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Strengthening Coordination and Response on Urban Vulnerability in Kenya: Towards a Common Agenda WORKSHOP Kenya is among the countries around the world facing urban humanitarian challenges in their deprived slums. Urban poverty is predicted to worsen in the next decade if not urgently addressed. The dynamics of urban expansions are fed by rural to urban migration thus the cities are swelled by increasing numbers of rural populations. The number of urban population living in slums is expected to double in the next 15 years, as migration is exacerbated by environmental adversity. Kenya has over 4 million urban food poor. The poorest urban-dwellers spend up to two-third of their income on staple foods alone. Majority of the slum dwellers in Kenya live below the national poverty line. In October 2009, UN-HABITAT and UN-OCHA convened a planning meeting which brought together 96 participants from 50 agencies including government, donors, non-governmental organizations, UN agencies, community based organizations, and urban slum community representatives. The planning meeting highlighted the importance of coordination among agencies in crisis response in urban settings, as well as, mapping of who was doing what where in addressing urban vulnerability issues in Kenya. Strengthening Coordination and Response on Urban Vulnerability in Kenya: Towards a Common Agenda is the next step to develop a strategic cooperation framework for integrating sustainable development goals in emergency interventions in order to reduce vulnerability to the urban poor. This workshop will build a platform for an improved preparedness, response and recovery to urban humanitarian emergencies. It will establish a Common Action Plan for response to urban humanitarian concerns in Kenya and the development of first action plans. The event will be attended by representatives from the government, slum community leaders, local authorities, local and international organizations, UN agencies, donors, private sector and academia.

Venue: Simba Lodge, Naivasha Date: Wednesday 14 to Thursday 15 April, 2010

Urban Vulnerability Workshop (14 - 15 April 2010)