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Agenda MHPSS working group meeting, West Bank July 1st 2009 Ministry of Social Affairs, Ramallah, 10.00am Apologies: Michelle Warriner, Veronique Fagues UNICEF (Co chair with WHO) welcomed the group and thanked MOSA for the use of the meeting room at such short notice. 1. Overview of issues raised/ decisions taken in past meetings. Where are we with the work plan? Chrissie Gale, UNICEF • Unfortunately Chrissie Gale was unable to attend, so it was decided to discuss this issue at the next meeting. In the meantime, the relevant documents will be sent out again so that working group members can prepare. 2. OCHA grad tool update Cecilia Utas, OCHA • Cecilia Utas from OCHA presented the GRAD database, and distributed the MHPSS section of the report. After an introduction to the basic elements of the system, the following issues were identified for discussion amongst the group: - Activity status. Currently, if a status is marked “incomplete” it does not show on the report. - The implementing partner and funding partner or agency. The agency who is identified as “implementing” is the agency responsible for reporting. In the case of UN agencies or organizations who do not directly implement, this means that if they wish to be included on the GRAD, they are responsible for the reporting. • Cecelia will send information to be disseminated, and has offered to train MHPSS members on exporting information if we require 3. Interagency Assessment tool update • Agencies have one final week in which to return their completed questionnaires. The importance of this project was stressed, and agencies were asked to please hand in their forms in order to capitalize on the huge amount of work which has taken place so far. 4. Al Aqaba Village update Mona Zahgrout, YMCA, Beit Zahour • Mona reported on YMCA’s activities in Al Aqaba village, in response to questions which had been asked of the group regarding the situation for the people there. Mona reported that YMCA have been working there and throughout Area C for the past 4 years. There is a need for advocacy, but not more psychosocial intervention. 5. ECHO Psychosocial meeting in Jericho • On Thursday July 2nd, ECHO will host the Psychosocial sectoral meeting. This is an opportunity for actors involved in psychosocial and who are receiving support from ECHO to discuss issues which are relevant to the sector. • The group discussed possible issues which could be raised, and will follow up on this during the ECHO meeting. 6. MENARO Jordan meeting July 9-11 • UNICEF Amman regional office is looking for two participants from the MHPSS working group to participate in a workshop on psychosocial from July 9-11. Interested members are asked to contact Ruth. 7. AOB • Contingency plan. Each sector is preparing to develop their contingency plan using scenarios developed by OCHA. The MHPSS working group has been asked to form a working group for this purpose, please send your names to Ruth



and Rajiah More information will be disseminated when it is available. The meetings will now take place on a Tuesday- the first Tuesday of every month, and a regular venue will be found.

The next meeting will take place on Tuesday, August 4th 2009, venue to be confirmed.


E mail/ Contact details

Ruth O’Connell, UNICEF


Sian Evans, UNFPA


Despina Constandinides, PRCS


Carole Daudelin, Birzeit


Ibrahim Masri, PRCS


Cecilia Utas, OCHA


Maisa Shquier, Save the Children Sweden


Areen Mimi, MOH


Sabya Khatib, Islamic Relief


Rajiah Abu Sway, WHO


Dr. Nargiza Khodjaeva


Matthias Themel, European Commission


Carmen S. Carrillo, MSF Spain


Mona Zaghrout, YMCA


Eva Ronhaar, War Child Holland


Lourdes Subirachs Roig, EMDH



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