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Mental Health Psychosocial Sector Working Group Wednesday 11th March 2009 Ministry of Planning (5th Floor) Ramallah 1. Welcome West Bank issues 1. Update on Sector Evaluation Programme 1.1 A brief discussion was held on where we are with the sector evaluation plan- it was planned that the person responsible for updating the data base would be present to speak, but unfortunately he was unable to attend. The implications of the Gaza crisis were briefly mentioned and participants asked to look at ways of moving forward. 1.2 As most of the people attending the meeting were new, and had little or no knowledge of the evaluation programme, it was decided to have a special workshop where the project will be presented. It is hoped that the data entry person will be able to attend. This meeting will be held in two weeks, and all participating agencies are encouraged to attend. The smaller group of agencies who were directly involved in liaising will discuss before the meeting. 2. Update on work plan process for MHPSS Working Group 2.1 As the group was made up of new people for the most part, it was agreed to send out the previously completed work plan for review to the group before the next meeting. The document will then be reviewed at the next meeting. 3. IASC pyramid/ IASC Guidelines 3.1 A brief discussion was held on the IASC guidelines. Participants reiterated that the guidelines are not particularly relevant for the complex conflict situation here in oPt, and need to be adapted so that we can use them effectively. One training has been done, which was well received, and participants asked for a second training day to be organized to address the following: - Adaptations for the situation in oPt - Using the guidelines as an active tool in coordination (duplication, gap identification etc.) Linking our work with the domains, comprehensive response etc. 3.2 Copies of the pyramid of intervention were distributed, and agencies asked to place their activities in relation to the different levels of intervention. The information will be amalgamated and distributed to the other agencies in the MHPSS working group in order to get an overall picture of where we are placing our work. This will be useful for the IASC training planned in the coming weeks. Gaza Issues 4. Update on OCHA matrix 4.1 The WWW matrix has been adapted to reflect the IASC domains. While the headings now look slightly artificial in relation to how they were before, when agencies complete their activities in more detail, it will be easier to define exact areas of intervention. Copies of a table explaining what headings had been adapted from the guidelines were distributed, as was a table showing the previous WWW’s and the new headings, and the first page of the matrix was distributed as an example 4.2 The data base is now live, and organizations will be sent a password which will enable them to update their activities and information. A generic e mail has been sent out demonstrating how to access the system, and passwords will follow. Any problems, contact Ruth at UNICEF, or for technical issues, Cecilia at OCHA, for assistance 5. Note of Education/MHPSS working group 5.1 WHO gave an update on the situation surrounding the development of a psychosocial and education taskforce/ working group. The group was developed in order to provide psychosocial education practitioners with a space to discuss and share. Copies of the


relationship between this group and the MHPSS were distributed. Important points to note regarding this group: - It is not an official sub group, cluster, working group or part of the cluster system - It will feedback to the education cluster and MHPSS Some confusion has arisen, with agencies and cluster coordinators unclear about the nature of the group, it’s role, reporting responsibilities and links to the cluster system. WHO reported back from the HCT (Humanitarian Coordination Team) meeting where this issue was on the agenda. As the participants of the HCT felt that there was not enough information available, it was postponed, and will be discussed at the next HCT. 6. World Vision Research 6.1 World Vision presented briefly on their advocacy programme planned to take place in Gaza. 7. AOB The group will meet every month from now on, with special events between meetings if required Attendance Name 1 Michelle Warriner (SCS) 2 Pasquale Zambrano CRIC 3 Claudia Loforte, research consultant, child protection, Oxford University 4 Marion Junca, Terre des hommes Lausanne 5 Chris Skopec 6 Aureli Ferial 7 John Jenkins WHO 8 Leonor 9 Paivi Hieta, ACT International 10 Luma Tarazi 11 Jennifer Chiodo 12 Jeff Hall 13 Ureib Amad 14 Lourdes Subirachs, EMDH 15 Sian Evans 16 Hadeel Budeiri 17 Areen Mimi 18 Ayman Fawadleh 19 Ameen Dawood 20 Yousef Mukho 21 Mai Mustafa 22 Ruth O’Connell 23 Asmahan Wadi

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