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A peep at Orange County California homes for sale Without much ado here is a bit about Orange County, California – the ultimate place to live and work. As one of the most populated counties in the state it typically lies along the Pacific coast of Southern California. Because of its pleasant climate, tourist destinations and industrial and IT developments, Orange county real estate has gained a mammoth importance. The county's population, which was estimated at more than 3 million as of 2008, is however enough to give it the third highest population of all counties in the state. This has however added a whole new facet to the county’s real estate while making the Orange County houses for sale a staggering hit. And for the home buyers looking decent home at a decent price, Orange County leaves the door ajar to a whole range of properties.

Orange county real estate market update The median price for the single family and for the Orange County California homes for sale was however up by 16.3% in November 2012 compared to November 2008 and this is the fourth month in a row the median price has been up year-over-year. The , Orange County California homes for sale which was down 12.5% from October, but were up 17.4% compared to the last November. And this is 17th month in a row home sales have been higher than the year before. This means home sales are up 17%. The Orange County condo sale , which was down 10.5% from October, but are now once again up 27.1% year-over-year. Year-to-date, condo sales are up 33.3%. As per the Orange County realtors home price is sure to rise high. Still unsure whether or not your Orange County property will gain appreciation? Here are the reasons to consider – Reason 1: Shortage of buyer inventory Reason 2: Price tags for pre owned Orange County California homes for sale is still low Reason 3: Pent up buyer demand Reason 4: Properties in OC is still cheaper to buy than to rent Reason 6: Economy is steady Reason 7: Buyers, investors and even the renters are investing in Orange county real estate

It is necessary to mention here that right at the moment you will be able to find some of the incredible deals and wonderful investment opportunities in the Orange County real estate market. It hardly matters if you are a first-time buyer, if you are an investor, or just buying into a home that’s an upgrade from your current one, orange County real estate has a lot to offer.

A peep at Orange County California homes for sale