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Victoria Neill, Camila Melendrez & Sol Cairella

This story is about a common girl, that is the witness of a terrible crime. Since that moment, she starts being the main character of her terrible situation.

• Savannah

( 11 year old girl )

• Detective Jacob Fusco • Loraine • Demetrius

( detective )

( mother of Savannah ) ( father of Savannah )

3,2,1... Game over

Washington 1995- 8 hs: “mi phone rung, i received a message; it said... ”

“I know you saw me, you will be next. Xoxo X”

A few days ago, 11 years old Savanna, had seen her neighbors murderer. Since then she started receiving messages from someone. She realized, those messages were from their killer. Savanna didn’t want to go out; she just stayed in her room crying. Her mother, Loraine, was worried; she saw that her daughter was acting weird. She started investigating Savannas room. When she was looking for her daughters diary, Savanna´s cell phone rang. She had receives another message.She opened it. It said: “You talk and I shut you up… Xoxo X” Loraine was desperate, she didn’t know with whom to talk about this, she sat and thought for a while. She made a call. In a few second someone answered. They arranged to meet the next morning at 10 o ´clock. It was 9:50. Someone knocked on the door. Loraine opened it, and a tall, mysterious, red headed man appeared.

“Hi detective Fusco. I´ve been waiting for you” –said Loraine anxiously- “Hi Loraine” – he respond with a metallic voice-

She let him in. they both sat down in the living room. The maid came in “Can I offer you a cup of tea sir?” – “No thanks, I just came back from Starbucks and had a delicious coffee. Please tell me what has been going on here” While she was explaining everything, Loraine´s husband, Demetrius Tchaikovsky, was listening to their conversation, hidden behind the stairs. He tripped, they saw him. “Who is this man?” Demetrius said rudely. “I am detective Fusco, Jacob Fusco.” Demetrius went running up the stair, into his room. He wrote a letter, packed his bags and left quietly. After Loraine and Jacob finished talking, she found Demetrius letter: “My darling, sorry I had gone in a hurry. My boss told me he needs me in Japan for some days to try to resolve some problems. I´ll be back, soon. Xoxo Demetrius” Loraine called Savanna for dinner. No one answered. She shouted louder, still no answer, she looked in her room. No one was there, she looked around the house; when she finished checking the place, Savanna still didn’t appear, she called the detective Fusco and he arrived immediately. They couldn’t imagine were she could be. Suddenly Loraine’s pocket rang. It was Savanna's phone that she had forgotten to return to her daughter after she had read the message some hours ago; it was another message from, “X” it said:

“In the walls you’ll see a timer that’s the time you have left,don't waste it xoxo X”

she showed the message to detective Fusco. He begun to panic.They knew something wasn’t right. They knew Savanna was in danger. In big danger. They looked for clues about Savanna's disappearance, but they didn't find anything. The only thing they had were the messages that “X” had been sending to the little girl.They decided to look in Demetrius's desk-room. “Maybe, he knows something we don’t...” said Jacob When they entered the room, the detective started looking in the book-shelf's and in Demetrius's desk. he found a remote control. “A remote control, but no TV, not radio.... this is suspicious..” Jacob said .Loraine was puzzled. The remote control had 2 buttons, he pressed one of them, the book shelf moved, a hole appeared; it looked like a door. Loraine and Jacob looked at each other with amusement. They were shocked, they opened the door and they entered into a passage; it was all dark with a strange smell of blood. When Jacob asked Loraine were was his husband, she told him he had gone for work to other country, then booth looked at each other and thought for a while. It was strange: Savanna had disappeared and Demetrius was gone. They continued walking threw the tunnel for a long wile, until they got to the end of it. It was strange someone had made this tunnel just to end in this empty place .They started looking for something else maybe, a key left hidden on the floor or another door. The detective started knocking the walls to see if anything was behind them, but he noticed that they were empty. Suddenly he saw a big heavy rock behind him, he took it and he hit the walls,suddenly, they found themselves in another room. some minutes later Savannas phone rang; it was another message which said: “Oh dear, trying to scape won’t help you. Your doom is coming xoxo X” Loraine was shocked, she started crying and thinking what was going to happen with her daughter, the detective tried to calm her and in a minute she realized that the message his husband had left her said ¨xoxo¨ at the end, that similarity was really curious... They knew they had to hurry to find her, they were afraid that if not it would be to late.

. Some minutes passed, and they both started hearing some screams; they run as fast as they could, when they were about to enter a room, a voice said: ”You did it, you entered the game, nothing is going to be easy ” Jacob and Loraine were terrified; their hearts started to beat faster and faster. Suddenly they reached a box, a huge box, they opened it carefully, inside there were lots of bloody ears; they turned pale of horror. They were so frightent that they could´t speak, and Loraine eyes where starting to fill with tears. She started shouting, she knew this was his husband fault he had done this. He was Van Gogh’s biggest fan. he always read about him and once, Loraine found him, just about to cut one of his ears, as Van Gogh did. He was simply a crazy fanatic. “Who i am married to? he is a crazy man! I cant believe my husband was able to do this is ridiculous and horrible thing to mi daughter! what did she do? And i cant believe my daughter is about to die because of him. If he dears to appear, I will make him suffer as much as she is suffering!” They entered another room it seemed like a study it was full of clock but it was not showing the time; it was counting down, they didn’t know what for. A loud voice was heard and it said: “i know you want to find her, but your not going to find her so easily. You have to find out how.. Now you’ll see some clocks on the walls they are counting the minutes Savanna has left before dieing; you’ll better hurry, I'm sure you don’t want to loose her. xoxo X”

“Oh my god, this can’t be happening, it’s terrible, my poor little girl! she must be desperate, i can’t imagine what horrible things he might be doing to her.” They continued, and tried to find out clues as fast as they could, and suddenly the creepy voice said: “Your close but that doesn't mean your going to have a good time; if you want to have your daughter back, you must cut out your left ear”.

They were crying; fusco wanted to save the girl but they were thinking about the pain; imagine cutting out a ear. But if they wanted to save her that's what they had to do. thsaw a hidden door they tried to opened it,but it was looked and the clock was ticking they had 10 seconds left. when they finally opened it the clock got to 1, the husbaey could´tThey heard something behind a wall they were desperate talk with him and made him understand, you can´t talk with a sociopath. , they only had a minute left before she died. So they started hitting the wall. When they nds face appeared, and pointing with a gun at the girl said 3,2,1...Game over and shot himself.


Game over  

A mistery story.

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