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2016 Ohio Latino Health Summit “Our Children — Our Future”

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2016 Ohio Latino Health Summit “Our Children – Our Future” August 26, 2016 8:00 am – 4:00 pm

AGENDA 8:00 am – 8:20 am

Registration, Breakfast & Exhibitors

8:30 am – 8:50 am


9:00 am – 11:50 am

Workshop / Breakout Sessions

Block A Scott Auditorium 9:00 am – 9:50 am Delivering Culturally Competent Care: Highlighting Best Practices at MetroHealth Oscar Hispanic Pediatric Clinic Dr. Maria Isabel Herran and Ana Velez, MPA Language Access Services: Mari Galindo-DaSilva 10:00 am – 10:50 am Roots of Health, Wings of Wellness: Engaging Youth in Healthy Lifestyle Management to Counter Pediatric Obesity Dr. Wasim Saadeh, Susie Akers RDN, LD and Janeen León, MS, RDN, LD 11:00 am – 11:50 am Health Disparities among Latinos with Disabilities Dr. Irene Cihon Dietz and Dr. Lisa Marie Torres

Block B West Dining Room 9:00 am – 9:50 am The Sexual Health of Adolescents Dr. Margaret Stager and Elise Ellick

10:00 am – 10:50 am Reaching our Hispanic Children through MetroHealth’s School Health Program Dr. Christine Alexander-Rager & Lisa Ramirez, PhD

11:00 am – 11:50 am LGBT: Transgender Adolescent Care Dr. Henry Ng, MPH, FAAP, FACP

11:50 am – 12:50 pm

Networking Lunch & Exhibitors Scott Auditorium

1:00 pm – 2:00 pm

Keynote Address – Scott Auditorium Dr. Robert D. Needlman “Nurturing Bilingual Literacy in Latino Children”

2:10 pm – 3:15 pm

Summit Presentation – Scott Auditorium Dr. Adrian Garcia “The Zika Virus Pandemic: A Lesson in Epidemiology and Global Health”

3:15 pm – 4:00 pm

Closing Conversation “Bringing It All Together: Next Steps”







FOR MORE INFORMATION OSU ~ Yolanda Zepeda / Tel. 614-292-4858 OCHLA ~ Lair Marin-Marcum / Tel. 614-728-8344 8




Robert Needlman, MD Nurturing Bilingual Literacy in Latino Children 1:00 PM — 2:00 PM Scott Auditorium Dr. Robert D. Needlman is the co-founder of Reach Out and Read, an award-winning national early literacy program, and chair of Reach Out and Read Greater Cleveland ( He is also the co-author of Dr. Spock’s Baby and Child Care, the iconic parenting book. Dr. Needlman practices and teaches Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics at MetroHealth Medical Center and is Professor of Pediatrics at Case Western Reserve University. He earned a BA in English Literature from Yale University and an MD from Yale Medical School. He completed his residency in Pediatrics and fellowship in Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics at Boston City Hospital (Boston University).


Delivering Culturally Competent Care: Highlighting Best Practices at MetroHealth Block A / 9:00 am – 9:50 am / Scott Auditorium The importance of delivering culturally competent care will be addressed by highlighting the history of the Oscar Clinic, its services and to a diverse and changing population, the impact of bilingual staff on patients and the medical system. Presenters Maria Isabel Herran, MD, has dedicated her medical career to global health, refugee children, and the underserved populations such as the Hispanic/Latino population. Since 2012 Dr. Herran has devoted her time to serve as the Clinical Director for the Hispanic Clinic at MetroHealth Medical Center. Ana M. Velez, MPA, has been working at the Hispanic Clinic as the Outreach Liaison since 2014. Ana has a background in social work and public administration. Since joining the clinic Ana has devoted her time to connect the pediatric Hispanic population to the medical home at that the Oscar Clinic.


Language Access Services: Bridging the Communication Gap This presentation will highlight the Language Access Communication Services Center/LACS Initiative in promoting safe, high quality care by providing language & communication services, practical solutions to bridge the language & cultural barriers, improve outcomes for patients with Limited English Proficiency, hearing or sight impairments, and for those requiring literacy support. Presenter Mari Galindo-DaSilva, a native of Mexico City, came to Cleveland, Ohio, as a young child with her family in 1968. As a result of her migration experience and growing up among multicultural and multilingual family, neighbors, and classmates she has devoted herself to educating Hispanics and non-Hispanics about the beauty and diversity of the Hispanic culture. Mari serves as the Language Access and Communication Services Coordinator at The MetroHealth System. Her background includes being the Executive Director of the Hispanic Cultural Center, Public Relations Director for family owned Luchita’s Restaurants and Multicultural and Minority Liaison at McDonald & Co., Investments. Active in the community, Mari serves the following organizations: Global Cleveland, LULAC, Amigas Unidas at The MetroHealth System & Cleveland Museum of Art International Council.


Roots of Health, Wings of Wellness: Engaging Youth in Healthy Lifestyle Management to Counter Pediatric Obesity Block A / 10:00 am – 10:50 am / Scott Auditorium Childhood overweight and obesity continues to be a significant concern locally as well as across the globe. MetroHealth's Pediatric Weight Management and Wellness Program has developed a unique and effective multifaceted program to provide hands-on learning opportunities for children and families to engage in healthier eating increased physical activity. Presenters Dr. Wasim Saadeh is a pediatrician from the MetroHealth Medical Center and a clinical instructor at Case Western University. He is certified by the State Medical Board of Ohio and the State Boards of Medicine of Michigan and West Virginia. Additionally, Dr. Saadeh serves as a member of the AAP Section on Hospital Medicine and as a member of the American Academy of Pediatrics


Susie Akers RDN, LD is a registered dietitian, health and wellness coach, and certified as a behavior change specialist from the American Council on Exercise. Susie has been a pediatric dietitian at MetroHealth Medical System for 22 years and managed the Pediatric Wellness Center since it opened 5 years ago.

Janeen Leรณn, MS, RDN, LD is a registered dietitian, program evaluator and researcher at MetroHealth with a strong interest in promoting healthy lifestyles for children and families. A weight management coach for all ages, she focuses on simple, tailored, achievable goals for her patients. Janeen has served as a program evaluator for the MetroHealth Pediatric Weight Management and Wellness Program for the past four years. Her decision to marry a Puerto Rican has been her most valuable "tool" in learning about the wonderful foods and culture enjoyed by many of the families she serves.


Health Disparities among Latinos with Disabilities Block A / 11:00 am – 11:50 am / Scott Auditorium Many barriers stand in the way of people with disabilities of color having access to quality health care. This presentation will discuss those barriers to health care in the Latino community with disabilities. The session will also discuss the prevalence of chronic diseases and disabilities that affect the Latino community and how culture and lifestyle may affect these conditions. MetroHealth also has a medical home for comprehensive care and will share how to remove obstacles that affect outcomes for Latinos with chronic conditions and disabilities. Presenters Irene Cihon Dietz, MD is currently an Assistant Professor of Pediatrics at Case Western Reserve University and the Director of the Comprehensive Care Program at MetroHealth Medical Center, Cleveland, a now 55 plus year old program, which was recognized as an NCQA level III Physician Centered Primary Care Medical Home since 2011. Dr. Dietz did her medical training at the University of Cincinnati, School of Medicine, followed by a Pediatric Residency at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center. Dr. Dietz holds specialty board certification in, Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics, Neurodevelopmental Disabilities, and Hospice and Palliative Care Medicine. Special interests include the


primary care, specialty care, and outcomes for people with autism, intellectual and developmental disabilities, spina bifida and hydrocephalus, cerebral palsy, and technology dependence. Dr. Dietz is an appointed Mender of the Fresh Air Camp Board of Director since 2003, and a newly appointed member to The ARC Board. Both of these groups serve people with childhood onset chronic medical needs. Dr. Dietz has been Past President of the Complex Care Committee and as such would like to serve a total of 5 years with current plan to serve on Advisory Committee with immediate past president and president elect as well.

Lisa Marie Torres, MD is in the department of Pediatrics at MetroHealth and her area of expertise is Pediatric Comprehensive Care and Internal Medicine. Dr. Torres was a graduate of Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine. She did her internship and residency at MetroHealth Medical Center.


The Sexual Health of Adolescents Block B / 9:00 am – 9:50 am / West Dining Room Adolescents are a special population requiring a unique approach both in education and medical evaluation and management. In this session, we will review adolescent growth and psychosocial development as it relates to their emerging sexuality and sexual decision making. We will provide an overview of the Ohio Youth Risk Behavior Survey and its findings on the sexual behaviors and contraceptive practices of teens. In addition, we will discuss why adolescents may engage in high risk behaviors that have the potential for serious consequences. Finally, developmentally appropriate and culturally sensitive educational resources will be provided. Presenters Dr. Margaret Stager is the Director of the Division of Adolescent Medicine at MetroHealth Medical Center. In this role, Dr. Stager is responsible for the teaching and training of medical students and residents in the practice of Adolescent Medicine. The Adolescent Medicine Clinic serves teens and young adults from ages 12-26 years and includes services such as annual medical exams, sports physicals, reproductive health care, screening for drug and alcohol problems, diagnosis of eating disorders, management of teen obesity, and other common adolescent conditions such as acne, asthma, and allergies. Dr. Stager’s research interests include safety and efficacy trials for teen vaccines


DepoProvera contraception, and the effect of text messaging on improving vaccination rates. Dr. Stager has held leadership positions both regionally and nationally. Currently she serves on the Adolescent Health Committee for the Ohio AAP.

Elise Ellick is the teen counselor in the division of adolescent medicine at MetroHealth. She came to MetroHealth after conducting a country wide national pilot project in teen pregnancy prevention sponsored by Planned Parenthood of Greater Cleveland. She was the director of the Adolescent Consortium of Northeast Ohio at CASE, a regional based collaborative for advocacy on behalf of adolescent health. As a certified trainer and as the former assistant director of The Cleveland Training Institute, a National Institutes of Health funded project, she oversaw the delivery of training and consultation for Ohio and Midwest based programs for those serving populations at risk. She served as one of three Cleveland judges for Cleveland Scenarios USA, Inc., a youth leadership, advocacy and self-expression city- wide contest through social media that culminates with a film premiere at The Cleveland International Film Festival. She is on the advisory board of Your Teen Magazine. She has been on the ethics committee at MetroHealth for the past 15 years. She lives in Shaker Heights.


Reaching our Hispanic Children through MetroHealth’s School Health Program Block B / 10:00 am – 10:50 am / West Dining Room We will review our school health program and describe specific efforts to address issues facing children in Cleveland, including our Hispanic patients. Presenter Dr. Christine Alexander, has been a physician with the MetroHealth System since 1997 and assumed the position of Department Chair after previously serving as Director of Maternal and Newborn Education, Residency Program Director and Case Western Reserve University Family Medicine Clerkship Director. She has served as the Medical Director of MetroHealth’s School Health Program since its inception. Dr. Alexander has devoted her career to serving those who struggle with access to care through family system, cultural, language or financial barriers. Her background includes community and home based care as well as care for the homeless. She is a big believer in giving medical care back to the people. In addition to her role in school health, she serves as the Co-Primary Investigator on a state funded grant whose goal is to attract, train and retain providers who care for under-served populations.


Dr. Alexander is involved in Family Medicine leadership on a national level through the Family Medicine Education Consortium, Society of Teachers of Family Medicine and The Association of Departments of Family Medicine. For the past eight years, Dr. Alexander has been the Co-Facilitator for the Family Medicine Education Consortium Northeast annual meeting and is the President Elect of that organization’s Board of Directors. She has been the recipient of numerous awards for program innovation, clinical care and teaching.

Lisa Ramirez Shah, PhD, completed her postdoctoral fellowship at MetroHealth Medical Center and officially joined the faculty as an Assistant Professor in 2013. She currently serves as the Associate Director of Training for Metro's Pediatric Psychology Predoctoral Internship Program and is the Director of Behavioral and Community Health for Metro's School Health Program, which provides primary care services to Cleveland students on several CMSD campuses. Dr. Ramirez Shah's background includes hospital- and communitybased mental health service delivery to ethnically diverse, urban populations in both English and Spanish. She is devoted to program development and training faculty, residents, and medical and graduate students on how to work effectively in teams to best meet the needs of our patients. She has received various teaching and service awards, is actively involved in various organizations, committees, and advisory boards serving the neighborhoods around MetroHealth.


LGBT: Transgender Adolescent Care Block B / 11:00 am – 11:50 am / West Dining Room This session will review core constructs of sexuality, the health concerns of sexual and gender minority youth (especially Hispanic and Latino youth) and provide resources for their care. Presenter Henry Ng, MD, MPH, FAAP, FACP is the Director for Internal Medicine-Pediatrics at MetroHealth Medical Center. He completed both his BS and his MD at Michigan State University. He completed his residency and chief residency in Internal Medicine-Pediatrics at MetroHealth and joined the faculty in 2006. In 2012, He completed a Master’s in Public Health degree at Case Western Reserve University with an emphasis on Health Promotion/Disease Prevention for LGBT populations. He is an Assistant Professor at Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine and serves as the Assistant Dean for Admissions. Dr. Ng is dedicated to promoting and improving LGBT health and has lectured on LGBT health throughout the United States. He is the Immediate Past President of GLMA: Health Professionals Advancing LGBT Equality and is involved in medical education and mentorship.



Adrian Garcia, MD The Zika Virus Pandemic: A Lesson in Epidemiology and Global Health 2:10 PM — 3:15 PM Scott Auditorium Zika has been identified since the 1950's as a viral pathogen, but it is just now that it has come to the public's attention. In this presentation we examine the history and epidemiology of Zika virus, focusing on the current pandemic, its association with microcephaly, and the most current recommendations for individuals that are pregnant or attempting to conceive. Adrian Garcia, MD originally from the island of Cuba, has been at MetroHealth since 2012. He did his residency in Internal Medicine and Pediatrics at MetroHealth, and is currently serving here as Chief of Residents in Med-Peds for the academic year. In addition, he teaches Applied Medical Spanish at CWRU to Medical Students every Fall.


CLOSING CONVERSATION Bringing It All Together: Next Steps 3:15 pm – 4:00 pm / Scott Auditorium This closing session will provide an opportunity for reflection and discussion on the core areas addressed at the Latino Health Summit. Participants will be asked to reconvene in “Conversation Groups.” Four affinity groups will dialogue for 15 minutes; each group will have a conversation facilitator. After 15 minutes, all the groups will reconvene for a 15 minute panel to report back to the group on one of these three questions:

1. What valuable new information did we learn today? 2. What specific issue regarding children’s health is of critical importance to the community? 3. What should be our next steps?





Special Thanks and Recognition

MetroHealth Senior Leadership: Akram Boutros, MD, FACHE, President & CEO Daniel Lewis, Senior Vice President, Chief Operating Officer Dr. Maria Jose Pujana, Director, MetroHealth Foundation Board MetroHealth Latino Summit Co-Chairs: Dr. Nazha Abughali, Executive Director and Chair, Pediatrics Lourdes Negron-McDaniel, Director, Inclusion & Diversity MetroHealth Inclusion & Diversity Office: Lourdes Negron-McDaniel, Director Carole Becerra, Manager Margarita Diaz, Manager, Health Equity Initiatives Myles Pettus- Training & Program Specialist MetroHealth Departments: Inclusion & Diversity Employee Advisory Council Hispanic Forum Employee Resource Group Marketing & Communications Environmental Services Volunteer Services


2016 Ohio Latino Health Summit Steering Committee Elizabeth Guzman-Bowman OCHLA Commissioner Health Committee Chair Dr. Nazha Abughali MetroHealth Executive Director & Chair, Pediatrics Dr. Maria Pujana MetroHealth Foundation Board Lilly Cavanaugh OCHLA, Executive Director Lourdes Negron-McDaniel MetroHealth Director, Inclusion & Diversity Laura Moese LULAC Ohio Director Lourdes Ribera LULAC Immediate Past Ohio Director Dan Almaguer LULAC Ohio Health Director LaVone Caldwell Nationwide Children’s Director of Health Equity Lair Marin-Marcum OCHLA Community Liaison










Program booklets were made possible by funding from the Ohio Commission on Minority Health. Front page photo courtesy of Hepingting. 32

2016 Ohio Latino Health Summit Program  
2016 Ohio Latino Health Summit Program