Oceans & Islands | Issue No. 1

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Healthy oceans are the basis of our existence – without them the earth would be a dramatically different, much harsher place. Even though a vast majority of the public as well as most decision-makers are well aware of this, overfishing, and the pollution of our oceans through acidic, toxic and solid waste are an ever greater problem. At the same time, excellent policies and practices to protect the richness and health of the deep blue, already exist. At the World Future Council, we work to promote and spread these policies in order to achieve rapid change.


We advise decision-makers, providing them with the background, knowledge and tools which enable them to make laws to ensure that our children and grand-children will also be able to eat fish and watch sea-birds flying. The WFC works to spread hope in the future of our planet. Our contributions to “Oceans and Islands” aim to make island lovers appreciate the scope and importance of our work. I sincerely thank my friend and long-time WFC supporter Dr. Farhad Vladi for initiating and master-minding this unique magazine, which combines insights into exemplary marine management with news and stories from the fascinating world of private islands.

Jakob von Uexkull, Founder and Chairman of the World Future Council

If islands are the jewels of the ocean, then a poorly managed private island is like a flaw in a diamond. Island owners therefore have a duty to protect not just their own precious asset, but also the most precious asset of all: Planet Ocean.


An environmentally-aware approach to island management is vital in maintaining the diversity of the world’s waters: a polluted ocean affects islands as much as polluted islands affect the ocean. During my time as CEO of Vladi Private Islands, I have witnessed first-hand what a difference such approaches can make. It is for this reason that I consider the promotion of responsible island stewardship to be nothing less than my obligation – both to the environment and to future generations.

It was therefore a particular honour to work alongside the World Future Council to create this wonderful project. As well as highlighting the latest developments and trends on the island market, Vladi Private Islands’ contributions aim to offer interesting perspectives for both island owners and ocean activists alike, by placing the most important issues of island life within the broader context of responsible marine management. The experience and insight of the WFC and my trusted friend Jakob von Uexkull have been influential during the creation of this informative and entertaining magazine and I would like to take the opportunity to thank all those involved. A final ‘thanks’ goes to you – the reader. Only together can we succeed in creating a lasting and sustainable future for our oceans and islands.

Farhad Vladi Founder and CEO, Vladi Private Islands GmbH