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Letter from the Editor HAPPY FEBRUARY! It feels so good to be back, and we hope you all have been doing well. We closed the year with an amazing FashionShowcase Weekend and Celebrity Golf Tournament, where we made new friends and fell in love a little more with our hotel partner Secrets St. James Montego Bay. We’re in a great place and looking forward to building on its success for the upcoming year. For many of us, 2016 felt rough. We lost some tremendous icons in the entertainment and sports industries, as well as one charismatic, enigmatic, cigar-loving leader from the region, who was equally loved and despised. Many of us dealt with personal losses. An especially vitriolic election cycle here in the U.S. had the world watching, and now we are bracing ourselves for a great number of changes over the next four years. It makes me realize how truly special the Caribbean is. Yes, the region has its share of challenges, but we have always celebrated diversity. We have been blessed with the contributions of peoples from all over the world and we realize we are so much richer for it. As a native born American with Caribbean ancestry, I feel lucky to be steeped in this duality, and it gives me so much perspective. And what I see is our ability, as Caribbean peoples, to bring joy, beauty and color into the world. We’re going to need it. The way we embrace our multiculturalism will be a beacon of light in what may be dark times. If you only keep one resolution this year, let it be to let your light shine brightly no matter what. Here at Splash!, we’re doing our part to radiate beauty by continuing to share the wonders of our island charm, hospitality, and majestic natural splendor. We think you’ll enjoy reading personal reflections on a beloved family vacation spot in Antigua and taking a deeper dive into what a stay is really like at Secrets. And since it’s February, we’re hoping to whet your amorous appetites with our picks for some truly romantic couples’ spots in our part of the world. Perhaps we can tempt you to book a last minute trip to get in some quality time with that special someone in your life. It’s also Black History Month, so we’re honoring five Caribbean men who were innovators of black identity, political ideology and champions for the rights of peoples of African descent. Finally, Fashion Week is coming, and we’re happy to share where you can find good island eateries in New York, London, Milan and Paris. There’s so much more in the issue, so please, dive into Splash! Let’s get wet!

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Credits EDITOR IN CHIEF Douglas K. Gordon MANAGING EDITOR Tuere A. Randall PRODUCTION COORDINATOR Princella Talley PRODUCTION ASSISTANT Shana Guins CONTRIBUTORS Darcy Mayfair, Brodie Nero, Princella Talley, Tuere A. Randall


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In the past 15 years or so, I’ve been to Antigua almost 30 times. My parents had their honeymoon there before I was born and 15 years later, they decided to go back as a family (our family is inclusive of my sister and me). Now, to be frank, I wasn’t as “consciously evolved”, or mature in those days. At the time, this trip was my chance to duck my parents, drink a lot, hang out, tan on my own, look at chicks and kick it with some locals on the beach during our stay at the all-inclusive Pineapple Beach resort. We’re a Canadian based family, and my parents have had ongoing success in their business since I was 15. Trips to Antigua went from all inclusive “Hot Deals” and timeshares in gated community villas to MASSIVE private homes in stunning areas like Tamarind Hills. Only in the past three years have we been living luxuriously when we go there. The 6 to 8 years prior, we stayed in Jolly Harbour. It’s a unique place with a North and South “Finger”, as they like to call it. Most of the Villas are 2 story, 2 bedroom, 2.5 bathroom units. The exteriors of the units are usually consistent and obviously similar. However, depending on the owner, the interior can vary from outdated to extremely modern. Some of the units look like they imported the furniture from their Great Grandmother’s house while the nicer ones boast features such as sexy faucets, marble countertops and flat screens on the wall. Jolly Harbour has everything you need for jet skiing, scuba diving and catamaran excursions. There’s also an internet café, small boutique resto’s (get the pizza from Melinis!) and a proper supermarket. It’s equipped like an all-inclusive, but you live like you’re at home. In some cases, people are at home. Lots of small businesses start up, but don’t last. However, despite its economic challenges, Jolly Harbour is undeniably beautiful. I still consider it a safe and charming place to visit. Antigua is British Colonized. I’ve mostly seen people from England and Canada there. In between, you’ll find other Europeans. Often, I hear some Italian when I’m on the beach. The only time you really see Americans is when the cruise ships come in for the day. Oh, and when you spot a local of African descent, it doesn’t mean the person is Antiguan. There are also handfuls of Jamaicans, Trinidadians and Grenadines on the island. One of the most unique (and incredible) facts about Antigua is that there are 365 beaches. You can head to a different beach every day of the year, but you can drive from one side of the island to the other in 45 minutes to an hour. I’m still trying to figure out how that one works myself! When people ask me what I think of Antigua, I always say it’s a place to visit to feel the authentic Caribbean vibes, immerse yourself in Caribbean culture, and to have a more personal and privatized experience. There is nightlife, but you have to have keen desire to go right to it. To me, Antigua is a peaceful place. Even during high season, you can always find a remote pocket of beach to sprawl out and enjoy the warm, quiet sun.


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Top Caribbean Restaurants IN FASHION WEEK CITIES BY PRINCELLA TALLEY Each year, major media outlets and spectators gather to see the visions of innovative fashion designers brought to life during Fashion Week. Held in bustling cities filled with romance and multicultural infusions of personality and style, the most talented beauty influencers from across the globe transform each city into otherworldly fashion hubs. Displaying eclectic classic and trendy styles (and often venturing into the unknown), the expectations and reputation of Fashion Week continue to rise as the world takes notice. Drawing a correlation between Fashion Week and Caribbean cuisine is far from a daunting task. Much like the garments that adorn the svelte bodies of models and street style enthusiasts, Caribbean food is known for its bold taste and visual appeal that influences the culinary world on a global scale. Located in both large cities and small towns, traditional and modern dishes inspired by the Caribbean can be found amidst the casual cool of a small diner or the refined elegance of a gourmet restaurant. In honor of Fashion Week, we set out to explore New York City, Paris, Milan, and London to find the best eateries inspired by the islands. Prepare your palate for our top picks.

MISS LILY’S IN NEW YORK CITY Rightfully famous as a “Melting Pot,” New York City is home to countless nationalities. With so many cultures and varying tastes, a restaurant has to be impressive to appeal to New Yorkers. Miss Lily’s has all the right ingredients to attract culinary enthusiasts from New York to Dubai (where its third restaurant recently opened). Contemporary while maintaining the essence of tradition and authenticity, homestyle variations of jerk chicken, curried goat, escovitch fish and spicy sauces sit alongside many of the most beloved dishes from Jamaica. With locations in SoHo and East Village, their artistic spin on Caribbean food is well placed in the bohemian districts. When stopping by Miss Lily’s Jerk Shack in SoHo for a more casual dining experience or Jamaican food on the go, pair your meal with Melvin’s Juice, the famously delicious juices known to detoxify and rejuvenate the body. Miss Lily’s is a collaborative effort bringing together the great minds of architectural designers, restaurateurs, business moguls and top chefs. Of notable mention is Jamaican native Andre Fowles, the two-time winner of Food Network’s Top Chef, and one of the chefs helping to create a gastronomic experience you won’t soon forget at Miss Lily’s.

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CAP99 IN PARIS The fusion of African and Caribbean cuisine found at Cap99 in the Latin Quarter of Paris has become a favorite in the city thanks to its delectable menu options featuring Caribbean favorites, including cod fritters, jerk chicken and fried plantains. And while tasty Afro-Caribbean dishes steal the show, the atmosphere at Cap99 is just as enticing.

MAMAJUANA RESTAURANTE IN MILAN With a menu that blends South American and Caribbean cuisine, we agree with the general consensus that there is no such thing as ordering the wrong item at Mamajuana Restaurante. Starting with appetizers and working up to the main course, each offering is hearty and flavorful while the sizable drinks transport you to the Caribbean beaches with each sip.

With meals influenced by the traditional dishes of the islands and French cuisine, it’s to be expected that a varied crowd would be drawn to this eatery. Announce your birthday at Cap99 and everyone celebrates with you. Likewise, it’s not uncommon to have a drink on the house courtesy of the friendly owner that makes every stranger feel like family, reminding us of why Paris is touted as the City of Love.

The sangria and rum will delight, but take a look around and you’re sure to be charmed by the interior of this restaurante. Hanging foliage, colorful tables and large paintings inspire visions of the lush terrain, the beautiful beaches and the talented artists who call the Caribbean home.

Bonus: Check out Caffé Créole in Paris’ 11th arrondissement. A restaurant inspired by Caribbean dishes, the libations and desserts are not to be missed. An artsy bar filled with vibrant color and an earthy feel, you’ll love the irie vibes found inside and appreciate taking in the sights while dining al fresco.


Mamajuana’s is also properly located to provide you with an authentic experience during your visit to Milan. Set between residences and longstanding businesses, a stroll down the streets headed towards Mamajuana is filled with color, unique architecture and the lively residents of the city.

THE RUM KITCHEN IN LONDON To say the Rum Kitchen is popular in London would be a bit of an understatement. Dotted throughout the city in the districts of Brixton, Nottinghill and on Carnaby Street, The Rum Kitchen is the perfect introduction to Caribbean fare and spices. Jerk chicken, callaloo, saltfish and many of the meals you’d find offered by Jamaican locals are always cooking in the Rum Kitchen. With pulsating music, a relaxed atmosphere and a fun assortment of rum, beer, and wines, The Rum Kitchen is the place to be for happy hour. Enjoy the classic Dark n’ Stormy, the Rude Boy, or the Plaintain Colada. But with so many intriguing drinks on the menu, these are just a few of our suggestions.

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Love is in the air and during this season, travelers across the globe are searching for the best romantic getaways in the Caribbean. While there are more than a few options, we know you deserve the best of resort experiences. Each of our resort selections include the primary ingredients; delectable cuisine, boutique spa treatments, fabulous amenities and an all-encompassing selection of things to do during your stay. But you and your significant other want something special. Sowe’ve curated a list of top resorts that cater to more than amenities and are inspired by the true essence of romance! BY PRINCELLA TALLEY

JADE MOUNTAIN RESORT Named as the top Caribbean resort by Condé Nast for three consecutive years, the Jade Mountain Resort in St. Lucia is filled with enviable amenities that could only be found at a world-class property. Transforming a luxury resort experience into a romantic escape where the unsurpassed beauty of the Caribbean and sophisticated architecture align, Jade Mountain is an idyllic dream brought to life against the backdrop of seemingly endless blue skies. As a reminder of the ascension into this secluded paradise, views of the famed Gros Piton and Piti mountains offer a sense of inspiration and awe while the infinity pool seems to effortlessly merge with the azure waters of the Caribbean Sea. Get closer on the Celestial Terrace to watch the stars dance in the night sky or unwind together on the silky sands of one of the beaches at Anse Chastanet, the partnering resort below Jade Mountain offering a plethora of additional opportunities for land and water adventure.

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CAP JULUCA Cap Juluca displays mind-blowing architecture and boasts first-class accommodations along with savory, award-winning cuisine. But, it’s the lure of romance and awakened passions that draws couples to this resort in Anguilla. A worldrenowned favorite, TripAdvisor has listed Cap Juluca as one of the top 10 Celebrity Honeymoon Hotels while Condé Nast selected Cap Juluca as the Most Romantic Hideaway for 2015. Lovers of luxury and white sand beaches won’t be disappointed. From the translucent waters that go on for a mile to the majestic mountains of St. Martin in the distance, you’ll be enraptured by the scenic splendor of this world-class getaway. Whether you’re tying the knot or strengthening the bond you already share, Cap Jeluca is the place to be for couples in Anguilla.

LE GUANAHANI Resting on the peninsula in the Grand Cul-de-Sac of St. Barths, Le Guanahani is the perfect choice for family-oriented adventurers seeking privacy. Walking along the soft sands of the beach, couples feel as if they’ve been whisked away to the personal paradise of an exclusive community bustling with entertainment and demonstrating the gastronomic excellence that has become synonymous with St. Barth’s. With something for everyone at Le Guanahani, the possibilities for romance are endless. Walk hand-in-hand from your cozy, sophisticated cottage through the opulent gardens as you appreciate nature’s serenity and the simple joys of time spent together. Couples looking to bring the kids along will appreciate the Submarine Tours, a safe and memorable experience allowing for an educational and colorful glimpse of life under the sea.

AMANYARA The translation of the term Amanyara means “peaceful place,” and this resort has become a prime destination in Turks and Caicos for couples looking to escape modern inconveniences and constant worries. The design of Amanyara is inspired by grace and crafted with even the smallest of details in mind, culminating in an enchantment that arouses the senses in a way that often leaves guests speechless. The subtle power and instinctive beauty of water is a theme embraced throughout the resort. You’ll find gently flowing ponds and infinity pools that appear as if they truly go on forever. Outdoor lovers are in for a special treat at Amanyara thanks to the abounding natural beauty and tranquil Caribbean waters made for underwater adventures and sightseeing. By the way, you don’t want to miss the sunsets at Amanyara as the sky is illuminated with heartwarming and fiery colors. Our Bonus Pick:Tortuga Bay Hotel at Puntacana Resort & Club Featuring the iconic design of Oscar De La Renta, Tortuga Bay is the destination for trendy couples in search of fine dining and the Caribbean luxe life while in the Dominican Republic. Paying homage to Dominican culture, the 6 eateries at the resort offer an impressive and diverse culinary experience. From mesmerizing views of the Caribbean Sea to the stress-relieving massages offered at the Six Senses Spa, you won’t soon forget your time spent at Tortuga Bay.

BELMOND LA SAMANNA Is it the music made by the Caribbean waves or the candlelit dinners at La Cave that make La Samanna so romantic? Or could it be the massages by the beach? With so many possibilities for romance, this resort had to make our list. Whether you’re enjoying tasty libations by the pool or wine from the acclaimed cellar (known for having one of the largest collections throughout all of the Caribbean islands), more than 50 acres of serenity are waiting to be explored. Authenticity and class are two of the main features that make this resort a standout in St. Martin as commercial tourism is exchanged for a cultural experience and unforgettable moments. Indulge in the European-style spa treatment as a couple or sip cocktails at the infinity pool. No matter how you spend your time at La Samanna, the distractions of modern-day living will seem as if they’ve faded away, allowing you and that special someone to focus on what’s most important- your commitment to one another.


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Black History Month has come a long way since being founded by the black American historian Carter G. Woodson back in 1926, when it was known as “Negro History Week.” And though this is a time of celebration and acknowledgment of the accomplishments and contributions of peoples of African descent throughout the Diaspora, it has largely been perceived as an American invention. This month in OCEAN Splash!, we would like to honor Five Caribbean giants who were pioneers in the movement for racial equality and made lasting contributions to the history of peoples of African descent. In particular, they are distinguished for their push for political unity against oppression and the celebration of the history and identity of black people.

12 OCEAN Style

Anténor Firmin

Henry Sylvester Williams

OCTOBER 18, 1850-SEPTEMBER 19, 1911, HAITI

FEBRUARY 15, 1869-MARCH 26, 1911, TRINIDAD

Joseph Auguste Anténor Firmin, born in Cap Haitian, displayed a voracious appetite for knowledge at a young age, becoming a teacher at the age of 17. He taught Greek, Latin, French and later studied anthropology avidly. His anthropological pursuits would influence his activism on behalf of African peoples, and he became a seminal political figure in Haiti. Firmin established the newspaper, Le Messager du Nord, which became one of the ways he contributed to the political discourse of the day. Tired of the prevailing ideas around race and physiognomy, he authored the book De l’égalité des races humaines (On the Equality of Human Races), which was a direct response and counter-argument to Essai sur l’inégalité des races humaines (Essay on the Inequality of Human Races) by Count Arthur de Gobineau. De Gobineau tried to assert the theory that Aryan peoples were superior to peoples of color—a notion Firmin deftly turned on its ear. Firmin was one of the other co-founders of the Pan African Conference along with Henry Sylvestre Williams (below) and Sylvain Benito, a fellow Haitian. The conference had been organized as a way to address racism, with a particular focus on the treatment of Africans during colonialization. Firmin was also the brainchild of Caribbean Confederation project which sought to create unity and common ground between Cuba, The Dominican Republic, Haiti, Jamaica, and Puerto Rico. In 1889, President Louis Mondestin Florvil Hyppolite made him the Minister of Finance and External Relations—one of the distinguishing achievements in his career.

Born in Arouca, Trinidad, Williams rose to intellectual and political prominence in England; however, his road to London proved to be a scenic one. He settled in New York City for a bit in 1891, later moving to Nova Scotia in 1893 when he realized the only job he was “qualified” to do in NYC was to shine shoes. In Nova Scotia, he studied Law at Dalhousie University and co-founded the first Colored Hockey League. Williams relocated to London in 1895 and it was there he passed the bar and later became a central figure on the black intellectual scene which included a burgeoning Pan-African political ideology. In 1897, Williams formed the African (later Pan-African) Association, sparked in part by conversations with Mrs. A.V. Kinlock — a South African woman from the Aborigines’ Protection Society, who spoke at length about abuses against African peoples in her homeland. By 1900, he co-founded the first Pan-African Conference, which took place over three days in Westminster Town Hall and included a like-minded group of men and women of African descent from Africa, the Caribbean and the Americas (including N.A.A.C.P. cofounder W.E.B. Dubois) gathering for the purpose of independently discussing the problems and solutions to racism against black people in the Diaspora. In 1903, he became the first black to become a barrister in the Cape Colony, today known as South Africa. There he also opened a preparatory school for colored children staffed by West Indians, but his ambitions were seen as threatening to the white establishment who soon ostracized him as a rabble rouser. Undaunted, Williams returned to London with his sights on Parliament. He was not elected to Parliament, but did become one of the first black men to be elected to public office in Britain. oceanstylemagazine.com

Aimé Césaire

Arturo Alfonso Schomburg

Marcus Mosiah Garvey, Jr.

JUNE 26, 1913-APRIL 17, 2008, MARTINIQUE

JANUARY 24, 1874-JUNE 8, 1938, PUERTO RICO

AUGUST 17, 1887-JUNE 10, 1940, JAMAICA

One of the greatest intellectuals of the 20th Century, Césaire was one of the progenitors of Négritude, an ideology which essentially is pan-African in nature, but originated by French speakers. Along with Léopold Sédar Senghor, who later became the first President of Senegal, he challenged colonialism and encouraged peoples of African descent to embrace a shared identity. Césaire and his wife Suzanne Roussi were stimulated by the French Intelligentsia, which arose during World War II. They co-founded Tropiques, a literary review which challenged the status quo on notions of Martinican identity and self-determination. In this period, they bonded with many of the French writers of his time who were captivated by Marxist ideals, although he later became disenchanted with communism. Césaire influenced writer Frantz Fanon, and a number of other political and academic ideologists, even in disagreement. Many people who wanted independence for Martinique were disappointed when he became one of the authors of the legislation responsible for making Martinique a département of France. Even still, he remained outspoken against colonialism until his final days, most notably in 2006 when he refused to greet Nicholas Sarkozy for his party’s vote on a bill that required French textbooks to view colonialism favorably (the law was later repealed by President Chiraq). Césaire lived a long life, dying in 2008 at age 94. He was honored with a State Funeral in Fort-de-France in his homeland.

Schomburg, a Puerto Rican born writer, historian and activist, had Cruzan and German roots through his mother and father respectively. He spent a good part of his life researching and documenting the contributions of African peoples after a teacher once stated that African peoples had no history. His activism proved integral to the Puerto Rican struggle for Independence and he claimed his African ancestry fiercely, proudly declaring himself “Afroboriqueño” which means Afro-Puerto Rican. His extensive research on black history made him an important figure during the Harlem Renaissance as well, after immigrating to the US in 1891, and he co-founded the Negro Society for Historical Research in 1911, and in 1916 he published A Bibliographical Checklist of American Negro Poetry, considered the first notable compilation of African-American poetry. His essay “The Negro Digs Up His Past” had widespread influence, proving to be a source of inspiration, and later mentor, to historian Dr. John Henrik Clarke. In 1926, the New York Public Library purchased Schomburg’s collections of art, literature and other writings for its branch on 135th in Harlem and invited him to curate the collection. It was later renamed the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture in his honor.

Jamaican native Garvey, known for his larger than life presence, tenacity, and determination, focused much of his political agenda on economic empowerment for blacks. But his belief in the unification of peoples of African descent and repatriation of their ancestral homeland, which birthed the Pan-African movement in the US, is perhaps what he will be most remembered for. Garvey organized the UNIA — the Universal Negro Improvement Association — with several other activists. A journalist and publisher by profession, he was known for his acrimonious disputes with W.E.B. DuBois, another leading black intellectual activist. Garvey fought fervently against the abuses of blacks all over the world, becoming one of the most successful organizers of a mass political movement of people of color in history. Today, the UNIA red, black and green flag has become synonymous with black political activism. The national shipping line of Ghana is named the Black Star Line and its football (soccer) team is called the Black Stars, in honor of the shipping line which Garvey founded as a literal vehicle to mobilize black economic power in the U.S. and hoped would carry blacks in America back to Africa.


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Kudos to you if you’re still pressing ahead with your New Year’s fitness resolution -- you’re our inspiration! Perhaps you have found a workout regimen that is making you look and feel your absolute best. But if you have a job where you travel often, keeping up with your routine might feel like more of a challenge than the actual workout itself. There’s no need to sacrifice fitness for the joys of travel and you don’t have to cut into the fun of your trip by taking inconvenient workout habits with you. With sheer motivation and using your body weight as resistance, these three workouts won’t require much time, space or a trip to the gym.

PLANK TO PUSH-UP Keep your belly flat and your upper body sculpted with the plank to pushup exercise. While in the plank position on your elbows, transition into the pose to do a push-up with your hands planted flat on the ground. Be sure to execute proper form by keeping your back straight and your core tight. Next, return each arm to the original plank position one at a time. Repeat for 15 to 30 reps. BURPEES Burpees aren’t the easiest, but they are definitely one of the best workouts for your entire body, no matter where you are. It’s guaranteed that you’ll feel the burn and see results with this routine. Beginning in a low squat pose, place your hands on the floor and kick off into a push-up stance. Do a push-up, then return to the starting position. Be sure to jump as high as you can before returning to your squat! Do 12 repetitions. 14 OCEAN Style

CHAIR DIPS A gym may not be readily available to you during your travels, but we know a piece of equipment that tends to always be nearby – a chair. With the support of a chair, chair dips will keep your arms sleek and sculpted by engaging the triceps. Execute this move with your hands on the edge of your seat and your feet flat, slowly lowering your body towards the ground. Note that your elbows should be at a 90 degree angle when lowered, and don’t lock your elbows on the way back up. 10-15 reps of this should suffice. Bonus: Walking is a tried-and-true way to cut calories and get some cardio in. With proper planning, explore the city and take in the sights by walking briskly to nearby destinations.



THREE outstanding


EMINENCE FIRM SKIN AÇAI BOOSTER-SERUM Touted for its ability to minimize fine lines and wrinkles, while boosting skin firmness and protecting against free radical damage, this serum is beloved by buyers for its nice but mild scent, results they can see and feel and the minimal use of chemical additives. This product is one of a complete facial skincare set available at online retailers such as lovelyskin.com


FRESH AÇAI AGE DELAY BODY CREAM AND SUGAR SCRUB Ever since its debut several years ago, this body care duo has had a steady fan base due to its luxurious feel and hydrating and anti-aging qualities. Reviewers praise both for their classic citrusy, sugar scent. Body cream lovers praise the rich, non-oily formula that lasts a long time (a little goes a long way). Get yours at sephora.com

BRAZILIAN BLOW-OUT AÇAI DRY OIL All of the goodness of açai berries are infused into this nourishing, but non-greasy oil that hydrates and gives life to tresses without weighing them down. Vitamins and nutrients restore lifeless hair and protect against further damage from the sun and heat products. You can find it at Overstock.com.

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food and drink

with a twist BY DARCY MAYFAIR





INGREDIENTS • 4 lime wedges (from 1/2 lime) • 7 green grapes • 2 teaspoons raw sugar, such as turbinado or Demerara • 1/4 cup (2 ounces) cachaça • 3 tablespoons (1 1/2 ounces) semisweet white wine such as Gewürztraminer • 8 to 10 ice cubes Special equipment: 1 (4-to 5-inch) wooden skewer PREPARATION In cocktail shaker, stir together lime wedges, 5 grapes, and sugar. Using wooden muddler or spoon, pound and press until fruit is crushed and juices are released. Add cachaça, wine, and ice, and shake vigorously for 25 seconds. Pour into old-fashioned glass. Thread remaining 2 grapes onto skewer, place in drink, and serve immediately.

INGREDIENTS • 2 tablespoons (1 ounce) cachaça • 6 fresh mint leaves • 8 to 10 ice cubes • 2 tablespoons (1 ounce) apple juice • 1 tablespoon (1/2 ounce) freshly squeezed lime juice • 1 tablespoon (1/2 ounce) simple syrup • 6 tablespoons (3 ounces) Champagne or any sparkling wine • 1 apple slice PREPARATION In cocktail shaker, stir together cachaça and mint. Using wooden muddler or spoon, pound and press just until mint is bruised. Add ice, apple juice, lime juice, and simple syrup, and shake vigorously for 25 seconds. Strain into Champagne glass. Top with Champagne. Place apple slice in drink and serve immediately.

Recipes by Naren Young of Bobo Restaurant in NYC, 2008. oceanstylemagazine.com

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With the passing of the winter blues, perhaps you’ve been wanting a fresh new look to go with the #NewYearNewYou. If you’ve been a bit apprehensive about using store bought hair color formulations due to all the chemicals, you might want to consider giving a henna treatment a try. Henna is a great alternative for a few reasons, one being that it’s a much more natural alternative to hair coloring (well, we’ll revisit this below) and, unlike most traditional dyes, it can actually be strengthening to the hair, rather than causing the damage associated with some coloring methods. The pigment molecules in henna bind to the hair shaft, filling in gaps where hair might be porous, thereby reinforcing the hair shaft and adding thickness. Even though henna has a number of great benefits to improving hair health, there are some tips you need to know so that you don’t end up having any mishaps should you decide to give henna a try. 1. DO YOUR RESEARCH FIRST. There are tons of excellent resources on the web if you’d like to read other people’s experiences and see what they’ve mixed into their henna to make it as nourishing to the hair as possible (an acidic liquid such as tea, lemon or lime juice is a must because that’s what causes the color to release, but many people add coconut oil or milk as a natural softener). 2. NOT ALL HENNA IS THE SAME. When looking for a henna, most hair sites and bloggers recommend sticking to body art quality henna. This is the kind made specifically for

18 OCEAN Style

use in body adornment art. Body art quality henna does not contain the metallic salts that are added to many varieties of henna sold off the shelves at beauty supply stores. This is particularly important if you have relaxed hair. Applying henna that has metallic salts or other chemicals added to it may cause a chemical reaction with relaxed hair that will cause the hair to disintegrate. Which brings me to the next tip … 3. DO NOT MIX YOUR HENNA IN A METAL BOWL. For the reasons mentioned above, to avoid any potential unforeseen chemical reactions, it’s best to use a ceramic or plastic bowl to mix your henna. 4. DO A STRAND TEST. Don’t skip this step if you have never used henna before, especially if you have chemically treated hair. While body art quality henna is recognized as safe for relaxed hair, you’d rather be safe than sorry. Also, because there are so many variations in how henna might take to your hair, you can test out the color on small area to see if you like it before proceeding. Also, some people have reported that henna alters their curl pattern, slightly loosening the curl or kink in their hair. While some people actually use henna for this reason, others don’t like the effect on their hair, so it’s good to know beforehand if henna will have that effect on your hair. 5. WEAR OLD CLOTHES AND HAVE GLOVES ON HAND. Like curry, henna is highly staining. Take great care in the bathroom not to stain ceramic tiles and grout. Likewise, make sure you wear gloves

to prevent discoloration of your fingernails, old clothes, and put up anything you don’t want to be ruined. Applying henna to your hair is messy business! 6. CHEAP CONDITIONER IS YOUR FRIEND. Henna acts as a protein in the hair so it can leave hair feeling really dry. One way to combat the dryness is to smooth copious amounts of conditioner throughout the hair during the rinse out process. This helps to combat the grassy smell often associated with henna, as well as facilitating the detangling process. You’ll be washing a lot of this down the drain ultimately, so I’d go with an inexpensive drugstore favorite that has a lot of slip. 7. END WITH A DEEP MOISTURIZING TREATMENT. To restore the moisture balance to your hair, treat your tresses to a moisturizing deep conditioning treatment. Your hair will thank you. 8. SET ASIDE ENOUGH TIME FOR HENNA DAY. A good amount of prep goes into using henna. Some people let their mixture sit overnight. Some even leave the henna in their hair overnight as well (make sure you have your hair wrapped up in plastic wrap to protect your pillows and sheets). Depending on your hair texture, detangling might also take some time. Try to make sure you have time you can devote to yourself with limited interruptions. Whatever you decide, using henna in your hair can be a very rewarding experience. Go with the flow. You got this!




The year before last, we had the pleasure of hosting talented actor, dancer and children’s book author Taye Diggs at our 7th Annual OCEAN Style FashionShowcase Weekend. Taye, a Hollywood sex symbol and noted Broadway star with a wicked sense of humor, fit right in and kept everyone laughing with his quick wit and carefree sense of humor. We had such a great time, he even let us tag along when he returned to Jamaica some months later to promote his children’s books Mixed Me and Chocolate Me. In this issue of Splash!, we chatted with Taye about how it felt to come back to Jamaica, his undying love for theatre and the age old question, Batman v. Superman.

20 OCEAN Style


Shane Evans, my cousin, him being the illustrator and helping us to get the book deals and what not. Everything just happened the way it should have and now, we are working on more books for the series and other projects that are related to just keeping people, kids in general, aware of self-esteem and self-love and, you know, caring for oneself, anti-bullying, all around, just positive love energy.” OS: Okay, time for some quick fire questions: Prada or Gucci? TD: I like them both. OS: Shiraz or Chianti? TD: Neither. OS: Caribbean or Mediterranean Sea? TD: Caribbean. OS: So Taye, this isn’t your first time to the Island, what keeps you coming back here? TD: “I always feel a sense of familial spirit, it’s great to be surrounded by so many people that look like me. At the same time, obviously, the weather is something to behold. And the people themselves, generally speaking, are... they just seem kind and loving and, you know, Jamaica kind of gives you the sense that you are away, but then there’s just enough familiarity that allows for comfort.” OS: But you are not the only celeb walking these white sandy beaches, have you enjoyed bumping into a few of the other celebrities that are around? TD: “It’s always great to rub shoulders with people that are of the same mind, that have... What am I trying to say? These other talented people, people that enjoy the arts and kind of performing at the highest level that they can, it’s always great to see how different countries, you know, breed... yeah, how different countries breed! [laughs].” OS: A lot of people will be more familiar with your on-screen roles, but you have been quoted as saying that live theatre is your favorite. Does that still ring true? TD: “Live theatre, it’s too many things, it’s terrifying, it’s rewarding. At the end of the day, it just comes down to an energy, one energy that flows through me closely related to the excitement of performing, the excitement of exchanging energy with the audience and for me, this sensation of knowing that I am doing what I love to do and hopefully, people are enjoying it. Film and TV are cool, but these are


the two mediums don’t come close to the feeling that I have when I am participating in live theatre.”

OS: Star Wars or Star Trek?

OS: You are probably best known for your musical role in Hedwig and the Angry Inch, what drew you to that role?

OS: Sunrise or sunset?

TD: “I had never even thought about doing this show. I never thought that anybody would even consider to be casting a black man, but I remember when I saw that show, thinking to myself, I need to find something just like this show because it was a... it was like a triathlon for actors. It was, you know, singing at your highest level, dancing-moving at your highest level and then the acting, you know, the text is so dense. So, obviously, it’s quite a challenge and when I decided to take on the role, it wasn’t my idea. I was approached and it was at the... just a perfect time in my life where I wanted to rise to the occasion and truly, truly challenge myself, truly put myself outside of my comfort zone. And this role, this character did that. It was a life-changing experience, it altered the way I look at life, the way I look at theatre, the way I look at me. So, I am very, very grateful for that opportunity and I am very, very proud of myself.” OS: So you have authored two books now, what made you decide to write for children? TD: “Writing for a younger audience came natural to me in that... I mess around with poetry and rhyme and simplicity. So, my style of writing kind of lent itself to what people would consider speaking to young people. So, there was... it just happened to be a good match, for me. It’s just proves that I am on the right path, you know, because it came easy to me and at that time, I knew that this is something I should be doing, that the fit, it was just a great fit. And then I had

TD: Star Wars.

TD: There’s something about the sunrise, it’s very, very spiritual to me, the beginning of a day, before people are out and about, before the pollution has settled. OS: Kobe Bryant or Michael Jordan? TD: Both, because they are different. OS: Personal chef or personal trainer? TD: Probably, personal trainer OS: Thailand or India? TD: I have never been to either, but from what I hear, Thailand. OS: Superman or Batman? TD: My issue with Batman is that, to my knowledge, his behavior is revenge and I don’t think that’s necessarily the healthiest of choices. I like Superman because he just seems to be good and wanting to help people. [laughs] OS: And lastly, where can we look for you next? TD: “I’m going to do more of everything, just trying to contribute positive art and, you know, kind of paint an influence, but, as corny as it sounds, wanting to try to make the world a better place, starting with myself. Literary, production, reality TV, clothing lines, more books, animation, you name it, I’m going to do it.”

OCEAN Style 21

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