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Fall 2007

Your music Your rights Each piece of music performed at this event was written by somebody. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be hearing it. SOCAN is the organization that protects the livelihoods of those “somebodies” by selling access to music users, such as this event, and distributing the royalties to the rightful owners of the music. Be a somebody, with SOCAN. Don’t miss these SOCAN-sponsored events:

Commercial and Community Radio Friday, October 12, 2007 – 4:15 - 5:45 p.m. London Convention Centre, Salon "B" Panelists: Dan Kershaw, Melissa Kaestner (NCRA), Anya Wilson, Tom Coxworth and Brad Gibb (FM96)

Get in the Van: the who, what, why, where & how of touring Friday, October 12, 2007 – 12:00 - 2:15 p.m. London Convention Centre, Salon "C" Panelists: Dan Kershaw, Gary Cristall, Vanessa Arscott (Live Nation), Danny Michel and Jim Fleming

SOCAN Reception Friday, October 12, 2007 – 6:00 - 7:30 p.m. London Convention Centre, Salon "D" and "E"

what’s right for music la musique a ses droits


The president’s voice Welcome, one and all, to the annual conference edition of Folk Prints. Here we are as artists, presenters, agents, festival volunteers, employees and Board representatives, entrepreneurs, industry reps, members of the media, past and present OCFF Board and staff members, funding agency delegates and avid audience members, all sharing a common goal. In each of our roles, we help make our respective communities, regions, provinces, and countries richer, in artistic, social, and economic ways. Regardless of the role or title we

by Aengus Finnan

have, the approach we take, or the voice we share, we are all working towards the same result: the connection of people and culture. In relation to this goal and as an organization serving the multiple needs, perspectives and voices, the OCFF has an enormous role and responsibility in assisting us all to thrive in our efforts. In business terms, we are all OCFF “stakeholders”, people with a direct interest, involvement, and investment in the organization. In folk festival terms, we are all part of a community… and what a community it is!

As Board President of our 21-year-old organization, I would like to thank the current Board and staff for their ambition and commitment to our community, and recognize the time and talents of all past Board members who helped build the structure for our current operations. There has been much activity around the Board and office tables over the past


BOARD OF DIRECTORS 2006/07 Laura Bird Arlene Aengus Finnan ........................... Karen Flanagan McCarthy Lloyd Greenspoon Ellen Dennis Landry Paul Loewenberg Peter MacDonald Paul Mills ................................ Jory Nash........................................ Suba Sankaran........................... Jowi Taylor ...................................


Executive Director - Erin Benjamin General Manager - Jennifer Fornelli Office Administrator - Stacey Maxwell Youth and Community Outreach Coordinator - Erin Barnhardt

Phone 1.866.292.6233 or 613.560.5997 Fax 613.560.2001 Mailing address: 410 Bank Street, Suite 225 Ottawa, ON K2P 1Y8 Printing and Layout by Orion Printing Cover photo by Ian Davies

Deadline for Editions September 1 - fall (conference) December 15 - winter March 15 - spring June 15 - summer


Business Card ....................................$75/$100 Quarter Page ....................................$100/$125 Third of a Page ..................................$150/$175 Half Page ..........................................$175/$200 Full Page ...........................................$200/$225 Inside Cover ......................................$300/$350 Back Cover .......................................$500/$600 Listed above: member/non-member rates; not applicable for Fall/Conference issue. Please visit our website for conference issue ad rates, as well as formats and sizes. Submissions (max 500 words) and pictures welcome! Submissions may be edited for length and clarity. We cannot guarantee inclusion of your submission in Folk Prints (but we’ll try!). Please send submissions in text format only. If you have pictures, call us before you send them. The views expressed in this newsletter are those of the authors and are not necessarily those of the OCFF. Questions or comments regarding Folk Prints should be brought to the attention of Erin Benjamin at erin@ocff. ca. Articles and photos may not be reprinted without the expressed written permission from the author and/or photographer.


The president’s voice Continued two years that I would like to highlight as positive and proactive steps forward towards the increased long-term stability and sustainability of our organization. The thrust of the Board’s activity leading up to last year’s conference was the comprehensive refinement of the OCFF’s Bylaws and the associated Staff and Board Handbook, as well as the review of the programs and practices that relate to the changes. This year has been equally comprehensive, with the Board’s Policy, Personnel and Governance Committee reviewing and refining the OCFF’s current contracts, policies, and procedures. My thanks to this committee for their diligence. Our collective thanks to the staff who have been working through the changes and challenges that come with collaborating with an extremely active Board dedicated to articulating and ensuring accurate process and full involvement in the long-term vision. In addition to the changes to membership fees, conference fees, and registration deadlines, I would like to highlight some of the additional Board level activity over the past year. One of the initiatives is the introduction of ballot box voting at the conference (in ad4

dition to the standard mail-in ballot). We hope this will help increase membership engagement in the authorship of the future of the organization, and remind all that the OCFF is a year-round organization, not just a conference. As such, it requires a governing body to oversee its goals and operations. Additionally, the Board’s Communications Committee has been working to review the marketing and communications aspects of the OCFF, with attention to the costs, viability, presentation, options, and effectiveness of tools including the website, Folk Prints and online communiqués. The Stakeholder Research Committee is preparing two membership surveys: one this fall and another in the winter. The first will relate to membership perception, ideas, and input related to all aspects of the OCFF. The second will be more statistical and help the OCFF learn more about the activity, resources, and needs of our community. This will be followed, next spring, with a series of facilitated Town Hall forums throughout Ontario to provide an opportunity for members to share input with the Board. In relation to the fiscal health of the organization, and in keeping with the pro-

active nature of the Board, a Fundraising Committee was formed to support the ongoing programs and initiatives of the OCFF. This includes the eBay based “Folk-a-DoodleDo” sales of artist’s “doodles”, as well as a silent auction of generously donated items on display for bids during the conference. Finally, more than fivedozen Board members, past and present, have shared their time and talents over the years to build our organization into one of the finest and most respected in the folk music industry. We want to celebrate these men and women by making an effort to recognize and reconnect with them – perhaps even persuade them to join us as advisors or committee members. There are so many wonderful voices in our community, valuable ideas and resources in our membership. As a Board, we will continue to work with staff to make our organization a sustainable success, for it is the work of many that ensures the health of any endeavour. We appreciate your past, present and future involvement in our journey together. Yours in community and culture,

Aengus Finnan

Executive Director’s Message by Erin Benjamin Hello and welcome to our 21st annual conference! It’s wonderful to be back for my first conference in two years after my maternity leave, and exciting to see this community in full swing. The growth in the folk, roots and traditional music industry has been impressive, and the OCFF continues to be proud to work on behalf of all its members. The conference issue is where I get to thank the wonderful people who have worked so hard to bring you this amazing event. First and foremost, Jennifer Fornelli – our General Manager – also known in the office as “the boss”. Jennifer has transitioned out of the Interim Executive Director role she filled so aptly in my absence and into the role of logistics mastermind. Jennifer, thank you for once again raising the bar of the OCFF conference and making sure that every single person here feels like one of the family. The OCFF team also includes Erin Barnhardt – Youth and Community Outreach Coordinator, Stacey Maxwell – Office Administrator, Evelyn Cream – Sales, and Micheline Ayoub – Production Manager. These women are more than just brilliant, creative and strong…they are geniuses at seeing the big picture. They toil because they love, as I do, this community, and they deserve our endless thanks for all of

their year-round hard work. Our conference hosts, Alfredo Caxaj and Catherine McInnes, have been extraordinary to work with, and have brought the best of the city of London to us this year. They have been supportive in every way, and if this conference feels a little extra special to you – they are the reason why. Their fingerprints, and those of the vibrant Sunfest and Home County communities, can be found on every aspect of the weekend. Thank you for all the time you have dedicated to our London experience. We can’t wait to come back! To all our volunteers, delegates, funders, sponsors, showcase artists, international guests and all of our members – a heartfelt welcome and thank you. As the meat and potatoes of the OCFF, you ensure we all have a reason to be here. Your commitment to excellence is appreciated, and your support is deeply valued. Congratulations to all of you for acknowledging our collective responsibility to build, shape and care for this community every day. To Aengus Finnan and the Board of Directors: what an outstanding year we have had together. You are thorough. You are thoughtful. You are conscientious. You are a gift to the OCFF and I love working with you. For those of you who are leaving this year, thank you for perseverance

and enthusiasm. You will be missed. More shout-outs to Dan Kershaw, Sam Baardman, Dave Ferri, Heather Kelly, Sherri at Orion, Louis Meyers, and Don Quarles. Finally, thank you to the two men in my life – Richard Davis and Oliver Benjamin Davis - who understand my connection to this job and willfully enable my (possibly) obsessive desire to work harder for this community than any other. I appreciate your longterm patience and I adore you both. So ok…that’s it for the thanks. Oh, one last one… you. Thank you for coming, for being a part of this experience and for your contributions to this amazing family called folk music. Enjoy, meet as many people as you can, listen to some of the best music in the world, learn, laugh, and get your butt out of bed for the AGM (we have food!). I’ll see you on Sunday morning, 8:30 a.m. sharp for the run! Have a great conference, erin


WELCOME TO LONDON! Sunfest and Home County Folk Festival are excited to be co-hosting this year’s OCFF conference. London has the distinction of having two major free folk festivals that offer very different festival experiences. Sunfest is known for bringing the world to London, while the theme for Home County this past summer was ‘Come Home to Home County’. The conference will reflect these complementary programs with a joint Opening Gala concert featuring jazz/world music artist Jane Bunnett and the Spirits of Havana, and Juno Award-winning Canadian roots artist, Lynn Miles. In recognition of the vital role that OCFF and our two local festivals play in the arts and culture sector, the City of London has sponsored the opening reception. This conference is also an opportunity for you to discover London’s thriving local music scene. Promoting OCFF showcases as ticketed events to the London public will increase exposure for showcasing artists and create a larger audience base. The Convention Centre and the Hilton Hotel are in the heart of downtown London, within easy walking distance of restaurants and Covent Garden Market, which features fresh produce, baked goods, cafes and multi-cultural food vendors. Our beautiful heritage park, Victoria Park, (our festivals’ site) and the London Music Club (our own version of Hugh’s Room) are both a short walk from the conference site. Prepare yourselves to experience the exotic world of Sunfest, while feeling right at home with Home County hospitality! Alfredo Caxaj Artistic Director Sunfest

Catherine McInnes Artistic Director Home County Folk Festival


AT O C F F Nutshell Music Showcase - THU & FRI Youth Songwriting Showcase - SAT Estelle Klein Award Winner Stan Rogers Tribute - SUN


Welcome to the 21st annual conference of the Ontario Council of Folk Festivals.

Bienvenue à la 21e conférence annuelle du Conseil des festivals folkloriques de l’Ontario.

For more than two decades, this conference has attracted a wide range of people interested in folk and roots music, welcoming delegates from Canada, the United States, and Europe. By bringing people together for a weekend of networking, education, and fun, this conference contributes significantly to the promotion of folk, roots, and traditional music and also to the vitality of the cultural scene in Canada.

Depuis plus de deux décennies, cette conférence attire des gens de tous les horizons qui s’intéressent aux musiques folks et roots. Elle accueille notamment des délégués du Canada, des États-Unis et de l’Europe. En les réunissant dans le cadre d’une fin de semaine de réseautage, de formation et de plaisir, cette conférence contribue grandement à l’essor des musiques folk, roots et traditionnelles ainsi qu’à la vitalité de la scène culturelle canadienne.

As Minister of Canadian Heritage, Status of Women and Official Languages, I commend everyone involved in the Ontario Council of Folk Festivals for their efforts to promote folk music.

À titre de ministre du Patrimoine canadien, de la Condition féminine et des Langues officielles, je félicite tous les membres du Conseil des festivals folkloriques de l’Ontario de leurs efforts en vue de promouvoir la musique folk.

Enjoy the conference!

Bonne conférence!

Josée Verner



300 Dufferin Avenue P.O. Box 5035 London ON N6A 4L9

Office of the Mayor

October 11, 2007

Dear Friends: On behalf of the City of London, I am delighted to extend a warm welcome to all in attendance at the 21st Annual Conference of the Ontario Council of Folk Festivals. It is heartening to acknowledge the strong community leadership, which has gone into staging this unique cultural gathering in The Forest City. As Canada’s 10th largest centre, London is a beautiful community with a rich tapestry of arts, culture and heritage. We are also renowned for delicious dining, superb shopping, pristine parkland and many fun festivals, including the longstanding Home County Folk Festival. So, while you’re in town for the OCFF event, we hope you enjoy the tremendous hospitality of our friendly city and experience why London is a great place to live, to work, and to visit. Enjoy! Sincerely,

Anne Marie DeCicco-Best Mayor

Thank You To Our Conference Sponsors!


The OCFF International Program Each year at the conference, the OCFF produces an International Buyers Program as part of the conference. We invite delegates from outside of Canada to come to the conference to view showcases, network and connect with our artists and delegates. This program is supported by Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada (Arts Promotion), the Department of Canadian Heritage (Trade Routes) and the Ontario Media Development Corporation (OMDC). The program’s main objectives are to target, stimulate and facilitate business relationships between professionals working in the folk, roots and traditional music industry in Ontario, and national and international markets. Other over arching goals include: O To provide professional market development and export preparedness training opportunities; O To supporting the export of Ontario and Canadian music on a global scale;

To increase international trade activity of OCFF members while increasing overall market demand for live and recorded folk and roots music; O To increase the number of OCFF members exporting highquality, market-ready product. This year our International Buyers Program will feature approximately 12 presenters, agents, and others. These people are key industry stakeholders working in the cultural industries who have a keen interest in (or profound curiosity about) Ontarian/Canadian folk and roots music. These stakeholders – a valuable group to get to know for those artists focussed on developing careers outside of their home markets – are committed to exploring, developing and growing sustainable business relationships with performing and attending artists. OCFF delegates are encouraged to meet and speak with these guests, who will also be participating on panels and in mentoring sessions throughout the conference weekend. O

As we go to print, our international guests for 2007 include:

Phil Ballman Agent, Mondo Mundo Brooklyn, NY USA Mary Brabec Agent, The Billions Corporation Seattle/Chicago, USA Brad First Senior Buyer, SXSW Austin, TX USA Jim Fleming Fleming & Associates Ann Arbor, MI USA Davie Gardner Agent, Atlantic Edge Music Services Lerwick, Shetland Island Mary Granata Agent, Mary Granata Agency Oak Ridge, NJ USA Mike Green Agent, Mike Green & Associates Ann Arbor, MI USA Steve Heath Agent, SRO Artists Buyer, Concert of Colours Middleton, WI USA Fred Kaiser Artistic Director, Philadelphia Folk Festival Philadelphia, PA USA Timothy Mason Programmer, Passim Cultural Centre Boston, MA USA Stuart Thomas Music Officer, Scottish Arts Council Edinburgh, Scotland Lisa Whytock Active Paisley, Scotland Welcome to London and thank you for your participation!


OCFF Silent Auction by Laura Bird “He said oh my, it’s do or die, I’ve got to learn that auction cry. Gonna make my mark and be an auctioneer! Twenty-five dollar, thirty now thirty dollar thirty dollar Thirty dollar thirty dollar give me a hollar thirty dollar Who will bid it at a thirty-five dollar bid?” The Auctioneer © Leroy Van Dyke Yes, indeed folks, it’s time to put the FUN back into Fundraising – with our first ever OCFF Silent Auction! ‘Why a fundraiser?’ you ask? Well, getting and keeping adequate funding is crucial if we want to achieve the goals and missions for which OCFF was developed. The money raised by this event will go toward administering the programs and quality services our membership has come to enjoy. Members of the Board have been busy as squirrels in the fall, gathering incredible items that you’ll be nuts about. (Sorry, I couldn’t resist) Everything from recording studio sessions complete with producer/engineers, to concert tickets, festival passes, hotel accommodation, weekend getaway packages, pottery, gift baskets, musical accessories, instruments and much more! All items will be on display in the convention centre foyer near the conference registration desk from 9 a.m. Friday morning ‘til closing bid at 9 p.m. Saturday evening. If you’ve never been to a silent auction before, it’s really very simple…

Set a limit for your spending. View the auction items on display. Bid on an item by writing the amount you’d like to bid. Don’t forget to include your contact info. Go back periodically to see whether you’ve been outbid. Throughout the weekend, more people sign bid sheets and the prices increase. Write in a new amount if you’re willing to raise your bid, and include your contact info again. After the auction closes, a list of the items with the highest bidder’s information will be posted at the registration desk where you may pay for and pick up your winning item. (Cash, a personal cheque, VISA or MasterCard cheerfully accepted!) Take note, if you fail to pick up your item by Sunday noon, it may be offered to the next highest bidder. Unfortunately, we are unable to deliver the items after the conference, so please check in before you leave. On a closing note, I’d like to challenge anyone who actually knows the song The Auctioneer to come by the display and sing it for us. Heck, maybe we’ll have an AuctioneerOff! Who can sing it fastest? Any takers? Do I hear…? Some of the great items include… 1 day in the studio with producer/engineer Chris Coleman; includes overnight accommodations (Leopard Frog Studio, Kingston) 1 day studio time working with producer Paul Mills. (The Millstream Recording Studio, Toronto)

2 weekend passes 2008 Hillside Festival (Guelph) 2 weekend passes for the 2008 Ottawa Folk Festival 2008 Winter/Spring “Still Escaping Concert Series” Seasons Tickets for 2 (Nutshell Music & Event Management, Ottawa) 3 instruments from THE 12TH FRET (Grant MacNeill & David Wren) African Djembe Drum (Ottawa Folklore Centre) An evening with the Six String Nation Guitar (Jowi Taylor) Concert Series Tickets (Headwaters Acoustic Music Society,Orangeville) Elmwood Spa and Bangkok Garden’s Exotic Escape Package (Toronto) Autorickshaw Collection (Suba Sankaran) Funky Vintage (Folkway Music)


Gift Basket (City of Ottawa) Gift Certificate Room, Toronto)


Gourmet Coffee & Biscotti Gift Basket (What’s Cookin’) Handmade Pottery (Carol

Teal) Loreena McKennitt autographed collection OCFF ship



One Night ‘Honeymoon Suite’ (McKitrick House B&B)

2 OCFF 2008 conference registrations 11

OCFF Silent Auction Continued

Professional Artists Demo Package (Escarpment Sound Recording Studio,Toronto) Rode Condenser Mic (Merchant Marketing & ADI) Two Framed Original Colleen Peterson Doodles plus 2 CD’s “Postcards From California” (Shirley & Bob Richardson) Weekend package Brookstreet Hotel (Ottawa) The OCFF gratefully acknowledges the generosity of our Silent Auction donors.

Annual membership fees: One Year: Organizations: · Individual $42.40 - Small/ NFP $106.00 · Partner $79.50 - Medium $132.50 · Youth $26.50 - Large $185.55 · Family $100.70 · Lifetime $630.70

Join the OCFF

Benefits of membership include the annual festival calendar, quarterly delivery of Folk Prints, conference discounts and more. Membership in the OCFF supports education, development, communication and advocacy initiatives, programs and services on behalf of the Ontario folk community. Your support makes a difference Send to Ontario Council of Folk Festivals 410 Bank Street, Suite 225, Ottawa, ON K2P 1Y8 Phone: 1-866-292-6233 Fax: 613-560-2001

Festivals interested in membership, please call the office.

Name: Address: City: Prov:

Postal Code:

Telephone: Email:


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Réseau Ontario est fier de présenter

du 16 au 19 janvier

à Ottawa

• • •

The oldest annual gathering of French-speaking artists and presenters in Canada 28 showcases in music, dance, theatre, comedy and variety A marketplace for over 150 artists and agents Additional information and registration available at: Réseau Ontario vous souhaite une excellente Conférence annuelle OCFF !



Songs From THe Heart 2007 Summary Greetings to everyone. I hope that everyone reading this is enjoying (or has enjoyed) our annual OCFF conference. This is the 4th year I have been involved with the SFTH contest and once again, it has been a labour of love and an honour to get to listen to so many great songs (and not have to judge them!). A big bunch of thank-yous go out to so many important people: CBC Galaxie Folk/ Roots for their continued sponsorship and especially Roch Parisien for his continued support of the contest; all of the OCFF office staff (and especially Jen Fornelli & Erin Benjamin) for their assistance in organizing the contest; Alec Sinclair & Laura Bird, who were members of the SFTH Committee and provided sage advice and wonderful suggestions on potential judges. The biggest thank yous go out to the many wonderful judges who spent hours listening to so many tunes and had the arduous task of choosing “winners” from so many terrific entries: Ana Miura, Mark Smith, Katherine Wheatley, Roch Parisien, Phil Lafrenière, Robin MacIntyre, Holmes Hooke, Brian Blain, John Wort Hannam, Don Bird, Brian Macmillan & Leah Salomaa. What follows is a list of all winning entries in all categories, plus a list of writers who received honourable mention from the judges. Names of songs for the honourable mentions are being withheld 14

intentionally, in case these writers decide to submit the same tunes next year. If any songwriter would like to know how their song(s) did in this year’s contest, please feel free to contact me privately at OVERALL ENGLISH: WINNER, Songs From The Heart Award: Catherine McInnes “Waltzing On Eggshells” WINNER, Colleen Peterson Award: Brooke Miller “Two Soldiers” Honourable Mentions: Janine Stoll, Melissa Stylianou, Andrea Simms-Karp, Ben Sures, Amy Campbell, Juanita Wilkins, Eve Goldberg, Chuck Baker, Ariana Gillis, Lori Yates & Soozi Schlanger OVERALL FRENCH: WINNER, Songs From The Heart Award: Charlie Sohmer “Marie-Anne Lagimodière” POLITICAL: WINNER: David Leask & Alec Steinwell “Freedom By The Barrell” Honourable Mentions: Dale Nikkel, Peter Katz, Nancy White, Jesse David HUMOUROUS : WINNER: Angie Nussey “The Gynecologist Song” Honourable Mentions: Bill Houston, Debbie Fleming BLUES: WINNER: Ken Whiteley “Everybody Has the Blues”

by Jory Nash

Honourable Mentions: Sarah Craig, Frank Patrick CHILDREN’S: WINNER: Russell Leon “Troubadour” Honourable Mentions: Bogart & Douglas, Chris McKhool HISTORICAL: WINNER: Jon Brooks “Auction Days” Honourable Mentions: Bill Houston, Meredith Luce WORLD: WINNER: Frank Patrick “Believe” Honourable Mentions: Frank Patrick, Chris MacLean INSTRUMENTAL: WINNER: Darcy Wickham “Feather Fingers” Honourable Mentions: The River Pilots, Clela Errington Congratulations to all this year’s winners and honourable mentions! We had about 400 submissions again this year and the general quality of the songs was again tremendously high. It has been an honour and a privilege to administer the contest on behalf of the OCFF. Please note that it is my intention to step down from my role as contest administrator for 2008. It has been an enjoyable 4 years for me but it is time to pass on the torch to other capable hands.

Galaxie Rising Stars Program of the CBC Galaxie, CBC’s Continuous Music Network, in association with The Ontario Council of Folk Festivals is proud to partner with the 2005 Songs From the Heart Competition. Together, we come to provide artists with this opportunity to shine: Rising Stars Awards will be granted to the best Anglophone and Francophone artist. Best of luck to all the participants and much success in your musical endeavours! 9 years ago, Galaxie created the Rising Stars program for the development and promotion of Canadian musical talent. To this day, more than 600 musicians have benefited from the Program with the fellowship and support of more than fifty music industry partners across the country. The winners will receive a cash award and the chance to be aired on Galaxie’s Nation wide network. With more than 6 million subscribers, Galaxie is the most listened to continuous music network in the country. Thanks to its 45 music channels, including 11 specialty channels, one of which dedicated to FolkRoots music, all programmed by music experts, the network has a sound for everyone. Galaxie offers a dynamite mix of classic hits, contemporary chart toppers and new treasures to discover. Overall, the network plays 150,000 music titles, while providing the best digital-quality sound. Galaxie is a digital service available by subscription via satellite, cable and telecom companies. For more information, consult our web site at And now, let the music begin!

Les Prix Étoiles Galaxie de Radio-Canada Galaxie, le réseau de musique continue de Radio-Canada en collaboration avec le Conseil des festivals Folk de l’Ontario (CFFO) est heureux de s’associer au Concours Chansons du Fond du Coeur. Il nous fait plaisir de contribuer à ce tremplin de la relève musicale. Nous sommes fiers de remettre deux bourses dans la catégorie composition anglophone et composition francophone. Nous souhaitons bonne chance et bon succès à tous les participants! Il y a 9 ans, Galaxie a créé un programme original de développement et de promotion destiné aux musiciens d’ici. À ce jour, plus de 600 artistes et groupes en ont bénéficié grâce à la participation de plus d’une cinquantaine de Partenaires Étoiles de l’industrie de la musique à travers le pays. Nous accordons aux gagnants une bourse en argent et l’occasion d’une diffusion à l’échelle nationale sur le Réseau Galaxie. Avec plus de 6 millions d’abonnés, Galaxie est le réseau de musique continue le plus écouté au pays! Grâce à ses 45 chaînes de musique, dont 11 chaînes spécialisées incluant la chaîne FolkRoots, offertes sans publicité ni interruption et programmées par des experts, il est facile de trouver une chaîne qui plaira à tous et chacun. Galaxie vous propose des airs connus et reconnus et d’autres coups de cœur que ses programmateurs vous invitent à découvrir. En tout, le Réseau compte plus de 150 000 pièces de musique! Galaxie est disponible à travers les services numériques par satellite et par câble, ainsi que par les compagnies de télécom. Pour plus d’informations, consultez notre site Internet au Et maintenant, place à la musique!

Jean-Richard Lefebvre Directeur, Développements, partenariats et Director, Development, Partnerships programmation française & French Programming

Rising Star OCFF Songs From the Heart Winners 2007 Catherine McInnes is the English-language grand prize winner of 2007 the “Galaxie Rising Star Award of the CBC” for her song “Waltzing on Eggshells”. Catherine is a versatile singer/ pianist, seamlessly switching vocal modes from vocal jazz to classical choral repertoire to her own contemporary songs as a solo singer-songwriter. She released Exposed, her first solo CD of all her own songs, in June 2007. Beyond songwriting and performing, Catherine is a teacher, choral composer and arranger, and is currently the Artistic Director of Home County Folk Festival in London, Ontario. Charlie Sohmer is the winner of the French-language 2007 “Galaxie Rising Star Award of the CBC” for his song “Marie-Anne Lagimodière”. “I was excited to learn that one of my songs had won the Ontario Council of Folk Festivals’ 2007 Songs From The Heart Competition. Being the only thing I’ve ever won in my life (besides the heart of my darling wife), this has caused me to modify somewhat, my long-held, low regard for these kinds of contests. I now think they are pretty cool.”


ocff Youth Program 2007:

by Erin Barnhardt

Mentorship, Collaboration and Performance Are you an artistic director? Radio DJ? Roots music supporter? We invite you to experience the OCFF’s enhanced Youth Program. This year, we are proud to present Nabi Loney (sponsored by Winterfolk), Paul Brogee, Michael Cota (sponsored by Stewart Park Folk Festival), Taylor Mitchell and the Métis Fiddler Quartet. They will work oneon-one with five fabulous mentors: Treasa Levasseur, Bill Bourne, Claire Jenkins, Lynn Miles and Anne Lindsay. The OCFF Youth Program is a professional development program that provides one-on-one, in-depth interaction with profession-

als from the community during the OCFF annual conference. Its goal is twofold: to encourage the next generation of performers, as well as presenters and festival personnel. The program offers professional development opportunities to youth interested in the diverse aspects of festival and event production. This year, three youth participants will gain hands-on experience about sound engineering and stage management. For the performance participants, there are workshops, networking opportunities, and a showcase. The youth participants will work with their mentor

on Friday and Saturday on the various aspects of becoming an effective performer and professional in the industry. They will also rehearse together for the Official Youth Showcase, which takes place Saturday, October 13th at 2:00pm in Salons D & E. In a round-robin style showcase, they will display their new collaborations, in both song and story. If you are interested in sponsoring a young artist for the OCFF Youth Program next year, or would simply like to learn more about our youth initiatives, please contact Erin Barnhardt, OCFF Youth and Community Outreach Coordinator,

TANNIS SLIMMON “....a work of fine beauty, that highlights one of the most beautiful voices I have had the pleasure to listen to.” – David Francey


Lucky Blue

the album by songstress Tannis Slimmon. Available at Tel. (519) 824-8848,

W W W. T A N N I S . C A


Lucky Blue

showcase artists

Apostle of Hustle Adam Tikisa Solomon and

Juno award-winner Adam Solomon and his band, Tikisa, deliver a fresh, intoxicating blend of Worldbeat and Afro-Fiesta rhythms that will lift your soul and move your feet. The effortless manner with which Solomon controls the guitar so that it sings with him exemplifies the talent of this Kenyan native. Sat. Oct. 13- Ballroom 3 - 8:00 pm.

Apostle of Hustle first took shape after Andrew Whiteman spent a two-month sojourn in Havana in 2001. Whiteman returned to Toronto and took up residency at a local dive as Apostle of Hustle, alongside Dean Stone and Julian Brown. Their first endeavor, Folkloric Feel, was released in July of 2004, and they released their second, National Anthem of Nowhere, in early 2007. Fri. Oct. 12 - Ballroom 3 - 8:00 pm .

Asani Amanda Martinez

Recently nominated as Best Latin Jazz Artist by Canada’s National Jazz Awards (2007), Toronto-based Amanda Martinez is a rare talent – singer, actor and broadcaster. Her debut CD, Sola, won best World Music album at Toronto’s Independent Music Awards. Martinez sings a unique blend of acoustic Latin styles, with elements of Spanish flamenco, Mexican folk song and Afro-Cuban rhythms incorporated into her intense originals. Sat. Oct. 13 - Ballroom 3 - 9:10 pm.

Asani captivates audiences with their breathtaking harmonies, their dynamic vocal artistry and their powerful rhythmic style. Carrying with them the traditional influences of First Nations and Métis music, their songs resonate with their own blend of traditional vocals infused with the sounds of jazz, folk and blues. Fri. Oct. 12 - Salons A & B - 10:05 pm.


Darbazi is a Toronto-based ensemble that performs the traditional polyphonic vocal music of the Re-

public of Georgia. Seeking a deeper understanding of this unique music, Darbazi and individual members have made many visits to Georgia to study and to perform the music, and to learn repertoire from Georgian singers and musicologists throughout the country. Fri. Oct. 12 - Ballroom 3 - 10:50 pm.


Heather Morgan

Heather Morgan is an incredibly versatile singer/songwriter straddling, jazz, bluegrass and blues influences. Her songs have received international accolades and she has been called “…a natural, an original, and unmistakably distinctive”. Engaging live performers, she and her talented band of outlaws bring you music that’s emotive AND entertaining! Sat. Oct. 13 - Ballroom 3 - 10:50 pm.

The riveting post-traditional American Old Time music of Vancouver trio, Dyad, is influenced by everything from indie-rock and punk to classical music. Played with confidence and intensity with two voices and skilled instrumentation on banjo, fiddle and guitar, DYAD forges their stark and haunting sounds out of the old traditions. Sat. Oct. 13 - Salons A & B - 8:20 pm.

Justin Nozuka Gadji-Gadjo

Gadji-Gadjo is a Montreal-based band inspired by the gypsy and klezmer music of Central Europe that’s been taking festival audiences by storm. Their original compositions and fresh rendering of traditional pieces are guaranteed to get you up and dancing. Their much-anticipated second CD is scheduled for an October release. Sat. Oct. 13 - Ballroom 3 - 9:45 pm.

Blending elements of neo-soul, folk, old-time blues and pop, Justin has the guts of Ray Lamontagne and the soul of James Morrison. Fri. Oct. 12 - Salons A & B - 9:30 pm.


showcase artists

Rani mayhemArbo and daisy

Kobo Town

Kobo Town’s music draws its inspiration from traditional calypso, roots reggae and dub poetry. Named after the vibrant and turbulent neighborhood in Port-of-Spain where calypso was born, the Toronto-based ensemble strives to recover the social conscience, political satire and compelling rhythms that characterized Trinidadian music in the past. Fri. Oct. 12 - Ballroom 3 - 8:35 pm.

Little Miss Higgins

Bewitching like moonlight on water, Little Miss Higgins captivates audiences with her original, gutsy and spirited songs. Accompanied by partner/guitar player Foy Taylor, together they create innovative guitar work rooted in a country blues style and an unforgettably “top hat” stage show. Sat. Oct. 13 – Salons A & B – 9:30 pm.

Nathan Rogers

Deeply rooted in Canadian and world folk traditions, Nathan sets his spine-tingling Rogers’ tenor/ baritone to 21st century ballads and passionate anthems. Whether song crafting in folk, folk-rock, Tuvan throat chanting, ragtime or delta blues, Nathan “fills the stage with acoustic brilliance through magnificent, powerfully clear lyrics and instrumentals”. Sat. Oct. 13 – Ballroom 3 – 10:20 pm.

All of roots music is a stage for daisy mayhem, a quar tet that choreographs a jubilant mix of traditional, original, and contemporary sounds. With Rani Arbo’s bewitching alto at the helm, 100% recycled percussion, masterful playing, and four-part harmonies; this group is “…one of America’s most inventive string bands.” (Boston Herald). Sat. Oct. 13 – Salons A & B – 7:45 pm.

Richard Burnett Notre Dame de Grass

Lily Frost

Lily Frost’s brand of Lounge Pop is a hybrid blend of international flavors which e-mote a dreamlike atmosphere in which sultry Latin rhymes and Parisian style synths transport one to another era, all the while presenting the audience with something still grounded in a contemporary experience. Sat. Oct. 13 - Salons A & B - 8:55 pm.

Mary Milne

Whether it’s playing electric guitar while pounding a kick-drum in a Springsteen cover song, pulling out a piece of bathroom tile to perform a tap-dance solo or simply playing one of her own crafted songs, Mary’s shows are engaging, odd, heartbreaking and original. Sat. Oct. 13 – Salons A & B – 10:40 pm.

Notre Dame de Grass is a five-piece Canadian bluegrass band specializing in original songs and instrumental material. While staying true to the conservative sensibilities of bluegrass music, Notre Dame de Grass draws from the deep well of North American folk tradition to inform their work. Fri. Oct. 12 – Ballroom 3 – 9:10 pm.

Richard Burnett summons timeless & traditional elements of roots music, depicting his rural surroundings of southern Ontario. Burnett’s voice creates a sense of ease in the listener. Whether crooning to a pulsing acoustic guitar or picking rolling electric instrumentals with trio Redbarn, Burnett extends warmth akin to the country gentleman. Fri. Oct. 12 – Ballroom 3 – 9:45 pm.

Sheesham and Lotus

Sheesham and Lotus met in Alabama, then settled in Canada as musicians playing for old-time dances and gatherings. They kept


showcase artists music. Think - James Brown meets Tito Puente and they all hook up to jam at Fela Kuti’s house. Sat. Oct. 13 – Ballroom 3 – 8:35 pm.

running in to each other in all the states of the union until they decided to band together as a duo and spread the joyous gospel of old-time string music. They sing in the old style clear mountain harmonies and ragtime tunes. Fri. Oct. 12 - Salons A & B - 10:40 pm.

Sonia Tavares

Sierra Noble

World-class fiddler Sierra Noble infuses her performances with history, culture and charisma. This 17-year-old specializes in traditional Métis fiddle music, and is highly respected for her wide stylistic versatility, accomplished in Classical, Celtic, Bluegrass, Country, Old Time, Middle Eastern, Rock, and Jazz. Fri. Oct. 12 – Salons A & B – 10:40 pm.

Sonia Tavares is a Toronto-born fado singer. As a classically trained pianist and vocalist born to Portuguese parents, she was immersed in the traditional sounds of her cultural roots since infancy. The passion required to sing fado is highly evident in her vocal performance and presence on stage. Sonia brings to you her first recording entitled Reformação. Fri. Oct. 12 – Salons A & B – 8:20 pm.

Souljazz Orchestra

Formed in Ottawa in 2002, the Souljazz Orchestra combines jazz, funk, African and Latin music with lyrics touching on politics and spirituality, creating some of Canada’s most righteous dance

Steve Payne

Elusive and eccentric, Steve Payne is one of Britain’s best - and most widely traveled – roots/blues guitarists, singers and songwriters: from touring with Loudon Wainwright and Fairport Convention, to the Glastonbury Festival, to his recent acoustic albums. The man is quiet and thoughtful. The music is both sweet and gritty. Sat. Oct. 13 - Salons A & B - 10:05 pm.

the music. Their live energy-laden performance is infectious and has captivated Canadian audiences from coast to coast. Fri. Oct. 12 – Ballroom 3 – 10:20 pm.

Red Chamber

Red Chamber is an Asian ensemble with a repertoire spanning several centuries, led by internationally acclaimed zheng (zither) master Mei Han. Whether it is fast and furious string band music, the sultry beauty of Imperial Court classics, or cutting edge contemporary creations, Red Chamber’s fiery passion embodies every note. Fri. Oct. 12 – Salons A & B – 8:55 pm.

T he Grass

The Grass is a melting pot of musical styles. Three-chord country, jangley folk-rock, gritty 50’s style power chording, mammoth arena rock and spirited do-wop group sing-a-longs all find their place in

Official Showcases Friday

Salons A & B 7:45 pm - Sierra Noble 8:20 pm - Sonia Tavares 8:55 pm - Red Chamber 9:30 pm - Justin Nozuka 10:05 pm - Asani 10:40 pm - Sheesham and Lotus

Ballroom 3 8:00 pm - Apostle of Hustle 8:35 pm - Kobo Town 9:10 pm - Notre Dame de Grass 9:45 pm - Richard Burnett with Red Barn 10:20 pm - The Grass 10:50 pm - Darbazi


Salons A & B 7:45 pm - Rani Arbo & daisy mayhem 8:20 pm - Dyad 8:55 pm - Lily Frost 9:30 pm - Little Miss Higgins 10:05 pm - Steve Payne 10:40 pm - Mary Milne

Ballroom 3 8:00 pm - Adam Solom and Tikisa 8:35 pm - The Souljazz Orchestra 9:10 pm - Amanda Martinez 9:45 pm - Gadji-Gadjo 10:20 pm - Nathan Rogers 10:50 pm - Heather Morgan & The Company of Men


showcase artists


Dan McKinnon

Blessed with a room-shaking baritone voice and the keen eye of a natural storyteller, Dan McKinnon is one of the leading torchbearers for the rich traditions of Maritime Canadian folk music. At the heart of his music is a profound respect for the past, balanced by a passionate attachment to the present.


Similar to the music they perform, Kleztory is a rich mosaic of cultures (Russian, Canadian, Québécois and French), musical training and tastes. Combining their talents, these five musicians perform with an emotion and a virtuosity that is the true spirit of klezmer. Through the use of innovative arrangements that are respectful of the original compositions, Kleztory has forged a unique, yet still authentic musical path.

Les Batinses Eve Goldberg

Effor tlessly fusing folk, blues, jazz, and bluegrass influences, Eve Goldberg brings her “watercolour voice” and solid guitar style to folk clubs, concerts and festivals across Canada and the US. Her latest album, A Kinder Season, establishes her as a compelling songwriter whose songs draw honey from the rock of life.

Inspired and explosive, Les Batinses happily give purists a run for their money by putting out a new breed of traditional folk music. Virtuosity is the name of the game as the musicians stretch the musical boundaries of their craft. Les Batinses. Kick-ass traditional folk music. One hell of a ride.

Sarah Burnell

CFMA’s “Best Young Performer” (2006) Sarah Burnell’s Celtic fiddle music and songs are rooted in Cape Breton, Scotland, and Ireland, with “world” overtones. Her high-energy performances have engaged audiences across Canada, and Scotland. Her CD, Sarah’ndipity, charmed audiences and critics alike. Her second CD is expected to be released in 2008.


Strada cares little for borders. The group loves to transgress them, switching from Yiddish to Turkish, or going from Bulgaria to Galicia, as it traces the maps of new musical itineraries. It a pure pleasure to follow these musicians as they explore new paths…

T he Sarahs

Instrument Lock-up

Once again, the OCFF conference has an instrument lock-up facility. This year, it will be in Ballroom 4 on the second level. The lock-up will be managed by conference volunteers and will be secured when it is not open. However, please be advised that the OCFF and the London Convention Centre are not liable in any way for instruments and equipment stored in this room. You are welcome to use the instrument lock-up at your own risk. The OCFF is pleased to offer this service to registered delegates of the 21st annual conference.


Nathan Wiley

Nathan Wiley is a musician with a vision. And that vision comes into sharper than ever focus on his third album The City Destroyed Me, a collection of 13 tracks penned over a solid year of writing by the multiple ECMA winner, culled with the aid of his producer, Steve Berlin.

Named after a butterfly, Sarah Longwing is a duo of innovative and versatile performers who migrate between Canada and Norway, gathering and creating. The Sarahs are rooted in tradition and branching out through song, fiddle, flute, and poetic narrative. They have toured the US and have performed at festivals internationally.

showcase artists


Listen again at Hillside 2008. Nabi’s first album well underway. Just wait. Winterfolk sponsors, thank ye. Honoured to be here; Enjoy Nabi.

Paul Brogee

Paul is a seventeen-years-old, and has been involved with music most of his life. He began playing violin at the age of five, and added the guitar to his repertoire at the age of twelve. He has experimented in various musical genres and is very excited to take part in the OCFF conference.

Michael Cota

Michael Cota is a seventeen-year-old from Maberly, Ontario. He recorded his first album when he was fifteen, and has since come out with a new album, which is a step into a more upbeat, diverse world of music. Michael continues to write and play his guitar.

Taylor Mitchell

Taylor Mitchell is a 17-year-old singer/songwriter who has been writing in one form or another most of her life. Her musical tastes are vast and varied, ranging from blues and classical to folk and rock. Educated in the arts from an early age, Taylor received training in many different musical genres, and has grown into an eclectic musical tempest, constantly shifting her sounds to suit her constantly shifting tastes. She draws from music and is a firm believer in integrating past generations of music into her work.

T he Metis Fiddler Quartet Nabi Loney

Hear ye, groove ye, new sound emerging; Jazz-fused folk experiments, Injecting passionate noise. Nabi vibrates poetry, raw and true. Nick breathes, guitar licks, fresh, alive… Check their sound.

The Métis Fiddler Quartet is a Toronto-based young Métis traditional family ensemble with a classical finesse that can take an audience back to an old-style Métis kitchen party jam or out on the prairies where you hear the Call of the Loon, see the Duck Dance, or clog the Caribou Reel. Alyssa, Conlin, Nicholas, and Danton are always proud to share their heritage with people of all cultures.


Featuring Youth Artists and Mentors Saturday, Oct. 13th 2:00-3:15pm Salon D & E

OCFF 2007 Mentors OCFF conference delegates will have the opportunity to participate in the mentoring sessions being offered on Sunday, October 14. These one on one sessions give you a chance to meet with an expert and ask questions related to your specific musical goals. Sign up sheets will be available near the registration desk on Saturday afternoon from 1:00pm – 4:00pm. This year’s mentor’s* are: Alan Willaert, American Federation of Musicians Ann MacKeigan, CBC Radio Arlene Bishop, Musician Derek Andrews, Global Café Don Quarles, Songwriters Association of Canada Fred Kaiser, Philadelphia Folk Festival James Gordon, Pipe Street Studios Kelly Langgard, Canada Council for the Arts Kerry Clarke, Calgary Folk Festival Louis Meyers, North American Folk Alliance Mark Steinmetz, CBC Radio Mary Brabec, The Billions Corporation Mary Granata, Granata Agency Michael Murray, Ontario Arts Council Michael Wrycraft, A Man Called Wrycraft Mike Green, Mike Green & Associates Phil Ballman, Mondo Mundo Richard Flohil, Flohil & Associates Sandra Butel, Regina Folk Festival Sheila Simspon, Ontario Trillium Foundation Steve Heath, SRO Artists Tim Mason, Club Passim Lisa Whytock, Active Bob Gilchrist, Oscar Music Agency Stuart Thomas, Scottish Arts Council Davie Gardner, Atlantic Edge Music * Please sign up only if you are serious about attending the session.



Bill Bourne

Bill was raised in a musical family in rural Alberta. The love of nature and of music and of people gathering for celebration has been with him for his whole life. A multiple Juno Award winner, Bill has received national and international acclaim for his recordings and live performances. Life on the road is reflected in Bill’s music - powerful rhythms and soulful songs, steeped in World Beat, Blues, Cajun, Celtic, Folk, Flamenco, Funk, Poetry and more...

Treasa Levasseur

Treasa Levasseur is a dynamic band leader, a multi-instrumental side-woman, an enthusiastic folk festival volunteer and a passionate music educator. She is thrilled to be taking part in the OCFF Youth Mentoring program, as well as all the late-night stairwell jams she can cram in.

Lynn Miles

Compared to the likes of Lucinda Williams and Joni Mitchell, Lynn Miles is considered one of Canada’s finest singer/songwriters. Love Sweet Love, Miles’ fifth album and follow-up to her 2003 Juno-winning Unravel, is at once intensely introspective and universal, combining a sweet, melodic and powerful voice with incisive lyrics.


YUKON: NORTH of ORDINARY Thursday, 11 October SALON A & B, LCC, 11 PM

Anne Lindsay Claire Jenkins

Like nothing and everything you have heard before, Claire Jenkins Avec Band with producer Don Kerr have launched their fantastic fantastical album: Crow’s Nest/Nid De Pie. They are: Claire Jenkins, Treasa Levasseur, Tom Howell, Sean Cotton, Brad Hart and Joe Phillips. After a year-long residency at Supermarket in Toronto, Claire Jenkins Avec Band has a live show like no other. The paper hats, gold dust, and fire are just the beginning.


Anne Lindsay has established herself as one of the most engaging and versatile instrumentalists in Canada, adapting her unique violin/fiddle style to the eclectic sounds and musical languages of this country’s rich cultural texture. Currently composing, performing and recording with her own band, Anne is also a much sought after side person, composer, arranger and background vocalist, performing with some of Canada’s top musical acts: Blue Rodeo, Jim Cuddy, John McDermott - and in the key role of a folk fiddler in The Lord of the Rings stage show.

11:00 Brenda Berezan 1135

Frank Hoorn


Yael Wand


Mikel Miller


Kim Beggs

“Waidaminnit”, you say, Frank and Yael are from BC! Yes they are, but they are from Northern BC and opted to join MusicYukon as members of an MIA who is more ‘culturally aligned’. Hey. One message, one voice. It’s what makes Yukon so special.

ocff conference 2007 panelists

Derek Andrews

Jean-Robert Bisaillon

Vanessa Arscott

Arlene Bishop

Since his first job in 1973, washing dishes at Egerton’s, Derek has promoted roots and world music in the Toronto area. He has dedicated volunteer time to the formation and the Boards of the Toronto Blues Society, Folk Alliance, Folk Alliance Canada, Small World Music and the OCFF. Derek is chair of the Juno Advisory Committee for World Music and advisor to the European Forum of Worldwide Music Festivals.

Vanessa has worked in various different aspects of live music since 1998. She has worked as a tour manager for two established Canadian artists: Hawksley Workman and Sarah Harmer, for their Canadian, US and European tours in 2004 & 2005. Vanessa started working with House of Blues Concerts Canada in early 2005 and is currently working as Senior Production Manager at Live Nation Canada.

Sam Baardman

Sam has served as Executive Director of the Manitoba Audio Recording Industry Association (MARIA) since June of 2000. He is Chair of the National Advisory Board of FACTOR, President of the Board of the Western Canadian Music Alliance (WCMA), Chair of the Canadian Council of Music Industry Associations, and serves on numerous committees and advisory boards at the regional and national level. He is the 2002 recipient of the Prairie Music Award for Industry Builder of the Year.

Sam Baijal

Samir (Sam) has been the artistic director for the Hillside Festival since 1998 and also works for the University of Guelph, where he programs entertainment for the campus & local community. He has been an active member of the provincial / national / international festival community for several years.

Phil Ballman

Phil is co-founder of Mondo Mundo booking agency in New York and is a musician who has broad experience on the business side of music in addition to his work as a performer. In his 15-year career, he has served as radio programmer, artist manager, booking agent, retail buyer, tour manager, publicist, talent buyer, and more in both the United States and Europe.

Laura Bird

Laura Bird is a performing singer/songwriter, graphic designer and acoustic music presenter. She was born in Kingston, Ontario, grew up in the Thousand Islands town of Gananoque and now resides in the budding metropolis of Orangeville, Ontario. Laura is a founding member of the Headwaters Acoustic Music Society, a board member with the ArtsCan Circle group, co-founder of the Colleen Peterson Songwriting Award and a member of the OCFF’s Board of Directors.

Jean-Robert Bisaillon is the current digital watch consultant for SPACQ. He created SOPREF in 1997, following the Forum des musiques amplifiées, a conference aimed at giving a voice to alternative and self-produced musical artists of the province of Quebec. He is the Board Secretary for SOPREF and also serves on the Boards of Musicaction, Francouvertes, and MUTEK. He has just co-written, with Jean-Noël Bigotti, an indie music trade guide between France and Quebec/Canada, published by SOPREF and French structure IRMA. A compelling performer who writes, sings and speaks from the heart, Arlene has proudly participated as Vice President of the OCFF Board of Directors in 2006-07. In the coming year, she’ll continue to volunteer as the OCFF Folk-a-Doodle-Do musician doodles coordinator as well as release a new album, tour new territories and practice her new found passion for screenwriting.

Mary Brabec

Mary Brabec got her start in the music industry in 1995, working for Vootie Productions. In 1999, Mary was hired by One Reel and relocated to Seattle to work with the WOMADUSA and Bumbershoot Festivals. She founded her own MB Booking Agency, focusing on bluegrass and old-time music, before merging with the Chicago-based Billions Corporation in 2005. Now an agent with Billions, she continues to work from her Seattle office.

Clark Bryan

Clark is an accomplished pianist who completed his graduate work at the University of Western Ontario. He has had the privilege of studying with many of the world’s most renowned pianists. In 2004, Clark purchased the Aeolian Performing Arts Centre and School of Music, a magnificent acoustic marvel in London, Ontario.

Barbara Buntin

Barbara is the Village Coordinator for the Shelter Valley Folk Festival, encompassing the Artists, Family and Children’s, Wellness and Sustainable Living Villages. The celebration of art and community is the motivation that keeps her passionate about this volunteer role. Barbara is a founding member of the SVFF organization and a member of its Board of Directors.

Sandra Butel

Sandra has been the Artistic Director of the Regina Folk Festival for the last 9 years. She has directed the children’s festival in Regina and has worked for the French community as an event coordinator. Sandra is an active member of Western Roots Artistic Directors (WRAD), part of a national network of festivals, and has served on jury and advisory committees for the Canada Council, Saskatchewan Arts Board, Western Canadian Music Awards and the Juno Awards.

Debbie Carroll

Debbie is an early childhood music educator and performer. Her 2 CDs - Up and Over the Moon! and Simply Beautiful – were produced by Ken Whiteley. Classically trained, Debbie waltzed into the folk community via The Woods Music and Dance Camp. Debbie lives in Toronto, Ontario, with her husband and 2 cats.

Alfredo Caxaj

Originally from Guatemala, Alfredo Caxaj has been at the forefront of introducing Canadian audiences to outstanding world music and dance artists from around the globe. He is the Artistic Director of two premier summer festivals produced in London, Ontario: Sunfest and Fiesta del Sol.


Elise Chambers

Pete Denomme

Kerry Clarke

Tina DesRoches

Elise is a Board member with Home County and coordinates the Craft and Children’s for the festival.

Kerry began her music career with campus/community radio as program director some 23 years ago. She’s since spent 14 years at the Calgary Folk Music Festival, and is currently its Artistic Director. She has served on several Boards of non-profit organizations, including CJSW Radio, Folk Alliance Canada, Bubonic Tourist, Calgary Animated Objects Society, the Calgary Professional Arts Alliance and the National Campus/Community Radio Association.

Tom Coxworth

Tom continues to be involved with many aspects of the roots music scene in Canada. He has contributed to Alberta’s festival scene for almost thirty years, working closely with the Calgary, Canmore and Edmonton folk festivals. He periodically writes for major music publications, has worked as artist manager, studio producer, and radio host. Since 1995, he has produced the very popular Folk Routes program for the CKUA Radio Network.

Gary Cristal

Co-founder of the Vancouver Folk Music Festival in 1978, Gary Cristall has produced festivals, concerts and tours. In 1994, he joined Canada Council where he spent six years. Since 2000, he has worked as an artist’s manager and consultant. Currently he is researching a book about folk music in Englishspeaking Canada.

Caitlin Crockard

Caitlin is the regional music producer for CBC Radio in Ottawa, where she produces the national program Fuse and co-ordinates live recordings and special projects for shows such as Bandwidth and Canada Live. Caitlin also freelances in the written word, as the Ottawa correspondent for Chart magazine.

Nicholas Dalton

Nicholas is a designer and builder of passive solar energy efficient homes. His involvement with Hillside Festival stems from the early 80’s. At that time, he was the head carpenter and stage designer for the festival set-up. Nicholas’ involvement now consists of board membership and efforts to introduce environmental initiatives and practices.

Ian Davies

Ian has an extensive background in media and the arts. After working in radio for twenty years (‘71-’91), and the non-profit arts sector for eight years (‘91-’99), Ian started IDEA - a concert promotion and booking agency. Acoustic Muse Concerts and Cuckoo’s Nest Folk Club present a wide variety of roots artists to London audiences.

Richard Davis

Richard volunteered on the parking crew at the 1988 Edmonton Folk Music Festival. A shocking two decades later, he is still playing traffic cop for the festival community as a touring and festivals program officer at the Canada Council for the Arts and even more shockingly - serving on the Arts Presentation Canada team during a one-year secondment with the Department of Canadian Heritage. In his private life, Richard is consort and John Ralston Soulmate to Erin Benjamin.

Shauna de Cartier

Shauna de Cartier held top-level senior management positions and earned an MBA before becoming an artist manager in 1998. She founded Six Shooter Records two years later. Her current roster of label and management companies boasts 18 artists, among them: Hawksley Workman, Luke Doucet, Justin Rutledge, Christine Fellows, Jenn Grant, Royal Wood, Wendy McNeill, Elliott Brood, NQ Arbuckle, The Rheostatics, Whitey Houston, and Shout out out out out.


Pete Denomme, owner of the London Music Club, has been a part of the local music scene for many years now. The LMC is London’s premier folk/roots/blues venue and features local, national and international musicians. Being a performer himself, Pete is well aware of the qualities and atmosphere of the London and area musical landscape.

Cat Stevens Said: ‘New Music, Sweet Music can lighten us, Can brighten the world, can save us…There’d be no wars in the world If everybody joined the band’ Music feeds my soul. As founder/Artistic Director of Minesing Unplugged and through my grassrootsONtour concert series I get great pleasure out of providing that soul food to others.

Karyn Ellis

Toronto’s Karyn Ellis has enthralled audiences from coast to coast with her songbird voice, her charisma as a performer and her carefully crafted songs. The release of her full-length debut Hearts Fall cemented her as a CBC darling and a festival favourite. Her next album will be released in 2008.

David Fewer

David is Staff Counsel with the Canadian Internet Policy and Public Interest Clinic, at the University of Ottawa, Faculty of Law. CIPPIC, Canada’s only technology law clinic, advocates on behalf of the public interest for balance in policy and lawmaking on issues arising out of new technologies. David’s responsibilities at the CIPPIC involve training students in effective legal advocacy, producing relevant public education documents, and participating in the government policy development and law-making process.

Aengus Finnan

A songwriter, educator, ar ts advocate, and entrepreneur, Aengus is the Executive Director of the Shelter Valley Folk Festival, Board President of the OCFF, founder of the Art Beat community outreach initiative, and owner/curator of the Lawless Gallery of Fine Art.

Brad First

Brad entered the music business as a live sound engineer just out of college, moved quickly on as a talent buyer during the heyday of the punk/new wave era, and eventually found himself as a tour and production manager. In between touring obligations, Brad owned or managed 5 nightclub/live music venues in Austin as well as founded an artist management company. Brad now works full time with SXSW in the Music Festival Department with a focus on the Canadian Music Scene.

Karen Flanagan McCarthy

Karen is the secretary of the OCFF’s Board of Directors, co-host of the Ottawa Folk Festival’s main stage and a member of that festival’s Board of Directors. In her spare time, she runs her own communications company McCarthy Media Group. She hopes to be reincarnated as a talented musician in her next life, but for now is happy to help make the music happen.

Jim Fleming

Jim started Fleming Artists, an Artist Representative Agency, in Ann Arbor, Michigan in 1979. Fleming represents artists from the US, Canada, the UK and Australia. With the excellent assistance of a tight-knit staff, Jim continues to support the touring careers of over 40 artists. Recently Fleming Artists opened an office in Melbourne, Australia, to more effectively represent its clients in that part of the world.

Richard Flohil

Richard Flohil has been a music publicist, editor, writer, and concert promoter for far too long, but does not need, yet, to work as a bartender, cab driver or garbage collector, since numerous artists still keep asking him to work on their behalf.

Chris Frayer

Ellen Hamilton

Davie Gardner

Jane Harbury

Brian Gladstone

Daphne Hand

Chris has been involved in the music business for the last ten years. Over this period he has been the Artistic Director for the West End Cultural Centre, the Jazz Winnipeg Festival and more recently the Winnipeg Folk Festival. He has worked with a wide range of artists including Arcade Fire, Billy Bragg, Broken Social Scene, Bruce Cockburn, Lucinda Williams, Wilco and hundreds more.

Having held the post of Music Development Officer in Shetland for 8 years, Davie Gardner recently left to set up his own music management agency and events/project management company in the islands, ‘Atlantic Edge Music Services’, representing such artists as Fiddlers Bid, Christopher Stout & Catriona McKay, Bodega and J P Cormier.

Brian Gladstone has been active in the roots music scene for two decades as both a singer/songwriter and festival organizer. In addition to founding Winterfolk in 2001 and the Association of Artists for A Better World in 2005, he released four highlyacclaimed albums that continue to get global airplay. Brian recently completed tours of UK and eastern Canada. Several of his songs are used in a BBC documentary series. He also performs with the trio Guitar Boys of Alderon.

Drew Gonsalves

Originally from Port-of-Spain and now residing in Toronto, Drew is a singer/songwriter dedicated to reviving interest in traditional calypso and folkloric Trinidadian music. He is the founder and bandleader of the roots-calypso group, Kobo Town, and gives regular workshops on West Indian folk music for schools, community organizations and festivals.

James Gordon

Songwriter/producer/performer/playwright/activist James is based in Guelph. He was a founder of the folk trio Tamarack, a resident songwriter with the CBC for more than 10 years, and he’s released over 30 CDs. He’s recently toured Japan, Vietnam, Cambodia, the U.K and the U.S.

Mary Granata

Mary started The Granata Agency in 2001 in response to a friend’s request for booking help. The agency has since grown to include an international group of artists whose styles range blues to folk, Americana to soul. The Granata Agency specializes in a personal approach to booking and artist relations.

Mike Green

Mike has been a booking agent for traditional and roots music and singer/songwriters for 20 years. He focuses on bringing artists and presenters together in a way that is fair, professional and fun. He is an avid cook, gardener and Frisbee golfer.

David Greene

A native New Yorker, David began his professional career in 1961, working in Washington DC and New York, before moving to Toronto in 1971 to become Chief Engineer of Manta Sound. In 1973, he formed Unlimited Productions, an independent music/audio production. In 2000, David returned to his first love, production, and today is actively involved in major television and film projects in Canada, Europe and the United States.

Andrea Halwa

Andrea is the Executive Director of the London Arts Council (LAC) and has extensive experience in both the “for and not-for” profit arts sector. Under her leadership, the LAC has realized greater visibility, positive continuity and delivered enhanced services for London’s arts, general and visiting community.

Ellen is co-owner of Leopard Frog Music, a recording and music production facility in Kingston. She volunteers with a number of arts-based projects in the community, works with Aboriginal offenders and runs concerts featuring touring songwriters. Ellen has recorded 7 albums of original music and has toured internationally with the folk-band Night Sun.

Jane’s career began as a publicist after tackling multiple roles in the entertainment business starting in the late ‘60s. Her company, Jane Harbury Publicity, was founded in 1988 and has handled national publicity for the Juno Awards for multiple years and has ongoing publicity work for many of Canada’s well-known music artists.

Daphne is in her second year as Holistic Hat, organizing and scheduling the non musical workshops at the Blue Skies Festival.

Steve Heath

Steve has been in the arts presenting and/or artist representation field for more than 25 years. He currently serves as artist rep for SRO Artists, based in Middleton, Wisconsin, serving the West and Midwest regions. He is also a talent buyer for the Concert of Colors, Metro-Detroit’s Diversity Festival presenting over 35 artists from around the world each July in downtown Detroit.

Melissa Kaestner

Melissa is the National Coordinator of the National Campus and Community Radio Association (NCRA/ANREC). She began working in commercial radio in the US, but soon found her passion for campus and community radio at CHSR FM in Fredericton and CHRY FM in Toronto.

Fred Kaiser

Fred has more than 25 years experience booking large and small venues including festivals, a theatre, a coffeehouse, concert series and single events. He is artistic director and head of production for the Philadelphia Folk Festival and has consulted with both startup venues and venues seeking to improve their operations.

Tamara Kater

Daughter of an instrument-builder father and a community activist mother, Tamara grew up surrounded by musicians and people building community organizations. A passionate music enthusiast, Tamara has worked in arts management and community outreach for more than a decade. Most recently, she was a member of the National Arts Centre Orchestra’s music education team. Currently, she is the Executive Director of the Ottawa Folk Festival.

Keely Kemp

At the Ontario Media Development Corporation (OMDC), Keely develops and delivers programs and initiatives to encourage growth for Ontario’s thriving music industry. She also works to find new cross-sector partnerships and revenue opportunities for the music industry with film and television, publishing and interactive digital media industries in Canada and abroad.

Dan Kershaw

Dan Kershaw brings the experience of a life all wormy with guitars and records to his role as SOCAN Education & Outreach Manager, along with many years as a production coordinator at Massey Hall and Roy Thomson Hall and as music programming assistant at Harbourfront Centre. Dan is on the board of the Songwriters Association of Canada and is a passionate believer in the power of late 50s Gibson flat-tops.


Dennis Landry

Dennis is the Executive Director of Music and Film in Motion, a non-profit organization with a mandate to develop and promote the music and film industries in Northern Ontario. Dennis has worked in a number of capacities in the music and film industries, in both the public and private sectors.

Timothy has presented folk music in small venues in Massachusetts since 1982, most notably at The Old Vienna Kaffeehaus (1984 – 1996) and at Passim (1995 - present). He holds a Masters Degree in Organization and Management from Antioch University. He also regularly performs his poetry at folk festivals and clubs throughout North America.

Kelly Langgard

Catherine McInnes

Kelly joined the Canada Council for the Arts in 2004 as a Program Officer in the Media Arts Section and became Acting Coordinator of the Audience and Market Development Office in June, 2007. Kelly has worked as an arts manager, programmer, event producer and facilitator, and has collaborated with presenters, promoters, agents and distributors in media arts, visual arts, music and literature.

Catherine is the Artistic Director of Home County Folk Festival in London, Ontario, and she is this year’s recipient of OCFF’s Songs From the Heart Award for her song, Waltzing On Eggshells. She is a singer and pianist, songwriter, chorister, choral composer/arranger and teacher. Originally from Winnipeg, she has been living in London, Ontario, since 1988. She teaches elementary school for the Thames Valley District School Board.

Grit Laskin

Stan Meissner

Paul Loewenberg

Danny Michel

Carole Logan

Paul Mills

Though Grit Laskin is world-famous for the guitars he builds, he has also spent the last 25 years writing and performing music. With the band The Friends of Fiddler’s Green, with Ian Robb, and as a solo act, Grit’s music has graced folk clubs, concert halls, and major folk festivals across North America.

Paul is the promoter for the Townehouse Tavern in Sudbury, Ontario and has booked the Northern Lights Festival Boreal for the last 5 years. He has been involved with presenting almost every manner of underground and roots music. Paul is also a musician of a wide range of genres and instruments and a consummate music collector.

Carole works for the Department of Canadian Heritage on with the Arts Presentation Canada program and the Canadian Arts and Heritage Sustainability Program (CAHSP) out of the Toronto office. Prior to joining the feds, Carole worked in performing arts management. In her spare time, she helps arts organizations develop in the areas of governance and strategic planning.

Karen McLaughlin

Karen McLaughlin is in her 10th year as a volunteer for the Home County Folk Festival holding the positions of Open Stage Coordinator, Board Member, Chair and currently is in her 4th year as the Food Vendor Coordinator. She has booked performers at a coffee house, assisted with concerts and she has also become a singer, songwriter and mandolin player. Another Journey Begins!!!

Michael MacDonald

Originally from Cape Breton, Michael has worked as a composer, pianist, bassist, and choir director, throughout eastern Canada and the Ottawa area. Currently, Michael is working on a PhD in Ethnomusicology at the University of Alberta, has published and presented academic papers and teaches on topics in Canadian folk music.

Peter MacDonald

Motivated by a desire to see artists better supported in their careers, Peter MacDonald has been working in the music and event industry for the past ten years. Both Peter and his company, Nutshell Music & Event Management, are involved in the Ontario festival community and support many volunteerdriven initiatives. Peter is currently on the OCFF Board of Directors in the role of Treasurer.

Ann MacKeigan

Ann has been with CBC for many years, working on various music programs including Global Village, This is Art, The Entertainers, Swinging on a Star and Sound Advice. Ann has also recorded numerous concerts for broadcast. Outside of the CBC, she sits on both the Global Roots and Traditional committees of the Juno Awards and is frequent jury member for the arts.


Timothy Mason

Stan has written songs for many artists including Céline Dion and Eddie Money and has scored music for TV shows and films as diverse as the Berenstein Bears and Friday the 13th. He is President of the SOCAN Foundation, Past President of the Songwriters Association of Canada and Treasurer of SOCAN.

Danny is a Juno-nominated singer/songwriter, producer, radio host and more. Born next to a candy factory, Danny Michel has seven solo albums to his name, dozens he’s produced, and lots more to come. Danny has toured on the road for most of his life. Danny also enjoys many other things in life, like science fiction conventions and swimming

Paul has been part of the Canadian folk music scene for over thirty years. He has produced more than 130 albums, working with artists like Stan Rogers, Sharon, Lois and Bram, Ron Hynes and Natalie MacMaster. He is a founding partner of Borealis Records and operates his own recording studio, The Millstream. 2006 saw the release of The Other Side of the Glass, Paul’s critically-acclaimed first solo CD. Paul is currently on the OCFF’S Board of Directors and a member of its Executive Committee.

Trevor Mills

When he’s not playing bass at whatever party keeps him up until dawn, Trevor Mills is a web programmer specializing in back-end database applications. He develops tools to simplify website content management. His latest projects include a photo archiving application for Shelter Valley and an integrated workshop scheduler for Eaglewood (where he’s also Artistic Director)

Ana Miura

As winner of the 2006 Songs From the Heart songwriter award, Ana Miura’s warm folk style is captivating. Touring Canada and the US with her album Tenacious Heart, Ana is in studio recording her next one. Keep your eyes peeled for Babes for Breasts, the benefit touring collective she founded that supports breast cancer charities

Brian Mortimer

Brian has lived in London, Ontario since 1974. During that time he has been very active in the music business as a bar owner (booked over 10,000 acts) and in special events and festivals. Brian promotes shows, books for the Blues Society, runs festivals, manages and acts as an agent. Brian looks forward to sharing and learning with the OCFF delegates.

Michael Murray

Michael started as an Officer at the Ontario Arts Council in the fall of 2007, where he took over the responsibilities of Popular & World Music granting programs. Prior to the OAC Michael participated in music, technology, community and arts management environments ranging from academic institutions to independent music groups to grassroots nonprofit organizations.

Todd Myers

In his second year at Sonicbids, Todd has a background working closely with promoters to help them find and book great artists. His role at the company today is as a promoter relations analyst, designing and creating tools and features to help promoters better connect with the right artists.

Rob Reid

Rob Reid is an artist manager/agent, musician and independent presenter who entered the industry as Acting Program Officer for the Governor General’s Summer Concert Series in 2003. He worked as the Special Projects and Sponsorship Coordinator at the Ottawa Bluesfest in 2004, and was Media/Marketing Coordinator for the Ottawa Jazz Festival in 06-07.

Jory Nash

Nina Reynolds

Jory blends elements of folk, jazz, blues, and R&B into an original acoustic stew of sound. He’s a past winner of the OCFF Songs From the Heart Award, and has recorded 5 critically lauded CDs. He also helps run a summer camp near Haliburton and has a hat collection that numbers in the hundreds.

Nina has been the Craft Ar ts Coordinator for the Celtic Roots Festival for the past three years. She brings with her a background in advertising, retail and interior design, a passion for the Arthurian and Celtic mythologies, as well as an interest in the history of life outside of war: gardens, fashion, furniture, architecture.

Paul Nesbitt-Larking

Marty Rice

Paul Nesbitt-Larking is Associate Professor and Chair of Political Science at Huron University College. He is a highly respected writer, teacher, speaker and media commentator. In his spare time, Paul plays saxophone in a vintage London rock band called the Comos, which is set to release its first CD.

Blair Packham

A singer/songwriter, composer, producer/engineer, writer, and educator, Blair has many stories to share. The former leader of 80s pop rock band The Jitters, Blair began composing music for film and TV in 1991. He has released two critically acclaimed CDs and is the co-artistic director of the annual Humber College Summer Songwriting Workshop.

Mark Palumbo

Mark Palumbo is the Chair of Music and Film in Motion (MFM), a non-profit organization whose mandate is to develop and promote the music and film industries in Sudbury and Northern Ontario. Mark is also the President of Tower Bay Records, a small independent Northern Ontario-based record company. As well, Mark was the pharmacist/owner of Dowling Pharmacy for 35 years. Who says drugs and rock and roll don’t mix?

Julien Paquin

Julien is the Agency Director in the Toronto office of Paquin Entertainment. He has personally overseen the growth of the company’s roster to more than 80 exclusively represented artists. He is well respected within the industry and by artists, and has won multiple awards for Agent of the Year.

Roch Parisien

Roch produces and programs the Folk/Roots Channel for the Galaxie Network of the CBC – 45 digital music channels distributed to nearly 6 million Canadian subscribers via satellite and digital cable – and serves as a representative for Galaxie’s Rising Stars Program, which contributes funds to help develop new Canadian talent. Through his consulting company Rocon Communications, Roch is also an award-winning music critic, consultant, and archivist.

Don Quarles

Don Quarles is the host of the first P2P panel at the OCFF. He is the Executive Director of the Songwriters Association of Canada, the only national non-profit association run by and representing songwriters. The SAC’s mission is to protect and develop the creative and business environments for Canadian songwriters.

Corin Raymond

Corin is a writer--of songs, poems, promotional, and (occasionally) fifty-word bios. He is also one half of the very-active duo The Undesirables, who have been touring internationally, not to mention staying out of trouble at home. Corin also promotes other acts (when seized by the Mad-Joy), and it’s no secret that he once made a living as a juggler.

Marty has held the position of Manager of Leisure Travel, Advertising and Media for Tourism London for the past 6 years. He has 37 years of travel industry experience that includes managing the Tourism Division at the Canadian Consulate General in Detroit Michigan for Tourism Canada. He graduated from the University of Windsor with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Studies.

Eleanor Robinson

Eleanor is co-founder and President of the Goderich Celtic Festival, the Goderich Celtic College and the Goderich Celtic Kids Camp. She has chaired professional and community boards for many years and been a Juno and Canadian Folk Music Award judge. Eleanor is also co-founder of The Gairbraid Professional Theatre Company.

Steve Robinson

After working five years on Bay Street, five years corporate planning in Calgary, and ten years in accounting positions in Ottawa’s high tech, have worked for nearly twenty years for business folks from our farm house in the Ottawa Valley as a management accountant, and have volunteered with the Ottawa Folk Festival Board.

Warren Robinson

Warren is co-founder and Artistic Director of the Goderich Celtic Festival, the Goderich Celtic College and the Goderich Celtic Kids Camp. A former OCFF President, he is a playwright and been a Juno and BBC Scotland Traditional Music Award judge. Warren is Artistic Director of The Gairbraid Professional Theatre Company.

Ariel Rogers

Ariel counts the following as major highlights in her life: raising four really interesting children; working 20 years as a Registered Nurse; being Stan’s wife and subsequently running Fogarty’s Cove Music since his untimely death in 1983; becoming a wellknown musical and dramatic actress in the Hamilton area. She is married to singer-songwriter Scott Cameron Smith and has three lovely granddaughters.

David Rogers

Dave has been playing guitar for 17 years now in the jazz and classical genres, but he is predominantly an acoustic fingerstyle guitarist. After high school, he went on to study musical theory and composition at McMaster University. Dave has played in venues ranging from Hamilton Place and the Ford Centre for the Performing Arts, to numerous art galleries, clubs and pubs in Hamilton and the greater Toronto area.

Suba Sankaran

DORA award-winning, Juno-nominated vocalist Suba has effortlessly combined musical worlds, performing across North America, Europe and Asia with autorickshaw, Trichy Sankaran and Retrocity (contemporary a cappella). Suba is in demand as a choral director, arranger, educator and composer. She has produced and composed music for theatre, film, radio and dance.


Jack Schuller

Mark Steinmetz

Founder of Black Swan Records in 1975, Jack began working for the Vancouver Folk Music Festival in 1983, was part of the creation of Festival Distribution Inc., and the Jericho Beach Music label, which has received six Juno nominations and two awards. In 1999, Jack formed Mainstage Management Inc., an artist management company representing Tanya Tagaq Gillis, Ndidi Onukwulu and The Wailin’ Jennys.

Mark joined CBC Radio in 1989. A graduate of the University of Toronto’s Faculty of Music, Mark has produced many radio specials and documentaries as well as commercial recordings including the Juno Award-winning Lost in the Stars, featuring Guido Basso. In 2003, Mark became Director of CBC Radio Music, managing all radio network music shows on Radio One and Radio Two. He is currently leading the redevelopment of Radio Two.

Eddie Schwartz

Phyllis Stenson

Les Siemieniuk

Mike Stevens

Schwartz’s songs have sold over 30 million records and have received multiple Junos, BMI and SOCAN awards. He has written, performed and/or produced songs such as Hit Me With Your Best Shot, The Doctor and See Me Through. Schwartz is President of the Canadian Songwriters Hall of Fame, Vice President of the SAC and Chair of the International Music Creators Coalition, which is currently working to monetize peer-to-peer networks internationally.

Les has been the general manager of Calgary Folk Music Festival since 2000 and his past and/or current exploits include: music producer at CBC Calgary for 19 years (Simply Folk, From the Festivals and Songlines); freelance broadcaster and writer, and contributor to Penguin Eggs. Les is originally from Winnipeg and is convinced the cello is underused in folk music.

Sanjay Shahani

Sanjay is an independent producer and scholar. He has graduate degrees in filmmaking, education and cultural anthropology and has taught at post-secondary institutions in America and Canada. Over the past five years, Sanjay has worked at some of Canada’s leading arts agencies. He currently manages the Arts and Culture portfolio for the Province-Wide Program at the Ontario Trillium Foundation.

Beth Sheffield

Beth has been feeding people at Shelter Valley Folk Festival since its inception. Her main focus is scrounging, begging and borrowing kitchen equipment, local produce, and cultivating relationships with the great food producers of Northumberland County. In the off season, Beth works with people with developmental disabilities, and is the mother of four adult children.

Mike Stevens is the Founder of Artscan Circle, a producer and an author. He plays the harmonica in his spare time.

Jowi Taylor

Jowi has been with CBC Radio for more than a decade and has hosted, written and/or created some of its best programs. His greatest legacy may well be his founding of the Six String Nation: a movement to connect people from all regions of Canada through music and by sharing our icons, images and stories. At the heart of the nation is a six-string guitar made up of more than 60 pieces that draw on our history and culture. Jowi has traveled to countless festivals and events across Canada where more than 4,500 people have been photographed with the guitar.

Steve Tennant

Steve has been involved with Stewart Park Festival since its beginning. Because of this love of live music and desire to share its eclectic benefits, he, with his ‘far better half’, Susan, and family have been hosting house concerts under the banner “Music on McLean” in their home in lovely Perth. Steve also pens a music column in the Perth Courier entitled Musical Musings.

Dugg Simpson

Stuart T homas

Dugg has been involved in folk and change for about 30 years, washing cups in a coffeehouse called Catharsis, mixing live sound at Ukrainian Hall and lately, programming the Vancouver Folk Music Festival and CelticFest Vancouver. His views on Folk and life as a grant slave have been called “unrealistic”, “annoying”, “naive” and “deeply troubling”.

Stuart Thomas works in the Music Department at the Scottish Arts Council and leads on Scottish Traditional Music and Contemporary Popular Music. He is also responsible for the Tune Up music touring Program as well as managing International Showcases such as SXSW, Womex and Showcase Scotland. He also continues to work as a performing musician, DJ and promoter.

Greg Simpson

Rachel T hompson

Sheila Simpson

Liam Titcomb

Greg, owner and operator of Mindbenders Music, has more than 40 years experience in the music and broadcasting industries. Twice honoured as Music Director of the Year at the annual Canadian Music Industry Awards, he is currently in his 15th year as conference facilitator for Canadian Music Week, and is Communications Director for Wakestock.

Sheila has been with the Ontario Trillium Foundation for the past eight years. As Program Manager for the Thames Valley Region, she is responsible for distributing about four million dollars annually to eligible not-for-profit organizations.

Mark Smith

Mark has worked in theatre and film, both as an artist and technician. In 1986, he shifted focus to specialize in arts and tourism marketing. He is or has been active on several industry and community Boards: FACTOR National Advisory Board; Folk Alliance Canada; North American Folk Alliance; Western Canadian Music Alliance; Canadian Council of Music Industry Associations; Yukon Liquor Corporation; Holland America Community Advisory Board; Yukon Learn and Yukon Arts Centre Corp.


Phyllis has been Artistic Director of the Harrison Festival of the Arts for the past twenty-five years. She is a co-founder of the Western Artistic Directors of Roots Music Festivals, which has been active for the last ten years. She is also part of a national network of festivals, and has served on jury and advisory committees for the Canada Council, Ontario Arts Council, BC Arts Council and the Juno Awards.

Rachel has been the Hillside Festival’s Manager for four seasons. Her experiences include six years with the Fergus Scottish Festival, and as a volunteer at the 1996 Olympic Games. She is a Board member with the Volunteer Centre of Guelph/Wellington, and has college certificates in Event Management and in Volunteer Management.

Son of Brent Titcomb, and a folk festival rug rat, Liam grew up backstage, so it was not a surprise when he entered the business at age13. His self-titled debut on Columbia garnered a Canadian Music Radio Awards nomination for the Best New Solo Artist 2005. His sophomore album Can’t Let Go recorded in Nashville, earned rave reviews across the country.

Gerri Trimble

Gerri is a Program Officer with the Music Section of the Canada Council for the Arts. Her current responsibilities include sound recording, distribution, community arts and Aboriginal music initiatives. An experienced grants administrator and proposal writer, Gerri has been giving away other people’s money for approximately fifteen years for projects in the arts, community economic development and anti-racism.

Rick Verrette

Rick is based in London and has been with the Department of Canadian Heritage since 2001. He is currently Senior Program Officer in the Ontario Region, responsible for the Capacity Building Component for Arts Organizations of the Canadian Arts and Heritage Sustainability Program (CAHSP). He has an MBA from Ivey and a of history of working with organizations with long names that are usually abbreviated, including LCP, LAC, MTP and the 2001 Games.

Katherine Wheatley

“Sporting a beautiful voice and heady guitar work...” Katherine Wheatley tours solo and performs with Betty and The Bobs and in Wendell Ferguson’s trio The Smoking Section. She’s extra busy this year in Canada and the US with her YouthSongs program, where she writes and records songs with elementary classes.

Dana Whittle

Dana is a designer, writer, illustrator, Web developer and musician. Founder of Folquébec, she designs for, writes about, plays and promotes traditional Québécois and other forms of folk music. A self-professed ‘middle-aged geek’, Dana lives in rural Ste-Béatrix, Quebec with her fiddler husband, three artistic kids and dial-up internet.

Lisa Whytock

Lisa is a founding director of Active Events, Scotland’s largest agency, established in 1990. The agency works internationally, and represents artists such as Capercaillie and Genticorum. Active also run Showcase Scotland, the largest trade event in Scotland, which takes place during Celtic Connections, as well as managing the Scottish Arts Council’s touring Initiative, Tune Up.

Alan Willaert

Alan is an International Representative for the American Federation of Musicians of the United States and Canada (AFM), and is involved in many aspects behind the scenes. These may include at any time, DOL issues, contract language and negotiations, training and support as well as electronic media specifics such as royalties, new use and special payments.

Anya Wilson

Originally based in London, England, Anya relocated to Toronto in the late 70’s. In 1980 she began Anya Wilson Promotion and Publicity, which represents Canada’s top record labels and independent ar tists. Among her current clients are George Canyon, Dave Gunning, Alana Levandoski, and Little Miss Higgins.

Cameron Wright

Cameron, 23, has been organizing events for 7 years. He attended Durham College for Music Business Management and currently volunteers with Canadian Music Week and the Virgin Festival in Toronto. Since 2002, Cameron has been the chairperson for the free annual Rock the Mill youth festival in Cambridge.

Michael A Man Called Wrycraft

Album Designer/Executive Producer/Emcee/Music Presenter with 1 Juno Award, 5 nominations, an American Independent Music Award and his Bruce Cockburn album design hanging in New York’s MOMA, Michael is at the top of his game. Michael boasts 400 to 500 CD and poster designs, including Gordon Lightfoot, Johnny Cash, Blackie and the Rodeo Kings and Stompin’ Tom.

SOCAN Foundation brings music to your ears. Since 1992, the SOCAN Foundation has been instrumental in bringing people to their feet. That’s because it’s all about music. It’s about providing grants to festivals, concert presenters and others, for supporting the effor ts of songwriters, composers and lyricists. Music is an important part of our lives. And the SOCAN Foundation is there to foster its creativity. To find out more about what the SOCAN Foundation is doing to foster Canadian music creation, visit

Susan de Cartier (just added)

Susan began her career in artist management working with Blue Rodeo, Crash Vegas and others in the late ‘80s. In the mid-90’s Susan formed Starfish Entertainment Inc. and currently manages: Blue Rodeo, The Jim Cuddy Band, The Sadies, Greg Keelor, Oh Susanna and The Swallows. Starfish has built a reputation of developing successful live acts who















2:00 pm - 9:00 pm Registration in Main Foyer- Convention Centre 6:30 pm - 7:30 pm Delegates Reception in Main Lobby 8:00 pm

Opening night show

11:00 pm - 2:00 am Periwinkle Showcase

Music Yukon Showcase

Sask Music Showcase


9:00 am - 10:00 pm Registration in Main Foyer- Convention Centre 9:00 am - 12:00 pm 10:30 am - 12:00 pm

Arts Can Circle AGM - Open Meeting

10:30 am - 2:00 pm 12:00 pm - 2:15 pm

Revolution or Evolution: Folk Music in the 21st Century

Youth Program Participants Closed Session

The Logistics of Touring: Get in the Van

Understanding Your Organizations Finances

Folk Alliance Canada Board Meeting- Closed Session “Hey Big Ears” Presented by the Songwriters Assoc. of Canada

1:30 pm - 2:30 pm Family Showcase 2:30 pm - 4:00 pm

Is the Press Kit Dead?

Sound Check - Sound Tech

First Timers Welcome

Gathering of Festival Administrators - Closed Session

4:15 pm - 5:45 pm One Warm Line Movie

Successful Community Outreach

Commercial vs. Community Radio

The London Music Scene

SIG: Hospitality

6:00 pm - 7:30 pm 7:45 pm - 11:30 pm

Opening SOCAN reception Official Showcases

8:00 pm - 11:30 pm 11:30 pm - 2:00 am Home County Folquébec Showcase Showcase

Borealis Showcase


8:30 am - 10:00 pm Registration in Main Foyer- Convention Centre 8:30 am - 9:30 am 9:30 am - 10:30 am

10:30 am- 12:00 pm

Funding Panel

P2P Copying


Vendors The Great Divide

Professionalize or Perish

Writing for Film and Television

The Festival Outside of the Music

SIG: Site Ops

10:30 am - 3:00 pm 12:15 pm - 1:45 pm Local 1000 Meeting 2:00 pm - 3:15 pm Accessing International Markets

Women in the Industry Songs From the Heart Showcase

Artistic Directors Meeting (closed Session)

Youth Showcase

3:30 pm - 4:45 pm 5:00 pm - 7:30 pm 7:45 pm - 11:30 pm

Official showcases

8:00 pm - 11:30 pm 11:30 pm - 2:00 am Home County Showcase

MARIA Showcase

SAC Pyjama Party Showcase


8:30 am - 12:00 pm Registration in Main Foyer- Convention Centre

5K Folk Feet Fun Run- Hilton Lobby 8:30 am

9:30 am - 10:45 am 9:30 am - 12:00 pm 10:00 am - 11:00 am 11:00 am - 12:00 pm


The Future of the OCFF

Mentoring Sessions Campfire Gospel

Estelle Klein Award Winner Song Circle

conference schedule BOARDROOM 2








Exhibit Hall Load-in

Exhibit Hall 12:00 pm - 5:00 pm Instrument Lockup & Drop Box 12:00 pm- 11:00 pm Board Momentum The Health and Maintenance of Your Board

The Art of Artistry

Official Showcases Folk Alliance Canada Showcase

Members Breakfast Annual General Meeting - Open Session Beating A Path to Your Door: House Concerts

Youth Program

The Politics of Dancing: Festival Chair vs. Kickin’ Heels Get Your Podcast Outta MySpace YouTube

World Music

Campfire Session 10:30 am - 11:30 am

Campfire Session 11:40 am - 12:40 pm Canadian Museum Campfire of Civilization: New Session Directions in 12:50 pm - 1:50 pm Folk Music

International Meet & Greet (By Invite Only)

Exhibit Hall 10:30 am - 3:00 pm Instrument Lockup & Drop Box 10:30 am - 11:00 pm

Folk DJ Reception Annual OCFF Gala Dinner Official Showcase Live Tour Artists Showcase



Thursday, October 11 Panel Key: F = Festivals, P = Presenters, A = Artists, AS = All Sectors, Y = Youth, SIG = Special Interest Group, EP = Export Preparedness, AD = Artistic Directors Please note that all official conference activity will take place in the London Convention Centre.

Sask Music Reception/ Showcase Salons D & E – Main Level Friday, October 12 9:00am – 9:00pm Registration Main Foyer 9:00am – 12:00pm Exhibit Hall Load-in Ballroom 4 – Second Level

2:00pm – 9:00pm Registration Main Foyer

10:30am – 12:00pm ArtsCan Circle AGM – Open Meeting Salon B – Main Level

6:30pm – 7:30pm Delegates reception in the lobby of the London Convention Centre sponsored by the City of London Main Foyer

10:30am – 2:00pm Folk Alliance Canada Board Meeting – Closed session Executive Boardroom – Main Level

8:00pm Opening Night Gala featuring Lynn Miles, Jane Bunnett and the Spirits of Havana with Special Guest Hilario Duran Theatre, Main Level

12:00pm – 2:15pm

11:00pm – 2:00am Periwinkle Productions Reception/Showcase Theatre – Main Level Music Yukon Reception/ Showcase Salons A & B – Main Level


Revolution or Evolution: Folk Music in the 21st Century (AS) Salon A – Main Level Sam Baijal (M), Caitlan Crockard, Chris Frayer, Fred Kaiser, Dugg Simpson, Phyllis Stenson This panel is not a discussion about the definition of folk music. It is an exploration of the role of tradition and innovation at folk music festivals and concert series. How are the boundaries swelling to include an increasingly diverse

audience, and can it be at the expense of musical integrity? How are new artists reinterpreting traditional styles and instrumentation? What impact do the contemporary sounds in roots music have on the folk singer? Let’s discuss how these tensions and motivations are affecting folk music today. Youth Program Participants – Closed Session Salon B – Main Level Erin Barnhardt The Logistics of Touring: Get in the Van (A/EP) Salon C – Main Level Dan Kershaw (M), Vanessa Arscott, Gary Cristal, Jim Fleming, Danny Michel Ready for bad food, uncomfortable beds, too much liquor and not much money? This indepth session delivers chicken soup for the touring soul in the form of practical and effective information on routing, budgeting, logistics, what life looks like from the road, and why you live it. Sponsored by SOCAN Understanding Your Organizations Finances (F) Salon D – Main Level Peter MacDonald (M), Steve Robinson, Rachel Thompson The Bottom Line. Balance sheets. Profit & loss statements. Budget vs. actual cash flow. Source deductions. GST. PST. Audit. Do these terms

give you the hives? Not-forprofit organizations have volunteer boards and treasurers who are legally responsible for the financial well-being of the organization. Join us for a review or, for some, an introduction to the numbers that guide most of our decisions. Leave knowing what questions to ask and where to find the answers about planning, ticket control, pricing, accounting systems, non-profit specifics, and government reporting. “Hey Big Ears” Presented by the Songwriters Association of Canada (Y) Salon E – Main Level Blair Packham (M), Jane Harbury, Roch Parisien, Liam Titcomb What an opportunity! Bring your song on a CD to be critiqued by an expert panel from the Songwriters Association of Canada. 1:30pm – 2:30pm Family Showcase Theatre – Main Level Catch Turkey Rhubarb and Donna & Andy in the convention centre theatre and see how they interact with students from London’s local schools! Hosted by Richard Knetchel

2:30pm – 4:00pm Is the Press Kit Dead? (A) Salon A – Main Level Richard Davis (M), Kerry Clarke, Shauna de Cartier, Karyn Ellis, Brian Gladstone, Todd Myers We are in a time of change and transition. Festivals don’t want boxes of unsolicited packages, while artists are working to find the right e-options and

tools to get their music to the ears of the buyers. Technology is changing at the speed of light, and so are our expectations around festival submissions. How do today’s artists (emerging or veteran) get the gig? What are the realities of the investments (psychological, financial, etc.) in trying to get work? This panel is not to be missed! Sound Check – Sound Tech (A/P) Salon B – Main Level Peter MacDonald (M), Pete Denomme This workshop is designed to teach the ins and outs of a proper sound balance in a smaller venue, geared towards musicians and sound techs who would like to master the best possible sound with the least amount of fuss. Learn to streamline your sound checks and strengthen your communication skills with technicians. First Timers Welcome (AS) Salon C – Main Level Jory Nash (M), Ana Miura For those who have not experienced the OCFF conference pace before, Jory will help you to take full advantage of the plethora of wonderful opportunities available to you. Share ‘first timer’ stories with Ana Muira, and hear about how her appearance at last year’s conference affected her career. This is a ‘MUST ATTEND’ workshop for newbies. Board Momentum: The Health and Maintenance of Your Board (F) Boardroom 2

Aengus Finnan (M), Sam Baardman, Mark Palumbo, Eleanor Robinson, Stan Meissner Join this experienced panel for a comprehensive, engaging, and professional discussion about the health and maintenance of your board. How do you maintain effective communication and a productive decision-making process within a board? Join us for some helpful advice about how you can ensure that the life-blood of your organization continues long after you have left. The Art of Artistry (A/Y) Boardroom 4 Catherine McInnis (M), Debbie Carroll, Mike Stevens, Katherine Wheatley Join this diverse panel of educators to explore the skills and techniques that lead to productive and engaging workshops in an educational setting. In light of funding cuts to inschool arts programs, teaching artists are stepping into the classroom to fill the need for arts education. Come and explore the steps that you can take to become a professional teaching artist before entering the classroom. Gathering of Festival Administrators – Closed Session (F) Executive Boardroom – Main Level Erin Benjamin (M) Calling all Executive Directors, General Managers, Office Administrators (paid or volunteer!) and others who are working in a non-artistic role as staff for a festival, event, series or venue. This is an opportunity for you to meet to highlight key issues 33

and discuss challenges. This is a new addition to the OCFF conference program and we want to see it grow. There is much we can learn from each other and this is where the conversation starts.

4:15pm – 5:45pm Successful Community Outreach Initiatives: Case Studies (F/A/D) Salon A – Main Level Gerri Trimble (M), James Gordon, Mike Stevens Canada Council’s AmpCamp, James Gordon’s Breaking the Mask, and Mike Steven’s ArtsCan Circle - all excellent examples of projects and initiatives that have made a major impact on different communities and audiences across the country in unique and important way. Come and learn from this panel as they explore the successes and challenges of their experience. Take away ideas for your own community. Commercial vs. Community Radio (AS) Salon B – Main Level Dan Kershaw (M), Tom Coxworth, Brad Gibb, Melissa Kaestner, Anya Wilson De-mystifying radio! This panel will examine what the respective radio station’s business is, who its audience is, how they make programming decisions, and what the impact is for the artist – including a discussion of public performance royalties. The London Music Scene (AS) Salon C – Main Level Catherine McInnes (M), Clark Bryan, Ian Davies, Pete De34

nomme, Alicks Girwoski, Brian Mortimer, Greg Simpson, Alfredo Caxaj Come and discover what’s what and who’s who in the Forest City’s music scene! SIG: Hospitality Executive Boardroom – Main Level Beth Sheffield (M) How do we keep everyone smiling backstage? SIG: Benefits Plan Jennifer Fornelli (M), Barb Stacey, Duane Francis, Lise Bélanger The OCFF has identified an opportunity for some of its members through its association with Ottawa Festivals (OF). Ottawa Festivals has developed a group insurance program for its members, and is inviting OCFF members to consider joining. This is an employee’s benefits program that may make sense for your organization or company. To learn more information about this program, please join us for this information session. One Warm Line – Movie (AS) Theatre – Main Level Ariel Rogers, Paul Mills 6:00pm – 7:30pm Opening SOCAN reception Salons D & E – Main Level 7:45pm – 11:30pm Official Showcases Salons A & B – Main Level 8:00pm – 11:30pm Official Showcases Ballroom 3 – Second Level

11:30pm – 2:00am Home County Reception/ Showcase Theatre – Main Level Folquébec Reception/ Showcase Salons A & B – Main Level Borealis Reception/Showcase Salons D & E – Main Level Folk Alliance Canada Reception/Showcase Ballroom 3 – Second Level Saturday, October 13 8:30am – 10:00pm Registration Main Foyer 8:30am – 9:30am Members Breakfast Ballroom 5 – Second Level 9:30am – 10:30am Annual General Meeting – Open Meeting Ballroom 5 – Second Level 10:30-11:30 Campfire Session – Blues Ballroom 2 Second Level Brian Blain 11:40-12:40 pm Campfire Session - Open Ballroom 2 – Second Level Laura Bird 12:50pm – 1:50pm Campfire Session – Country (AS) Ballroom 2 – Second Level The Undesirables

10:30am – 12:00pm

Funding Panel (AS) Salon A – Main Level Richard Davis (M), Mark Smith, Michael Murray, Kelly Langgard, Keely Kemp, Andrea Halwa, Gerri Trimble, Carole Logan, Sanjay Shahani, Sheila Simpson, Rick Verrette Join The London Arts Council, The Ontario Arts Council, The Ontario Trillium Foundation (local and province-wide), The Ontario Media Development Corporation, The Canada Council for The Arts (Music and Outreach/Audience and Market Development sections), The Department of Canadian Heritage (Arts Presentation Canada, including the Fresh Start! Program) and FACTOR as they help you navigate the programs and services they offer to artists, festivals and organizations. Come early for a seat, and come with your questions at the ready! This is an actionpacked panel with important information for those seeking government funding for sound recording, touring, showcasing, songwriting, projects, events and more. Monetizing Peer to Peer (P2P) File-Sharing and Digital Downloading: A New Model (A) Salon B – Main Level Don Quarles (M), Jean Robert Bisaillon, David Fewer, Eddie Schwartz Did you know: over 1.6 billion music files are illegally downloaded in Canada every year? The number of legal downloads in Canada was 38 million in 2005? The difference between these two figures is 98 vs. 2 (98% sharing vs. 2%

purchased)? Consumers have clearly demonstrated their wish to access music by file sharing. Now is the time to monetize Peer to Peer (P2P)! Join a panel that includes renowned hit songwriters and artists to discuss the plan that Canadian music creator groups (SAC, CMCC, SPACQ) and others around the world have joined together to support! This session is not to be missed. You are the future of music! Panel sponsored by the Songwriters Association of Canada The S.A.C. gratefully acknowledges the financial assistance provided by the Government of Canada through the Canada Music Fund. Merchandise (AS) Salon C – Main Level Dana Whittle (M), Kevin Walters, Susan de Cartier, Michael Wycraft For festivals and artists… how to “brand” your merch, pick the hot items that will sell to all the generations at your event, and invest strategically on an image that will burn the look of your festival or music into the minds of fans everywhere! Vendors – The Great Divide – Quality vs. Quantity (F) Salon D – Main Level Barb Buntin (M), Elise Chambers, Nina Reynolds, Karen McLaughlin Food and craft vendors are an essential element to every festival. Learn how to build and finesse strategic and powerful

partnerships - and what those relationships can look like, with the right vendors for your festival. The Festival Outside of the Music (AS) Salon E – Main Level Tamara Kater (M), Nick Dalton, Tina DesRoches, Daphne Hand It’s our responsibility to learn, adapt and embed best practices when it comes to garbage, greening and other aspects of festival culture. Listen in on this panel to discover ways to lessen our collective impact on planet earth. Gain insights into other areas of non-artistic programming, which once played supporting roles to the music, but are now becoming a highlight for audiences such as enhanced children’s areas and wellness workshops. SIG: Site Ops Executive Boardroom – Main Level Paul Loewenberg (M) Dicuss the ins and outs of building and maintaining festival sites. Beating A Path to Your Door: House Concerts (P) Boardroom 2 – Main Level Steve Tennant (M), Corin Raymond, Katherine Wheatley House concerts are becoming increasingly popular with performers touring year-round. Learn the ins and outs from some seasoned folks who have been successfully inviting their friends and neighbours into their homes for special music events. Topics will include block booking, routing and venue requirements.


Youth Program Boardroom 4 – Main Level Erin Barnhardt International Meet & Greet – by Invitation Only Ballroom 3 – Second Level Sam Baardman (M), Phil Ballman, Mary Brabec, Brad First, Jim Fleming, Mary Granata, Mike Green, Steve Heath, Fred Kaiser, Tim Mason, Lisa Whytock, Davie Gardner, Stuart Thomas, Bob Gilchrist

12:15pm – 1:45pm Local 1000 Meeting Theatre Women in the Industry (AS) Salon A – Main Level Karen Flanagan McCarthy (M), Kerry Clarke, Shauna de Cartier, Mary Granata, Lisa Whytock What are the triumphs and challenges of working in the music industry? Join us to explode the myths and stereotypes of women in the arts. This is not a panel about the difficulties of ‘making it’ in a patriarchal system, but rather an investigation of the dynamics and relationships that define our positions in the industry. We have the questions…and maybe some of the answers too! Professionalize or Perish Salon C – Main Level Alfredo Caxaj (M), Paul Nesbitt-Larking, Rob Reid, Marty Rice Many Canadian folk music festivals pride themselves on their ‘grass roots’ sensibility; i.e., relying on hard working volunteers to organize community celebrations on a 36

shoestring budget. But the proliferation of festivals on summer weekends has now raised the bar, requiring a new level of marketing and programming savvy enough for an event to stand out from the crowd. With corporate sponsorships and cultural tourism as the coveted prizes, is “Professionalize or Perish” the new mantra of 21st century festival programmers?

music and how it relates to our understanding of an evolving Canadian identity. Does the term “world music” expand or restrict the scope of the artist’s work? How are festival moving towards embracing world music in a meaningful way at their event? Come and gain a greater understanding of the elements involved in programming and performing world music in Canada.

Artistic Directors Meeting – Closed meeting Executive Boardroom – Main Level Warren Robinson (M)

Writing for Film and Television (A) Salon B - Main Level Arlene Bishop (M), David Greene, Blair Packham, Maribeth Solomon Analyzing the market, trend talking, and real world advice on how to get your music positioned in film and television.

The Politics of Dancing: Festival Chair vs. Kickin’ Heels (F) Boardroom 2 – Main Level Sam Baijal (M), Sandra Butel, Chris Frayer, Tamara Kater, Cameron Wright, Adam Solomon Audience demographics are changing, so how do we reconcile competing expectations when it comes to dancing, tarp territories and festival chairs? Is it time to revisit our current model of the “main stage” given that some people come to dance, and some prefer to sit? Are we delivering the experience audiences want to have? Economics, demographics and festivals - this panel will dig into the issues of audience dynamics in our ever-evolving culture. World Music (AS) Boardroom 4 – Main Level Suba Sankaran (M), Phil Ballman, Drew Gonsalves, Steve Heath, Phyllis Stenson This panel discussion will focus on the impact of world

2:00pm – 3:15pm Accessing International Markets: Export Eh! (AS) Theatre – Main Level Julien Paquin (M), Mary Brabec, Jim Fleming, Jack Schuller, Lisa Whytock, Tim Mason This panel is for artists, agents and managers who are ready to develop new markets and are looking for advice and guidance on how to grow into new countries and territories. Join these experts to learn the best ways to develop new markets outside of Canada. Songs From the Heart Showcase Salons A & B – Main Level Youth Showcase Salons D & E – Main Level

Get Your Podcast Outta MySpace YouTube (A) Boardroom 2 – Main Level Jowi Taylor (M), Richard Davis, Shauna de Cartier, Trevor Mills It seems new technologies reshape how we do business almost everyday. Our music is impacted as much (or more!) as any other genre. Join host Jowi Taylor and panel as they ask (and answer?) questions about audience, money, and the technical aspect of our brave new world in the digital realm. Canadian Museum of Civilization: New Directions in Folk Music Boardroom 4 – Main Level Michael MacDonald (M), Sam Cronk, Les Siemieniuk The Canadian Museum of Civilization (CMC) has been involved in the collection and preservation of folk music in Canada since it opened its doors as the Museum of Man in 1856. In the 1970s government funding cuts had eliminated field research and minimized the types of work in which the CMC could get involved, which consequently led to inward looking policy initiatives. Recently, there has been a shift at the CMC and Sam Cronk has become the new music curator for the museum. For the first time in many years, new field research is being carried out and deposited at the museum. This panel will introduce new directions for the CMC, explore difficulties in ‘getting the word out’ about its folk music collections, and discuss ways in which OCFF members and the CMC might create reciprocal working relationships.

3:30pm – 4:45pm Folk DJ Reception sponsored by Borealis Records Ballroom 3 5:00pm – 7:30pm Annual OCFF Dinner Ballroom 5 & 6


7:45pm – 11:30pm Official Showcases Salons A & B – Main Level 8:00pm – 11:30pm Official Showcases Ballroom 3 – Second Level 11:30pm – 2:00am Home County Reception/ Showcase Theatre – Main Level MARIA Reception/ Showcase Salons A & B – Main Level Songwriters Association of Canada’s Pyjama Party Reception/Showcase Salons D & E – Main Level Live Tour Artists Reception/ Showcase Ballroom 3 – Second Level Sunday, October 12 8:30am – 12:00pm Registration - Main Foyer 8:30 am Folk Feet Fun Run Lobby - Hilton Hotel 9:30pm – 10:45pm The Future of the OCFF (AS) Salon D - Main Level Aengus Finnan (M), Ellen Hamilton, Dennis Landry This is your opportunity to stand up and say what you like about the OCFF and what you would like this organization to do for you.

9:30am – 12:00 pm Mentoring Sessions (AS) Salon A – Main Level Mentoring list will be posted by the registration table on Saturday afternoon. 10:00am – 11:00am Campfire – Gospel (AS) Salon C - Main Level Ken Whiteley 11:00am – 12:00pm Estelle Klein Award Winner Song Circle (GI) Salons D & E – Main Level Paul Mills (M), Bill Bourne, Jim Fleming, Richard Flohil, John Smale, Grit Laskin, Ariel Rogers, David Rogers, Nathan Rogers

Winterfolk Toronto February 08, 2008 to February 10, 2008

The Great Indoor Music Event (February 8-10, 2008) features over 100 Musicians in 10 Venues for 3 Days of Roots, Blues, Folk Music & more – including industry seminars and workshops, all in downtown Toronto. With strong emphasis on Southern Ontario and Canadian talent, Winterfolk accepts submissions from anywhere in the world. Visit www. for details (no unsolicited submissions please). Now going into our sixth year, Winterfolk offers free admission for the whole family, and Winterfolk VI will be our largest festival yet. Don’t miss it! Address: 182 - 4936 Yonge St. Toronto, Ont, M2N-6S3 Email: Website:


EXHIBIT HALL Acoustic Avenue Ted Crouch, Salmon Arm BC html Aeolian Hall Clark Bryan, London ON Alexmar Stefan Prentice, Brampton ON American Federation of Musicians Alan Willaert, Toronto ON Ana Miura Ana Miura, Ottawa ON ArtsCan Circle Carol Teal, Newmarket ON www. BerLen Music Printing Jack Cooper, Guelph ON Bignote Entertainment Jim Samuelson, Calgary AB www. Borealis Recording Company Linda Turu, Toronto ON Canadian Folk Music Awards Bill Garrett, Toronto ON COOP Les Faux-Monnayeurs et Folquebec Jean Francois Guindon, Montreal QC Leopard Frog Studio Chris Coleman, Kingston ON www. MARIA Sara Stasiuk, Winnipeg MB www. Mike Green & Associates Mike Green, Ann Arbor MI Millstream Productions Bev Mills, Toronto ON Music Management International Bruce Morel, Dartmouth NS www. 38

Near North Music Frank Hoorn, Smithers BC www. North American Folk Alliance Louis Meyers, Memphis TN Ontario Trillium Foundation Sheila Simpson, London, ON

Personal Artist Management Inc. Jim Stewart, Winnipeg MB Pipe Street Studios James Gordon, Guelph ON Ron Belanger Guitars Ron Belanger, Orillia ON www. html

Shelter Valley Folk Festival Aengus Finnan, Grafton ON Six String Nation Jowi Taylor, Toronto ON Songwriters Association of Canada Don Quarles, Toronto ON


We’re proud sponsors of: Winnipeg Folk Festival Sunfest in London Ottawa Folk Festival Canmore Folk Music Festival Calgary Folk Festival Dawson City Folk Music Festival Regina Folk Festival Folk on the Rocks, Yellowknife, NWT Edmonton Folk Festival

“Brilliant energetic playing and a warm rapport with the listeners. We’ll definitely bring them back!�

Big Rock is best enjoyed responsibly.

Sultans ofString

– Paul Loewenberg, Northern Lights Festival

“Simply brilliant!� – 3NRG 99.3FM, Australia

atomic world jazz flamenco

INDIE SHOWCASE: Saturday Oct. 13 at OCFF! 2006 OCFF Songs of the Heart Competition — World Music Finalist Concerts, sound clips:

CD Luna available at




70.71 lpi

45.00째 9/12/07 Process Black

9:37:32 AM


Family Memberships Gillis Family, Vineland, ON Luce Family, Ottawa, ON Delbaere-Sawchuk Family, Toronto, ON Ariel Rogers and Scott Cameron Smith, Dundas, ON Sedgwick Family, Toronto, ON Partner Memberships Jason Fowler and Sahra Featherstone, Toronto, ON Ingrid Langhorst and Ian MacCallum, Dundalk, ON Allyson MacDonald and Kevin Rivers, Ingersoll, ON Bob LeDrew and Cathy Bennett, Ottawa, ON Tom and Anna McInerney, London, ON New Organizations Flamenco Caravan, Esteban Figueroa, Thunder Bay, ON The Woods Music & Dance Camp, Toronto, ON Personal Artist Management Inc., Winnipeg, MB




John Newlands, Sudbury, ON Rosemary Phelan, Toronto, ON Matthew de Zoete, Hamilton, ON Wayne Krawchuk, Hamilton, ON David Hein, Toronto, ON Dwight Peters, Toronto, ON Dee Girdler, Newmarket, ON Chuck Baker, Stayner, ON Soozi Schlanger, Toronto, ON Jenn Ryan, Toronto, ON Howard Kaplan, Toronto, ON Emily Mitchell, Toronto, ON (Youth) Jason Erb, Kingston, ON Phil Cooper, St. Charles, IL Yael Wand, Barkerville, BC Lisa Godin, Garson, ON Tim Tibbits, Guelph, ON Laurence Knight, Surrey, BC Shannon Ross, Wakefield, QC Mary Knickle, Lunenburg, NS Mary Milne, Toronto, ON Emma St-Denis, Montreal, QC Jay Moonah, Toronto, ON Traciana Graves, New York, NY Della Santin, Toronto, ON Emmet Bresnahan, St. Stephen, NB Kerri Ough, Toronto, ON Jim Bryson, Ottawa, ON Biz Oliver, Montreal, QC Julie Desjarlais, Regina, SK Ashley Condon, Guelph, ON Chloe Hall, Australia James Hazelden, Australia Christine Tier, Toronto, ON Jesse Turton, Guelph, ON Shaman Ayerhart, London, ON Melissa Welch, Sudbury, ON Jennifer Tomlin, Sudbury, ON Karla Adolphe, Winnipeg, MB Caleb Friesen, Winnipeg, MB Sarah Craig, Chelmsford, ON John Powers, Bayfield, ON Ryan-Wayne McEathron, Oshawa, ON Jennifer Calder, Toronto, ON Sandy Lapere, Welland, ON David Porteous, Toronto, ON Alison Gowan, Kingston, ON Jay Moore, Kingston, ON D’Arcy McGuire, Ottawa, ON Jeanette Lee, Toronto, ON Victor Russell, Carrying Place, ON Penny Lang, Montreal, QC Clark Bryan, London, ON Stefan Prentice, Brampton, ON Jim Samuelson, Calgary, AB Suze Casey, Calgary, AB



FACTOR... ...a Proud Supporter of Canadian

Musical Talent For 25 years...

...and Counting










Ask Me!

All About The Buttons

It is very important to all of us at the OCFF that YOU, as a participant of the 21ST annual conference, get all that you need out of this weekend. So, if you are a first-timer and donโ€™t know any of the faces here; a young person with a question; or a member with an idea, go and seek out a button wearerโ€ฆ Tell me! buttons will be worn by our board of directors who would love the opportunity to talk to you about the OCFF as an organization and to listen to your thoughts. Ask me! buttons will be worn by staff and volunteers who will be acting as hosts to help you seek out all that you might need. They are ready and able to introduce you to the right person to talk to, or to help you locate the workshop you want to attend.

Tell Me!

Please make use of these folks, as they are always willing to have a good chat!

Ian Bell

Alistair Brown

ElizaBeth Hill

Ron Hynes

Seรกn Keane

Alan Rhody

IDEA Artists

Also representing Mรกire Breatnach, Caim, Ensemble Vivant, Norland Wind

IDEA - Ian Davies Entertainment Agency 20 - 9 Cadeau Terrace, London, ON N6K 4T5 Phone (519) 473-2099 Fax (519) 473-8575 Toll Free (877) 801-9458

(UMBER 3/.'72)4).' 7/2+3(/0









7K\c 7SVXO 9P±MSKV =RYaMK]O room B saturday, oct. 13th 10:40pm





L:MNK=:R H<MH;>K*,MA L:EHGL:; **3,)IF&+3)):F

?>:MNKBG@ **3-)IF *+3)):F *+3+):F *+3-):F


*3)):F *3+):F *3-):F






Yep, that’s right! Sign up with Sonicbids today, and if you don’t get a gig in the first 6 months of your membership — festival date, club date, music licensing deal, college tour, or any of the thousands of gigs listed on Sonicbids — we’ll extend your membership by 6 months, free!





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We Speak Folk Music... Fluently

Available through your favourite music store or from:

OFC Publications The Ottawa Folklore Centre 1111 Bank St., Ottawa, ON, K1S 3X4 1•800•385•FOLK (3655) 2007 Inductee: Sam Gesser



Small World Festival

January 1, 2007 to December 31, 2007



Small World Music has programming year round and this year they celebrate their 6th Annual World Music festival features artists from over a dozen countries over a full two weeks, with concerts in spaces ranging from the intimacy of Lula Lounge to the grandeur of Massey Hall. For more information on Small Worlds programs please visit Some past shows have included Dhoad Gypsies of Rajasthan, the spellbinding drumming of Amazones, the return of world music diva Mariza, Marcel SKhalife, the â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Bob Dylan of the Middle Eastâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; and World on a String. Please check the website for upcoming shows.

Babes for Breasts is a collective of female singer/songwriters taking on the human side of breast cancer one song at a time. Volunteering their voices and skills to raise awareness and funds, every cent is donated to charities helping women who are living with breast cancer from diagnosis to remission and beyond. Come check out our booth at OCFF and our room on the music floor!


11:30p 11:55p 12:20a 12:45a 1:10a 1:35a 2:00a

Rhonda Stakich Meredith Luce Ana Miura Amy Campbell Lynne Hanson Lindsay Ferguson BFB Jam - All Welcome! SATURDAY 11:30p Meredith Luce 11:55p Rhonda Stakich 12:20a Ana Miura 12:45a Amy Campbell 1:10a Lynne Hanson 1:35a Lindsay Ferguson 2:00a BFB Jam All Welcome!

Check out our year-round, on-going tours at



THE GIFT A Tribute to


Four Strong Winds BLUE RODEO MC Horses CORB LUND Blue Mountains of Mexico JENNIFER WARNES What Does She See CHRIS HILLMAN Red Velvet GORDON LIGHTFOOT The Gift DAVID REA Range Delivery CINDY CHURCH Smuggler’s Cove THE MCDADES Some Kind Of Fool AMOS GARRETT Old Cheyenne TOM RUSSELL Someday Soon THE CIRCUS IN FLAMES WITH BUDDY CAGE Will James RAMBLIN’ JACK ELLIOTT You’re Not Alone Anymore STEWART MACDOUGALL Summer Wages THE GOOD BROTHERS Moondancer JEFF BRADSHAW RECENT RELEASES: Corb Lund, Harry Manx & Kevin Breit, Maria Muldaur, Duke Robillard, Jeff Healey. UP-AND-COMING: New Guitar Summit, Amos Garrett, and our latest signing Rory Block. 63


Folk Prints Fall 2007  
Folk Prints Fall 2007  

Folk Prints Fall 2007, Your Guide to the OCFF Conference in London, Songs from the Heart Winners, New Youth Mentor Program, Shop at the Sile...