Although some came, got their ice-cream and left, many more seemed to want to stick around and take a break with the companies, who seemed to have quite a different approach than the one that is usually used to here at the SSE. The general sentiment was far from the no-nonsense attitude of Handelsdagarna, but even so it gave an ambitious, well thought out, impression. The fact that the M2 Magazine was a real thick little thing did too project the seriousness of that classic SSE standard and one could only have hoped that it had been printed on the same pretty paper as yours beloved. Of course there were also some real lectures and seminars involved in the event, but I’m afraid that a full recap may be too much for my memory, and hopefully more than you are looking for as well. Many interesting men and women were here, and most of them had good ideas and engaging thoughts to share with the signed-ups. The very open nature of the seminars made for a rewarding exchange during the different presentations and if you did happen to miss them, I will just hope it was because you were too busy eating your Ben & Jerry’s. So with marketing whizzes, ecological ice-cream and comfy sofas it would seem like it was the perfect event, and even though one could not seem to get a hold on some of that highly acclaimed mashed fish, there were still plenty of goodies to find for anyone who could make it to this year’s M2 fair. Nicklas Kirkevall Photo: Cecilia Li


Adidas Battle of Stockholm

Battle of Stockholm was a sports tournament that was created to strengthen the school spirit and interaction of business schools in Stockholm. A total of 12 participating teams from different universities competed in the combined sports events; football, volleyball and floorball to determine Stockholm’s best business school. On the 24th of april the teams gathered at Bosön and fought for eternal glory... SSE won, but not without a great effort from the Royal Institute of Technology, Center for Retail and Stockholm University and especially our sponsor Adidas. Hopefully, this was a great first step for a better interaction between Stockholms business schools, in both sports events... and other activities... But what was the purpose for Adidas? - Our purpose was to get closer to the students in a sports environment that represents Adidas the best. This was an opportunity for us to get to know the student on a more interactive level, especially as we participated in the tournament as well. Even though our team did not win, we certainly enjoyed the event with a lot of great fights, a terrific lunch and an inspiring speech from our MD Henrik Bunge. We saw this as a natural base to interact with students with interest in both economics and sports, which is a perfect match for Adidas, says Anna Mindelöf, Head of Human Resources at Adidas. Thanks to everybody that has tagged along the project and a special mention goes to my awesome marketing expert, Carl Waldenor – Impossible is nothing! Thanks a lot to all participators for being a part of something historic – the first ever Battle of Stockholm! To be continued... Marcus Janback Photo: Vivian Lau


The REAL battle of Europe While it was snowing in Stockholm, and most likely minus fifteen degrees celcius, 58 SSE students went to sunny Barcelona to represent our school in one of the biggest tournaments in Europe. We mixed business with pleasure as we always do at the SSE and it looks like it is a winning concept. The tournament kicked off Thursday night and the board had to represent the SASSE at a virgin cocktail party. It was quite the mix, we met Spanish guys with fanny packs, angry homeless Lebanese coaches and footballers from HEC Paris - who casually mentioned that they get 12 000 euro every year to represent their school at tournaments. Did you hear that BC? - And to prepare for the first play-day we did not go to that nightclub by the beach and no one fell asleep naked on the toilet. The sun was shining all Friday, so we put up our camp outside of the sports complex were we all tried to improve our tans in between games. All teams had qualification rounds, with mixed results, but at least all teams made it through to Saturday. Friday was also the day of our first three gold medals, as well as a silver and a bronze. Through the dedicated work of MJ, the SASSE was over-represented in the rowing competition with three male rowing teams, one female team, three individual female rowers and a number of male ones. The ladies also delivered; Emma, Sara L, Lotta and Louise won the team-rowing and Emma rowed home the individual gold. Not a bad start! Saturday arrived and it was time for the last qualification rounds and then the play-offs. We also managed to squeeze some more tanning in. The volleyball team did a great tournament but came up short in the semi-final, the male and the female basketball team did not qualify for play-offs but did a great job representing the SASSE, the male football team kept to tradition and were eliminated in the first round of the play-offs – but all the teams contributed to the total score of the SASSE. So did IdU-ordf

emeritus Marcus Janback who did his best to win a couple of tennis games, and a couple of points, for us. With already three gold-medals between them the female football team went on to win the final against home-team and arch rivals ESADE and defended their gold from last year. Now only one sport remained. As we say in the world of sport “It ain’t over until the male cheerleaders dance”. But since we know that girls do it better, our team won for the second year in a row, without having random guys standing in the back, doing an occasional “Stureplans-vev”. As tradition, the whole delegation from the SASSE go out for a celebratory dinner together the last evening. Sadly enough, one of the board members decided that El Clásico was more important than his fellow team-mates. He is now on cleaning-duty the year out. During the dinner each coach got to tell their team’s side of the tournament as well as choose an MVP from their team. The over-all MVP of the tournament, chosen by our own IdU-ordf Lotta Höjvall, was cheer captain Frida Boman. The SASSE came home with five trophies – including the big one for winning the whole tournament. Who at the SSE is good at math? Well, let us just say that our shelves are full enough…but what do they expect when they hold the award ceremony at a night club? Summa sumarum; We won, we are the best and it is definitely FUN TO WIN! To all our senior players who did their last tournament in the SASSE shirt; thank you for everything and a good luck in the future! You will be missed. Vice Cougar Sara Lindau and Head of Sport Tournaments Emma Forsman Photo: Erik Gunnarsson


Out of the Classroom, Out of the Country! “Congratulations! You have been elected recipient of the GELS-scholarship of 2010”. Had Lars Bergman chosen me, among all other surely prominent candidates? Was I going to execute the project I had designed and were I to be part of the great GELS alumni network? Was it true? I had received the GELS-scholarship with my project “Bottled Water – a Market in Change” and would get my travel and stay in New York to execute it this summer financed! Loaded with economical theories from my studies, I wanted to try my own ways, which was my main reason for applying. Now I am actually leaving the classroom, for the country of opportunities. A road to environmental sustainability Since I do not see it as boring skepticism, but rather optimistic realism that reaching environmental sustainability must be united with economical sustainability, I wanted to do a project on finding profitable solutions to one of our most environmentally controversial products – bottled water.


Supply ¹ Demand I have recognized reports showing an increasing trend in which consumers weight the bad environmental impact of bottled water higher than the doubtful positive health effect of consuming. I was struck by how relatively little that has been done from the supplier side to meet this change in demand. My belief is that even though the major force of a change is increased awareness among consumers and consequently higher demands for products and regulations in line with environmental sustainability, companies sometimes have a hard time to see this new demand since it is beyond the obvious consumer need. In addition, these are new problems to the world that require new innovative solutions. The fix Lately however, small up-coming companies in New York with ideas better suited to this new demand have started picking market-shares. With the aim to speed up and spread this green development, I will travel to New York to research their business models. Also, I will meet with traditional producers, represents of consumer- and environmental lobbying organizations etc. The result of my project will be a report in which I hope to be contributing with concrete business plans for a profitable and environmental sustainable distribution of bottled water. I will present it to concerned actors and to anyone who wishes to execute it – especially in Sweden. Challenges I will come across and manage, and experiences I will gain, that I cannot even imagine at this point. But I surely look forward to them! Karin Bergström Photo: Jonathan Gammel

The GELS Scholarship – a unique opportunity While the curriculum at SSE without a doubt provides us with a solid theoretical foundation it is sometimes hard to use that knowledge in practical situations. The myriad of projects available through the student association provides another kind of education, which is equally valuable, but usually dependent on the benevolence of sponsors and directed by guidelines from the board. And that is what makes Gun and Einar Larsson’s Stiftelse Stipendium (or “GELS” for short) so unique. Recipients have visited as different countries as China, Tanzania, the US, Russia and Japan and their projects have been equally diverse. Ranging from microcredit distribution to e-commerce, from aid coordination to the development of an expansion plan for noodle shops or projects involving educational systems and entrepreneurial challenges, all projects have helped develop their originators practical and theoretical abilities in addition to providing them with unforgettable experiences they could never have had in a lecture room!

As diverse as the above projects may seem they have three things in common: First, the recipients came up with the idea from the beginning and developed it into an actionable plan. Second, the projects have been conducted abroad with an international focus. And third, all the projects have been practically oriented with an as tangible end-result as possible. The scholarship is awarded annually to one project which is chosen directly by SSE President Lars Bergman. In addition, the GELS alumni network provides a great resource for the recipient. GELS alumni can today be found in a wide range of interesting positions, ranging from the consultancy firms Mckinsey&Company and Bain to roles as CEOs in small and mid-sized companies. When talking about what GELS has meant for them alumni usually mention the ability to execute a project in a foreign environment, project management skills and improved interaction with people in various positions. Because that is what GELS ultimately is for; the personal development of the recipient. So start think of what you would do as a GELS scholar already now and look out for the 2011 GELS application in the fall! Charlotte Staf & David Risselborn GELS-scholars 2009 & 2008 respectively Visit GELS at from the school website, or contact Karin Bergström,, for more information.


SASSE Radio is on the move Project SSE Radio may finally face a fresh new start. The men behind the project are Fredric Dahlblom and David Falk, from the first year. They are both very excited and positive about the radio and their hope is that it should begin already this spring! The great pioneer of the SSE student radio is the famous Swedish TV-profile Kristian Luuk. This was during the 80’s when radio took a larger place in the media world, long before internet distribution. Today, music is played from Spotify and iPods at home and during parties. Radio and CD’s are becoming increasingly rare. It has been six years since the SSE radio was active. Then it was known as “Radio Kaos” (Chaos) and aired hip-hop music. The broadcast was done by a studio located at KTH. It was aired through the student radio FM frequency. The new radio will instead be transmitted through podcasting. This means that it can be streamed (played) from the Internet or downloaded to your computer afterwards. So what now? Dahlblom and Falk have many thoughts on how the new radio is to be designed. Humor Features, interviews and reports, descriptions of love problems and pre-party broadcasts are examples of what the two operators want to include in the program. There is also an interest to play “underdogmusic”. That is, introduce good music which has not yet been recognized. Since the radio has been down since 2004, Falk and Dahlblom has nothing to build on. This implies that they may build it at their own will but also that they will not get any help from previous years. The radio is not yet ready for the air, but hopes to send some broadcasts before the summer. The goal is to have the radio up and running when the new semester starts in August. What is clear is that we can look forward to fun, as well as interesting, broadcasts with good attraction. Erik Waltré Photo: Hannes Jacobsson



The Committees The Business Committee Since the beginning of March the Business Committee of 10/11 has started to take form. Today, the Business Committee has a new Board which is responsible for all the Student Association’s corporate relations, a new Presentationgroup that arrange all the company presentations (almost 100 this year) and new project managers for all BC projects. There has been a lot to learn for all of us and we have worked very hard, but now, a couple of months later I must say that we have settled in really fine. In fact, we have some projects that have taken place already: Enterprise Day We arranged Enterprise Day this April devoted towards promoting Entrepreneurship at SSE. The success of Enterprise Day and the connections that were made during the project will now be developed further into Entrepreneurship Society, starting this fall. Paris Career Week The first week of May, 25 SSE students went on Paris Career Week to meet possible future employers during one week. The days were filled with company presentations, case studies and time to just enjoy Paris. Hopefully some students found their future employer! You might wonder how the future looks for a SSE student? Will we still get top jobs in Stockholm, Paris and London? I would say that the future looks brighter than ever before! The companies know that they need the best business students if they want to take part of the next boom. Where can they find these students? At SSE. The upcoming fall will be jammed with company presentations, career fairs and other company events – don’t miss it. If you are a new master student or småtting who reads this, I would like to wish you a warm welcome to SSE and to the Business Committee. You will get several opportunities to become a part of the business committee: you can join a BC-project, “NU-praoa” or just visit some of our company presentations – I promise you next BC year is going to be awesome! Mattias Andersson President of the SASSE Business Committee

The Social Committee Welcome to the Social Committee! The signature colour is pink, the beverage is red wine and everyone is more than welcome to join! First of all, all cred to the Social Committee board of 09/10 - you guys took the Social Committee to a new level. Although, the new board of 10/11 will be even more extraordinarily dopey. We started the year with a crazy kick-off and this spring we have delivered a fantastic ABBA-sing along dinner party and an amazing Norwegian-reversed dinner party. Also, the guru’s have started with their activities and thrown for example a pole dancing class and wine tastings. The new Culture Week, Bachelor and Master committees are working their asses of in order to pull off something out of this world. We are looking forward to see the result of all hard work. Great thanks to Nick, Karolina, Oscar, Jenny, Amelie, Louise and their crews for taking on such a tremendous workload and making the impossible possible. Ahead, lays the introductions, the Culture Week, Martin the Goose-dinner party, the Halloween pub and much more. The autumn has every possibility of becoming as fantastic as the spring if not even better. Me and my Social Committee board want to wish everyone a great summer with loads of red wine. See you in the fall! Tobias Andersson President of the Social Committee


The Sports Committee A new SASSE-year has started and as well has a new fantastic IdU-year! We started off by painting and cleaning our fantastic IdU room and already right there, in the middle of the mess, I felt that we were going to be the perfect IdU board.. Erik Gunnarsson (head of activities) trying to show off his craftsmen skills to get away from cleaning, Emma Forsman (head of tournaments) while asked to clean the trophies instead ending up dreaming of winning tournaments, David Persson (head of marketing) not feeling like cleaning was a part of what he originally had signed up for, Sara Lindau (vice president) completely stressed out by the inefficiency of the rest of the board members, Simon Larsson (head of events) trying to come up with good excuses for not helping out, Bobo Delemark (head of sports development) trying to play tennis with the cleaning equipment and then me, Lotta Höjvall (president) realizing that if not being able to organize my board to clean a simple room that making the same people to run the whole Sports Committee would be quite a challenge..

The Entertainment Committee What do we do? Well, perhaps it’s better to rephrase that question: What are we? The answer is quite simple, we are party! PU is a fantastic group of 30 people who all put in tremendous work and effort in order to create the most wonderful parties at SSE. But that is not all we do, PU in excess of being SASSEs official party planner also provides the entire infrastructure for partying within the Student Association. We’re the ones to contact with any party-related question. We’re the masters of sound, light, catering and of course alcohol. Our amazing culvert is stocked with both nice and nasty sprits for any and no occasion! Like any committee, it’s obvious for the beholder that we’re a busy bunch of people with a lot on our hands. However, that is only what meets the eye. The Entertainment Committee has been around almost since the beginning of time (well, at least if you count the founding of SSE as the beginning and hey, why shouldn’t you?).

But luckily enough, running IdU is much more fun than cleaning a room! So far, Simon, in charge of the kick off for the Barcelona tournament, made sure the teams got to know each other while loading up on lasagna. Emma organized the 58 of us participating in the EUROESADE Cup, where we showed the other business schools in Europe who the true champions are! Erik has thrown a lunch for our amazing coaches and has put up with the unrewarding task of sending out HAIK invoices to all of our active students (you better pay them!). Bobo arranged the try out week were you could try fencing, diving, synchronized swimming, dancing and boxing. David has promoted our activities and edited the beautiful picture of us next to this. Sara has been my left hand (she is actually left handed) and also arranged our IdU board (not going to tell you anything about it) kick off. Finally, always remember ”Plugga med måtta, träna med lotta!” Lotta Höjvall President of the Sports Committee

Founded in 1921 it is SASSEs first and oldest committee and membership is only available only to a select few. Shrouded in legend and mystery no one really knows what happens behind that red door and as it has been said for decades: “What happens within PU, stays within PU”. One day we’re there, one day we’re not. One day we’re on holiday in the Med, one day we’ve filled the rotunda with drunken Fins. How should one describe a committee like this? Well, simply red I suppose. Curious and intrigued? Then there is only one course of action: Follow the red overalls! Röd eller Död! (Red or Dead) Alexander Holm Rannaleet President of the Entertainment Commitee


The International Committee

The world does not end at the horizon

New beginnings tend to be scary. But then again, they invariably seem to be twice as fun and exciting as they are scary. March 1st 2010 was a new beginning for IntU. With a new and enthusiastic board the committee started taking steps - at first small and trembling though full of hope, but with time gaining the stability a shared and by the day clearer vision so often can give - towards a common goal. The goal is now set; to finally tame and organize a committee by tradition so very strongly driven by individual associations and projects. Many associations and projects. The vast hugeness of IntU has always been a strength and source of creativity, and so it shall remain. But implementing an efficient communication between projects and associations would further strengthen the synergies available to the large amount of students active under IntU.

The Education Committee A new season is here, new courses have started and the new Education Committee is up and running! The fabulous new EC board consists of Kajsa Hedbrant, Pontus Andersson, Anna Rehnholm, Sandra Wahlström-Jonsson, Sofia Blomstrand and Maria Jonsson, who are all eager to make the most out of this year in the Education Committee. In March Sofia worked her butt off pulling together the qualifying competition for “SM i Ekonomi”. With all the members of the committee involved to grade the different teams, we could finally announce the winners who get to compete in the national competition later this spring. The winning team consists of Maria Rendahl, Markus Ederwall and Kateryna Smuk, all second year students this year. Good luck in the finale guys! Later on, the work to appoint the Teacher of the Year started. With help from the student Gustaf Dymov, an e-mail with a survey for voting was sent out to all students. The winning teacher was Rickard Sandberg, a very appreciated seminar teacher in statistics. The award was handed out at the Diploma Ceremony in April together with a large sum of money donated by Nordea. The Education Committee has also started the work with course and specialization representatives. Several student representatives are now involved in the work to make our education here at SSE even better. In early May the new project leaders of Pimp My Grades were appointed. Many good candidates wanted to carry the Student Association’s most caring project forward, and after much thinking, Sarah Ahnström and Carl Michael Tidebäck were found best suited to take on the job. The Education Committee’s next mission is to find a first year student this fall to include in the committee board. The first year student will be responsible for the course representatives in year one. Are you the one we’re looking for? E-mail and let us know! Kajsa Hedbrant, President of the Education Committee


Such an implementation requires a strong central IntU, wherefore I am extremely proud of the committee board I have managed to recruit. I am positive that together we will manage to make IntU even bigger, whilst more transparent as an organization. When working within an ever-changing organization like ours, one risks drowning in the daily complications that arise. When water is stirred, it loses its transparency, and stormy oceans - beautiful as they may be - need to be tamed if we want to take a dip without drowning. And when the quiet and tamed water flows towards the horizon, one knows it is safe to float along. It is safe because the world does not end there. The world is bigger than we can perceive and together we can achieve things bigger than we dare dream of. Pursue your dreams! Welcome to IntU! Kaj Ossman President of the International Committee

The IT committee Spring is finally here and summer is on its way. With the spring the student association begins a new year with a new board, new committee boards, new gurus, new heads of different groups and societies, in short – the student association is reborn. As always spring, and the new SA year, is followed by a surge of enthusiasm and activity. Spring has had that effect on the IT Committee as well. There has been quite a lot of activity in the ITC and the committee room. A new committee board has started to work with all the different tasks that are on the ITC table, with help from ITC veterans and some newly arrived people. The ITC “family” has grown and we are all very glad to welcome them all. One of the first things to happen was a spring cleaning. Everything and I really mean EVERYTHING, was carried out of the committee room and temporarily found a home in the Media Committee room. Starting with clutter and furniture out of the way the room was cleaned thoroughly. The floor was swept and washed, everything was dusted, all the stuff lying around was sorted and some (quite a lot) was thrown away and one of the walls was painted emerald green. Besides the spring cleaning an old ITC tradition has been resurrected, also known as “Torsdagsfika” - Thursday coffee. Otherwise a lot of work has been put into getting a new SASSE web portal, the goal is to have a new one by autumn. Most of the work will be done in the summer, especially in testing the earlier versions of the new web portal. ITC is also working on having the network changed during the summer so hopefully it will be finished by august and the SA will have among a few other improvements a faster internet! What actually will happen only time can tell but I would like start this spring/new year by quoting Robin Williams; Spring is nature´s way of saying ”Let’s party!” – So let’s party people! Cecilia Tollin, President of the IT Committee

The media committe I proudly present: the eminent, splendid and absolutely fabulous board of 10/11 Livia Moore Vice President Sofia Helgesson President Louise Berndson Head of events Hannes Jacobsson Head of communication Jessica Ahlén Head of coziness Jenny Ahlén Head of courses Sofia Helgesson President of the Media committee


Still residing in Stockholm the upcoming hot summer months? Got nothing to do during lazy days off? Here’s our Entertainment Editor’s best tips on how to spend your time, for both day and night.

Clubs and bars F12

A trendy club located in a historical setting in the center of Stockholm. Different clubs everyday of the week. Find your favorite and enjoy life!

Debaser Slussen

Epic patio near Slussen subway station. Start your night there; they usually have a live band!


A cool hipster and moustache-packed place with a great terrace.

The Entertainment Editor Hi, my name is Ellen Kvarby and I have the honor of being your Entertainment Editor of this year’s Minimax. At last the winter is over and we can pull off our parkas and hit the streets! Last year’s club sensation, Trädgården, will be up and running again by mid-May. If you’re into ping-pong, bouchas, cheap beer and dancing you should definitely visit their concretecovered floors underneath Skanstullsbron. In the location where Trädgården used to be, by another bridge, namely Centralbron, a new club called Sommar will be opening. The guys behind the club F12 are this year’s hosts, so it will be worth a visit for sure. Please email me if you have any questions or suggestions of what you’d like me to write about! Have a great summer,


Ellen Kvarby

Livia Moore, who is a student at SSE, will be having a club there called Holiday, every Wednesday this summer! - Why is Holiday the best club in Stockholm? Wednesday is definitely the best day of the week to go out partying, and Holiday is the loveliest DJ collective ever! The nights are likely to end with people dancing on the DJ-stand (but that’s not really allowed) and everyone singing along in the songs! - What is your best club memory in Stockholm? Recently, I’d say Tony Zoulias in Gubbrummet. He was god! His mixes were absolutely amazing, I couldn’t stop dancing! - What will you do this summer? I’m travelling the East Coast of USA but I’ll also be working a lot this summer. And partying!


A gallery and café during daytime, but during certain evenings it transforms into a nightclub. Join their Facebook group or check their website to get the latest update on when they will be hosting club events!


If you find yourself on the red subway line, get off at Telefonplan! Landet is both a restaurant and bar and during summer time, the DJ plays records in the open air amongst the dinner tables! So just have a seat next to him/her and have a chat.

Rosendals Trädgård

When you feel like having some pink in the park.


If you’re up for floating around on a floating bar.

Walpurgis Night Walpurgis Night celebration in Uppsala has become more of a rule than an exception for students during the last couple of decades. The participation of SSE students did not fail this year either. While some took the train early Thursday morning, others celebrated “Kvalborg” together with the Nobel Night Cap-committee at school before heading north to start queuing to “Stocken”Stockholms Nation. An experience pretty close to attending an ordinary SSE pub, at least based on the people present.

Extra super fun stuff Go for a swim

One of the best things about Stockholm in the summer is the fact that you can go for a swim practically anywhere! My favorite places are: the cliffs by the subway station Kristineberg, the beach on Långholmen, Nacka Strand and almost anywhere on Lidingö.


Don’t miss when the cinemas move outside to Rålambshovsparken. It won’t cost you a crown and goes on from 18th May until 22nd of August. Check the program at

Since the night for many ended early, so began the Friday morning. For some with champagne breakfast, for some directly with hanging out in the park “Ekonomikum” which during the day was the natural assembly point for everyone in town. The crowd began to thin between 12 and 3PM when those interested set off towards the “Champangegalopp” from which they all returned soaking wet and happy. It all was followed by a few hours of sleep and showering – all that champagne took some time to get out of long ponytails – before people headed out in the night towards different destinations. All in all, I believe that this weekend, there were more SSE students in Uppsala than in Stockholm. Mathilda Eriksson Photo: Jessica Ahlen


Experience circus, music, opera, dance, theater, clowns, concerts, dreams, and more. Visit their website from the 20th of May to check their program. All their events are for free too!


A great festival in Stockholm. The line up looks very promising already with artists such as Robyn, Belle & Sebastian and Shout out Louds. By Eriksdalsbadet by Skanstull the 27th28th of August.

En Ljummen I Gräset

A laid back festival in Aspudden.

Do you want to hang out with the nice “stormamma” emiritius this summer? Then you should go down to: 1. Best summer club in Stockholm: Trädgården 2. The worst summer club in Stockholm: all that are inside 3. The best hang out in Stockholm: Josefinas Ellen Kvarby



You can watch history in the making, or you can be it.

Success is a team sport. There are those who play, and those who change the way the game is played. There is no such thing as “Most Valuable Spectator.” Bain & Company knows the score. Do you?

At Bain, our unique, results-driven culture has been continuously redefining strategy consulting. Our commitment to delivering real, measurable results that impact futures and bottom lines is unmatched in the industry— and so are our people. We succeed because we refuse to allow ourselves or our teammates to fail. We prefer setting the pace to sitting on the sidelines, and we write invaluable personal results stories with each new experience.

w w w. j o i n b a i n . c o m


Cooking with Caroline Tired of the same old pasta for dinner, but still living on a tight budget? Caroline Eriksson knows how to spice it up. When my mum told me about this dish the first time I begged her not to make it because I thought it sounded really boring, but when I finally tried it I was surprised to find out that it was actually really delicious! Another great thing about it is that you make it in no time and that it costs basically nothing. For 1 hungry person with no time to cook 1 big carrot (peeled and riped) 10 cm of a nice leek (preferably some of the green part too!) 1 dl of light creme fraiche 1-2 tsp of Dijon mustard Some fresh parsley and/or basil (chopped) salt & pepper 1 portion of pasta parmesan to put on afterwards. 1. Heat water in a kettle and add the pasta and salt when the water is boiling heavily. Let it cook until the pasta is as al dente, while you make the sauce. 2. Put the riped carrot and the leek in a medium heated frying pan with some olive oil and fry it until it gets nice and soft. 3. Add the Dijon mustard, creme fraiche, salt, pepper and lower the heat. Stir it for a while as it boils slowly for about as long as it takes for the pasta to get ready and then taste it to see if you need more salt, Dijon or pepper. 4. Add the chopped fresh herbs stir it some more and then put it on top of the nice warm pasta. Add lots of parmesan and eat it while you watch Glee.

Pasta with Carrot & Leek 31

Salmon on a bed of spelt, lentils & parsley with Summer sauce This is really good food because it is so tasty and yet very good for your health, while it is not too expensive or difficult to make! 1 dinner + the foundation for tomorrow’s lunch box 1 dl of spelt 1 dl of green lentils chopped fresh parsey 125 g of salmon three slices of a lemon salt, pepper and olive oil Summer Sauce 1 dl of creme fraiche 2 tbs of light mayonnaise ½ garlic clove salt and pepper ½ tsp Dijon mustard 1 tbs each of chive and dill (or any other herbs that you prefer!) 1. Prepare the lentils and the spelt in two different kettles according to the instructions on the box. 2. Warm the owen to about 200 ° C . Put some olive oil in an owenware and place the salmon filet in it. 3. Add salt and pepper and place the lemon slices on top of the salmon. Cook the salmon in the owen for about 15 – 20 minutes until it is almost well done (it should actually be a tiny bit uncooked right in the middle) 4. Make the sauce by mixing all the ingredients in a bowl and then let it rest while you prepare the rest. 5. Mix the lentils and spelt with chopped parsley and add salt and pepper. 6. Take half of the lentil-spelt-parsley mix and place it next to the salmon on your plate. Save the rest of the mix for the lunch box recepie. Finish up with something green and a nice spoonful of the Summersauce.


The perfect lunch box The no-hands bread This is a bread that I’ve made a thousands of times because it’s so quick and easy. It’s really good with a nice soup or with a colourful salad. One bread ,big enough for you and a couple of friends 50 g of fresh yeast 0,5 dl of water (finger warm) 0,5 tbs of salt 3 tbs of olive oil 7-8 dl of wheat flour 3 dl of whole wheat flour (graham) some fresh thyme (a lot if you ask me, yummy) olive oil, flaked salt and sunflower seeds

The lentils-spelt-parsley mix that you saved from the salmon recepie makes a great foundation for a lunch. It already contains proteins from the lentils and carbs from the spelt so all you have to do is put it in your lunch box and add delicious vegetables and a nice cheese or anything else that you like. My suggestions are Lentils-Spelt-Parsley base + The classic combo of mozzarella + olives + tomatoe + basil or salty sensation of olives + caper + feta cheese but really you can take whatever you like or have in the fridge! Caroline Eriksson Photo: Caroline Eriksson

1. Crush the yeast in a big bowl and add about 1 dl of the water. Stir it until the yeast is resolved. 2. Add the rest of the water, olive oil, salt and the flour. Work it into a loose paste. Give your paste a suitable name (I had a leaven once that I called Sören) 3. Let your paste prove for about 30 min covered in a clean kitchen towel. 4. Heat the owen to 220 ° C 5. Pour your paste out on a baking plate with baking plate paper on it. Just bundle it to a shape that you like, brush lots of olive oil on it and sprinkle flaked salt and sunflower seeds over it. 6. Bake it for 15 minutes, then lower the heat to 150 ° C and bake it for another 15 minutes. 7. Take it out and try knocking under it. If it sounds hollow it is baked enough. Let it cool for as long as you can resist it, then put some butter or whatever you prefer on it and enjoy it togheter with people you like.


Taking the chance As you’ve probably heard a million times by now, being an SSE graduate implies that your future career is extremely bright almost by definition. The competition among companies when it comes to recruiting talent from SSE is fierce, implying that we have the privilege of actually being rather picky regarding which path to take, and in best case also which job offer to accept. However, this privilege, and the sense of security that comes with it, sometimes makes us forget one very exciting alternative: starting your own business! Some might argue that the alternative cost is too high. Others see it as the ultimate way of landing their dream job. SSE-student Mai-Li Hammargren belongs to the latter category… Mai-Li has been combining her studies at SSE with being CEO and founder of the start-up Mutewatch since the spring of 2008. She and her partner Oscar Ritzén Praglowski, engineering student at KTH, currently have one of the limited spots in SSE Business Lab, SSE’s own business incubator. The idea for Mutewatch was born in spring 2007, when Mai-Li participated in SSE’s internal business idea contest Guldräven. As a typical entrepreneur, Mai-Li took a problem from her daily life and came up with a solution. The problem: due to differing time schedules, Mai-Li and her boyfriend kept disturbing each other’s sleep with their alarm clocks. The solution: an alarm clock in the form of a wristband that vibrates discreetly and therefore does not wake any one else than the person who has to get up. Mai-Li’s business idea won 2nd place in the competition, but was not realized until a year after that. Today, Mutewatch is described as a time management tool and a lifestyle electronic adding style to your outfit. The watch functions as a clock, a timer and an alarm. Mutewatch aims to drive a change process when it comes to how we look at time and to help us get more out of the activities we fill our days with. Mai-Li explains: “Studies show that it takes about 10-20 minutes to reach a state of complete focus. If you are disturbed, it takes an additional 10-20 minutes before you can focus completely again. On average, we are disturbed every 8 minutes. Thanks to today’s technology, we are able to connect and communicate with each other basically anywhere and at any hour. Unfortunately, this also implies that we are more easily distracted. But technology is meant to simplify our lives, not limit us. ” Mutewatch wants to draw attention to the fact that it isn’t technology itself that is the root cause of our short concentration span, it’s the way we currently use technology that is negative. “Society must learn to manage the new technology. We want Mutewatch to play a part in this learning process and become a symbol for turning down the level of noise, shutting out possible distractions and focusing on whatever activity you are presently engaged in and not change before the vibration goes off. If most applications popping up on the market are aiming to make it easier for other people to reach you, Mutewatch will remind you of your own agenda. I’m sure Mindfulness will be a hot topic in the future, and to achieve this, Mutewatch can be a tangible tool.” For advocacy purposes, Mutewatch has launched an online magazine, Timetank, in order to create awareness about the need for better time management. Another idea is to combine the sale of the product with lectures about time management when companies buy the watch as a corporate gift.


Photo: Rikard Lilja



Parallel to her role as CEO, Mai-Li is currently studying full time. Upon asking about her current work-life balance, she answers that she is very far from having one. “Of course it’s a sacrifice not to have a balance, but I have too many things I want to do to step down right now. I’ve heard so many entrepreneurs who haven’t graduated saying that it’s the one thing they’ve regretted the most. So I can handle that things are pretty hectic right now. I’ll get my reward later. But of course I try to do things in the “life-category” now and then. The trick is to find compromises, for instance going to that fun party but not staying for very long.” At present, Mai-Li is the only female entrepreneur sitting in the lab. According to Mai-Li, the lack of female role models could be a reason for this. She also has a tip to encourage more females to try the entrepreneurial track; “Running your own business is a good arena for showing what you are capable of, taking a lot of responsibility and at the same time retaining power. It is not that unusual to be given a high degree of responsibility as an employee early on in your career, but to also have a decision-making role is very uncommon. And I can tell you, it is extremely satisfying to experience that your decision sticks and to see it implemented in practice!” The secrecy around the actual product is high since it is yet to be launched. Despite this, Mutewatch has already received a number of awards and scholarships, the most recent one being Lennart Grundberg’s scholarship, promoting student entrepreneurs at SSE. The future of Mutewatch is looking bright, and having met the founder of this successful start-up, I can safely say: so is hers. Do you have a business idea? SSE Business Lab invites you to book an informal “Business Lunch” where you can discuss your idea with a representative from the lab. For more information, contact Hannes Dernehl at Mai-Li Hammargren Age: 23 Year of studies: 4 Home town: Stockholm Best time management tip: Forced isolation; create isolation gaps and have clear objectives for these gaps. A tip is to turn off all electronics during this isolation. Set a timer for 40-50 minutes, focus and deliver during that time, then take a break. Reward yourself with a “distraction” such as Facebook instead of forbidding yourself. The important thing is that you do not do anything but work towards the goal before the timer rings… For more information about Mutewatch, visit SSE Business Lab At SSE Business Lab, SSE students get the opportunity of putting their business ideas to the ultimate test: reality! Some of the benefits students get access to through the lab are -necessary infrastructure, including an office - access to experienced partners. -coaching by the lab’s network of experts - contact with potential funders Examples of successful alumni companies: Klarna, GreenHatPeople, Radon and For more information about what the lab, visit Ylva Munkhammar Photo: Rikard Lilja


Thomas thinks Okay, first of all, concerning democracy, I’m a fan. That needed to be said because as much as I enjoy democracy I can’t say that my opinions on elections are always quite as positive. I can accept that we do require some kind of process which allows us, the people, to choose who should represent us. I can also accept that elections are probably one of the only ways of selecting who those representatives should be. For the most fact I even respect the people standing up to be elected. My main problem with elections is what they do to people. I should perhaps start by stating that I as a rule think fairly well of people, and try to afford them the respect they are due as a matter of course. This leads to me in general being fairly well disposed to my fellow man, and gives me what I myself consider to be a sunny, if at times naive, disposition. Elections tend to be rude awakenings, for all that they bring out some of the best qualities in people they also make the bad ones apparent. This in turn causes me to think less of people whom I love and respect, and I hate that. Perhaps the Facebook example is the most glaringly obvious. I’m sorry but groups such as “Can this X get more fans than this politician Y” are frankly as disrespectful as they are idiotic. Visiting Facebook at times such as those was painful, because it showed just how many perfectly sensible people could stoop to such base forms of posturing. I’m sorry but a logical consequence of favoring one set of values is not to behave in a disrespectful way towards a differing set of values. The desire to attack a differing set of values if anything shows a lack of confidence in the own values. So please, friends, I know a lot of you care about the elections which are coming up, and the very fact that you care is great. But put those feelings into promoting your own ideals, and do so by creating positive momentum. That means showing respect for people who have opinions which differ from your own. Because at the end of the day, you are only worthy of as much respect as you are capable of showing your adversaries. The essence of what I’m trying to convey is that political progress must be driven through Auden rather than Franklin. That is to say that “We must love one another or die” rather than “join or die”, TTA out. Thomas Taylor Armstrong Photo: Sofia Helgesson


Revenge of the Asa Gods ”What is the capital of Iceland?”, John Cleese asked Fredrik Skavlan. The nowadays so famous Norwegian TV-host unassertively replied “Reykjavik”, knowing that the British master comedian probably had something else in mind. And indeed he did, as the answer came: “25 Pounds”. It has not come to my knowledge weather this little episode was drafted before or after the volcanic eruption of Eyjafallajökull on Iceland. But as an economist, I have the profound privilege of being able to assume things whenever I happen not to know (I cannot tell my distinguished readers how immensely useful this is). So, in order to make it a good story, let us assume Mr Cleese made his little joke precisely before the wrath of Oden and Tor struck Europe and put us all back to pre-aviation times, leaving the Briton a clear message: You might very well force us to pay you SEK 40bn for whatever hyper-structured mega-enhanced ever-sunny cubic-leveraged credit derivatives bullshit our reckless bankers speculated in, but don’t you dare offend us for it! Mr Cleese was bound for a performance in Brussels the following day and hence had to take a cab from Oslo across entire Northern Europe at an alleged expense of some SEK 38 000. Mr Cleese versus the Asa Gods: 0-1. Vengeance is sweet… However, as we all know not only Basil Fawlty was affected by the ash cloud. In a world of continuous travelling such a disturbance will inevitably have far-reaching consequences – this time especially so for SSE students. As far as I have heard our Beloved Leader Hannes Palm was stranded in America, a friend from my year missed a long-planned journey to Chile and another friend could not leave Milan where she visited her boyfriend (the latter case not all too horrendous, one might further assume). But most of all I refer to somewhat more senior students, since numerous were all those who could not attend the Diploma Ball in the Stockholm City Hall because of flight cancellations. As depressing the absence of those who could not attend, as enchanting were the stories of those who had travelled by car for days in order to make it: someone’s father had picked him up in Frankfurt, a bunch of people came by minibus from London and some even from Ireland. Speaking of commitment! Although the timing was tragic by all means, it also very visibly demonstrated the great international spread of SSE students’ choices of occupation. Out of every year, a quarter or so of all graduates cross our nation’s borders to start their careers. I do not possess knowledge of what corresponding figures look like for other academic institutions, but I would fairly assertively dare to say that our number is high. With the now completed implementation of the Master Program not only the outflow of SSE students will be highly international, but increasingly so also the inflow. Although foreign backgrounds certainly are not anything new to SSE, tomorrow’s Handels alumni will most probably have less in common in terms of geographic, and perhaps also cultural, origins. Entirely positive as this is – let there be no doubt on that – it also, in my view, stresses the importance of remaining faithful to old Handels traditions. I think fore mostly of preserving the inimitable atmosphere of our grand dinner parties, people’s positive attitudes and the general Handels spirit – intangible things difficult to specify. As more students enter our beloved stronghold of Mercury at the Master stage, not having gone through their Bachelor years at Handels, I see a risk that parts of our traditions and customs might be blurred to some extent. I therefore consider it a fundamental responsibility for elder students in the coming Bachelor generations to secure the preservation of the Handels spirit and grandeur. We live in globalised times. The increasing mixture of backgrounds at SSE is a good indicator in this sense (those objecting to this are kindly requested to throw a glance at the pictures of Professor Heckscher’s first classes in the 1910’s). Simultaneously, Eyjafallajökull demonstrated the still persistent vulnerability and abjectness of mankind in relation to the powers of nature. But did it put an end to the era of ever-increasing globalisation? Will there now be a significant drop in airborne travelling? Will future SSE students only come from Danderyd and Södertälje, and not from Dresden or Sheffield? Certainly not. Provided that Mr Cleese refrains from further icy capitalist jokes, that is… Pär Holmbäck


Blind dating at SASSE What is love? Where is love? There are so many questions about love. The only thing I want to do – is spreading it. During my time at Stockholm School of Economics I have felt a division among the different associations. My mission is to create a more loving and friendly atmosphere between the members of the student association at the Stockholm School of Economics and let the students’ projects integrate more with each other. How will this be done? By a series of blind dates, of course! My first two victims are Caroline Lundström and Max Sihvonen. As strong as snakepoison running through the veins I could feel the love aura around the first date between Max and Caroline. What started with a nervous greeting ended with holding hands, lying in the grass. Caroline is the newly appointed president of Handelsdagarna, a business forum which will celebrate its 30th jubilee in February 2011. In essence, Handelsdagarna is a platform for contact between students and companies, both Swedish and European. During the week of Handelsdagarna, you can experience interesting lectures, partying with company representatives and a dynamic fair where you can find your possible future employer among many lines of business. It is the biggest project of the Student Association. Max splits his time between the positions as president of the German association and head of festivities at the Social Committee. The German association, Der Verein, is a group of beer-loving students, not often German speaking, at the Stockholm School of Economic. The Social Committee organises cultural and social activities for all students. Fully committed for the student association both Caroline and Max are looking for a positive, honest and humoristic person to share their inner feelings with. The sun was shining and birds were singing, it was the perfect day for a date when I set my two victims up. Caroline and Max had just been introduced to each other and were walking around in Observatorielunden. I asked if they believe in love at first sight? Caroline nodded and looked into Max’ eyes. Max looked back and blushed when he tried to explain his belief in the attraction of a first sight moment. I could feel something great spreading in the air. In all astrology magazines you can read about how the Gemini and the Virgo do not fit well together, I think I found an exception. Max and Caroline began walking around in the park again and suddenly Max tripped on his shoestring headfirst in the grass. Caroline laughingly tried to help him up and Max pulled her down too. All ended up with them lying in the grass. It felt like two puzzle pieces had found each other. As time flies when you are having fun the date would soon have to end. I could tell how Max really tried keeping his tears back when they both realized that they had to go. How will their love affect their projects in the student association? Caroline insisted that their relation would not affect their dedication to SASSE but that it may make their relationship a bit more exciting. Max on the other hand meant that it could be some hard times when he would have to prioritize, but in my opinion – he would always choose Caroline as his number one. Even if they might succeed separating their privacy and the student association, I still believe that their love possibly will influence the projects. Maybe Handelsdagarna 2011 will have a German twist. Deutsche Bank and Lidl as their main partners and instead of a company fair there could be a beer or wurst (sausage) tasting? The banquette might be held in German with schnitzel and German schlagermusic, creating a typical German Octoberfest in February, to lighten up the spirit of the company representatives. Or in an opposite view, maybe the German association will be the new stock market-room, helping you create a German career. After the date I asked if they were interested in a second one? Without hesitating both thought that it would be a great idea and they started discussing suitable activities trying to ignore me, and my ridiculous obsession with love. Mission complete. Johan “Date-master” Collin Photos: Edward Flyborg


Name: Caroline Lundstrรถm Star sign: Gemini Known as: President of Handelsdagarna 2011 Name: Max Sihvonen Star sign: Virgo Known as: President of the German association, Head of Festivities at the Social Committee.


Dr. Kull’s Horoscope Since Dr. Kull is a semi god, and has a staunch set of followers who worship him fanatically, it was only a matter of time until he would test his hands at the occult or supernatural. Dr. Kull wanted to write a new 200 page gospel for this edition of Minimax but we (the editors) managed to convince him to start out with just the horoscope you see below. Do not forget that you can still send questions about anything to


FEB 19 - MAR 20 Ironically you should stay away from open water as much as humanly possible this spring and all summer. Do not put yourself in a situation where you are in water deeper than 1,5 meters. You will without doubt die from a bout of self combustion in a matter of hours if you dare to go deeper than that. On the other hand you are an active member of SASSE and therefore have your own invisible pixie that protects you from all harm. If you are not a student at the Stockholm School of Economics or alumni thereof you will soon meet with an untimely and extremely painful demise.


MARCH 21 – APRIL 20 Your attitude is good but you may need to use some level of “restraint” nearing the exam period. Just remember that your work in the Student Association outweighs school work anytime. When your summer vacation commences just push on and before you know it you will be back in the basement of Sveavägen 65. Soft peddle an issue near the end of July or risk a real “mushroom effect”. If you are not a student at the Stockholm School of Economics or alumni thereof you will soon meet with an untimely and extremely painful demise.

APRIL 21 - MAY 21 Romance requires both clarity and patience or in your case a substantial amount of alcohol preferably purchased in the Rotunda and partaken of by both parties in the intended sexual encounter. I do urge you to gamble as much as possible, preferably using slot machines. Your finances look good!

MAY 22 - JUNE 21 Remember what Anders Borg said: “Neither a lender, nor a borrower, be”. You will have to tough this period out on your own without any support from your friends. Actually, you will lose most of your friends before this summer is over but I urge you to seek out a kindred spirit among the new students at SSE this fall. You will have to tread carefully for several months or you will drown with you foot entwined in a lobster-pot!

If you are not a student at the Stockholm School of Economics or alumni thereof you will soon meet with an untimely and extremely painful demise.

If you are not a student at the Stockholm School of Economics or alumni thereof you will soon meet with an untimely and extremely painful demise.





JUNE 22 - JULY 22 Keeping life “running along smoothly” is not an option for you now. You will have your hands full for quite some time but as a true SSE student this is when you thrive and do your best work. Under the same circumstances and pressure a lesser student, for instance from Stockholm University, The Royal Institute of Technology, Karolinska Institutet or Södertörns high school, would crack and most likely die. You, however, will prevail and come out a stronger and richer person. If you are not a student at the Stockholm School of Economics or alumni thereof you will soon meet with an untimely and extremely painful demise.


JULY 23 - AUG 23 Creative “financial problem solving” may feel like an everyday activity to you but soon you will face a real challenge. You must ignore this challenge and have a good beer instead, just let it be. I feel confident that your father will take care of the issue discretely no matter the cost. Just avoid eye contact with him for a couple of days. If you are not a student at the Stockholm School of Economics or alumni thereof you will soon meet with an untimely and extremely painful demise.


AUG 24 - SEPT 22 There are two scenarios in store for you this period: 1. You will exceed in every aspect of your life without even trying. 2. As a Louisiana psychic I know usually says “You gonna die….!” Time will tell which of these alternatives will be true for you. If you are not a student at the Stockholm School of Economics or alumni thereof you will soon meet with an untimely and extremely painful demise.



OCT 24 - NOV 22 The poison in your stinger is especially venomous this time of year and you have a tendency to sting a promiscuously soaring number of persons. This is a behavior I condone and encourage and I wish you the best of luck. Did I mention I myself am a Scorpio? If you are not a student at the Stockholm School of Economics or alumni thereof you will soon meet with an untimely and extremely painful demise.


NOV 23 - DEC 21 Deep, rich feelings that bring closer ties and strengthen bonds are something you will experience plenty of in the immediate future. The problem is that you will not be able to choose which persons you are to bond with. If this is because of bad judgment on your part or just a generally high level of intoxication is beyond me powers to deduce. I suggest that you do not go trolling for women/men anywhere south of Slussen. This is to make sure that you keep a generally acceptable standard. If you are not a student at the Stockholm School of Economics or alumni thereof you will soon meet with an untimely and extremely painful demise.


DEC 22 - JAN 20 Fun gatherings in June can “explode” in rich emotions that tip the scales one way or the other; be prepared to “maintain enjoyment levels” for all. You should go sail in Croatia this summer; you will most likely find a hidden treasure there. However this will only happen if you solemnly swear to donate half of the treasure to the Nobel NightCap-committee. If you are not a student at the Stockholm School of Economics or alumni thereof you will soon meet with an untimely and extremely painful demise.


SEPT 23 - OCT 23 A small disappointment can escalate out of control unless proper perspective is maintained. Do not let a measly loss of 1 million SEK get you down, just keep in mind that it is nothing more than pocket change. You know that you will probably make it back by the end of the week and if not you can always sell some stock. Do not forget that you are a part of this country’s elite and one of a select few to attend the Stockholm School of Economics.

JAN 21 - FEB 18 Please be aware that you are going to have a great summer. You should start a new conservative party and show the establishment what conservatism really means. If you succeed in getting your message out to people you will most likely find yourself forming a new cabinet of ministers after the general elections. I am available and competent to take on any ministerial position in such a government and am expecting your call.

If you are not a student at the Stockholm School of Economics or alumni thereof you will soon meet with an untimely and extremely painful demise.

If you are not a student at the Stockholm School of Economics or alumni thereof you will soon meet with an untimely and extremely painful demise.



Minimax 2010 nr1  
Minimax 2010 nr1  

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