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The Enhanced Compliance Solution (ECS) is a comprehensive and in-depth monitoring software system designed specifically to prevent money laundering and assist financial institutions in complying with PATRIOT Act regulations.

The ECS monitoring system analyzes transaction activity throughout all modules using statistical methods in order to identify fraudulent behavior.

We will briefly outline the ECS modules which work collectively to secure and protect account information

Customers – Information is secured daily from the core banking system. ECS uses this information through related and grouping methods for protection and monitoring analysis.

Relationships – Any related parties attached to an account such as signers, beneficiaries, trustees and others are jointly analyzed.

Accounts – All associated accounts are brought in from the bank’s core processing system. This information includes account name, type, status, officer, account risk and more.

Cash Activity – The ECS Cash Activity module captures and analyzes all cash activities individually to monitor the regulatory amount of cash deposited and withdrawn including mixed deposits

Transaction – All transactions within the bank’s core processing system are imported into ECS while secondary processes maintain additional transaction details for Wires, SWIFT, Itemized Checks and Cash Activity.

Alerts - ECS assists in protecting your account from fraudulent behavior by incorporating statistical analyses configured through the BSA Compliance group. Alerts are automated directly to either a specific user or to a group.

Reports - Reports may be generated to retrieve current and past activity information. Specific parameters may be used with pre-defined queries. Results can be stored in various formats such as PDF, Excel, HTML, CSV.

FinCEN - The FinCEN 314A bi-weekly search is embedded within the ECS functionality. All matches which pertaining to customer information and transaction activity is made available for review and reporting.

Wire Analysis – ECS’ Wire Activity Analyzer examines detailed account information from wires received from beneficiaries, originators, countries and correspondent banks. The Wire Activity Analyzer discloses wire activity under various selection criteria.

Case Management - An integrated Case Management process enables the grouping of events, notes and user reviews to accommodate the filing of any case under review including Watch Lists, Special Investigations, Subpoenas, and SARS.

Ocean System’s ECS secures and supports information on Know Your Customer (KYC) and Enhanced Due Diligence (EDD)

This information is maintained and used in ECS for thorough monitoring and analysis to ensure owner safety and security

Fraudulent behavior like money-laundering is immediately detected through account profiling in accordance to KYC and EDD information.

The Enhanced Compliance Solution (ECS) is designed to assist financial institutions in compliance with the PATRIOT Act. ECS combines multiple modules like the Know Your Customer and Enhanced Due Diligence functions to monitor, protect and secure accounts.

ECS transactions are monitored using rule based and statistical based methods to prevent any fraudulent behavior. Reports and alerts are available in a variety of formats.

Ocean Systems has made ECS very configurable using its workflow technology to fit the specific requirements of your BSA Policy.


Ocean Systems provides specialized, comprehensive and innovative software solutions to assist in preventing fraudulent behavior. Ocean Systems has grown to be leaders in software compliance solutions since 1991.


Ocean Systems shares a common goal of connecting experience, creativity and technology to provide banking and financial solutions in compliance with corresponding sections of the US PATRIOT Act. Visit us online today to learn more:

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