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Humanitarian Information Centre occupied Palestinian territory

oPt-HIC Newsletter Issue 3: 14 June 2002

oPt-HIC Website Feature:

ILO “Report on the situation of workers of the occupied Arab territories” (June 2002)

From the Document Centre •

OCHA “Weekly Humanitarian Update / West Bank, 7 –13 June 2002”

ICRC “UXO-awareness activities in West Bank and Gaza Strip”

Security Council “Thirty-six speakers address Security Council in day-long Middle East debate, stressing urgent action to resolve ongoing crisis” (SC/7424; 4552nd Meeting)

From the Emergency Rooms •

Emergency Food Crisis Group


Meeting Minutes, 12 June 2002

Aid Supply Estimates (March 29th – June 11th 2002)



Aid Supply Estimates as of 11 June 2002

From the Map Centre •

West Bank Hospitals and Rehabilitation Centres (oPt-HIC/HART; 10 June 2002)

West Bank Primary Health Facilities (oPt-HIC/HART; 10 June 2002)

Upcoming Meetings 19 June 02


Phone/Fax: 02 5890 459

Health Coordination Meeting Contact: WHO Venue: Public Health Lab. / Ramallah