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KEEP YOUR FLAGS HIGH by Christopher Sakwa and recited by Mary-Sanyu Osire

I know there is a voice Muted under the infant’s smile Seeking every day To say thank you I know there is a heart Beneath the chest of a former IDP No longer pumping under a tent To the rhythm of agony and despair Because you introduced the rhythm of hope You are the winch at a borehole That thirsty hands twist and turn Over and over from sunrise to sunset With each man and each woman Hoping for just one more drop of water You are the streams Flowing beneath the ground in silence Through rocks and hills in resilience To nourish the roots of a tree That will wither without your attention No mission is greater than this You restore, revitalize, and resuscitate You are agents of hope And we are counting on you ‌ Keep your flags high!

Christopher Sakwa Email: Cell: 254-729 413632

Keep Your Flags High - Kenya 2011+ EHRP Launch Poem (by Christopher Sakwa)