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Dr. Amber Jenkins Dabney, DDS


––––––––––– Family Dentist –––––––––––

orn and raised in Atlanta, Dr. Amber Jenkins Dabney has had life-long aspirations to work in the dental field. She began volunteering in dental offices in high school while expanding her horizons through participating in a magnet program for International Studies. She graduated from high school with an International Baccalaureate Diploma majoring in Latin American Studies and minored in Physics. Dr. Dabney completed her program of undergraduate Pre-Dental Studies at the University of Georgia in Athens, earning a Bachelor of Sciences degree in Biology. Before entering dental school, Dr. Dabney gained three years of proficiency in the field by working as a dental assistant in downtown Atlanta. She graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Dentistry in 2001 and has been working in the metro Atlanta area since then. To embrace her ability to deliver high-quality dental care, Dr. Dabney opened Beautiful Smiles Family Dentistry in Lithonia in 2005. Dr. Dabney believes a doctor and patient become a team for treating dental needs. Her treatment philosophy emphasizes helping patients achieve their dental health and cosmetic goals healthfully and comfortably.

She is committed to keeping patients informed about dental problems and treatments, so that patients can make better decisions about their health. As a result, she maintains an extensive section on her practice website which covers a full array of topics associated with dentistry, dental diagnoses and treatments. The most recent addition to services available at Beautiful Smiles is the surgical placement of dental implants, and Dr. Dabney actively seeks to include new and advanced technology to provide treatment consistent with the standard of care in the dental industry. Located conveniently near Stonecrest Mall, the contemporary 2,400-square-foot facility features the latest in dental technological advancements including toothcolored resin fillings, low-radiation digital X-rays and clear braces (Invisalign). The friendly staff members and other dental professionals at Beautiful Smiles are well-trained and share Dr. Dabney’s dedication to improving the overall health of our community by participating in local health fairs and school functions.

Beautiful Smiles Family Dentistry • • • • • •

Dental Implants Cosmetic Enhancement Crowns & Bridges Porcelain Veneers Extractions Preferred Provider for Invisalign (Clear Braces)

• Partials & Dentures • Traditional & Power Whitening (Zoom) • Tooth-Colored Fillings • Low-Radiation Digital X-Rays • Root Canal Therapy

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Dr. Nailah Smith, D.C.

Dr. Jessica Yuen, M.D.

Dr. Naim G. Shaheed

Dr. Joye K. Lowman

Dr. L. Ray Matthews, M.D.

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Mind Over Matter: Stories of Inspiration Kimberly Kilgour, 52, changed her lifestyle after her mother had a stroke ...26 Julius Lee, 67, hiked Stone Mountain 20 times in a day ...28 New Birth’s Roberto Woods is half the man he used to be ...32


Healthy Seniors DeKalb seniors celebrate ‘Let’s Move!’



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Good Medicine

Supermodel Niki Taylor thanks Red Cross blood donors

Kaiser Permanente earns high marks

Healthy Bodies

OCG staff shares its superfood secrets ... 14

Former Surgeon General David Satcher discusses U.S. obesity crisis ... 42

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DeKalb seniors celebrate

healthy living at Lou Walker Center

By Joshua Smith When Sebastian Barnett joined the Lou Walker Senior Center in 1998, he was out of shape, and coming in at 245 pounds. Now, he’s down to 174 pounds and feeling a lot better about himself and life. The keys to Barnett’s success? “You really are what you eat. I look for recipes that are the healthy version so I can still enjoy all the foods I love,” said Barnett, who will turn 75 in August. “I still eat favorites like pork chops. Just might bake them instead of frying, though. I also started exercising. You have to stay active. That’s the key.” Barnett’s story is the kind of healthy lifestyle DeKalb Countyy officials celebrated in March at “Let’s Move DeKalb, Seniors: Picture DeKalb Healthy.” The Lithonia senior facility put on a health fair, which included a healthy soul food cooking demonstration, line dancing to “The Wobble” and other hits, and a live performance from “2UNES and the UEB Band.” “Our seniors are critical. They are the ambassadors of their families and the community. We are depending on them to go out and spread the word about healthy living,” said S. Elizabeth Ford, director of DeKalb County’s Board of Health. “Many of the seniors here are examples of the benefits of eating healthy.”

6 | • SPRING 2013

Publix “Simple Meals” chef Sharon Watson conducted the healthy soul food demonstration, showing seniors how they can still enjoy soul food favorites such as cornbread, macaroni and cheese, meatloaf and collard greens with modified recipes. Watson began the demonstration by taking the fat out of collard greens and saying “No ham hocks!” “The mere mention of soul food brings thoughts of greasy fare like fatback and clogged arteries. You can still enjoy your soul food, but just try recipes like this one for your greens. These kinds of recipes leave out heavy salt and refined sugar, bad fats, and unhealthy cooking techniques, ” said Watson, who often prepares 30-minute meals at the North Druid Hills Publix Store. “You need to say goodbye to cooking cornbread with bacon grease and keep a bottle of PAM or similar cooking spray in the kitchen.” This was the seventh year that DeKalb has hosted the annual health event for seniors. “We know it’s critical to keep working with all the seniors in the community. Our seniors raise their grandchildren and the kids will do what they see grandma doing in the kitchen,” said Ford, who cohosted the event. “We know how important it is to educate our seniors. They have a direct influence on our future.”

Dr. Nailah Smith, D.C. W


hen most people think of the chiropractor, they think of massages and back pain relief after an auto accident. Chiropractic care, however, is not just for back pain and massages. This art of healing also manages headaches, arthritis, disc herniations, fibromyalagia, sciatica, arm and leg pain, says Dr. Nailah Smith, D.C., who operates the Full Body Rejuvenation Center in Lithonia. Dr. Smith has had the experience of putting her passion of chiropractic medicine and helping people to the test. With her skills and expertise, Dr. Smith was recently able to save the life of a patient who was evaluated for chronic lower back pain. Through orthopedic tests, a comprehensive chiropractic examination and a lumbar spinal X-ray, Dr. Smith detected the patient had calcification of the abdominal aorta, which can be deadly. “As a doctor of chiropractic, I am able to diagnose a wide range of common ailments and refer patients out to the appropriate specialists dependent on the patient’s condition,” Dr. Smith said. In this particular case Dr. Smith was able to refer the patient to a

cardiovascular surgeon who later performed triple bypass surgery on the patient. The abdominal aorta is the largest artery in the body. A continuation of the aorta from the heart, it supplies oxygenated blood to the abdomen and the lower half of the body. The main cause of calcification is the buildup of cholesterol. The artery becomes hard as plaque forms to try to heal the damage made to the aortic tissue. The hardening of the abdominal artery can cause a coronary arterial disease or an abdominal aortic aneurysm. Had it not been for Dr. Smith, her keen diagnostic skills and persistence on getting the patient to see a specialist for his condition, the patient could have lost his life to the battle of atherosclerosis. Prevention of atherosclerosis include not smoking, monitoring the fat and cholesterol in the diet, maintaining good blood pressure, and being tested for diabetes. Dr. Smith encourages people to pay attention to warning signs from their bodies such as morning stiffness and chronic aches and pains. A spinal adjustment, she says, may be one of the keys to you enjoying a more healthy and active lifestyle. “Regular visits to the chiropractor may save on unnecessary pain medications, days of illness, and risks of having surgery.”

Dr. Nailah Smith, D.C. Full Body Rejuvenation Center 3636 Panola Rd. Suite B Lithonia, GA 30038 770.733.1381

“ Put your pain in our hands” CHIROPRACTIC CARE

Safe Gentle Effective Care for Children and Adults *Headaches, *Back & Leg Pain, *Work & Auto Injuries, *Neck & Arm Pain, *TMJ, *Back pain due to Pregnancy, *Carpel Tunnel Syndrome, *Fibromyalgia, *Disc Herniations, *Sinus Pressure, *Plantar Fasciatis, *Sciatica

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Organ Donation

Saves Lives

ATLANTA – Kofi received the gift of life. He is alive to see his daughters today thanks to the generosity of an organ donor. He marks Valentine’s Day on his calendar in honor of his love for his wife Briana, his daughters Kelis and Kiana, and for the organ donor who changed his life on February 14, 2002. “Since my kidney transplant my health is excellent, my quality of life improved and I am able to enjoy my children in a way that I was never able to do while I was sick. I am so sorry for the loss of my donor family’s loved one, but I want them to know that their legacy lives on through my actions,” he says. Kofi is completing a Bachelor of Arts in English at Georgia Southern University and looks

forward to a career in education, where he will spread the word about the importance of organ and tissue donation, and raise awareness of diseases such as hypertension, which affect the minority community in an alarming and disproportionate fashion. Countless others have stories like Kofi’s, while others are still waiting. Currently, more than four million Georgians have designated their decision to be a life-saving organ and tissue donor on the Donate Life Georgia donor registry at www. There is no cost to the donor’s family for organ and/or tissue donation and one person has the potential to save up to 60 lives. Organ donation provides

8 | • SPRING 2013

life to more than 25,000 people each year through heart, kidney, lung, liver, pancreas or intestine transplants and hundreds more are helped through life-enhancing tissue transplants. Without the generosity of organ donors and their families, who support the decision to carry out their loved one’s wishes, a number of those waiting could die. Almost everyone can

donate to help others, regardless of age or past medical history. In fact, age is rarely a factor when determining who can give the gift of life. Additionally, all major religions support donation as an act of charity. Thousands are waiting. You can help. Visit www. to designate your decision to be an organ donor.

Dr. Sonya Windham-Wilder

8180 Mall Parkway, Suite 810, Lithonia, GA 30038

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Supermodel Niki Taylor expressed her gratitude to several American Red Cross blood donors who helped save her life following a 2001 car accident in Atlanta. Photo by John Amis/AP Images for American Red Cross

Supermodel Niki Taylor visits Atlanta to thank Red Cross donors By Joshua Smith


t was just like any other night riding through Atlanta with a friend then a near-fatal car accident changed supermodel Nicole “Niki” Taylor’s life forever. “Speed wasn’t a factor. We were going 25 miles per hour when all of a sudden, I found myself running off of Piedmont Road and into a pole,” said Taylor, who in 2001 was critically injured in a car accident while riding with friend Chad Ranger. Ranger was tryiing to answer his cell phone when he lost control of the car and smashed into the utility pole. “I had on my seatbelt, but the impact of the wreck caused the seatbelt to basically tear my

10 | • SPRING 2013

liver in half,” said Taylor. Taylor suffered severe internal injuries, including a collapsed lung and serious liver damage. The accident left her unconscious for six weeks and then bedridden for an additional month. “The doctor told me when I woke up that I had suffered a grade five liver laceration and that most people who suffer that don’t live to tell about it. As I recovered, it was killing me to be in ICU without my babies,” said Taylor. “My twins were not old enough to visit me, so it was really hard being hospitalized or three months without seeing my boys.” Taylor began her modeling career at age 15. She has graced the cover of magazines such as Vogue with more than two appearances on the

cover of Elle. Now at 38, she says the American Red Cross is the best campaign she could ever pose in front of the camera for, lending her name, face and voice to the non-profit. “I owe my life to Red Cross blood donors. It is an honor to be their spokesperson,” said Taylor, who has represented the Red Cross and partner Nexcare bandages for about four years now. “It’s critical that we raise awareness now before World Blood Donor Day on June 14. Blood donations seem to run low in the summer.” April M. Phillips, director of communications for the American Red Cross’s Southeast Blood Services Division, says summer donations decline for a number of reasons. “Travel and vacation plans can often make it difficult for regular donors to give. Also, school is not in session, and high school and college blood drives account for a large number of blood donations,” said Phillips. “It is so important for people to donate blood. Volunteer blood donors are the only source of blood for patients in need. It takes less than

an hour, and a single blood donation can help save up to three lives.” More than 100 units, or about 12 gallons of blood were donated from 300 people to keep Taylor alive after the car wreck. The supermodel visited Atlanta on March 20 to track down and thank donors and Dr. Jeffrey M. Nicholas, who treated her at Grady Memorial Hospital. Dr. Nicholas is chief of trauma at Grady. “It was a great day. I got the chance to meet the people whose blood is inside me,” said Taylor, who

had nearly 60 surgeries and years of rehab. “I know I’m blessed. I have metal rods in my back. It’s been a long road, and I’m still going through rehab, but I’m just glad to be on this side of it you know? If it wasn’t for these donors, I would not be here today.” Debra Curl of Atlanta was one of the donors who met Taylor. “It was just so great to meet her. Words can’t really explain it. I got the chance to meet and hug the person who is living and breathing with my blood in them,” said Curl. “It was an awesome experience overall. All the donors got the chance to meet each other and enjoy some time with Nicole. We all had a great time mingling and really just enjoying each others time.” Now with more than 300 magazine covers, ripping the runaway across the world and even starring on the 2011 season of Celebrity Apprentice, Taylor looks forward to raising her four children and hosting barbeques with her husband,Burney Lamar. The couple lives in Nashville, Tennessee.

Give the Gift of Life To become a blood donor, call 1-800-RED CROSS (1-800-7332767) or visit to make an appointment or for more information. All blood types are needed to ensure a reliable supply for patients. Individuals who are 17 years of age (16 with parental permission in some states), weigh at least 110 pounds and are in generally good health may be eligible to donate blood.

World Blood Donor Day, June 14 Every year, on June 14, countries around the world celebrate World Blood Donor Day. The event serves to raise awareness of the need for safe blood and blood products and to thank voluntary unpaid blood donors for their life-saving gifts of blood. Some local venues are hosting blood drives on this day. Here are a few participants: In Atlanta, the Midtown Blood Donation Center, 1955 Monroe Drive, will host a drive from 7 a.m. – 7 p.m. In Gwinnett, the Duluth Donation Center, 3090 Premiere Parkway, Duluth, will host a drive from 8 a.m. – 3 p.m. Future dates and locations are still being added to the schedule. For a complete schedule of where you can donate blood, visit www. and type in your ZIP code for surrounding drives.



Dr. Jessica Yuen, MD Diagnostic Dr.Radiologist Jessica Yuen, MD


Diagnostic Radiologist or Dr. Jessica Yuen, image is everything. Pictures and images have always been inspirational or Dr. Jessica Yuen, image is everything. to Dr. Jessica Yuen. As an amateur photographer, she is

Pictures have always been inspirational constantly capturing imagesand that images reveal the beauty and uniqueness to Dr. Jessica Yuen. As an amateur photographer, of life and the tremendous power of the perfect harmonious com- she is constantly capturing reveal the the familiar beauty and uniqueness position of subject and light. Inimages those that instances, adage of life and the tremendous power of the perfect harmonious is true --a picture speaks more clearly and loudly than 1,000 words composition of subject and light. In those instances, the familiar adage ever could. is true --a picture speaks more clearly and loudly than 1,000 words ever could. As a radiologist, Dr. Yuen carries that same passion for perfect imagery in her work at DeKalb Medical at Hillandale’s Comprehensive As a radiologist, Dr. Yuen carries that same passion for perfect Breast Center. imagery in her work at DeKalb Medical at Hillandale’s Comprehensive Breast Center. Taking and sharing images is what Dr. Yuen does in her photography and it’s what she does with mammography. “I have always been Taking sharingisimages is whatopportunity Dr. Yuen doestoincombine her photography very visual, andand radiology a rewarding and it’s what she does with mammography. “I have always been my natural strengths with the practice of medicine to help people,” very visual, and radiology is a rewarding opportunity to combine relates Dr. Yuen. my natural strengths with the practice of medicine to help people,” relates Dr. DeKalb Medical at Yuen. Hillandale’s Comprehensive Breast Center has been recently renovated and greatly expanded to offer increased Medical attoHillandale’s Center has comfort DeKalb and convenience the womenComprehensive of Southwest Breast DeKalb, been recently renovated and greatly expanded to offer Rockdale and Newton Counties and beyond. The Breast Centerincreased comfort anddigital convenience to the women of Southwest uses state-of-the-art mammography equipment that glows DeKalb, Rockdale and Newton Counties and beyond. Breast Center with calming colors and plays relaxing music to make aThe woman’s uses state-of-the-art digital mammography equipment that glows mammogram a peaceful experience. In fact, the Breast Center is so with calming colors and plays relaxing music to make a focused on meeting the emotional needs of its patients even the tra- woman’s mammogram a peaceful experience. fact, the Breast Center is so ditional frumpy gown has been replaced with aInstylish, comfortable focused on meeting the emotional needs of its patients even the traone instead. It’s a small detail, but it is the small details which make ditional frumpy gown has been replaced with a stylish, comfortable all the difference. one instead. It’s a small detail, but it is the small details which make all the difference. The biggest difference, however, are the people of DeKalb Medical at Hillandale, like Dr. Yuen who are not only competent, but The biggest difference, however, are the people of DeKalb Medical committed. at Hillandale, like Dr. Yuen who are not only competent, but “I’ve hadcommitted. aunts who have had breast cancer. One had a unilateral mastectomy and another a bilateral about six or seven years ago. So, “I’ve had aunts who have had breast cancer. One had a unilateral it is personal.” mastectomy and another a bilateral about six or seven years ago. So, it is personal.” Dr. Yuen recently relocated from Boston with her a husband and two children, to be closer to her brother and his family. Familial ties are Dr. Yuen recently relocatedwith fromher Boston with her a husband and two as important to her as connections patients. children, to be closer to her brother and his family. Familial ties are as important to her as connections with her patients.

12 | • SPRING 2013

Women are sometimes apprehensive about getting mammograms, and having to wait for results can add to that feeling. One of the Women are sometimes apprehensive about getting things that sets Hillandale’s Comprehensive Breast Center apartmammograms, from and having to wait for results can add to that feeling. One of the other breast imaging centers is that it has a team of radiologists, like Dr. things thatinsets Hillandale’s Breast Center apart from Yuen, specializing breast imaging,Comprehensive who are on hand to interpret other breast is that has a teamstress, of radiologists, mammography resultsimaging quickly.centers This not onlyitalleviates but the like Dr. Yuen, specializing in breast imaging, who are on hand fast turnaround can make a difference in treatment outcomes. to interpret mammography results quickly. This not only alleviates stress, but the fastatturnaround canwhere make the a difference in treatment outcomes. “I’ve worked other hospitals turnaround on a mammogram was often several days. That’s a lot of time when you are worried and “I’ve worked at otherDeKalb hospitalsMedical where the a mammogram anxious about your results. atturnaround Hillandale on also has was often several days. That’s a lot of time when you are and Nurse Navigators onsite to assist our patients through the processworried of anxious about your results. DeKalb Medical at Hillandale also has testing, diagnosis and, if necessary, treatment and recovery. Nurse Nurse Navigators onsite to assist our patients through the process of Navigators are there to gently guide and support our patients. That’s testing, diagnosis and, if necessary, treatment and recovery. Nurse pretty unique,” adds Dr. Yuen. Navigators are there to gently guide and support our patients. That’s pretty unique,” adds Dr. It’s also reassuring to know thatYuen. if necessary DeKalb Medical at Hillandale has on staff three nationally recognized breast surgeons It’s alsoand reassuring to address know that necessary DeKalb Medical at to competently completely anyifissues identified. Hillandale has on staff three nationally recognized breast surgeons to competently and completely address any issues Convenient, competent, comfortable, comforting...that’s what identified. sets the Comprehensive Breast Center at DeKalb Medical at Hillandale apart. Convenient, competent, comfortable, comforting...that’s what sets the Comprehensive Breast Center at DeKalb Hillandale Please visit to take aMedical virtual at tour of the apart. Comprehensive Breast Center. Call 404.501.2660 to schedule your Please visit to take a 6virtual annual mammogram today. Appointments are available days tour a of the Comprehensive Breast Center. Call 404.501.2660 to schedule your week: from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday, and from 7 annual mammogram today. Appointments are available 6 days a a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturdays. Parking is free and just a few steps from from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday, and from 7 the Breastweek: Center lobby. a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturdays. Parking is free and just a few steps from the Breast Center lobby.

One of the keys to beating breast cancer, is knowing where you stand. The other is knowing where to go. The newly expanded Comprehensive Breast Care Center at DeKalb Medical at Hillandale is proud to offer state-of-the-art technology for early detection, including digital mammography. And behind all of our technology and equipment, are equally phenomenal people, like our compassionate Nurse Navigators and nationally-acclaimed breast surgeons. From individualized treatment plans to even seemingly small acts – down to providing stylish patient robes and calming music during screenings – our attention to detail continues to set us apart from other hospitals. Because we believe in caring about people, not just for them. For a comprehensive virtual tour of our Breast Care Center, please visit, then call 404-501-2660, to schedule your annual mammogram, today.


News Staff’s

Superfoods Working in the news business, we often put in long days and nights, which make eating healthy a challenge. So, when we quizzed one another about the foods that keep us going, we came up with some interesting answers. They reflect people who live a lifestyle on the go.

14 | • SPRING 2013


Glenn L. Morgan Publisher

My Superfood: Squash There are many kinds of squash—yellow, butternut, zucchini, and spaghetti, just to name a few. I enjoy squash because it is a healthy food that can be prepared in so many easy ways. For example, you can cut yellow squash into rounds and sautee’ the pieces with onions in a little olive oil or black truffle oil for an aromatic flavor, salt and pepper. Done in 10 minutes. Butternut squash can be cut in half and roasted on a baking pan with herbs in the oven. Pureed squash soup with vegetable stock and cream requires a little more effort, but is very delicious and can be refrigerated and eaten for the next day’s breakfast, lunch or dinner. Zucchini squash can be skewered with other vegetables and cooked on a grill or diced and eaten raw on salads. Squash are high in fiber and low in fat. Varieties with orange flesh signal they’re full of immuneboosting beta carotene and other antioxidants. Yellow squash is a brilliant source of vitamin C and a very good source of magnesium, vitamin A and fiber, according to my internet research. Squash also improves the colon, prostate, eye and heart health.



Valerie J. Morgan Editior-in-Chief

My Superfood: Black Tea My superfood is actually a super drink. I know green and white teas get all the health hype, and those are good, but I say black is the new green. Black tea definitely has its perks. This brain-boosting superfood has great health benefits, thanks to their big punch of antioxidants. Studies show consuming these antioxidants can help protect against major health issues such as heart disease, cancer and stroke. Black tea also offers some more unusual benefits. For example, the phytonutrient catechins in tea have been found to prevent age spots. Theraflavins in black tea are being researched as a way to improve muscle soreness after exercise. I sweeten my tea with a little honey or often, I steep and drink it plain. I enjoy tea because it not only has health benefits but it gives me a chance to use my collection of teacups every day. I enjoy a cup of tea every evening.

16 | • SPRING 2013


Joshua Smith Reporter

My Superfood: Spinach As a child, just looking at spinach and brussels sprouts would send me to the other side of the room. As I got older, my mother began to make spinach lasagna and pizzas with spinach in it. It was a slow transition to the super food that I still enjoy to this day. Now at 26, I have replaced iceberg lettuce with spinach on sandwiches when I eat at Subway or the at-home deli/bakery, a.k.a. my kitchen. I also enjoy spinach salads, spinach wraps and sautéed spinach. It’s good in the right omelet, too. Spinach is filled with antioxidants, including vitamin C and beta-carotene, as well as lutein and zeaxanthin — a duo that acts like sunscreen for your eyes and guards against macular degeneration. One cup of fresh spinach leaves also provides almost double the daily requirement for vitamin K, which plays an important role in cardiovascular and bone health. Spinach is also a great vegetarian source of iron, which keeps your hair and nails strong and healthy. Popeye was definitely on to something. Go out and enjoy this super food today.



Richard S. Hill

Advertising Manager

My Superfood: Oatmeal Nutritionists say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Knowing that, I try to make sure that my breakfast is packed with the fuel I need to get off to a good start. The superfood that keeps me going is a hot bowl of oatmeal. I put cinnamon, raisins and a little butter in my oatmeal. I like oatmeal because it is filling and it’s good for you. Oatmeal is the only food that naturally contains GLA (gamma linolenic acid), an essential fatty acid. It has also been proven to lower cholesterol, reducing the risk for heart disease. Oatmeal is a good source of calcium, iron and fiber that encourages slow digestion and stabilizes blood-glucose levels. Controlling my bloodglucose level is important to me because diabetes runs in my family.

18 | • SPRING 2013


Sharlene Brown Advertising Sales

My Superfood: Apples Apples are nature’s original superfood. There are more than 7,000 varieties of apples found around the world, according to (the world’s healthiest foods). Apples have been a power food for many years and one that I’ve enjoyed all of my life. Not only do crisp and juicy apples keep the doctor away, but they’ve also been linked to lower cholesterol levels, weight loss, and preventing a host of chronic diseases. Available year-round, apples are fat-, sodiumand cholesterol-free and a good source of dietary fiber. Apples have been linked to brain health, cancer prevention, diabetes management, lower cholesterol and bone protection. I enjoy the sweet Red Delicious and Golden apples the most. They’re great for snacks or best eaten just before a meal to curb your appetite, if you’re counting calories or on a weight loss program. Fuji and Granny Smith apples are tart, firm and best for cooking. These are good for baking an apple pie or enjoying as a hot stewed side dish.


The Smile Zone Dental Clinic 8225 Mall Parkway Suite 200 • Lithonia, GA 30038 • 770-484-8535/8545 •

Dr. Anthony J. Parker, DDS ––––––––––– Dentist –––––––––––


e all you can be and then some is a paraphrase Dr. Anthony Parker has adopted from the United States Army. A native of Fort Valley, Georgia, Dr. Parker graduated from Tuskegee University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology. He received his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from Howard University College of Dentistry, in Washington, DC, in 1985. Dr. Anthony J. Parker completed a one-year General Dentistry residency at Providence Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland. Dr. Parker completed two years of service with the United States Public Health Corps in Florida. With a clear goal to reach higher, Dr. Parker join the United States Army Dental Corps. He has practiced dentistry in more than four countries to include Operation Desert Shield, where he was officer-in-charge of the dental facility in Tikrit, Iraq. Dr. Parker is a “go getter” and a motivator of people. He has overseen a range of heath facilities–ranging from small clinics of two doctors to clinics of 12 or more doctors. Dr. Anthony J. Parker retired from the United States Army Dental Corps after 24 years of active service. During his time with the dental corps, he received a number of awards, metals, and ribbons, ranging from the “Dentac Rock” –highest physical fitness score- to the Army Meritorious Award. After retirement, Dr. Parker remained in the metro area. Dr. Parker is involved in various organi-


zations including the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, American Dental Association, National Dental Association, Chi Delta Mu Fraternity, and the Atlanta Track Club. He enjoys staying active, Marathons, Triathlons, traveling, skiing, and motivating others/ career counseling. Educating patients about dental heath is a philosophy Dr. Parker has built his practice upon. He strives to help every patient have the dental heath needed to improve their quality of life. Dr. Parker and the staff at Smile Zone Dental Clinic wants each patient to smile with pride and confidence. Smile Zone Dental Clinic accepts most dental insurance plans. It also offers a discount plan for the uninsured.

“Let Us Pamper You and Your Smile”

Our well-trained staff is dedicated to seeing that we meet your dental needs. We offer relaxing rooms with televisions and computer monitors in a contemporary environment. Our top-line treatments include dental implants, teeth whitening, repair of broken teeth, crowns, bridges and implants. We have convenient evening and weekend hours to accommodate your schedule. Smile Zone Dental Clinic is located near The Mall at Stonecrest in the DeKalb Physicians Building. Come see us We’ll help You Get Your Smile on at the Smile Zone.


Dr. Jamal A. Duval, DDS ––––––––––– Orthodontist –––––––––––

r. Jamal A. Duval is a passionate orthodontist focused on meeting and exceeding all patient expectations. Dr. Duval prides himself on giving patients beautiful smiles through his practice, Georgia Orthodontic Studio, which is located in the Smile Zone Dental Clinic, located near The Mall at Stonecrest in Lithonia. Dr. Duval is a native of Macon, GA. He received his undergraduate degree from Morehouse College in Atlanta. He earned a Doctorate of Dental surgery degree from Meharry Medical College in Nashville, TN. He earned his orthodontic certification after completing his residency at

20 | • SPRING 2013

Howard University in Washington, DC. In addition to treating patients, Dr. Duval enjoys teaching for the Georgia Orthodontic Assisting School. It has always been intriguing for Dr. Duval to incorporate the science in conjunction with the art of orthodontics. A strong advocate of continuing education, Dr. Duval stays abreast of the latest technology such as invisalign, Damon and TAD anchorage devices. To ensure that his patients receive the best care and services. Dr. Duval is a member of the American Association of Orthodontist, Southern Association of Orthodontist, Georgia

Dental Association and Georgia Dental Society. As a strong believer in volunteer work, Dr. Duval is a participant of Help a Child Smile, Greater Traveler’s Rest Youth Smiles and several mentoring programs. In his leisure time, Dr. Duval spends time with family and friends, traveling, playing tennis and basketball. Georgia Orthodontic Studio is located inside the Smile Zone Clinic at 8225 Mall Parkway Suite 200, Lithonia, GA 30038. 770-482-7400 •

Duval Orthodontics is located at 110 Tommy Stalnaker Drive, Bldg B, Warner Robbins, GA 31088. 1-478-333-6601 •www.


Dedicated to pediatric emergencies


nly about 6 percent of hospitals in the country have emergency departments that are fully equipped to handle children.* We have three dedicated pediatric emergency departments right here in Atlanta. Your children and teens have access to board-certified pediatric doctors and specialists 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Because we treat more children than many hospitals in the nation—nearly 200,000 emergency visits a year—our

pediatric-trained staff understands the special physical and emotional care that children and teens require. We also have the only dedicated Level I and Level II pediatric trauma centers in the state at our Egleston and Scottish Rite hospitals. This means we offer the highest level of emergency and surgical care, and our specialists are ready to treat your child’s most serious injury or illness at a moment’s notice. We also have a transport team that uses dedicated pediatric

ambulances and helicopters to provide mobilized intensive care to your child on the way to the hospital. Once at Children’s, we take precautions to keep your child safe, such as providing the lowest dose of radiation possible if X-rays or computed tomography (CT) scans are needed. From specialized diagnostics and treatments to equipment made to fit children, our emergency departments are prepared to help handle pediatric medical emergencies.

About Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta

Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, a not-for-profit organization, is committed to enhancing the lives of children through excellence in patient care, research and education. Managing more than half a million patient visits annually at three hospitals and 19 neighborhood locations, Children’s is one of the largest clinical care providers for children in the country. Children’s offers access to more than 60 pediatric programs and specialties is ranked among the top children’s hospitals by Parents magazine and U.S.News & World Report. With generous philanthropic and volunteer support, Children’s has made an impact in the lives of children in Georgia, the United States and throughout the world. Visit for more information. *Institute of Medicine Committee on the Future of Emergency Care in the United States Health System.

22 | • SPRING 2013




REMEMBER HOW CLOSE WE ARE. If your child has a medical emergency, experience is crucial. So it’s good to know that the emergency department at Hughes Spalding is staffed by board-certified emergency medicine pediatricians who can handle everything from fevers to broken bones. To learn more, visit

©2013 Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta at Hughes Spalding is owned by Grady Health System® and managed by HSOC Inc., an affiliate of Children’s. Some physicians and affiliated healthcare professionals on the Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta team are independent providers and are not our employees.


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aking people smile is no laughing matter at Dunson Dental Design. Our Midtown based practice is all business when it comes to providing superior oral health services.

Our Services: • General Dentistry • Implant Dentistry • Crown and Bridge • Porcelain Veneers

• Metal free restorations • Tooth colored fillings •  Sleep Dentistry (IV Sedation)


ur services give patients a brighter more beautiful set of teeth in just a few visits. Dunson Dental Design offers custom designed treatment plans for patients to regain their smiles with natural looking teeth. Dr. Dunson is a recognized expert in implant dentistry. He lectures nationally and internationally on the advances in implant dentistry. Dr. Dunson and his team are focused on fulfilling their mission to provide the finest blend of science and art while yielding the highest quality care. “Our patients have the confidence that they’re being treated with the safest and most innovative procedures available in dentistry, and they also appreciate our friendly, personalized service. We strive to make the entire experience special for everyone who comes to us and we pride ourselves on having satisfied customers with beautiful smiles.”

1100 Peachtree St, NE, Suite 680, Atlanta, GA 30309

404-897-1699 •

24 | • SPRING 2013

Bernee Dunson, DDS Fellow—American Academy of Implant Dentistry Diplomate—American Board of Oral Implantology/Implant Dentistry Loma Linda Universtiy—1997 Columbia University—1992 University Southern California School of Dentistry—1991 Morehouse Colloege—1987

Atlanta Dental Implant Solution is the new revolutionary dental implant technology that Dunson Dental Design is offering. Atlanta Dental Implant Solution is for people with complex dental problems who are looking for a simple, attainable, long lasting solution. For more information on this new product and a free consultation call


Helping athletes

get the most miles with

healthy feet

Dr. Naim G. Shaheed, FACFAS Board Certified



arm weather is here and Dr. Naim G. Shaheed expects that more runners will be hitting metro Atlanta’s parks and trails to get in shape. As one of the country’s top podiatrists, Dr. Shaheed has worked with athletes from around the world to help them protect their feet during pre- and post-preparation for competitions. During the 1996 Olympics, Dr. Shaheed served as the podiatrist to treat athletes participating in the Games, which were held in Atlanta. He has also served as the team physician for Atlanta’s Morris Brown College football team and as team physician for Georgia Tech’s baseball spring game. Dr. Shaheed is expanding the sports management services of his practice to include runners and the special care required to maximize their race performances. The 2013 race schedule reflects more than 200 races that will be held in Atlanta, according to Dr. Shaheed encourages runners to seek professional assessment of their feet prior to entering a race. Those who plan to run in multiple races should seek consultation and have their feet examined between races to reach maximum performances. Dr. Shaheed offers comprehensive foot care including treatment for heel pain, bunions, hammer toes, sore toe nails, shin splints, ankle pain, foot and ankle fractures, calf and muscle cramps and other foot problems. He is joined in his practice by Dr. Jocelyn K. Curry, D.P.M., who specializes in forefoot surgery, tendon injury repair and diabetic limb reconstruction. Dr. Curry holds staff affiliations at DeKalb Medical at Hillandale, DeKalb Medical-North Decatur Road and Emory University Midtown Hospital. Dr. Shaheed is certified by the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons. He is also certified in diagnostic and operative Arthroscopic and Endoscopic surgery. Dr. Shaheed holds staff affiliations at DeKalb Medical on

North Decatur Road; DeKalb Medical at Hillandale; Piedmont Medical Center in Stockbridge; Emory University Hospital in Atlanta; Dunwoody Medical Center in Atlanta; and Rockdale Medical Center. Dr. Shaheed is a member of the American and Georgia Podiatric Medical Associations, and a former member the American College of Sports Medicine, the American Diabetes Association and the ethics committee of the Georgia Podiatric Medical Association. Dr. Shaheed has published articles in the Journal of American Podiatric Medical Association and the Stepping Stone.

Ankle & Foot Centers of Georgia locations: 5910 Hillandale Drive, Suite 102 Lithonia, Georgia 30058 

Call today for an appointment!

550 Peachtree Street Suite 1615 Atlanta, Georgia 30308 • 770-981-9011 Accepting all major insurances including BC/BS HMO and Health Maintenance Plans


Mind Over Matter Kimberly Kilgour, fourth from right, finished as first runner up during the DPH Holiday Survivor Challenge, where she lost 20.8 pounds and lowered her high blood pressure. In this photo, Kilgour and co-workers demonstrate how 90 DPH employees collectively lost 150 waistline inches during the challenge.

Chance of stroke motivates Kimberly Kilgour By Connie F. Smith


imberly Kilgour, 52, has a busy schedule as a preacher’s wife, mother and full-time manager in the Immunology Unit at the Georgia Public Health Laboratory (GPHL).

In 2010, Kilgour’s schedule became even busier when her mother, Arlena, 76, had a stroke and moved in with her daughter after extensive rehabilitation. She tried to juggle the demands of home, work and church -- all at the expense of her health. Kilgour’s first reality check was during a 2011 visit to her doctor after a colonoscopy. The follow-up results were great but she was bothered by her weight gain. “I looked down at the chart and the doctor wrote obese,” Kilgour said. “I almost had a heart attack for

26 | • SPRING 2013

real. I never got over that statement and that was a big motivation.” In 2012, Kilgour was diagnosed with high blood pressure. Her doctor encouraged her to exercise more and change her diet. Kilgour obliged but eventually gave in to the demands of personal obligations and stopped. Then came the second reality check in 2012. “Actually, my gynecologist said something to me about my blood pressure,” Kilgour said. “We were sharing personal stories as caregivers. She mentioned how she started neglecting herself. The doctor said I would have a stroke like my mother if I did not get my blood pressure under control. On this particular day, it was sky high,” Kilgour said. She knew she had to make some changes. “At the time, I was not in a good place,” said Kilgour. “I really was in a rut and I was experiencing

pains that I had never had before. My weight had ballooned up to 183 and I “The biggest obstacles were all the Thanksgiving and Christmas activities,” said Kilgour. “I felt like I was walking through a minefield. Everything looked so tempting and there were those who offered me to taste their favorite foods. I learned to eat only what I wanted. I cut out all breads and kept the portion sizes very small.”   Her hard work paid off. Kilgour was recognized during the DPH Holiday Survivor Challenge as the first runner up after losing 11.35 percent of her body weight or 20.8 pounds. Her blood pressure is under control and she is losing weight while managing stress. This accomplishment was not at all easy for Kilgour, who loves sweets and Southern cuisine. Her husband enjoys watching the Food Network Channel and preparing meals high in fats and carbohydrates. Now, Kilgour spends more time in the kitchen with him making suggestions and helping prepare healthy meals. “When I started this journey, I thought that I would lose 10 pounds at a time,” Kilgour said. “I wanted to start slow and try to make changes that would help me keep the weight off and to not have to take the high blood pressure medications. My initial goals were to lose 30 pounds, get my blood pressure under control and increase my physical activity. I could not have imagined that kind of support from my coworkers and family.” Kilgour is motivating her mother to regain her health. Both mom and daughter exercise by walking to gain mobility and reduce stress and pounds. Kilgour’s mother desperately wants her independence back and is willing to do whatever it takes to get there. Kilgour is also motivating others during Girls Talk, a bi-monthly meeting comprised of girls ages seven to 17 that focuses on health, etiquette, bullying and other topics. One of the participants invited Kilgour to a 5K run/walk to benefit a local charity.The youth counselormentor relationship is a healthy combination for everyone. “I was neglecting my health because I was so busy focusing on the important people in my life,” said Kilgour. “But as women, even though we have to take care of loved ones, we have to take the time to refocus and take care of self.”   With her improved health decisions, Kilgour can continue to encourage others to do the same.     Connie F. Smith works in Communications for the Georgia Department of Public Health.

Walking helps Kimberly Kilgour and her mother, Ariena, improve their overall physical and mental health. Kilgour’s mother had a stroke in 2010.

“ I was neglecting my health because I was so busy focusing on the important people in my life.” OCG Top Docs • SPRING EDITION | 27

Mind Over Matter


Lithonia man hikes

Stone Mountain

times in one day

28 | • SPRING 2013


By Mackenzie N. Morgan

ulius Lee, 67, is as solid as a rock and he can prove it. The 5’10, 200-pound Lee hiked Stone Mountain 20 times— in one day.

At its peak, the elevation of the granite outcropping, located just east of Atlanta, is 1,686 feet. That’s roughly 3 miles round trip, times 20. Lee completed the 60-mile climb in 15 hours on March 4, 2012. He beat his own previous record of climbing the mountain 15 times in a single day in 2011. Instead of cheerleaders rallying at the finish line for his most recent feat, however, Lee was met by a police officer beaming a cell phone at him. Lee’s irate wife, Susan of 29 years, was on the other end. “Why didn’t you call me to let you know you were all right?” Mrs. Lee demanded. “He informed me that he was on lap 19 ½. I could tell he was in the zone. But I was in a fright zone.” Mrs. Lee says her husband left the house unusually early for his daily climb – 4 a.m.—the day she reported him missing. “He told me he was only going to do nine laps. But when I arrived home around 5:30 that evening, I could tell he hadn’t been home,” she said. There were no empty Gatorade containers and namely, the dog hadn’t been let out. When Mrs. Lee called her husband’s cell phone, it went straight to voicemail. Pacing the kitchen floor, Mrs. Lee told her sister, “If I call the police and nothing has happened, then it’s a false alarm. But if I wait longer, they’ll say ‘Why did you take so long to call?’ So I called the police.” Fifteen agonizing minutes later, the police found Lee’s car and his phone inside the vehicle. The officer spotted Lee coming down the mountain. “On my 20th trip from the summit, as I reached the guard rails area, I heard someone calling, ‘Are you Julius?’ I told him yes, and he asked for my last name. He instructed me to come over to his vehicle once I got to the bottom of the guardrail,” said Lee. “That’s when the phone rang and when I heard Julius’ voice I was relieved. I told him had he been dead, I was going to bring him back to life and kill him again,” Mrs. Lee said. Julius Lee has been athletic all his life. He has done competitive swimming, diving, and dozens of marathons. “When I was 12, the Y was segregated,” Lee said. “There were no black divers. I ended up winning the regional championship for diving in Michigan. I was the first NCAA champion for diving. That’s my nature. To do things that people haven’t done before.” Lee also swam competitively while attending Tennessee State University on a swimming scholarship. He was an undefeated diver all four years.

“I was able to get a job being a lifeguard, swim instructor and worked my way up to executive director for Centennial YMCA, where I served from 1999 until I retired in 2004,” Lee said. “I still continued to work part time in aquatics because I’m so passionate about it. During that time I wrote a book to teach others how to swim.”

Lee said being active in sports is something he has spent a lifetime doing. “It’s a lifestyle for me,” Lee said. “When I became 45, I ran 45 miles. I like to set goals. “This time, I wanted to do something that nobody had ever done. I set the goal to do 20 trips up and down Stone Mountain after I did 15 trips in 2011, which was actually my most difficult climb.” Lee says he ended that challenge with a trip to the emergency room where he was treated for dehydration. Still, Lee was inspired to climb again. He says he was driven by the words from the late Dr. Martin Luther King’s ‘I Have a Dream’ speech to “Let freedom ring from Stone Mountain of Georgia!” as he remembered his days as a young boy growing up in inner-city, segregated Detroit. When the Lees moved from Detroit to metro Atlanta in 1999, a friend introduced Lee to Stone Mountain Park. Said Lee: “I was excited to do something besides OCG Top Docs • SPRING EDITION | 29

just running around. Detroit is so flat. We don’t have any hills. I started climbing about two times a week and then gradually upped the number after I retired five years ago. “Initially, I did five trips up and down the mountain; 10 trips at age 56; 15 trips at 66 and I wanted to do one last challenge then I’d be done. So I decided on 20 trips for a total of 60 miles in one day. I continuously worked out five days a week to prepare and train myself.” Lee contacted Stone Mountain Park and was told there were no records of anyone’s completing 20 or more consecutive trips on the mountain. Lee said there were hearsay reports of an elderly lady who climbed the mountain 24 times over the course of a two-day time period, but there was no official record. “I was just excited about the possibility of being the first person to do this,” said Lee. “Other regular hikers began to get inspired asking ‘How many are you going to do today?’ and that would encourage others to extend themselves. Sometimes, I go in the morning and other times, in the evening just to see new faces.” Lee, a survivor of prostate cancer, said he was even goal driven when he was recovering. “Immediately after my operation, the nurses told me to try to walk around a bit,” said Lee. “I asked them how many times do patients typically walk around the hall. The nurse said five times should be good. I walked that hallway 20-something times.”

Lee describes hiking as a spiritual experience. “Hiking is for me, a form of meditation. It’s serene, and you’re a part of nature. I have several conversations with God. And sometimes when I’m having a difficult time, I feel the wind against my back, pushing me up. And I say ‘O.K. thank you God’.” Lee says he is seeking validation from park management so that he can submit to Guinness World Records.

Snapshot of the Mountain Man Facebook name: Julius C. Lee Other sports: Teaches swimming @ Lithonia Park in the city of Lithonia When he’s not swimming: “I keep busy as a photographer for my church, Ray of Hope Christian Church, and other organizations I am part of.”

Beginner’s Hiker Tips

• Get clearance from a physician before starting a new workout regimen. • Keep hydrated and drink fluids that replenish electrolytes (e.g. Gatorade). • LSD: Long, slow distances build your heart up and help prevent injuries. • Listen to your body. Know when to take a break. • Wear a mask during pollen season. • Susan Lee’s Tip: Communicate your workout plans to someone in your household. Include where you are going and how long you anticipate being gone.

Atlanta Consulting and Psychological Services, LLC Psychological Services For Families, Individuals, & Couples

Dr. Matthew Smith (Licensed Psychologist) 1401 Peachtree Street, Suite 500 Atlanta, Georgia 30309 404-870-3532 (Phone) 404-870-3533 (Fax) 3915 Cascade Road, Suite T-416 Atlanta, Georgia 30331 404-968-9778 (Phone) 404-968-9980 (Fax) 30 | • SPRING 2013

New Visions.. New Horizons.. New Beginnings For all your women’s healthcare needs • Adult & Adolescent Gynecology • Normal & High Risk Obseterical Care • Contraceptive Management • Management of Fibroids • Laparoscopic Surgery • Gynecological Surgery • Disorders of the Cervix • In office Essure tubal ligation and Endometrial Ablation • Family Planning • Ultrasounds • Infertility • Menopause Management • Hysterosonogram

Kenya M. Prade M.N., CNP

Veronica Garrett MD, F.A.C.O.G

Naomi R. Harris MD

Comprehensive Women’s Healthcare

1415 Milstead Rd. Suite A. Conyers, GA 30012


Most major health plans are accepted!


Mind Over Matter

Roberto Woods is half the man he used to be, and he says he feels great.

Roberto Woods

talks hot wings, asparagus and loosing

169 pounds 32 | • SPRING 2013

By Joshua Smith


t all started nearly four years ago when a 354-pound Roberto Woods decided it was time to make a change.

“I went to restaurants and they always wanted to give me a table instead of a booth. When I would go shopping, they always assumed that I was looking for a gift and there was no way I would be in the store looking for something for me at my size,” said Woods, who now weighs about 185 pounds. “One day, I looked in the mirror and decided that my desire to be healthy and be at a normal weight was too strong to stay that size. I had gotten very tired of my present situation and wanted something different for myself.” Woods says after several visits to his doctor and watching his weight steadily increase, his primary care physician sat him down and gave him a reality check he will never forget. “That conversation was the real beginning of this three and a half-year journey. He reminded me that I had access to a gym at my church and my pastor was a great advocate of fitness and that I really needed to walk in what was before me,” said Woods, who serves as senior director of communications and events at New Birth Missionary Baptist Church in Lithonia. “With that in mind, I sought the assistance of a bariatric center to put me on track and assist me on this journey by teaching me about proper nutrition and good food choices.” Woods says he knew he was on the wrong path and didn’t want to be headed to health issues arising such as diabetes and high blood pressure. “I just had to change my eating habits before it was too late. I still enjoy eating, but it’s about the choices. My favorite two meals are baked fish with spinach or asparagus and grilled chicken with black beans,” said Woods, who works out five to six days a week for about an hour and snacks healthy between meals to keep his metabolism rate high. “Success begins with the decision to try. Put

forth the effort, stay committed, get accountability and don’t get discouraged. The results will come as long as you put in the work.” New Birth’s Bishop Eddie Long has seen Woods’ transformation, which has helped to inspire others. Woods, 40, has been a member of New Birth for 29 years. “I am extremely proud of Roberto,” said Bishop Long. “One thing I can say about him is that when he makes up his mind to accomplish something, he does it. He put in a lot of hard work and he set a standard for so many people that it can be done.  “I don’t think he realizes that he not only saved his life, but he saved the lives of so many people by staying the course and taking responsibility

people don’t know who I am.” Woods, who works out at Fitness 19, New Birth’s Samson’s Health and Fitness Center and local parks, says he has two trainers who push him to his limits and help him in tracking his progress. “Each trainer has challenged me and taken me to the next level. I consistently see results,” said Woods, who dedicates accomplishing his weight loss goal to exercising selfcontrol and discipline. Trainer Johnny Clarkson said that discipline has paid off. “When we started, he had already done a terrific job of knocking off tons of weight, but his strength wasn’t there, so we got stronger. Then the car-

“I just had to change my eating habits before it was too late. for his health. He went through a total transformation and we watched every step of the way.  So many people have changed their way of thinking, eating and exercising because they saw what he was doing.”  When Woods isn’t helping with church conferences or attending concerts, he spends his time motivational speaking on weight loss, reading materials on fitness or promoting his product, Body by Vi, a weight loss package and challenge program.  “I tell people all the time, my eating habits have changed tremendously. When I was larger, my favorite meal was hot wings with fries and a large peach drink or fried chicken with random vegetables and a sweet tea,” said Woods, a native of Georgia. “You wouldn’t believe that people I have known for years see me now and don’t recognize me. What’s funny is that my parents didn’t recognize me either. I always laugh inside when

dio wasn’t there, so we gained more endurance. No matter the goal, he ran through it,” said Clarkson. “I didn’t understand what was motivating him until it clicked. He actually has made this his lifestyle.” Woods said he encourages others to make keeping fit a lifestyle, too. “Believe that it is possible and know you will get to your goal, if you put forth the effort,” Woods. “We often take time to do things for other people at the expensive of our own goals. Take time to do something for yourself. After all, you are adding years to your life.”  

You can check out Roberto’s journey at Email Roberto is also on Facebook at: OCG Top Docs • SPRING EDITION | 33

Dr. Joye K. Lowman


––––––––––– Kaiser Permanente Urogynecologist –––––––––––

s a board-certified ob-gyn specializing in urogynecology, Dr. Joye K. Lowman helps women deal with sensitive medical issues that impact their pelvic floor—from incontinence to pelvic organ prolapse. More than a third of all women in the U.S. experience a pelvic floor disorder, according to the National Institutes of Health. Lowman’s primary goal is to ensure that every woman who enters her exam room feels comfortable talking about her symptoms and leaves knowing that she has a partner in her health care. A graduate of the University of Pennsylvania’s Perelman School of Medicine, Lowman practices with the Southeast Permanente Medical Group at the Kaiser Permanente Glenlake Medical Center in Atlanta. She oversees the urogynecology program, treating women with pelvic floor disorders and performing complex female pelvic surgeries. Lowman has earned awards for her contributions to clinical research in the field of urogynecology, which include authoring multiple articles and book chapters. Her ground-breaking research has also been featured in the publication Ob/Gyn News. Lowman is passionate about providing patient care that is individualized and coordinated, which is why she joined Kaiser Permanente’s integrated health care system. At Kaiser Permanente, primary care physicians, specialists and pharmacists work in concert to care for patients. Health care teams are connected through an electronic medical record system that provides a patient’s complete medical history, enabling physicians to make informed decisions and provide higher quality care. In fact, Kaiser Permanente of Georgia has been recognized by J.D. Power and Associates for leading health plans in member satisfaction in the South Atlantic region. Lowman also supports Kaiser Permanente’s mission to improve the health of its members and the communities it serves. Her work to combat childhood obesity at Atlanta’s W. W. Woolfolk Boys and Girls Club, where nearly a

third of the children were overweight or obese, garnered her national recognition. Lowman recently completed a medical mission trip to Sierra Leone, where she provided urgent care for hundreds of impoverished residents. She also volunteers with Links, Inc. and Habitat for Humanity. Lowman holds a bachelor’s degree from Spelman College and a master’s

34 | • SPRING 2013

degree in public health from Columbia University. She was the first AfricanAmerican to be accepted into the Female Pelvic Medicine and Reconstructive Surgery Program at Indiana University, the first accredited program for the specialty in the country. She is a fellow in the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists and a member of the American Urogynecologic Society.

To learn more about Dr. Joye K. Lowman, visit

Kaiser Permanente of Georgia is the state’s largest not-for-profit health plan with 29 medical offices in the metro Atlanta area and Athens.

Specialists in the Detection and Treatment of Digestive Diseases, Hepatitis and Colon Cancer

The Board Certified specialists at Atlanta Gastroenterology Associates are experts in colon cancer screenings and evaluating and treating every type of digestive disorder, including: • Crohn’s Disease • Barrett’s Esophagus • Acid Reflux | Ulcers

• Liver Disease | Hepatitis • Ulcerative Colitis • Diarrhea | Constipation

• Intestinal Polyps • Irritable Bowel Syndrome • Hemorrhoid Banding

In addition to seven state-of-the-art endoscopy centers where most outpatient procedures are performed, AGA provides highly specialized care through these divisions: • SE Center for Functional GI & Motility Disorders • Center for Crohn’s Disease & Ulcerative Colitis • Infusion Services • Advanced Center for GI Therapeutics

• The Center for GI Imaging • Center for Clinical Research • The Liver Center • The Hemorrhoid Clinic With these convenient locations, taking charge of your health has never been easier. In DeKalb Decatur | Lithonia In Fulton Atlanta Medical Center | Camp Creek College Park | Emory Midtown Johns Creek | Northside North Fulton | Piedmont West Saint Joseph's Hospital Campus In Gwinnett Duluth | Lawrenceville | Snellville In Henry Locust Grove | Stockbridge In Rockdale Conyers

Now providing nutrition counseling For more information about the location nearest you: | 1-866-GO-TO-AGA [468-6242] AGA is a participating provider for Medicare, Medicaid and most healthcare plans offered in Georgia.


Committed to Quality Care Getting Results You Can Feel! Dr. Annette Boone-Hicks has lived by this motto since establishing The Boone Clinic, P.C. in 2003. This highly spiritually motivated doctor has used her passion for Chiropractic to help many individuals and families access the benefits of chiropractic care so that they may live happier, healthier and more productive lives. She accomplishes this with high energy, creating a positive atmosphere along with her staff. Dr. Annette Boone-Hicks believes that “infants, children and adults deserve to be healthy from the time they are born through their last breath of life.” Such strong beliefs were instilled in Dr. Boone-Hicks Dr. Annette as the youngest child of 13 siblings, born in Pickens, Mississippi. She earned a BA in Biology PreMedicine at Mississippi State University in Starkville, Mississippi and furthered her education at Life Chiropractic University in Marietta, Georgia, where she received a Doctorate of Chiropractic Degree.


Dr. Boone-Hicks has always exemplified excellence and she will continue to extend her invitation to get sick people well. The Boone Clinic, P.C. is conveniently located off Highway 78 not far from the historic Stone Mountain Park. Dr. Boone-Hicks and her staff welcomes the community to a practice where they are “Committed to Quality Care; Getting the Results You Can Feel.”

Call today for your free consultation!

The Boone Clinic, P.C.

5370 Highway 78, Suite 730 • Stone Mountain, GA 30087


36 | • SPRING 2013

Dr. Windell D. Boutté, MD


––––––––––– Dermatologist –––––––––––

r. Windell D. Boutté is the founder of Premiere Aesthetic Center, the home of Premiere Dermatology and Surgery, Aesthetic and Laser Boutique, and Premiere Essence MedSpa, which began serving the Atlanta community at large in 2007. Premiere Aesthetic Center is the first multi-treatment skin and healthcare center in one grand, all-inclusive location in our Atlanta community. Dr. Boutté has been a practicing, board-certified dermatologist since 1997, and she oversees all facets of the Center’s operations. Dr. Boutté began private practice in June 1997, and opened her first solo practice, Dekalb Dermatology and Surgery in April 2000. She has dedicated herself to becoming not only a specialist of medical skin care, but an expert in innovative skin rejuvenation for all skin complexions. Due to her profound fascination with laser technology, she was the first dermatologist in the Atlanta community to introduce certain aesthetic laser procedures approved for skin of color. She has always made it Premiere Dermatology and Surgery is a full service medical, surgical and cosmetic dermatology practice devoted to providing the most premier quality. Services range from Fat Transfers, Tummy Tucks, Smart Lipo, anti-aging treatments, Acne, Skin Care, Skin Cancers, Pigmentation, Eczema and Dry skin disorders to Hair Loss and Restoration treatments. Aesthetic & Laser Boutique embodies a state-of-the-art, modern, and contemporary environment that offers the best in aesthetic skin care treatments. From lasers such as Fraxel® and devices such as Thermage®, to BOTOX® Cosmetic and fillers such as

her priority to research and implement state-of-theart, non-invasive procedures that are safe, practical and effective. She always strives to achieve longstanding skin rejuvenating results of which patients can be proud. Premiere Aesthetic Center is comprised of three innovative and unique operations. Premiere Dermatology and Surgery provides general medical and surgical dermatology care. Aesthetic & Laser Boutique offers multiple non-invasive laser surgery options, as well as various aesthetic treatments for ageless, youthful rejuvenation. Premiére Essence MedSpa offers a pampering, elegant environment promoting inner harmony and total wellness. Dr. Boutte’ has earned national and local reputations for providing patients with leading edge technological advances, and she has expertise in all facets of dermatology and aesthetic care. She has had numerous media exposure including, Atlanta Business Chronicle, Essence and Fortune Magazines, guest as Hip Hop Doc with Ryan Cameron on V-103, to name a few. Dr. Boutte’ is also a member of various national and local professional organizations.

Restylane®, Aesthetic & Laser Boutique has something to offer anyone seeking the ultimate improvement in their cosmetic appearance. This center boasts natural stones, marbles and fixtures that embody elegance and excellence. Premiére Essence MedSpa invites you to come and indulge in the warmth of French provincial elegance and Southern hospitality. The Center boasts “THE ESSENCE OF PUTTING YOU FIRST” through the various services offered. Services range from Skin Care, Hair Removal, Cosmetic Services to Body Treatments, Facial Enhancements and many more.

Premiere Aesthetic Center 4650 Stone Mountain Highway Lilburn, Georgia 30047 678-344-2450 Premiere Dermatology and Surgery 4150 Snapfinger Woods Drive Suite 205 Decatur, Georgia 30035 404-286-3178


Dr. L. Ray Matthews Grady Hospital Trauma Surgeon





hen he’s not saving lives at Grady Memorial Hospital in Atlanta, Dr. L. Ray Matthews enjoys watching a good football game, notably Martin Luther King Jr. High School in DeKalb County, Georgia. Knowing that MLK is in tip-top shape is a special source of pride for Matthews. His nephew, Jordan Moore, who now is a freshman for Texas Christian University, played football and ran track for MLK. Jordan was a three peat, boys 5-A, Georgia state 110 meters high hurdles champion.

38 | • SPRING 2013

Matthews, one of the nation’s leading researchers in vitamin D3, has worked closely with MLK on a parent-led nutrition program that dramatically improved athletes’ performance on and off the field. Like many high school football teams around the country, MLK’s team had suffered the type of injuries you’d expect from such a tough, physical contact sport—from torn ligaments to broken bones to concussions. The 2011 season, however, marked a turning point for MLK: The Lions reduced its injuries by almost

100 percent. The team had just one concussion for weights six weeks after reconstruction surgery on his two consecutive seasons. The school’s football record right knee. has been 23-2 over the past two years. And several “Jordan is two to three months ahead of his rehab parents have reported their students had better schedule and has been cleared to run track in April performance academically. Forty-nine of MLK athletes and play football in August,” said Matthews. have received four-year scholarships to play football at Matthews said more NFL teams should the college level over the past two seasons. Matthews consider adding vitamin D3 into their daily regimen. credits a nutrition regimen that included vitamin D3. Concussions have increased 60 percent over the past “Vitamin D3 is a steroid hormone that controls decade, while vitamin D3 levels have decreased. A 3,000 out of 30,000 human genes. That alone makes it 2010 study found 81 percent of the New York Giants a very important and powerful chemical in the human football players were vitamin D3 deficient, as reported body. Vitamin D3 regulates the immune response and during the American Orthopedic Society for Sports inflammatory response systems. You can’t achieve Medicine convention held in San Diego. Professional optimal health, athletic performance, or cognitive football players with vitamin D3 levels of less than performance without adequate vitamin D3 levels,” said Matthews. Matthews, an assistant professor of surgery at Morehouse School of Medicine and director of surgical critical care at Grady, has been researching vitamin D3 since 2007. Last summer, he and a team of Morehouse doctors published groundbreaking research in the American Journal of Surgery examining the benefits of vitamin D3 in critically ill patients such as decreased hospital length of stays, decreased hospital costs, and decreased mortality rates. Matthews pioneered a medical therapy combination of vitamin D3, omega 3-fatty acids, glutamine, and progesterone to treat patients with Martin Luther King High School’s 2011-2012 college signees pose for a group snapshot. concussions and traumatic brain injuries. “We have had remarkable success with our 30 ng/ml had more injuries including broken bones, combination therapy. We were the first to recognize sprains, muscle strain and pain. the importance of vitamin D3 in intensive care unit Athletes and joint problems aren’t Matthews’ only patients. Pharmaceutical companies have increased concern. He is now writing a manuscript on vitamin the amount of vitamin D3 in hospital nutrition products D3’s use in reducing congestive heart failure, which based on our research,” Matthews said. can be expensive to treat because of the hospital In May, Matthews is traveling to the international readmission rates associated with the condition. conference in Xi’an, China to share his findings at Cutting hospital readmission rates, he said, is a top the Third Annual World Congress of Endobolism. He priority of the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare. plans to discuss how vitamin D3 helps in not only brain “We can cut the 30-day readmissions rate by a injuries, but a wide array of post-operative conditions, least 50% with vitamin D3. Vitamin D3 is an inexpensive joint problems and other maladies. way to increase cardiac contractility because it “Vitamin D3 is also a very powerful antiincreases calcium absorption. Calcium makes the heart inflammatory agent that can be used to decrease contract or beat better,” Matthews said. brain swelling, post operative swelling, joint pain and Matthews said he ultimately plans to do with vitamin swelling, and pain associated with arthritis,” said D3 what Dr. George Washington did with the peanut. Matthews. Washington discovered the peanut’s many uses by Matthews saw a speedy recovery with his nephew, developing over 100 products made from the peanut. who took vitamin D3 after suffering a football injury last “Vitamin D3 is God’s miracle vitamin because December while away in college. Matthews said the it has so many different medical applications,” running back/defensive back was jogging and lifting Matthews said.


Kaiser Permanente of Georgia leads in patient satisfaction

For the fourth consecutive year, Kaiser Permanente of Georgia ranks highest in member satisfaction in the South Atlantic region, according to the J.D. Power and Associates 2013 U.S. Member Health Plan StudySM. The region includes Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina. The study, in its seventh year, measures satisfaction among members of 136 health plans in 17 regions throughout the U. S. Receiving a total of 757 points on a 1,000-point scale, Kaiser Permanente scored 60 points above the South Atlantic region’s average for overall patient satisfaction. Kaiser Permanente also received the region’s highest scores in the following categories: coverage and benefits, customer service, information and communication, claims processing and statements.

“People have options for their health care, so we strive to provide an exceptional care experience every day, for every member,” said Kerry W. Kohnen, president of Kaiser Permanente Kerry W. Kohnen of Georgia. “Our members also recognized that we offer something unique in Georgia—truly coordinated care. We are thrilled that more Georgians will have access to our health plan when the health care exchanges open this fall.” Kaiser Permanente’s health plan services are complemented by health care delivery in-person, online and by phone. Member care is provided by the multi-specialty Southeast Permanente Medical Group, which includes more than 450 physicians who practice in 29 medical offices across metro Atlanta and Athens, as well as partner hospitals. All Kaiser Permanente health care

teams are connected through an electronic health record. With easy-to-use, Webbased tools via, members have online access to useful health information, medical records and tools to communicate with their providers. My Health Manager on gives registered members the ability to perform tasks online such as scheduling appointments and ordering prescription refills. Users also have 24/7 online access to lab test results, eligibility and benefits information, and even their children’s immunization records. “Our goal is to give our members convenient access to quality care, which can come in the form of a traditional office visit, an online consult, a secure e-mail to their doctor, or a call to our 24-hour Advice Nurse line,” said Rob Schreiner, M.D., executive medical director for Kaiser Permanente of Georgia. “By giving our members options for care, keeping the lines of communication open and coordinating patient care, our members benefit from a better care experience.”

Damon S. Williams, R.P.T.,S.T.S.,C.E.S., Clinical Director



• Motor Vehicle Accidents • Arthritic Conditions • Pain Management • Sports Injuries • Neck & Back Pain • Work Accidents

• Post Surgical Rehabilitation • Diabetic Fitness Program • Children’s Ages 8 and up • Hand Therapy • Sports Medicine • Extended hours until 7 p.m.

Injured ? Pain?

"We can help" “No Long Waiting Period”

Sports Physical Therapist for the 5 time State Championship Miller Grove Basketball Team

Advanced Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine Clinic LITHONIA LOCATION 8052 Mall Pkwy, Suite 203 Lithonia, GA 30038 40 | • SPRING 2013

“Where the Healing Begins”


BUCKHEAD LOCATION 3338 Peachtree Rd Atlanta. GA 30326

Dr. Alvin V. Griffin

––––––––––– Family Practice of Conyers ––––––––––– Alvin V. Griffin, MD is a native of Greensboro, North Carolina and has been practicing in Rockdale and DeKalb counties for more than 15 years. A graduate of Fisk University in Nashville, TN, he earned his Doctor of Medicine Degree at Meharry Medical College. Dr. Griffin functions primarily as a family practitioner. He has held several leadership positions in medicine including serving as Associate Medical Director for a hospice and palliative care outpatient unit and volunteering with Helping Hands Clinic for indigent patients. He served as medical director

for Rockdale Hospital’s Immediate Care Center. For the past 15 years, Dr. Griffin has devoted his time and expertise not only to his practice in Rockdale but providing sports physicals to the neighboring DeKalb County School System, where he has served as team physician for Stephenson High School. His involvement in the DeKalb School System goes beyond practicing medicine: He also has served on the Parent Advisory Committee and the Blue Ribbon Task Force for the school district. Prior to opening his practice, Dr. Griffin

earned the position of chief resident and was a member of the teaching faculty at Morehouse School of Medicine in Atlanta. He acquired extensive post-graduate training by completing two fellowships, faculty development at Morehouse School of Medicine and a geriatric academic fellowship at East Carolina School of Medicine in Greenville, NC. Currently, he is affiliated with the National Medical Association, the Atlanta Medical Association, and the Georgia Academy of Family Physicians. Dr. Griffin served on the board of directors for East Metro IPA in Rockdale County from 19992003 and the Rockdale Immediate Care Center, where he was medical director. A member of the Alpha Phi Omega National Service Fraternity, Dr. Griffin has received numerous accolades such as the “Outstanding Young Men of America” award and the “Dollars and Sense Outstanding Young Physicians Award.” Recently, Dr. Griffin merged his practice with LifePoint Hospitals, where he will continue to offer primary care services in the east metro area. Family Practice of Conyers was the first primary care practice acquired by LifePoint Hospital in the state of Georgia. Rockdale Hospital is the first affiliate hospital with LifePoint Hospital in the state of Georgia. Dr. Griffin offers a variety of services including diabetes management, hypertension, workers’ compensation, chronic illnesses, and sports medicine. Dr. Griffin is looking forward to a great working partnership with LifePoint. This partnership will allow the practice to provide expanded services for its patients. Dr. Griffin has been married to Pamela Griffin for 31 years. They are the proud parents of four wonderful children. He is a member of Bethesda Cathedral in Decatur, where he serves on the health care ministry.

Family Practice of Conyers is located 1039 E. Freeway Drive, Conyers, 30094. 770-922-0076.


Fighting Childhood Obesity Former U.S. Surgeon General takes on ‘epidemic’ By Valerie J. Morgan and Joshua Smith The nation is facing an epidemic of obesity and Dr. David Satcher says it’s time for parents to take the lead with early intervention. “In many ways, we have helped habituate our children’s unhealthy habits through the consumption of so many salts, sweets and fats… By the time they become adults, it’s very hard for them to live healthy lifestyles and to be physically active on a regular basis,” said Satcher. The message is one that the former U.S. Surgeon General is delivering at conferences and events across the country. In February, Satcher addressed some 500 youths and their parents at the DeKalb 100 Black Men’s 8th Annual Youth Summit, which was held at Miller Grove High School in Lithonia. The mentoring organization brought together several 42 | • SPRING 2013

speakers for a day of activities in an effort to raise awareness about critical educational and health issues impacting today’s youths. Satcher said the nation’s health statistics paint an alarming picture. The prevalence of obesity among children has nearly tripled in the past two decades with 13 percent of children ages 6 to 11 classified as obese and 14 percent of those ages 12 to 19 as overweight. “This is a very critical time in our history,” said Satcher. “We, as a Nation, have a responsibility to our children that we have not been living up to.” Satcher, who served as surgeon general from 1998 to 2002 under President Bill Clinton, said the crisis is disproportionately taking its toll on the African American community in the form of obesity, diabetes, hypertension and kidney failure. According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Office of Minority Health:

• A  frican American adults are twice as likely than non-Hispanic white adults to have been diagnosed with diabetes by a physician. • In 2008, African American men were 2.7 times as likely to start treatment for end-stage renal (kidney) disease related to diabetes, as compared to nonHispanic white men. • In 2008, diabetic African Americans were 1.7 times as likely as diabetic whites to be hospitalized. • In 2009, African Americans were 2.2 times as likely as nonHispanic Whites to die from diabetes. With First Lady Michelle Obama leading the way in promoting healthy plates with more fresh fruits and vegetables, the Office of Minority Health has set several

goals and actions to reduce health disparities among minorities as part of its Healthy People 2020 initiative, a model to improve the health of all people in the nation. Among the office’s efforts are peer education programs, healthy school food initiatives and wellness and exercise programs. Satcher said exercising is essential. He urged parents to seek out exercise options and have their children cut down on watching television and playing video games. “We have to invest in a healthy

lifestyle. That’s our challenge today and that’s our opportunity,” Satcher said. Cornelius Stafford, who chaired the 100 Black Men’s youth summit, said Satcher’s presentation really hit home with him. Last year, Stafford was diagnosed with kidney failure. He is currently on a waiting list for a kidney transplant. “Dr. Satcher was phenomenal. I look at my own situation and hope none of our students have to face these kinds of issues, but it starts now. We have to educate them on proper nutrition and being physically active so they don’t find themselves waiting on a kidney and going through countless hours of dialysis like I do,” said Stafford. “I’m all about turning my misery into a message. Dr. Satcher taught us that to really be successful at this effort, we must take a more active role and stop being so passive about our health.”

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To: Consumers

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At, find Metro Atlanta doctors by counties and get other healthy living tips.

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