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1. Dream Bracelet – Woven Price: $20

HANDMADE by artisans in rural communities, Wakami products like the Dream Bracelet are inspired by the universal dreams of the communities that make the bracelets and the customers who buy them.

2. P.S. – Good Luck Bracelet Price: $16

IF you find yourself needing some luck this holiday season, this waxed polyester bracelet with silver-coated brass beads will wrap twice around your wrist and inspire you to find your luck.

3. Noir – Exotic Price: $20

A silver chain with leather and waxed polyester thread that’ll accessorize with almost anything, the Noir Exotic bracelet will empower both you and the artisan hands that made it.

4. Life is What You Make of It – Wrap Bracelet/Necklace Price: $22

THIS bracelet/necklace is just what you’ll make of it, wrap it around your wrist 4-5 times or wear on your neck to remind you to face changes with optimism and grace.

The Season's Must Haves