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It’s time for Back to School


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It’s time for Back to School

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Welcome Back To School

CONGRATULATIONS MAY YOU SOAR TO NEW HEIGHTS THIS SCHOOL YEAR MUCH SUCCESS IN ALL YOUR ENDEAVORS! The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus character - that is the goal of true education.

– Martin Luther King, Jr. Join us on:

It’s time for Back to School



“Must Do”

Educational Outings in Metro Atlanta

Experience life as an astronaut at new Gwinnett exhibit The Gwinnett Environmental & Heritage Center (GEHC) will present a new traveling exhibit Sept. 12 through Dec. 31. Living in Space is inspired by the International Space Station (ISS), the single largest international aerospace project ever undertaken by humankind. The exhibit allows visitors to become ISS crew members for a day as they engage in a multitude of astronaut activities. For example, guests plan their day in space, perform work activities such as a simulated science experiment, engage in daily living activities such as mealtime, or choose play/free-time activities. To get ready for this exciting exhibition, the GEHC is showing the original Star Wars films on three successive Fridays. The films will be shown in the Cisco Blue Planet Theater, beginning with Episode IV – A New Hope on July 22. The Empire Strikes Imagine It! The Children’s Museum of Atlanta Back (Episode V) will be shown on July 29 and Return of the Jedi 275 Centennial Park Drive NW (Episode VI) will be shown on Aug. 5. All three films will begin at Atlanta, GA 30313-1827 7 p.m. 404-659-KIDS (5437) “Star Wars captivated me as a young child because it exposed me to the possibilities of space. Here was this unlimited frontier This is the place for children to play, enjoy educational with exciting worlds and people,” said Jason West, GEHC Director programs, hands-on activities and exhibits. One of the of Development. “I can’t think of a better way to get ready for museum’s ongoing exhibits, “Fundamentally Food,” is the this exciting exhibit on space.” first exhibit children see when entering Imagine It! Children Members of the local 501st Legion, the world’s definitive get to experience life on a farm first-hand.  From selecting imperial costuming organization, as well as members of the staff the vegetables and fruits to climbing on a John Deere of the Museum Replicas Limited Store at the Mall of Georgia tractor, children go straight from the farm to the delivery will be on hand to create the perfect Star Wars atmosphere by truck where they can load boxes and operate a forklift. Then, appearing as various Star Wars characters, including Darth Vader, it’s off to the grocery store where children fill their carts and Chewbacca, Boba Fett, Storm Troopers, and various Jedi knights. buy groceries. Visitors are also encouraged to come dressed as their favorite Admission to the museum is $12.75 plus tax for those Star Wars character. Admission for each program is $3 per adult ages 2 and older

Children under age 2 are admitted and $1 per child (12 and under). Movie concessions will also be free.
Discounted tickets are available for groups of 10 available for purchase. or more with advance reservations. Visit the web site Living in Space was created by the Children’s Museum of for a schedule of other programs and activities: www. Memphis and is sponsored locally by Cisco and the Gwinnett Environmental & Heritage Center Foundation. For more information, visit A Publication of Visit us: 6 It’s time for Back to School

The Monastery of the Holy Spirit 2625 Highway 212 S.W. Conyers, GA 770-483-8705 Visit the Monastery of the Holy Spirit’s Heritage Center and learn about the 1600-year history of monks and how they have maintained a life of prayer and meditation in Rockdale since 1944. Visual and audio displays offer fascinating perspectives. See the monks’ handiwork in their Bonsai Garden and enjoy a stroll through picturesque wooded trails. Various goods are available for purchase home-baked goods and array of holy oils. Admission is free. Fourth Saturday Family Fun Day April—September, noon to 4 p.m. Centennial Olympic Park, Downtown Atlanta Enjoy an afternoon of free, family fun once a month from spring to fall at Centennial Olympic Park’s Fourth Saturday Family Fun Day. The event is full of interactive, entertaining and educational activities for children and each Saturday features a different theme. The park invites civic organizations, hobby enthusiasts, artisans, school groups and entertainers from around the Southeast to participate in the program. Activities include touring shows, street performers, children’s crafts, life-size chess games, appearances by on-air personalities, local sports mascots, contests, prizes and more. Aug. 27: Games and Gadgets; Sept. 24: Our Many Cultures.

For more information on these activities and other programs at Centennial Olympic Park, visit: www. Martin Luther King, Jr., National Historic Site Visitor’s Center: John Wesley Dobbs Ave., Atlanta 404- 331-6922 Admission and parking are free at this national historic site in downtown Atlanta. The site features a number of facilities, including the Martin Luther King, Jr. Birth Home, which is operated in partnership with the National Park Service, Ebenezer Baptist Church and The King Center.  Within these facilities, visitors can learn about Dr. King’s life and his influence on others. Just past noon on January 15, 1929, a son was born to the Reverend and Mrs. Martin Luther King, Sr., in an upstairs bedroom of 501 Auburn Avenue, in Atlanta, Georgia.  It was in these surroundings of home, church (Ebenezer Baptist Church), Destination Depot presents

Back To School • Private Pre-K $90 Weekly • Arts & crafts • Pick-up for several Rockdale County Schools • Optional martial arts classes • Low teacher to student ratio • DFCS accepted • Hours of operation Monday Friday, 5:30am to 7:00pm • Ages: 6 weeks to 12 years • Under new ownership & management



FOR OUR COLLEGE PREP WORKSHOPS Have you taken the needed steps to prepare for college? Join us as we learn what it takes to get the basic understanding to achieve your BEST RESULTS!

Our Workshops will assist you with… • • • • • • •

Writing the Winning Essay Perfecting the College Resume How to Search for your top 5 schools Navigating the College Application Ensuring you get the Acceptance Letter Identifying the right Scholarships Completing the FAFSA form

DATES OF THESE WORKSHOPS September 11 October 9

November 13 December 11

All the workshops will be held on Sunday from 4:00 – 6:00pm

FBC Family Life Center 6133 Redan Drive – Lithonia, GA 30058

COST FOR EACH WORKSHOP IS $20.00 Cost covers 1 student & 1 parent ONLY. Parents are welcome if student cannot attend. You can reserve and pay ahead for all 4 workshops for $75.00 ALL PAYMENTS MUST BE MADE PRIOR TO THE EVENT * NO REFUNDS Please visit our website for a full schedule of the workshops and to register 2130 Bridgestone Business Pkwy Conyers, GA


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Sponsored on behalf of 404-862-1025

It’s time for Back to School


and neighborhood (Sweet Auburn) that “M.L.” experienced family and Christian love, segregation in the days of “Jim Crow” laws, diligence and tolerance. The Birth Home of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. may be visited only with a park ranger-led tour. The tours are filled on a firstcome, first-served basis. Register for the tour at Freedom Hall, located at The King Center, in person upon arrival to the park. The tour is strictly limited to 15 people per tour. They fill up fast on weekends and holidays. Other facilities, including the restored Ebenezer Baptist Church on Auburn Avenue, offer selfguided tours. Atlanta Cyclorama and Civil War Museum, 800 Cherokee Ave. S.E. Atlanta, GA 30315 404-624-1071 or 404-658-7625
 This year marks the 150th anniversary of the Civil War and Atlanta boasts a unique museum that gives visitors a detailed look at what happened during the war. At the Atlanta Cyclorama and Civil War Museum, visitors learn about the daily life of a soldier, and they have the chance to see one of the largest paintings in the world—one measuring longer than a football field and standing taller than a five-story building. The panoramic painting depicts one of the last battles of the Civil War—the Battle of Atlanta—including the image of an African American, part of a group left out of many history books. For more information on hours of operation and admission, visit MHS Map Ad 11:Layout 1 7/5/2011 7:15 PM Page 1

the Monastery of the Holy Spirit A community of Trappist Monks in Conyers, Georgia

The Monastic Heritage Center Explore the history, life and inspiration of the monks through interactive displays, historical exhibits and informative videos. And while you’re there: • Enjoy a snack or meal in the Garden Café. • Relax and browse the monk-cultivated miniature beauties of the Bonsai Garden. • Shop for bonsai trees, pottery and accessories in the Bonsai Store and Bonsai Pottery Sales. • Shop for gifts, books and monk-made wares in the Abbey Store, Georgia’s largest religious bookstore.

Also open to visitors:

Abbey Church Open daily for prayer: 7:00 Morning Prayer & Mass 12:15 Mid-day Prayer 5:20 Vespers 7:30 Compline

Retreat House Refresh your soul with a visit of a few hours or several days. Retreat info: 770-760-0959 E-mail:

Bask in Nature

Enjoy the Monastery’s wooded paths, lakes, peaceful walking trails and picnic areas.

For more Conyers information 800/CONYERS

2625 Hwy. 212 SW • Conyers, GA 30094 • 770-483-8705 • 8

It’s time for Back to School

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Help your student tame tricky subjects in school FAMILY FEATURES


one are the days when basic reading, writing and arithmetic were the gold standards for a child’s education. Today there’s a much greater emphasis on STEM education — Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics — in order to prepare students for the world they’ll be adults in. But as of now, however, many kids just aren’t ready. According to the National Science Foundation, eighty percent of jobs in the next decade will require some form of math and science, yet only 29 percent of American fourth grade students, a third of eighth grade students, and barely 18 percent of 12th grade students perform at or above the proficient level in science. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Nobel Prize winner for medicine Dr. Michael Brown wrote that “We must demystify math and science so that all students feel the joy that follows understanding.” This is where parents and caregivers come in.

How You Can Help

A 2010 survey by the National Science Teachers Association found that the vast majority (94 percent) of science teachers wish their students' parents had more opportunities to engage in science with their children. However, more than half (53 percent) of parents of school-aged children admit that they could use more help to support their child's interest in science. Here are some things that parents and caregivers can do to help their students not only make it through science and math classes, but actually enjoy them and see how they can impact their lives.

Make It Fun

There are plenty of ways to engage in math and science online. Check out some of these websites:  The Exploratorium is a museum of science, art and human perception located in San Francisco, California. There’s plenty of exploring to be done at their website,  There’s a wide variety of subjects and activities at National Geographic’s site, and the Nova site at  You can find fun math games at and TV shows such as “Mythbusters” and “Life” on the Discovery Channel or “Through the Wormhole,” “Meteorite Men,” and “SciFi Science” on the Science channel all offer engaging and fun explorations of science. Hands-on experiences are some of the best ways for kids of all ages to learn.  Look for local science museums, camps and programs that let kids play, build, experiment, get messy and have fun.  Students of all ages can help with citizen science projects, such as the ones at NASA. At, they can sign up to help study images from Mars, track meteorites hitting the moon, and help sort through the massive amounts of data gathered about Earth from space.  Check out library books and websites for athome science and math projects. Using those skills in fun ways helps the lessons stick and keeps students interested.

Give Them Tools

Photo courtesy of Getty Images

Help with the Essentials

Students prepping for exams, studying new material, or who just need a refresher can have an easy-tounderstand review guide that covers an entire course by concentrating solely on the most important concepts. “The Essentials For Dummies” series of books provide clear explanations, and are perfect for cramming, textbook supplements, and parent resources. These titles are currently available online and in bookstores: “Physics Essentials,” “Chemistry Essentials,” “Biology Essentials, “Pre-Algebra Essentials,” “Statistics Essentials,” “Calculus Essentials,” “Algebra I Essentials,” “Algebra II Essentials,” “Geometry Essentials,” “Grammar Essentials,” “Spanish Essentials,” and “French Essentials.” Learn more at

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How Biology Affects Your Life

From “Biology For Dummies, 2nd Edition” (Wiley, June 2010) If you or your student has ever wondered what on earth biology had to do with real life, wonder no more:  Keeping You Fed — If plants didn’t produce their own food, you wouldn’t have anything to eat. So you can thank the process of photosynthesis the next time you sit down to a luscious looking salad or steak dish.  Providing You with Clean Water — Wetlands are areas that are saturated by water most of the time. They act like natural sponges, holding onto water and slowly filtering it around the plants that live there. Plants and organisms absorb human wastes such as fertilizers and sewage, cleaning the water and making it safer for humans and other animals to consume.  Staying Alive — Every minute of every day, your cells are quietly working away, digesting your food, sending signals that control your responses, transporting oxygen around your body and making all of your bodily processes happen.

Sometimes students need some extra help clarifying difficult concepts and reinforcing what they learned in the classroom. The For Dummies series of books can be helpful resources to do just that. They offer practical exercises and lessons for mastering the essential concepts of these sometimes tricky subjects.  Is your student having trouble with exponential and logarithmic functions? Or getting tripped up by graphing trig functions? Then “Pre-Calculus Workbook For Dummies” (Wiley) can help clear things up. The authors offer ten missteps to avoid in pre-calculus, such as Going Out of Order (of Operations), Oversimplifying Roots, Forgetting to Flip the Fraction, and Canceling Too Quickly.  Chemistry is sometimes called the central science because in order to have a good understanding of the other sciences, you need to have a good understanding of chemistry. “Chemistry For Dummies, 2nd Edition” aims to help demystify the subject with concrete examples, illustrations and figures along with the text. Whether in middle school, high school or college, it’s possible for your student to gain a greater understanding of subjects that may seem out of reach. It just takes a helping hand. You can find additional resources for many math and science subjects at

Chemistry Fun Facts

From “Chemistry For Dummies, 2nd Edition” (Wiley, June 2011) Here are some interesting ways to look at the world of chemistry:  A chemical substance can be both a good guy and a bad guy. The only difference is where and in what concentration it’s found. For example, a person can overdose on water if he drinks enough of it. The same goes with the ozone in the stratosphere. On one hand, it shields us from harmful UV radiation. But on the other, it can be an irritant and destroy rubber products.  The floating property of ice is one of the reasons that life is able to exist on earth. If ice were denser than water in the winter, the water at the top of lakes would freeze and sink. Then more water would freeze and sink, and so on. Pretty soon, the lake would be frozen solid, destroying most of the life — such as plants and fish — in the lake. Instead, ice floats and forms an insulating layer over the water, which allows life to exist, even in the winter.

It’s time for Back to School


Community Back to School Events Greenbriar Mall

Atlanta City Councilmember Keisha Lance Bottoms in partnership with Greenbriar Mall, Everest College and Amerigroup, will give away 1,000 backpacks filled with school supplies at the Back to School Jam 2011on July 30, 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., at Greenbriar Mall, 2841 Greenbriar Parkway S.W., Atlanta. The event will feature a resource fair, live entertainment, arts and crafts, face painting and giveaways.   Pre-registration for the backpacks begins at 9 a.m. near Burlington Court on the day of the event. Supplies are first come, first serve.

Oakhurst to give away backpacks at Family Fun Day

Peace Lutheran Church

Peace Lutheran Church, 1679 Columbia Dr., Decatur, will host its annual Back to School Blessing Sunday and free school supplies on Aug. 7,10:15 a.m. The children will be blessed during worship service and will receive supplies after church, where there will be a light meal served. 404-289-1474.

Exchange Park Recreation Center DeKalb County Department of Recreation, Parks & Cultural Affairs will present its “Back to School Bash” on Aug. 6, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., at the Exchange Park Recreation Center, 2771 Columbia Drive, Decatur. Giveaways, information and more.

Oakhurst Medical Centers, Inc. is hosting a Back-to-School Health and Wellness Family Fun Day on Saturday, July 30, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., 770 Village Square Drive, Stone Mountain. Free backpacks and free immunizations (must bring shot record) will be provided while supplies last. There will also be information on Medicaid/Medicare and other social programs. The kids will enjoy pony rides, popcorn, face painting, dance contests and live entertainment. For more information, call 770-808-0114.

Publix collecting school supplies Publix grocery stores have set up their “School Tools” bins to collect supplies. Customers are invited to purchase and/or drop off school supplies to help needy students. Gwinnett County is among 21 Metro Atlanta school systems that are participating in this year’s campaign. Customers are encouraged to donate notebook paper, pens, pencils, crayons, markers, folders spiral notebooks and rulers. The last day to donate is Aug. 14.

Dr. Windell D. Boutté

Dr. Windell D. Boutté is the founder of Premiere Aesthetic Center, the home of Premiere Dermatology and Surgery, Aesthetic and Laser Boutique, and Premiere Essence MedSpa, which began serving the Atlanta community at large in 2007. Premiere Aesthetic Center is the first multi-treatment skin and healthcare center in one grand, all-inclusive location in our Atlanta community. Dr. Boutté has been a practicing, board-certified dermatologist since 1997, and she oversees all facets of the Center’s operations.

has always made it her priority to research and implement state-ofthe-art, non-invasive procedures that are safe, practical and effective. She always strives to achieve longstanding skin rejuvenating results of which patients can be proud.

Cancers, Pigmentation, Eczema and Dry skin disorders to Hair Loss and Restoration treatments.

Aesthetic & Laser Boutique

embodies a state-of-the-art, modern, and contemporary environment that offers the best in aesthetic skin care treatments. From lasers such Premiere Aesthetic Center is as Fraxel® and devices such as comprised of three innovative Thermage®, to BOTOX® Cosmetic and unique operations. Premiere and fillers such as Restylane®, Dermatology and Surgery provides AcneAesthetic Skin&Care Regimens Laser Boutique has general medical and surgical something to offer anyone seeking the dermatology care. Aesthetic & Laser Boutique in their cosmetic Laser Boutique offers multipleAesthetic non- ultimate&improvement appearance. This center boasts natural invasive laser surgery options, as stones, marbles and Disorders fixtures that well as various aesthetic treatments Pigmentation embody elegance and excellence. for ageless, youthful rejuvenation. Ezcema Dry Skin Disorders Premiére Essence MedSpa offers Premiére Essence MedSpa a pampering, elegant environment invitesSkin you toDisease come and indulge promoting inner harmony and total Carein the warmth of French provincial wellness. elegance and Southern hospitality. Smart Lipo Premier Dermatology and The Center boasts “THE ESSENCE Surgery is a full service medical, Anti-Aging OF PUTTING YOU FIRST” Treatments surgical and cosmetic dermatology through the various services offered. practice devoted to providing the Services range from Skin Care, Hair Hair Loss Restoration most premier quality. Services Removal, Cosmetic Services to Body range from Smart Lipo, anti-aging Treatments, Facial Enhancements Spa Treatments treatments, Acne, Skin Care, Skin and many more.

Comprehensive range of services, including medical and surgical Dr. Boutté began private practice in June 1997, and opened her first dermatology, cosmetic solo practice, Dekalb Dermatology and Surgery in April 2000. She has dermatology, laser dedicated herself to becoming not only a specialist of medical skin surgery, aesthetician and care, but an expert in innovative skin rejuvenation for all skin medical spa treatments: complexions. Due to her profound fascination with laser technology, she was the first dermatologist in the Atlanta community to introduce certain aesthetic laser procedures approved for skin of color. She


It’s time for Back to School

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Dr. Windell D. Boutte’

Premiere Aesthetic Center

4650 Stone Mountain Highway Lilburn, Georgia 30047 678-344-2450

Premiere Dermatology and Surgery

4150 Snapfinger Woods Drive Suite 205 Decatur, Georgia 30035 404-286-3178

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“Where Quality Dentistry has a Personal Touch!”

• Children’s Dental Care • Same Day Crowns, Veneers & Fillings • Low Radiation X-Rays • Sedation & Relaxation Treatments


• Fluoride Treatments • Dental Emergencies • Complimentary Massages • Whitening Specials

X-ray and cleaning special.

Limited time offer.


Mincey Eye Care Center Ask about Children Learning Related Vision Problems and Correction

Good Vision is a Learning Tool It’s estimated that 80% of what children learn in their first 12 years comes through their eyes. Yet, according to Prevent Blindness America, “Vision problems affect one in 20 preschoolers and one in four school age children.” It is important to recognize that good vision is a learning MUST. When children cannot see well, their school performance suffers. Signs of a vision problem can become apparent in school performance and in social and behavioral development. • Comprehensive Dilated Exams • Diagnosis and Treatment of MOST Eye Infections • Contact Lens Exams

Most vision plans are accepted

• Comprehensive Glaucoma Evaluations • Comprehensive DIABETIC OCULAR HEALTH EXAMS

We Speak Spanish

BACK TO SCHOOL SPECIALS Dr. Gideon K. Mincey Optometrist

Join us on:

MINCEY EYE CARE CENTER OF ATLANTA 2434 GRESHAM ROAD SUITE C Atlanta, Georgia 30316 (Across form Wal-Mart Plaza next to American Deli)

Phone 404-241-6500 Fax 404-241-0242 It’s time for Back to School


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hat does being ready for elementary school really mean? It used to mean starting the first day of school with all the supplies on the list, but now we know so much more about how young children’s brains develop. More and more parents are aware of the positive effects of a high quality early childhood education for their child’s success. This knowledge has also led to extra emphasis on acquiring academic skills. Experts suggest parents take a step back and look for programs with a balanced approach to school readiness. “With young children, everything is connected: their minds, bodies and emotions; creativity, happiness, security and intellectual progress,” says Dr. Robert Needlman, author and nationally acclaimed pediatrician. “A balanced approach to readiness celebrates this reality about children. It's our best hope for turning out students who can think, feel and act independently and effectively.”

Choosing a Preschool

Dr. Joanne Nurss, professor emeritus of educational psychology at Georgia State University in Atlanta and former director of the Center for the Study of Adult Literacy, has conducted extensive research and published numerous articles in the field of children’s literacy development. Dr. Nurss encourages parents to look for high-quality early childhood education programs with the following criteria:  Physical Development: Is indoor and outdoor physical activity part of the daily schedule? With childhood obesity on the rise and research that shows that movement plays a role in early brain development, daily exercise such as running, stretching or even dance should be a part of the curriculum.  Social-Emotional Development: Does the curriculum include programs specifically designed to nurture your child’s social and emotional development? Look for programs that promote an understanding of concepts like friendship, generosity and honesty.  Creative Development: Are enrichment programs such as art and music woven into the day’s activities? Young children naturally engage in creative activity in their day-to-day thinking, but ongoing enrichment activities lay the foundation for later creative skills.  Academic Development: Does the classroom teaching method go beyond basic memorization to encourage concept mastery? Academic success is not just about fact memorization. Learning how to think critically, use mathematical concepts and expand listening, speaking, reading and writing skills will help your child develop a love of learning.

What is a Balanced Approach to Learning?

From birth through age five, development in all areas of the brain is rapid. Research suggests that the quality of interactions children experience during this essential time can have a far reaching effect on future learning and the formation of satisfactory relationships. It is true that early childhood education programs have become more learning-focused in light of the research on childhood brain development, but high quality programs take a broader perspective. The focus of a balanced early childhood education program should be on helping children develop physical, social-emotional, creative and academic skills. Nurturing guidance and attention to every part of a child’s development during this crucial stage helps children not only learn reading and math skills, but how to show compassion, independence, resilience and curiosity — all qualities that could be taken for granted, but that are taught and encouraged in a quality preschool setting. “Children who are confident, self-regulating and able to relate to others will have a better experience transitioning to elementary school, regardless of their exact reading or math skill level,” said Dr. Mary Zurn, vice president of education for Primrose Schools, a family of 220 private preschools across the country. “On the academic side, it is as important for children to be eager to learn, to ask questions and to be able to think as it is for them to know letter names and sounds and be able to solve mathematical problems.” When looking for an early childhood education program, research is the first step to selecting one that will provide your child with these lasting benefits. Dr. Zurn recommends looking for these five key factors in a preschool: 1. Focus on mastering concepts, not just memorization: Look for a preschool that teaches children to love learning. They develop an understanding of concepts through hands-on activities, play and by expressing what they have learned to others. 2. Physical Activity: P.E. or even recess can often get cut from public programs, but being physically active is key to curbing childhood obesity and to forming positive life skills. Purposeful instruction in motor skills and outdoor play are both part of a well-rounded preschool education. 3. Music: Did you know that early exposure to music not only enhances a child’s ability to create and enjoy music, but also fosters other aspects of brain development? Early exposure to music can improve IQ scores, motor coordination and social skills. Research shows that music potential needs to be nurtured with song, dance and play before age five or it is not likely to develop. An early childhood education music program supports the development of your child’s sense of rhythm, pitch, melody and motor coordination, all while having fun. 4. Character Development: Look for programs that intentionally and consistently teach your child to be honest, kind, compassionate and respectful. Social-emotional development during preschool is key to a successful transition to elementary school and lifelong healthy relationships. 5. Parent Resources: Finally, it’s important to remember that learning does not stop outside the classroom — your interactions with your child at home are equally important. Consider the resources, tips and tools that a school can offer parents. Frequent communication with your child’s teacher can give you insight into how your child is advancing and help you reinforce balanced learning at home. If you are still wondering if your child will be ready for school, you can find a list of school readiness resources and advice from moms who have been through the child care journey at 12

It’s time for Back to School

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It’s time for Back to School


Open a world of learning with a Library Card L

ibraries in our community offer a world of learning. Public library systems in Georgia collectively have access to millions of books, audiovisual materials, electronic resources, newspapers, magazines and other educational and recreational resources. Make sure you have your library card to check out resources for now and the coming school year. Here’s a look at by local counties of what you’ll need to get a library card:

DeKalb County

Library cards are free and valid for two years for: DeKalb County residents DeKalb County property owners Employees of DeKalb County Government, DeKalb County School System, City Schools of Decatur or City Governments within DeKalb County. College students who live on campus in DeKalb County during the academic year Library school students Business owners in DeKalb County Residents of group homes, extended stay motels and shelters located in DeKalb County

A non-resident card, valid for one year, can be purchased for $45. Temporary residents of DeKalb may apply for a card by paying a $15 refundable deposit. Temporary cards are valid for 6 months. Visit your local branch to apply for a card in person, or go online to pre-register You will be asked to show acceptable ID at one of the library branches: Picture ID with your current address Picture ID without current address if accompanied by a recent utility bill, 14

It’s time for Back to School

rental receipt, lease, DeKalb property tax receipt, current car insurance card, voter registration card or printed checks County, city and school employees must present ID verifying current employment Property owners must present evidence of ownership or be identified as the owner in the County’s online property tax database. Business owners must pre sent photo ID and a current DeKalb County business license showing that the business is located in DeKalb County. Replacement cards cost $1 each.

Atlanta/Fulton Public Library

Free cards are available to residents in Fulton County, as well as people who live inside the city limits of the City of Atlanta, including the part of the City of Atlanta that is in DeKalb County. Free cards also are available to people who are currently teaching in Fulton County and the City of Atlanta in DeKalb, (including homeschooling parents), to people who are going to a school in Fulton County and the City of Atlanta in DeKalb, and to people who own property or a business in the area. To obtain a library card, you must show a form (or forms) of identification:
 • Driver’s license • Student ID card 
 • Voter registration card • Printed checks with current address 
 • Rent receipts or lease 
 • Social services identification 
 • Fulton County property tax receipts 

• Current utility bill 
 • Parent/Guardians may use their ID to obtain cards for their children
 A non-resident card, valid for one year, can be purchased for $40. Replacement cards cost $1 each.

Gwinnett County 
 Library cards are available at no charge to the following: Residents of Gwinnett County Property or business owners in Gwinnett County Employees of schools in Gwinnett County Employees of Gwinnett County government or city government agencies in Gwinnett Students, faculty, and staff of Georgia Gwinnett College and Gwinnett Technical College To get a library card, you will need to present proof of residency, such as a valid driver’s license, utility bill, lease or rental agreement. Those who are not Gwinnett residents will need to provide both, proof of current address and proof of eligibility for a free card, such as a student/faculty/ staff ID. A non-resident card is $30. There is a $1 charge to replace a lost card.

Conyers/Rockdale County

A free PINES library card is available to any Georgia resident with proof of current address. A Governmentissued picture I.D. that shows your current address (such as a valid driver’s license) is sufficient proof. If you have

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Smoke Rise


Our Curriculum includes:

$65 Weekly per child

Arts & Craft, Science Projects, Spanish, Dance, Active Games, Structured Center Playtime, Character & Social Skill Development, One on One Home-work Help. • Care is provided from school dismissal until 6:30p.m. • Our Staff to Child ration 1:12 • We provide a healthy afternoon snack • Care is provided at Smoke Rise Baptist Church

10% discount for 2nd child

$35 Registration Fee Registration waived if enrolled in

CAP Summer Camp 2011 PrograSm Accepte Drop off rate $50 weekly d Daily Drop in Rate $15

Pick up Locations: includes Smoke Rise, Livsey, Shiloh, Wynbrooke, Mountain Park, Camp Creek, Mount Carmel, and Arcado. Will consider other locations email us Summer Camp CAPS certificated must be renewed for After Care For more information call 678-499-0552 •

After School Program

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a Government-issued picture I.D. that does not have your current address (such as a passport) you will need one of the following in addition to your passport: a lease, checkbook, utility bill, or insurance card with your current address will be proof of residency. Patrons of all ages may obtain a library card. A parent or legal guardian must sign for anyone under the age of 18. Out-of-state user fee (valid 12 months) is $25 and temporary library card (valid 6 months) is $12.50. Replacement cards are $2.

Henry County You do not need to be a resident of Henry to get a library card. Library cards are free to Georgia residents who provide valid identification including: Georgia driver’s license Pre-printed checks Utility bill Photo ID Property tax Copy of rental lease Canceled mail (received within 30 days) For those under 18, a parent will need to accompany you to receive a card. The information for this section was compiled from the libraries’ web sites.


It’s time for Back to School

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Cambridge Academy Welcomes Students and Parents Back to the 2011-2012 School Year

Serving Pre-School– 7th Grade in DeKalb and surrounding counties since 1960

Alicia Thomas

404-241-1321 2780 Flat Shoals Road Decatur, Georgia 30034 Join us on:

It’s time for Back to School


Using scents to help enhance the home



id you know the average human can recognize 10,000 scents? Have you ever considered how directly your sense of smell is connected to cueing your emotions? It’s for this reason, technically coined “associative learning,” that the fragrances around us can impact our mood and performance. Consider the feelings that just thinking about freshlylaundered towels, pumpkin pie, a crackling campfire, the salty ocean or baby powder evoke in you. For many people these strong scents trigger distinct memories or evoke a sentiment that can linger for hours. The same is true for the strong scent of a clean home. Smell is different from other senses because it is connected to the olfactory cortex, the part of the brain responsible for emotions and memory. In patients with dementia, schizophrenia or Alzheimer’s, medical experts can measure their sense of smell as one of the earliest indicators of change. As humans we tend to think of smell as one of our weaker senses, but the fact is it is far more connected to our performance than we might imagine.

Boosting Study Time with a Clean Home

A study shows that children who perform better at school almost always identify their homes with scents associated with clean. What is a “clean home” smell? That depends on what era you grew up in. During the 50s most people associated a clean home with a strong bleach scent. In the decades since then there has been a plethora of citrus and floral scented room freshening cleaners on the market. Generally speaking, when many people think of a clean smell, they think of Pine-Sol® cleaner. The study of nearly 5,000 high school students, conducted by Dr. Alan Hirsch and the Smell & Taste Treatment and Research Foundation, found top performing students (those with grade averages of A and B) overwhelmingly — 84 percent — used words like “lemony, minty or clean” to describe the smell of their childhood homes. More than one-third (34 percent) of lower performing students (average of C or below) associated negative smells — urine, fecal matter or mold — with their homes. “A clean smelling home is just one component to the overall picture of how parents can provide a healthy and stimulating family environment, and help their children improve self-esteem and have a more positive learning experience,” said Charmaine Hussain, marketing manager for Pine-Sol® brand cleaners. “We are excited by this research, as it really shows that there is a higher order need for cleaning. It’s not just about a clean house — it’s about the powerful difference parents can make in the lives of their children.” “What this study tells me is that there is a strong correlation between the memory of a clean-smelling home and academic success,” added Dr. Hirsch. “If you are in a home that has clean, pleasant aromas, it will promote success by enhancing harmony in the household.” According to Hirsch, the brain makes similar associations about the “smell” of other situations and experiences from your past, and the effect plays out in your mood in the present.

Using Scents in Your Favor

Scents can influence your weight, sleep patterns and more. When we understand the memories we associate with certain scents we can learn how to use them in our favor to change our mindset and improve the quality of our daily lives. For instance, researchers have found the following to be true for many people: Scent

Benefit and Suggested Use


Energy; invigorates before a workout


Calming; bedtime


Lifts spirits; morning mood enhancer


Clear thinking; positive outlook; for home and surroundings


Concentration booster and appetite suppressant


Happiness; relaxed summer parties and social gatherings

Spend a few minutes making a list of your favorite smells. You may surprise yourself with what you remember about what is most pleasing to you. Just creating a “happy smells” list is enough to elevate positive feelings for some people. And, when you know what aromatic triggers most relax and restore you, you’ll be equipped to “set the mood” in all the spaces where you spend your time.


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Rekindling a Positive Experience

“If you need a shift in your mood, consider shifting the aroma to something that reminds you of a past success,” said Hirsch. “The old adage ‘the sweet smell of success’ is actually quite poignant from a scientific standpoint.” For some it might be the smell of a clean home, for others it might be the aroma of freshly-brewed coffee, and for others still it might be the refreshing smells of the early morning dew that trigger confidence and feelings of productivity. For parents who want their children to have lasting, warm memories of home, consider the aromas that greet your children after a long day of school, sports or after-school activities. The mood you set in your home now is creating a lifetime of positive associations. Getting that freshly-baked pumpkin bread in the oven can seem like much less of a sacrifice of time from this viewpoint. When seen from this larger perspective, activities like baking, cleaning and even tending the garden become generous acts that do much more for the family than perhaps we’ve considered in recent years. The aroma of a wellcared for home has much to do with feelings of success, harmony and happiness. To learn more, visit

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On the Go Eating Tips

re you a morning robot, going through the same tired motions every single day? Or are your mornings rushed and chaotic, making you more of a morning monster? Morning routines don’t have to be boring or frustrating — and rebooting your routine can have a positive effect on your entire day.

The Emerald Breakfast on the go! survey found:  74 percent of Americans have eaten meals “on the go.”  35 percent of breakfast eaters have consumed the first meal of the day while in a vehicle and 20 percent while getting dressed.  Close to three in five (56 percent) people spend more time thinking about their outfits than what they’re eating for breakfast.  43 percent spend four minutes or fewer preparing their breakfast, while 27 percent spend less than a minute on their first meal of the day.

Getting Started

Analyze your current routine — what’s really working and what’s not. Is your commute a source of tension? Is getting the kids out the door on time stressful and unpleasant for everyone? Look at what you need to get done and how much time it realistically takes to do those things. Next, set a goal for the morning routine. Would you like more calm and less chaos? More energy? Would you like to get everyone out the door with everything they need? Be specific. Target one element at a time that needs changing, and then take small steps to make it happen. Here are some tips for rebooting your routine and getting off to a great start.


Eat Breakfast. The key to jump-start your metabolism and kick off your day right is to eat breakfast. But according to a survey commissioned by Emerald Breakfast on the go!, less than 43 percent of Americans eat breakfast daily. In addition, 25 percent of Americans who eat breakfast can’t remember what they ate in the morning in the last three days, and nearly one in three (32 percent) people sometimes feel remorseful about what they eat for breakfast. Food That Fuels. Whole grains, fiber and protein provide you with long-lasting energy. Try whole grain English muffins with a little peanut butter; Greek yogurt with fruit, nuts and granola; a fruit smoothie made with non-fat milk and a little protein powder, alongside a 100-calorie pack of almonds and walnuts. Be Prepared. Keeping convenient breakfast and mid-morning snack foods handy, such as Emerald Breakfast on the go! Nut & Granola Mixes with dried fruit, granola clusters and Emerald nuts, can help with the morning rush and the midday slump. Get Moving. The American Council on Exercise says that as little as 10 minutes of exercise gets oxygen-rich blood pumping throughout your system, boosting your energy and your mood. Stretching helps wake up tired muscles. Try some simple yoga poses or tai chi moves. You can also wake yourself up with a few full-body stretches by gently pointing your toes and reaching your arms above your head.


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Get Some Rays. Sunshine stops the production of melatonin (which helps you sleep) and signals your brain that it’s time to wake up, so raise the shades to help you get your day going with more energy.


Me Time. Set the alarm for 15 minutes earlier than normal. Use that time to do something that energizes you — it could be reading, listening to music, meditating or a short walk. It shouldn’t be for work or chores — do something that feeds the inner you. Re-route Your Commute. Freshen things up by taking a new route to work or school. Doing things the same way all the time puts the brain into automatic pilot. Changing things up a bit forces you to pay attention and stimulates the brain.


Calm the Early Morning Chaos. Whether it’s because of missing shoes, unpacked backpacks or long commutes, mornings can be stressful.  To help ease that stress, get everything ready the night before. Lay out all clothing. Sign school papers, pack up backpacks and have them right by the door. Load up your laptop bag with whatever you’ll need the next day. Put everything in the same spot near your exit door — don’t forget your keys — so your routine is smooth.  Does your commute make you anxious? Ease the tension with music or audio books.

Break bad breakfast habits and get your day off to a good start, even when you’re in a hurry. Plan for it. Create a weekly breakfast plan and grocery list that includes what you need for a healthy on-the-go breakfast. By planning ahead you can skip the drive-thru and the forgettable breakfast bars. Pack your breakfast. Tuck your on-the-go breakfast right in your lunch bag next to your salad and sandwich. Granola, fruit, dry cereal or yogurt are easy-to-pack options, or try Emerald Breakfast on the go! in any of the three blends — Berry Nut Blend, Breakfast Nut Blend or S’mores Nut Blend. Breakfast at your desk. Have some good snack options stashed at your desk. Whole-grain crackers or fruit are perfect with some peanut butter. Or, if your company has a refrigerator, store some yogurt or string cheese for the week. Learn more about Emerald Breakfast on the go! at Source: Emerald ® Breakfast on the go! ™ survey, conducted by Kelton Research, March 2011.

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OPEN HOUSE JULY 30-31, 2011 2 p.m. - 4 p.m. OPEN HOUSE! Lithonia GA



Now Accepting The Georgia Special Needs Scholarship Ages 6 Weeks12th Grade



FEATURING                                                       R.E.D.E.M.P.T.I.O.N.                                           A “SPIRIT-FILLED CURRICULUM                            








GOT EXTRA CREDIT Phone: 770-469-1212 Fax: 770 -469-7769

Garry Davis 5616 Redan Road Suite G Stone Mountain, GA 30088 Feature is optional and subject to terms, conditions and availability. Safe Driving Bonus won’t apply after an accident Patent pending. Allstate Fire and Casualty Insurance Company: Northbrook, IL © 2009 Allstate Insurance Company

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Tips for parents and kids



arents’ concerns about Internet safety used to be confined to the computer. Today, kids have more access to the Internet through smart phones and gaming devices so the potential for cyberbullying is greater than ever. Cyberbullying is when one minor uses technology as a weapon to target another young person. According to, elementary and middle schools report cyberbullying as the most frequent problem they face. Most people think of cyberbullying as girl to girl. Girls become the more prevalent cyberbullies in middle school, harassing other girls and boys. Cyberbullying at the elementary school level is typically boy to boy due to the higher percentage of boys who play online games as opposed to girls. Twenty percent of kids in the fourth through sixth grade have reported one type of cyberbullying when playing games, including:  Password theft  Accessing and stealing virtual items  Mean messages

What parents can do

Parental involvement is key to preventing cyberbullying and keeping kids safe online. Marsali Hancock, president and CEO of the Internet Keep Safe Coalition (, recommends the following tips for parents to keep their children safe online:  Keep current with technology. You don’t have to be an expert, but a little understanding goes a long way towards keeping your child safe online. Get basic technical training and learn about new products as they are released.  Keep communicating with your child about what he or she is experiencing on the Internet and with technology in general. Know their lingo, and ask when you don’t understand something. Work to keep communication lines open.  Keep checking your child’s Internet activity. Know where they go online. Let them know that you will keep checking because you want them to understand that the Internet is a public forum and never truly private.  Keep participating with your child’s online activities. They are the experts, so you can ask them to help you. Not only will your knowledge of the digital world be strengthened — so will your relationship with your children. “When we ask our kids what is going on at school they often reply ‘not much,’ but when we play online games with them, they start to talk about other things going on in their lives, too — it is a great way to ease into conversations that may otherwise be difficult to get started,” said Mary Heston, director of the Wiredsafety’s Wiredmoms program.

Photo courtesy of Getty Images

What kids can do

A place where families can play together online For a fun and safe place for kids, parents and even grandparents to play together online, visit, the Build-A-Bear Workshop virtual world. Build-A-Bear Workshop is committed to working together with kids, parents, educators, industry experts, policymakers, and law enforcement officials to make the Internet a safer place for kids through education and awareness. The tools that are currently available at for kids to learn about Internet safety include:  Cyber Safety Quiz  Landing page with tips and suggestions on playing safe online  Events throughout the year to promote safe play In 2010, Build-A-Bearville received the Inaugural StopCyberbullying Award from In 2009 the site earned the WiredKids Best of the Web Award sponsored by and in 2008, Build-A-Bearville received the I-Parenting Award. 22

It’s time for Back to School

“Cyberbullying starts early and lasts a lifetime,” said Parry Aftab, founder and Executive Director of WiredSafety, home of and “We have to teach our children good digital hygiene — about password safety and following the Internet Golden Rule — don’t do anything online that you wouldn’t do offline.” Here are some other things kids can do to help prevent cyberbullying:  Protect your identity and reputation by being careful not to share your name, contact information, or pictures.  Realize that what is put in the digital world can stay there forever. Only post pictures that you would want your parents, peers and school to see.  Create secure passwords. Passwords should be easy to remember, hard to guess. If you have to write it down, it’s too hard to remember. If it’s a pet’s name, your middle name, your favorite sports team, etc., it’s too easy to guess. Remember, a combination of numbers and letters is always best.  Don’t share your passwords. Don’t allow kids to give out their password to others. Eighty-five percent of elementary school students and 70 percent of teens polled said they shared their password with at least one friend. That’s one friend too many. Friends can be cyberbullies too, signing onto your account, impersonating you and possibly embarrassing you. They can also change your password, locking you out of your account.

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Diamonds & Pearls

Young Men’s Leadership acadeMY

Register today for Diamonds & Pearls, after school program for Elementary, Middle, and High School students offering:

Register today for Young Men’s Leadership Academy, after school program for Elementary, Middle, and High School students offering: • Kaplan SAT Preparation • Tennis • Homework Assistance • Mentoring • Entrepreneurial • CRT Preparation • Community Service Projects • Snacks

• Dance • Tennis • Homework Assistance • CRT Preparation • Community Service Projects • Mentoring • Performing Arts

• Snacks

Hours of operation are 2:30p.m.-7:00p.m. Monday –Friday Serving students in Stone Mountain, Decatur, Lithonia areas. Starting at $40 per week

Hours of operation are 2:30p.m.-7:00p.m. Monday –Friday Serving students in Stone Mountain, Decatur, Lithonia areas. Starting at $40 per week

For registration contact: Young Men’s Leadership Academy 5726 Southland Drive Stone Mountain, GA 30087 770-465-3819

For registration contact: Diamond & Pearls 5726 Southland Drive Stone Mountain, GA 30087 770-465-3819

“This program has responded in fulfilling a need by helping male students better resolve conflict, excel academically, and become outstanding leaders and role models.”

“This award winning program is certainly meeting the needs of young girls.”

Michelle Henson

Lisa Ryam

Fox Five News Anchor

Georgia State Representative

5 CONVENIENT LOCATIONS CELEBRATING 17 YEARS OF EXCELLENCE IN EARLY EDUCATION Kidz Development For Life While Being Ready For the Kingdom • Public School Delivery Program • Before & After School Program • Ballet, Karate, Gymnastics • Spanish, Piano Lessons • Enrichment Programs • Field Trips • A Beka Curriculum • Explorers Summer Camp • Infant Through 2nd Grade • Low Student/Teacher Ratio • Degreed & Certified Teachers & Staff

Cabz Kidz

Kids have busy schedules too…


Kids have busy schedules too… Kidz Cabz

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Do you find it difficult to shuttleKids kids to from busyand schedules too… KidzhaveCabz summer school, summer camp, and other KidsCabz have busy schedules too… Kids have busy schedules too… Kidz Do you find it difficult to Do you find it difficult to shuttle kids toshuttle and from activities? Kids busy schedules too… Dohave you find it difficult to shuttle kids to and from

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Kidz Cabz

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Does your work schedule conflict with your conflict kid’s summer camp schedule? Does your work schedule with

Have you been stuck in traffic and arrive Have you been stuck in picking traffic and arrive late your kids up? Does your work schedule conflict with your kid’s summer camp schedule? your kid’s summer camp schedule? late picking your kidsKidz up?Cabz Haveisyouyour beensolution stuck infor traffic and arrive safely transporting your kids!

Have you been stuck in traffic and arrive your kid’s summer camp Have you been stuck in traffic late picking your kidsand up? arrive schedule? late picking your kids up?

Contact us now to make a reservation. lateispicking kids up? Kidz Cabz your your solution for safely transporting your kids!

forissafely transporting your kids!your kids! Follow us at:Kidz http://Cabz is your solution Kidz Cabz your solution for safely transporting Kidz Cabz is your solution 770.724.8074 for safely transporting your LoveAndGraceChristianAcademy. Contact us now to make a reservation.

kids! Have you been stuck in traffic and arrive Contact us now make a reservation. Contact usup? now to make a reservation. late picking your kids Contact us now to make a reservation.

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LOVE AND GRACE CHRISTIAN ACADEMY 1135 South Hairston RoadKidz Stone Mountain, Georgia 30088 404-296-7881 Join us on:

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Recipient of Wal-Mart JOZ Recipient Award of Wal-Mart JOZ Awar 23

Wanted: Young males to explore the world through reading By Joshua Smith


or Roderick Tate, reading is more than fundamental. It’s life changing. A financial professional by trade, Tate has launched The Reading Project in DeKalb County to encourage young boys to discover people, places and ideas to change their lives through reading. “This program allows me to share with boys several aspects and ideas they may have never explored before or even thought of,” Tate said. “I want to expand imaginations and show boys that you can be in your living room and travel the world and be anywhere you want, all from picking up a book.” The Reading Project, in its second year, is hosting its second event on July 23, 12:30 p.m., at Bound to be Read Books, 481-B Flat Shoals Ave., S.E., Atlanta. Boys ages 7 – 10 can enjoy a free reading of “Ron’s Big Mission,” a 32-page picture book that follows 9-yearold “Ron” as he confronts segregation and the rule that “only white people can check out books” in the 1950’s in South Carolina. Tate will read the picture book out loud to participants and give door prizes to students who share their favorite parts of the book. “I want our young men to know their past so they can understand their future and the importance of books like this one,” Tate said. “Being in corporate America and not seeing enough men like me (African American) made me want to

get out and do something about it. When I saw our young men out in the streets with their pants down and no direction, I knew I couldn’t wait any longer. We have to get to our youth now and not let them grow up idle with a lack of knowledge.” The program’s first event was held last year. Tate held a book sale of donated books. He used the money to buy more books. “Whether five or 50 kids show up, the ultimate goal is to get these guys to read five books each. Once the young readers send a synopsis of their selected books, I will send them back some sort of reward,” Tate said. For more information on The Reading Project, call 678698-9455 or visit

SALA LEARNING & DEVELOPMENT CENTER “Where Theory & Love Strategically designed Academically and Developmentally driven program infused with Love Meet For the Ultimate and individualized Attention for each family we serve. Childhood Experience.” A

Now Enrolling!

Infants 6wks. To 14 mos. 15mos. To 23 mos. 2 yrs. To 3 yrs. 3 yrs. To 4yrs. PreK* Decatur Center GA PreK * Covington Center School Age/Before After School Program

Two Locations: Decatur 404-288-6853 • Covington 678-342-6787 24

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Now Enrolling Students Grades K-6th for 2011-12 School Year

Leadership Preparatory Academy Public Charter School • Tuition Free • State Approved • Georgia Performance • Standards based Instruction with a Leadership Focus

Information & Application download at Mailing Address: P.O. Box 659, Lithonia, GA 30058 • Phone: 404-665-3103

“Developing World Class Leaders…One Student at a Time” Business Partnerships welcomed through “Friends of the Academy” at Join us on:

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The Potter's House kicks off its after school program the first day of school, August 8th. At C.O.O.L. School your child will have the chance to grow socially, academically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Who: C.O.O.L. School is for children ages 5-12 Children’s optimum opportunity For Learning

WhAT: Our program focuses in community partnerships with local schools to aid and improve testing scores, youth leadership, building positive relationships, and using hands on learning experiences.

Cool School begins on August 8, 2011 and ends May 24, 2012 2:30pm to 7:00pm


ACTiviTieS: • Homework Assistance • Variety of elements including Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) • Creative writing exercises • Arts & crafts • Math facts • Team building games • Age-appropriate conflict management exercises • Fun field trips Daily chapel featuring non-denominational Christian bible lessons structured in a lifeapplication format Snack and Dinner • We Accept CAPS

Transportation and pick-up from area schools.


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Reading Phonics Math & More is a full service learning center headquartered in downtown Stone Mountain Village. Individualized testing and tutorial services are provided for students starting in kindergarten through seniors in high school, some college and adults. Students come to RPM for enrichment and remedial help in reading, comprehension, phonics, math, study skills, writing, homework help and more. Tutoring is also provided for the CRCT, ITBS, SSAT, PSAT, SAT and ACT. New programs for this fall include: opening another tutoring site in Ellenwood, and “Preparation for the College Admission Process” program for parents and students. Reading Phonics Math & More is also a state approved No Child Left Behind, Supplemental Education Services Provider and gives free tutoring to students at the failing schools in Dekalb and all of the surrounding counties in Metropolitan Atlanta. Reading Phonics Math & More has begun a high school and college student internship program where honor students in their junior or senior year are invited to apply to work in the RPM Headquarters. At the end of the internship the students receive a $150.00 check towards their college school book purchases. The first intern was Ms. Jen Adesegun (pictured) who graduated Magna Cum Laude from Greater Atlanta Christian School. She will attend the University of Virginia on a full academic scholarship and major in physical therapy or international business. Reading Phonics Math & More is active in the community as a Partner in Education with Marbut Elementary, Champion Theme Middle, Columbia Middle and Arabia Mountain High School. Certified teachers are hired from the community to work with our students, and educational workshops are given at school PTA meetings, and churches. This year RPM has provided services for the 100 Black Men of Dekalb County Leadership Academy, Morehouse Hopps Scholars Program, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated, and the I Have a Dream Program of Atlanta. Reading Phonics Math & More opened in 2001. Jill E. Jones is owner and Director. She received her B.A. from Fisk University and her M.Ed. in Counseling from the University of Virginia. Ms. Jones was honored by the

Rainbow Academy of Learning

Atlanta Business League as an African-American Female Business Owner. She spent twenty years in admissions at major universities and law schools across the country. Listening to potential students say that they never tested well and all they needed was a chance to prove themselves made her vow that her children would never have to be in that position. To that end, her two daughters benefitted from this by being awarded full academic scholarships to the colleges of their choice. Ms. Jones passion now is helping parents navigate the school system. With our basic approach, Reading Phonics Math & More is the long term solution to the educational problems that are facing our city and nation. RPM is different from school, which allows for individual attention and mastery on the specific skill areas your child needs to be successful in school. RPM builds skills and confidence. Call us now at 770-413-6868 and give your child the RPM Academic Advantage.


First 50

Registrants Will Receive An Amazing Discounted Rate 6 Weeks –4th Grade

Preparing our children to meet the global community. Ages: 6-weeks to 12 years Hours: 6:30 AM – 6:30 PM · Quality Pre-K Program and Teachers · Low Teacher to Student Ratios · Foreign Language · Academic Enrichment Activities · Transportation service · Afterschool tutoring and homework assistance · Two complete computer labs and music rooms · Chorus, Keyboard, Music and Dance Classes · Chess · Martial Arts

4177 Rainbow Drive, Decatur, Georgia 30034 • 404-534-9379 Join us on:

A Beka Program Computer Class, Spanish, Chapel Certified Teachers Before And After School Care Extra Curriculum Activities Cheerleading; Choi Kwang Do; Ballet/Dance; Basketball; Martial Arts; Foreign Language GAC Accredited w/Quality

First Day of School August 1, 2011 888.TGS.KIDZ 678-413-1260 Hours 6am to 7pm 2360 Covington Hwy SW Conyers, Georgia 30012

(I-20 East; Exit 79 Sigman Rd. Left onto Sigman Road; Left onto Old Covington; TGS Christian Academy is about .25 down on left)

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It’s time for Back to School

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Photo courtesy of Black & Decker Appliances

Photo courtesy of Getty Images



ar from home for the first time, many college-bound students face new challenges and responsibilities not always covered on the SAT — from term papers and study groups, to unforgiving professors, part-time jobs and all the other nuances of newfound independence. And while organic chemistry, French literature and paying rent are struggles in their own right, unsuspecting undergrads often face another education from life’s syllabus: surviving without mom or dad and the comforts of home. And these days, with many students on a tight budget and sharing cramped rooms and counter space, finding ways to bring a bit of domesticity to the dorms — or a first apartment — isn’t always a top priority. But maintaining a balance between school and life, while learning the skill sets to take care of oneself in the real world, are arguably just as important as acing any exam. That’s why it’s a prerequisite for students to come prepped with at-home necessities to keep them on their A-game. This includes a few culinary essentials and household items designed to keep co-eds well-fed (toasters and countertop ovens) and well-pressed (an iron), even in the wilds of the real world. So students — and parents — take note. The following checklist features dorm room and apartment essentials that no student should be without. From extra-long sheets and flip-flops, to inexpensive yet stylish appliances touting an array of honor roll-worthy features, each item will help teach grads one of life’s greatest lessons: Home need never be that far away. (You should always check with on-campus housing authorities regarding any restrictions on appliances.)

College Essentials Checklist

 Ear plugs

Roommates, dorm rooms and apartment complexes are noisy. Keep ear plugs on hand to help shut out distractions and ensure quiet study time and a good night’s sleep.


From all-nighters to early classes, keeping a coffeemaker on hand helps keep co-eds awake and cuts down on expensive coffeehouse brews. Snag multi-cup machines, like those from Black & Decker, with auto shutoff features (it powers down as you power up for the day), plus Sneak-a-Cup capabilities, allowing you to snag a quick cup, even as the full batch is still brewing.

 DVD case

Budding cinephiles should leave DVD boxes at home and transfer their collection to a sturdy carrying case, making their new, semi-nomadic lifestyle that much easier to manage and to keep all their favorite films in one, easy-to-find place.


For undergrads, bagels and toast are pretty much a major food group. Luckily these days, even affordable toasters come in cool, stainless steel designs thanks to brands like Black & Decker, which have preset toasting features, extra-wide slots for easy loading and unloading, plus retractable cords — perfect for tight spaces and easy storage.


It’s time for Back to School

Photo courtesy of Black & Decker Appliances


Community showers are an unfortunate rite of passage for many dorm dwellers. So always remember to keep a dedicated pair of flip-flops to spare bare feet from touching questionable tile.

 Extra-long sheets

When it comes to bedding, just remember: Double-X. Translation? Extra sets of extra-long twin sheets for oddlysized dorm-room mattresses. Students don’t always have time to do laundry, which is why it’s smart to keep an extra pair on hand, too.


For budget living, any mix master knows that a good blender is perfect for preparing smoothies, salsas, shakes and more. Chic and inexpensive models from Black & Decker contain convenient features, too, like built-in cord storage, dishwasher-safe removable parts for easy clean-up, and even a handy 1-ounce measuring cup inside the lid.

 Surge protector

Between phone chargers, computers, desk lamps and all sorts of other gadgets, it’s always a bright idea to bring a power strip with surge protector to help manage today’s many electronic needs.

 Countertop oven

Essential for starter apartments and studios, cooking couldn’t be easier with a countertop oven. Value-friendly Black & Decker models lend versatility with bake, broil, toast and warming functions, while convection airflow from quartz heaters offers quick and consistently cooked brain food — from hot sandwiches to small pizzas — for even the smallest taste of home.


Sure, home is great for free laundry. But between visits, be sure to have a stash of quarters ready for the laundry room. And a timer isn’t bad either. Nothing worse than finding one’s wet unmentionables piled high atop a public machine by an impatient neighbor.


Internships, office hours and hot dates have one thing in common: the need to make a good first impression. This is why students should always have a good iron on hand. The latest and greatest from Black & Decker even offer vertical steaming for trouble-free touch-ups right on the hanger, while spacefriendly one-touch cord reel features are perfect for fast and easy storage, too.

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