Oceans & Islands | Issue No. 1

Page 25

COOL PRIVATE ISLAND RESORTS The World’s 101 Best Islands The perfect gift for jet-setters & daydreamers alike! Calling in at a whole host of truly majestic resorts and sun-drenched beach bungalows, Cool Private Island Resorts promises a peek through the keyhole of the private islands of David Copperfield and Richard Branson and even takes some time out on the exotic island escape where Prince William and Duchess Catherine spent their romantic honeymoon in 2011. With each and every one of the islands hand-picked by Mr. Island himself, Farhad Vladi, there was never any danger of the “world’s best” boast being an exaggeration; but it seems the Hamburg-based broker has excelled himself this time, with page after page of stunning photography sure to inspire you to start your very own island-hopping adventure.

BOOKS SWISS AND ALPINE ISLANDS The ultimate collection for island connoisseurs The release of Swiss and Alpine Islands signals the first time that the world’s highest located private islands have been presented in one collection, representing a coup for both the teNeues publishing house and editor Farhad Vladi, who had the enviable job of exploring Europe’s most spectacular scenery by helicopter. Amongst the towering peaks of the Alps, the Vladi Private Islands chairman has unearthed an array of island gems, located up to 2,400 meters above sea level. Perched high above the swaying palms and sandy beaches of more traditional private island dreams, Swiss and Alpine Islands is a myriad of romantic river islands and luscious lakeside escapes – each more beautiful than the next.