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Figuring Out What Men Really Want It’s never too easy to guess what men really want. Some of them want the good stuff while others just want to have fun and go wild living like it’s the last day of their lives every day. Some are responsible while others are irresponsible. If you’re wondering how a woman can get to figure out and decipher a man, there’s a way to do it by starting with what is obvious and general.

First step in knowing what men really want is to know what they generally seek in marriage and in life. Setting aside what we repeatedly hear which is sex, men are also seeking companionship. They like having someone that they can share their heart with and someone who can play “board games” with when they grow old but never get bored with. Others like having someone they can travel and see the world with while the rest would just want to work together in reaching out the needy and give as much help as they can. The keyword is “together” – the companionship makes their life more colorful. Even if it’s not as obvious as how showy women are with wanting to have someone to hold for the rest of their lives, men want to have someone as much as women do. They need someone that they can grow old with and never fall out of love even when they get all wrinkly.

Men also need someone that will remind them of their value in life. Men can be tough and strong but when they encounter disappointments, they need someone to run to. There is something about being able to run to the opposite sex and that person would not be their mom but you. Running to their mother at an older age would not be something that they would any longer feel comfortable with. For them, it shows immaturity and dependence which is negative in some ways. What men really want is someone who will be there for them and that someone should be none other than the woman they trust and love the most – you. You being their other heart is where their heart feels the safest. They want someone that they can trust their hearts without having to suffer discrimination or rejection. Having that sense of security in your hands is something that men also seek despite the image that they portray. Another thing about what men really want is someone that will embrace them for who they are. They need someone who will unconditionally love them, someone that will accept them even if the rest of the world rejects them. They know that wherever they are and whatever they do, at the end of the day, someone there is waiting for them to come home and embrace them wholeheartedly. That sense of feeling where they know they will be loved and cherished without doubts and forgiven no matter how far they go astray – that’s what they want and to have someone that they can return the same thing to. For More Information Visit :

Figuring out what men really want  

It’s never too easy to guess what men really want. Some of them want the good stuff while others just want to have fun and go wild living li...

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