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The Role of Culture in Behavior Management

Manuel Fernandez Director Latino Enrollment Institute

This is NOT easy!!!!

But it is so incredibly rewarding!

Change can be wonderful!

Got Classroom Management?

1. Build Relationships!!!

2. Show Enthusiasm!

Play Games! 1. Basketball 2. Kahoot (“�) 3. Mr. Naussbum 4. Who Wants to be a Millionaire 5. Search the Internet!

What can YOU do?

3. Cooperative Learning

Cooperative learning uses small groups in which students have specific roles in order to accomplish specific tasks and activities.

How to Group? Doesn’t matter – Just group them! 1. 2. 3. 4.

Ability Grouping Heterogeneous Grouping Skill Set Groups Informal (random, pair share, etc)

4. Be Culturally Responsive

Culturally-responsive teaching makes new subject matter and everyday lessons relevant and significant.

This also means “pop culture”.

5. Connect with Parents

What can YOU do to make a connection with parents?

HOW Can you Connect w/ Parents?

1. The “normal� ways might not work! 2. Make it a point to talk to them personally. 3. Joke/play with their younger children, hold their babies, ask the older ones about HS, etc etc. 4. Use their talents to enhance your classroom. 5. Go to family events if invited.

6. Hold them to High Standards!

Jaime Escalante – Stand and Deliver

Discuss the difficulties of holding struggling students, or students from disadvantaged households, to high standards.

The quality of your education should NOT be defined by your zip code.

1. Build relationships 2. Show enthusiasm 3. Use cooperative learning 4. Be culturally responsive 5. Connect with parents 6. Hold students to high standards Latino Enrollment Institute

Manuel Fernandez March 11, 2016

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Manuel Fernandez - The Role of Culture in Behavior Management - Web Version  

Manuel Fernandez - The Role of Culture in Behavior Management - Web Version  

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