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"WHAT DID YOU DO??" Mom screamed at me. There were hot tears invading my eyes and I couldn't stop sobbing. All I could hear was the sound of the sirens coming closer and my mom's screams. I don't know what happend, all I know is that there was my cousin lying on the floor covered with blood with my dad performing CPR and me, also covered in blood and with a knife in my hands. 1 month before: Walking around the empty corridors of my school on a Monday morning can be the scariest thing ever. All I could hear was the sound of my footsteps and the keys of the school’s doorman while he opened the rest of the doors that were still closed. My mother left me and my brother on school earlier today and the idiot decided to go skating with 9ºC outside, leaving me alone with nothing to do. Am I that boring? The reason why my mom had to leave so earlier was because my cousin Ruby was coming to live with us. The reasons why she was coming was not the best – my uncle and aunt were involved in a car crash and their dead was instant. I don’t know if I was to ready to deal with Ruby, I’m not the best person on those type of situations. My mom has been miserable those last two days and wasn’t that close to my aunt so I can only imagine the worst scenario for my cousin. Shaking away those thoughts and sighing deeply I headed to the place that kept the best memories on this school – the library. Now, you must be wondering what kind of person keeps good moments in a library. Well, it was there that I met my first and current boyfriend Nick. That day I was called to the principal’s office and I can still remember how nervous I was. I kept playing in my head everything I did wrong trying to find the reason why the principal would want to talk to me. I didn’t notice that I was shaking until the principal after a loud laugh said “calm down kid, you didn’t anything wrong”. He then explained to me that he needed me to tutor someone. I’m an average student, but when it comes to science I’m an A student. And that’s how I met Nick, tutoring him Mondays and Thursdays after school. What started with books ended with me in Nick’s getting ice cream and watching movies all afternoon. He was so sweet back then. But that was five months ago and peoples change. And so their priorities. The first month of our relationship was the best but once the summer vacations started the only thing he could talk about was soccer and how hard he was going to train so he could be the captain of the soccer team. I wonder if he's pay attention to me now that the year was beginning. I mean, he's he even going to spend 5 minutes to be with me between our classes, gym and the 3 hour practices he has every day? When facing the closed door of the library I wondered where else I could go. I mean, the school only started in fourty-five minutes and the cafés where still closed, I had basically nowhere to“It only opens in half an hour” a voice said behind me. I turned to the voice only to find Kyle with a smirk on his face. How does he know when the library opens? The only thing he cares about is his reputation and his hair. He has nice hair though. Oh shut up brain. “What are you doing here so early?” I asked curious. I mean, he’s really popular and for that type of people school is only a way to embarrass other students. I lost count of how many people are afraid ok Kyle. Rick also hates him, maybe due to the fact that Kyle is the soccer’s team captain, the title that Rick wants to win so much. “Just felt like it” he replied shortly. Something tells me that that wasn’t the reason but I wasn’t with patience to continue a conversation with Rick’s number one enemy. “So, your boyfriends

trying to take my place on the soccer team” he continued letting out a loud laugh. He stepped closer and put his hand on my shoulder, then his started to lower his head since I was so short compared to him “you can tell him he can quit, he’ll never take my place” He said whispering the last sentence. Always with that stupid smirk on his lips. “I bet he deserves the place more than you but just because you are daddy’s baby and filthy rich you always get everything you want” I semi-yelled annoyed by the fact that this type of people always gets what they want without having to work hard for it. He furrowed his brows but not in a confused way, the smirk on his mouth and the short laugh while he did that gesture telling me how clueless I was about his life. “You have beautiful eyes“ He said before storming out and disappearing on the corridor. I bet he said that just to leave me speechless. Well, mission accomplished. Snapping from those thoughts I continue my journey to find a place to settle. I spotted my brother 5 minutes after wandering the corridors of school. He was talking to someone, and that person was a way taller than him. Getting a little closer I recognized that person as Kyle, the guy I’d just talked with minutes ago. They seemed to be having a conversation and I quickly hide myself behind the lockers. “So we have a deal, kid?” Asked Kyle. What deal could he have with my 14 years old brother? How do they know each other? “Yes, but don’t let my sister know that it was me, please” My brother replied shaking hands with the idiot. What kind of deal was that they were talking about? Kyle murmured something that I couldn’t catch and then storm out. “Hey Dean” I greeted. I didn't know what they were talking about but judging by the jump my brother gave when he heard my voice it couldn’t be a good thing. “H-H-Hi…” I’m not a good actress myself but, Jesus, this boy breaks any limit. “So what you’ve been doing?” I asked innocently. “N-Nothing.. You know just skating and stu.. and stuff” He answered scratching his head. He did that a lot when he was nervous. And lying. I took a step closer to him and pulled his ear. Yes, I went that low. “Or you tell me right now what you were dealing with that Kyle bastard or I’ll rip your ear off, get it?” I hate to be this intimidating but if I go all sweet on him, he doesn’t open his mouth. Right when he was about answer the doorman asked if everything was ok. I quickly let my brother’s ear and the he took the opportunity to run. I turned to the man and give him a forced smile “He’s my brother”. I hope he doesn’t report me to the principal. I guessed he bought my excuse – that isn’t exactly an excuse since he really is my brother – because he just walked away not even asking my name. The school was starting to fill with students and more students. And this school could be compared to an ocean – it was all about the smaller fishes getting eaten by the bigger ones. “Do you mind getting the fuck out of my way” Said a annoying pitchy voice. Guess what kind fish I am. “Sorry Nicole” I said to the 5’8 girl in front of me. What does she eat at breakfast to be slways in such a bad mood? I headed to my first class and was greeted by Vanessa and Catherine, my two best friends. Vanessa and I are friends since we were 5 years old. We met Catherine 9 years later, when she moved here from England. Due to the fact that she was born and raised in America until she was 11 years old her American accent never vanished, even after leaving 3 years in England.

“The weirdest thing happened this morning” I told them. They looked at me encouraging me to continue. “I came earlier today and guess who was here. Kyle freaking Turner” “What?? Doing what? Setting a romantic climate on the janitor’s closet to fuck some girl later?” Said Vanessa, making all of us laugh. “I bet his not romantic at all” Said Cat still laughing. “You wouldn’t know, would you Cat?” She asked but came out more like a statment. Cat’s smile turned to a frown. Did she thought that Van’s replied was offensive? “What Cat?” She looked away and then we head the bell ringing. She didn’t answer so I tried calling her again “Catherine? Answer please” But because of the teacher appearance me and Van stopped trying our attempts to see what was wrong with her. After school I went to see Rick’s practice, since we only had been 10 minutes together at lunch. I didn’t really care about the stupid game. My mind was filled with the little “scene” Catherine caused today. When after the class we asked her what was wrong she just said it was nothing and that she wanted us to forget about this. But she wouldn’t react this way if it was nothing right? She'll just tell us when she’s ready. I began to do my homework while sitting on the blenches. I know it is the first day of school but teachers are just crazy. Ok, it wasn’t like a real homework. We only had to write 3 or 4 things we liked or disliked about our personalities and the reason why we choose those words.. And guess what? I suck at describing myself, I never know what to write. “Came to see me, princess?” I turned to the voice smiling thinking it was Rick, but my smile quickly faded when I saw Kyle instead. Even this jerk came to say something to me. When I called Rick he just waved and continued his practice. “What do you want” I asked annoyed. “Doing homework?” He asked examining the sheet that the teacher gave to us. “Care if I join?” He asked smiling. “Don’t you have practice? Their started playing half an hour ago” Not replying he pulled the bottom of his jeans from the left side up showing a white bandage. “What happened?” “Motorcycle accident, nothing serious. But better give it as rest than making it worst, right?” “Yeah”. Enjoying the silence that took over us I closed my eyes, but then I remembered his first question “And I am NOT here to see you”. The corner of his lips quirked up and he simply said “Keep telling yourself that”. Where does he get all this confidence? I started doing my homework but everytime I wrote a sentence I immediately erased it. "Need some help? I'm done with mine" Nice, handsome and cool must be the 3 words he had write on his sheet, he's so full of himself. My life with be so much easier if I was like him. "No, I'll just do it later when I'm more inspired" Tired of waiting for the practice to be over and knowing I still had a bus to catch and walk 30 minutes I said goodbye to Kyle not even bothered to tell Rick I was going home. When I was almost at the bus stop i heard someone yelling my name. "Sam, wait up" It was Kyle. That boy doesn't quit, does he? "What?" "Don't you live really far away?" He said while coming closer to me, decreasing the distance between us.

"A little bit, that's why I didn't wait for the practice to end, my brother is home alone and he's really dangerous" I said making he laugh a bit. I'll take you" He offered. "You're crazy. I live 40 minutes from here" "It's ok, my house is halway from yours anyway" He knos where my house is? "How do you know where my house his" "I have my ways" He said smirking. I am not enjoying this conversation. He lead me to his car and opened the door for me. So this is how he get's the girls. Idiot. After 10 minutes of driving we were currently listening to some ac/dc song. Now it's the perfect moment to asking a question that i've been wanting to ask since this morning "Why were you talking to my brother this morning?" I noticed him gripping the steering wheel harder. He opened his mouth but close it again, probably not knowing what to anwser. He then began "He was only asking me if I'd seen you" "Don't lie to me, Kyle. I heard something about a deal and I demand to know the topic about that conversation" I snapped. That happend a lot qhen I was him, he made me feel like I needed to be agressive, just like my brother. They had quite similar personalities. "That's for me to know and for you to find out" "How am I supposed to find out if neither of you tell me what was the conversation about?" "Well, you just gotta find... smarter ways to find out" "Tell me or I'l cut your eyeballs out" I threatened. "I said smart ways, not ridiculous" He said chuckling. "You know what, I don't care?" "Good" My house finally came in view. It was s white big house with a big garden. The worst thing about the house is that it was isolated, we had to walk 10 minutes to see another one. "Thank you for bringing me home" I said with a sincere smile. "Your welcome. You can call me anytime you need" He replied also with a smile on his lips. "But I don't have you number" I info med him. Although we went to classes together for 2 years this was the closer we'd have been. "Check you coat's pocket" Was all he said before winking and storm out on his black BMW. My coat's pock"You idiot" I said smiling holding the white paper with is number on. Mom wasn't coming home until tomorrow afternoon so that's leaving me making dinner and my brother washing the dishes. That night I could only think about Kyle. Why was he being so nice to me? And with that question in my mind i drift off to sleep.

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