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Rockin’ Europe August 8, 2012


Local businesses urged to collaborate on new project

LET’S GET TOGETHER OCEAN Grove businesses are being urged to support a pioneering new collaboration that could help the whole town develop economically. The project – called the BEAR project (Business Expansion and Retention Program) has been successfully launched in locations all over the world. The key to the project is empowering existing businesses, sharing knowledge and working together. The BEAR Business expansion and retention program is simply a community and economic development tool. It is headed by Peter Kenyon, the director of Bank of IDEAS, and an internationally renowned community revitalisation consultant. His defining statement is: “The characteristic of a vibrant local community is visible appreciation,

understanding and support for its existing business base. Existing local businesses represent the ENGINE for continuing economic activity and new jobs in any local community.” According to that, making the existing businesses stronger is the way to rejuvenate local economies. Peter will be visiting Ocean Grove in September when he will elaborate on the project at a free information dinner. The program is being championed by Ocean Grove Business Association and has been researched and spearheaded by its president Helen Butteriss and the committee. BEAR starts by forming a questionnaire tailored to the community. This provides the opportunity for people to share their knowledge ideas and concerns surrounding the local businesses and links this conversation to

definitive actions. “The Ocean Grove community develops a questionnaire with the assistance and resources of Peter Kenyon,” Peter trains local volunteers (students, unemployed, retirees) how to present and interview. “The questions are then sent out to all businesses in the community prior to a one-on-one interview with the community volunteers. The data is collated and Peter assists us in interpreting the data.” Helen said that any commonly identified issues would then be actioned immediately. “We then come up with actions to implement. The “we” is the whole community. The whole process should be completed in three to four weeks and all things going we anticipate the end date of 31 October 1012.” Helen said that the Association is excited at the prospect of beginning

the project but they would need local businesses to be involved to succeed. “The only way we can successfully implement this program is by getting the support of Ocean Grove Business Owners. The support we need is that they participate in a confidential questionnaire.” The Association is funding the initial planning stage on September 5 and 6. “We will be hosting a FREE information dinner with Peter Kenyon presenting the BEAR project,”said Helen. “This will be on Wednesday 5th September with more information to follow.” If the planning stage is successful OGBA will bed down funding with local groups to complete the full program by the end of October. All businesses are encouraged to contact the association to receive an invitation. Email: hayley.

News desk and Advertising 5255 3233


Pupils cheer ex-student

THE 1997 grade six class of Wallington Primary School would never have known a 2012 London Olympian was amongst them. Phoebe Stanley has captivated the rowing world with her story and despite finishing last in the women’s eight final was quoted in The Age as saying they were proud of all they achieved. “We had a ball. We’re all super close, we’ve had a great time doing it, and at the end of the day that’s what counts,” she said. “Within this group we really embraced everyone being

themselves and being happy to be there.” The Official Australian Olympics site details Phoebe’s journey of perseverance and hard work including the diagnosis and subsequent surgery on an irregular heartbeat in 2011. Wallington Principal Leigh McLaren said that the school was ecstatic to have ties to an Olympian. “We’re all very proud of the fact that’s she been able to compete and especially with her being a past student it gives us extra pride that she went to Wallington,” he said.

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Gas leak call outs for brigade

OCEAN Grove Fire Brigade and police were called out to two separate gas leaks in two days. The first was in Orton Street just before 10am on Monday July 30 and the second was in Kalinga Avenue at 1.40pm the following Tuesday. Crews ensured the area was safe before technicians arrived to deal with the faults.

Tony Haines, Staci Ronan, Beata Pawlak (Commonwealth Bank), Julie Long, Felicity Schoenicke and Maddie Hill.

Bank pads way for centre THE Ocean Grove Commonwealth Bank has donated an iPad to Ocean Grove Neighbourhood Centre to help staff deliver community education and engagement programs. Tony Haines, Ocean Grove

Neighbourhood Centre President, said: “We wish to extend our gratitude to the Commonwealth Bank Ocean Grove branch for providing us with this gift. It is a great indication of their sense of community and will be very

well received.” The donation was made at the centre to coincide with the bank’s centenary celebrations. The first Commonwealth Bank branch opened on July 15, 1912.

Walking a start to better health

Ocean Grove’s walking group sets off at 9am every Wednesday. Anyone is welcome to join the group which meets on the Parade side of the Trak Arcade. The group has been doing its walks for 20 years.

WALKING is good for your health, but it may not be enough for older Aussies, new research claims. Most elderly people engage in only one type of physical activity, if any, and this tends to be aerobic exercise, mostly walking. But the research in the May 2012 issue of The Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport (JSAMS), claims that an increase in participation in balance enhancing activities and muscle strengthening is needed to maximize health benefits. Tai chi is suggested as an activity that can improve balance, coordination and reaction time.

City wins Beautiful award THE City of Greater Geelong has won a Keep Australia Beautiful Victoria Sustainable Cities Award. The City’s Conservation Reserves Program was awarded under the Protection of the Environment category at an awards ceremony in Melbourne on Friday night. Environment and Sustainability portfolio holder Cllr John Doull, who accepted the award, said it was fantastic recognition of the work being done to protect and restore key conservation sites. “Sadly, just two percent of original indigenous vegetation cover remains in our region,” Cllr Doull said. “So we set up a Conservation Reserves Program and dedicated Conservation Reserves Team to oversee more than 900 hectares of reserves, 32 kilometres of coastline and 50 kilometres of waterways.” “Given the vastness of the land we manage it’s a mammoth task but we’re making great progress through burning programs, pest plant and animal control, fencing, revegetation and development of reserve management plans.” Parks and Gardens portfolio holder Cllr Andy Richards said in 2012 alone the City was successful in securing $500,000 from state and federal departments and agencies to help carry out these works. “The Conservation Reserves Program has also been involved in ground breaking weed research such as the Polygala Research Program and use of rust fungus on Bridal Creeper,” Cr Richards said. “All that has been achieved to date is very much the result of a partnership effort. A huge thank you to Bellarine Catchment Network, Bellarine Landcare Group, Friends of Waurn Ponds Creek, Geelong Environment Council, Breamlea Coastcare and Geelong Field Naturalists Club. This award belongs to everyone involved.” The Bellarine Rail Trail was also nominated for a Keep Australia Beautiful Award under the Community Initiative category.

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Cobras guernseys go NT THE Cobras’ football guernsey is being used in a remote Northern Territory community in a gesture of good faith, writes Mark Heenan. Last month Geelong-based St Joseph’s College teachers Jono Holt and Michelle Broderick presented the Aboriginal community of Daly River, approximately 223 kilometres south of Darwin, in the Northern Territory with up to 30 Cobras jumpers and tracksuits. “Ocean Grove/Collendina Junior Football Club (OGCJFC) committee discussed what we could do with our old jumpers,” OGCJFC President Darren Taylor said.

Young footballers in the Northern Territory are now wearing Cobras colours.

“Committee felt that we would like to donate them to a worthwhile cause/ group.

“Through Ron Watt at the Geelong Football Club we became aware that St Joseph’s College conduct regular trips to Northern Territory indigenous communities for their students. “In contacting St Joseph’s teacher Jono Holt we were able to send up a set of Cobra Jumpers, with the St Joseph’s students to Daly River which will be used by the Primary School in the community.” Ocean Grove/Collendina Junior Football Club Treasurer Glenn McManus said youngsters had taken a liking to the Cobra jumper. “From what I’m led to believe they loved the Cobra on the front,” he said.

Pictured: Ocean Grove teens were among the Sweethearts performing at the Poretta Soul Music Festival in Italy.

Euro Sweethearts MATTHEW Flinders based school band the Sweethearts recently completed a tour of Europe with Ocean Grove’s Georgia Rodgers, Jess Ellwood, Kirsten Sattler, Asha Narain and Sarah Giggins among them, writes Jessica Grace. The youngest member on tour, 13-year-old Georgia, took the main stage for the Porretta Soul Music Festival in Italy and said the experience was amazing. “It was so good. We went for two and a half weeks and we played in France,

Switzerland and Italy,” she said. “We were on the main stage for Porretta. I hadn’t done anything like this. It was all really new and so good to play in front of so many people.” Ross Lipson has been running the ensemble for 23 years and said what started as afterschool fun blossomed into a world class act whose sound fuses classic soul with Motown. “There’s been close to 300 girls that have played with the Sweethearts, many of whom have gone onto careers within the music industry,” he said. “It gives

them huge opportunities, they’re part of the industry on a professional level and they tour the world. The band has been overseas five times, they’re always mixing with people in the industry.” Ross said the girls ages range from 12 to 13 and go upwards to 18 where upon finishing school they move on. “They get incredible insight whilst in the band which they can take with them; we’re preparing youth for the music industry,” he said. “We’re giving them a

real life experience when you learn music through the Sweethearts. You learn you’re only as good as your last gig. It’s a real life learning experience not a false one.” Georgia who has played guitar since she was five, auditioned in grade six and said despite being 13, age means nothing within the group. “Even though I’m the youngest on tour, when everyone is together it doesn’t matter about age, she said. “Everyone gets along because you play well together.”

Putting the community in the garden OCEAN Grove Community Garden is readying for spring after the donation of time and services by more locals. Garden Committee Chairperson Peter Gumley said that a local family had recently come

to the garden’s rescue. “It’s funny how one thing leads to another, Viv Kershaw addressed a meeting of Ocean Grove CWA Night Lights and discussed plans and progress of the garden,” he said.

“Anne McGregor (Owner of Companion Kennels) was in the audience and later contacted Viv to offer a load of composted soil for the garden.” In another turn of luck Anne’s brother Noel

Menheere (Owner of Treecycling) also donated his services while delivering the soil. Peter said two days later Noel returned with more mulch and removed the stumps with his stump grinding machine.

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Brad drops into school

TRIPLE premiership Geelong AFL star Brad Ottens made a flying visit to Ocean Grove’s Star of the Sea Primary School last week in support of Run Geelong 2012. Ottens, who retired last season after playing 225 AFL games with Richmond and Geelong between 1998 and 2011, spoke to Star of the Sea students about the importance of Run Geelong 2012 and encouraged them to enter this year’s event. Run Geelong, now in its fourth year, raises money for the Children’s Ward at The Geelong Hospital and last year’s event raised $448,000 with 11,150 participants. This year’s Run Geelong 2012 event will take place on Sunday November 18. Ottens who competed in Run Geelong 2011, works in a marketing role with the event’s sister sponsor The Cotton On Foundation.

New club president

OCEAN Grove Senior Citizens Club held its annual general meeting last week. A good attendance from members heard about the club’s actitivities and then elected a new president. Kevin Callinan has taken over the role from Elly Smits (pictured above) while the remaining committee members will continue serving. For details on the club’s activities contact 52552996 or call at the centre at 101 The Parade and pick up a detailed flier.

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Taking the home option

Fleur with Anna, Abigail, Bridie and their dog Hosanna. SEVERAL things make the Williams family of Ocean Grove unique, one being that there are ten of them, the other, they are homeschooled. Mother Fleur said they hoped by sharing their story they could break the stigma so often associated with this approach. “These girls have done home schooling all of their schooling lives except for one year and we actually like the family environment for the girls development, education, for everything,” she said. “I have got other children that have been homeschooled but they’ve left home, got married and went to University and things like that.” The family consists of Fleur, husband Mark and their ten children: Elizabeth, 29, Richard, 28, Nicholas, 21, Benjamin, 19, Bridie,18, Anna, 16, Abigail, 14 and Tiffany, 12. Fleur said that the decision to home school came after the eldest two went to school briefly and the gap between the two became evident. “We felt that the environment at school is you can either be a dominant person or a submissive person,” she said. “We had one that was being very domineering and one that was the opposite and we thought they were extremes and they would be better off at home.” Fleur said they gleaned information off other families they knew who were homeschooling at the time and gathered online information for curriculums. “You start off somewhere and variably you change along the way because you discover what you like and the approach that you like best over time,” she said.


“At first our families were shocked, but as the years have gone by they’ve become very positive because they’ve seen the results.” Fleur said homeschooling is a wonderful way to spend time with your children and have input in their lives. “If you find the school situation is becoming detrimental it’s a very good option and if a child isn’t coping at school it’s also a wonderful option,” she said. “One of the things about homeschooling is that it’s much more relaxed and less stress on the kids because we work at each child’s pace.” Abigail, 14, said that because there are no distractions from other kids they are able to complete their school work far quicker. “The only thing I miss at school was the social side of it but I have tonnes of opportunities to go out into the community and hang out with kids my age so I really love being homeschooled,” she said. Fleur said the misconception that being homeschooled means the girls don’t get to socialise is wrong. “They are all in sports groups and youth groups. Abby and Tiffany have been in musicals and concerts where they get together with other kids,” she said. “They also volunteer which is another great flexible option because you’ve got freedom during the day to do these things and they’ve all had jobs, babysitting jobs etc. “Bridie’s had a part time job up in Melbourne so they’re getting out mixing with people and that’s one of the advantages of home

schooling, you’re mixing with all ages and adults a lot.” Bridie, 18, agreed and said when they are out socialising they tend to make friendships that last due to common interests. Fleur said to date she’s had three kids that have gone on to University, so success through homeschooling is possible. “Bridie said to me the other day she has to be motivated to complete her own year 12 studies at home as she hasn’t got a teacher saying go home and study and do this,” she said. “She has to be self motivated which is what you’ve got to do at uni so they won’t have that big sudden reality check where suddenly they’re not being spoon fed.” Anna, 16, said that there are good and bad things like anything in life. “Personally for me one of the not so good things is I don’t get a range because I like sport and stuff and art I don’t get as much training or opportunity as I would at school,” she said. “I guess it’s better though because I can go at my own pace as well and there’s no peer pressure which is something I struggled with at school.” Fleur said that the girls are equipped adequately with tools to handle rejection and challenges in life because of the fact they are homeschooled. “These kids will never be the same, they’re all different in their own way; they’ll never be run of the mill,” she said. “We’ve always got to put up with the home schooling stigma which is really all our lives. We’re carrying a weird ‘oh your different there’s something wrong with you’ sort of thing. “We’re hoping this will break that.”

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Write to:

Voice holiday Megan Stolz and Neil Scouller took the Voice to Italy in May this year. The picture shows the couple in Pompeii as they travelled around Italy for a month.

Alastair and Fraser McCallum took the Voice on a recent ski trip to Mount Bulla.

Melodies from the Melodaires

THE Melodaires recently put on a dazzling performance at Sea Views Manor. The group, which rehearses in Point Lonsdale to rehearse, performs afternoon melodies all over the region and perform a repertoire of well-known songs from the Jersey Boys and Rod Stewart to musical comedy shows.

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You can ask! for help

Three months to relay OCEAN Grover’s are readying for a sleepless night as part of Cancer Council Victoria’s annual Relay For Life. On November 11 and 12 locals will cut laps of the Collendina Reserve for 24 hours and in doing so will raise as much money as possible for cancer. Event Coordinator Sarah Mayhew said putting a team together and volunteering time is a great way of showing support. “When you know someone who has cancer it can be difficult to know how to help and at an event like this you’re letting them know you are supporting them,” she said.

“It’s an opportunity to spend time with people you care most about and make a tangible difference to the people we know who are facing cancer.” Secretary of the Ocean Grove Fire Brigade Cindy Harrison-Roberts said that this is the second year running for their team. “Last year we were involved for the first time and found it was a really good way to raise money for a good cause,” she said. “We had a lot of members involved over the 24 hours, so this year we wanted to participate again but hopefully have even more members involved.” Cindy said the local

brigade was putting a call out to all other brigades on the Bellarine to register and participate. “The Ocean Grove brigade is even willing to put up a trophy for the winning brigade team based on who ever raised the most money individually,” she said. Like most people involved Cindy said the Grove CFA had been touched by the disease and looked forward to an opportunity to offer support. “Not only to brigade members but their family members, the reason we initially participated last year and this year was

because our brigade had been touched by cancer,” she said. “Three of our own members passed away from the disease.” Some of the local teams already registered include the Grubbers, Ocean Grove Tennis, JUMPT, Star of The Sea, Surfside Kinder, Team Norquay, Wallington Bunyips, Bellarine Memories and The Voice. The event will feature special ceremonies, entertainment and festivities and further information can be found at au or by phoning Sarah Mayhew on 0477 346 810.

ASK! is supporting local women on the Bellarine Peninsula who are currently fighting breast cancer. Ask! was founded by Kylie Gorski, Sasha Roos and Alecia Elbelli – Roos, three passionate women determined to make a difference in their local community. The organisation’s goal is to provide essential support services and access to resources to assist with making the difficult breast cancer journey a little easier. The group also puts on activities, such as a shopping tour, morning tea and lunch on September 1 and their annual breakfast auction at the Barwon Edge Boathouse on October 13. Further information on ask! and the services they provide are available see the website :www.

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our street, our neighbours

Lake Avenue

As part of a new series aimed at helping us get to know our neighbours, the Voice’s Jessica Grace went to meet some of the residents of Lake Avenue. Let us know if you’d like us to feature your street or area. Contact

Els Thebes, 77, retired “I’ve lived here for 18 years. I’m from Holland originally, we moved to Sydney, Bell Post Hill, Lara and Ocean Grove. “We came by ship in 1961 to Sydney then to Geelong. I love everything about Ocean Grove. My two sons live here with their families. My husband passed away when I was in Lara and I had friends living next door in OG so I bought this house, renovated it and have lived here ever since. I love the lake. I walk there and the river, I’m at the beach nearly every day. It’s such a nice little community. I’m looking for a man friend now.”

Dave Renton, 63, business operator. “My wife Lorraine, my daughter Melanie and I all have the same birthday, July 15. We normally stretch birthdays out for a week. “We live on the lake so I coach people how to paddle, I’d like to coach seniors how to paddle on the lake, no charge as I’ve got plenty of boats. “I love the beach and the surf. I used to live in West Geelong and I always dreamed of living in Ocean Grove. When my wife and I got married we moved here.”

Carol Naylor, retired. “We’ve been here about 27 years. Originally we are from the UK but moved to the USA then back to the UK and then to Townsville in Queensland. “My husband’s a scientist so we moved around a lot. I used to lecture literature at Deakin University in Geelong and Warrnambool. Townsville’s weather was a shock. We were there 18 months before we moved to Ocean Grove, we didn’t know anyone in the entire area and thought our kids would love living at the beach. “We love living around the lake, it’s so peaceful with the birdlife; we have got everything we need in Ocean Grove.”

Jan Profitt, 75, retired “We’ve been here for 27 years and are originally from Melbourne. It was just time to move, the view is part of the reason, it looks straight onto the lake. “It was empty when we first arrived to this spot. We used to have pelicans coming right up to the backdoor step. We built it up to how it is today and created the garden, I love the beach and tranquility of Ocean Grove. We have a son who lives in Geelong with his beautiful family.”

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Billboards and catwalks JAN Profitt is one of Grove’s secrets. In a house nestled on the lake is Myer’s first permanent swimwear model and 1955’s Sun Beach Girl. Known as Jan Solano in her modeling years the 74-year-old posed once more for the Voice and shared her story. “I started modeling when I was 17 until I was 23 and was living in Toorak until my husband (Richard) and I bought our first house in Mentone,” she said. “I loved my husband forever since I was 15, in those days we used to go to Town Hall dances and I use to see this gorgeous, gorgeous guy (Richard) who would never really look at me. “One night I had a tap on the shoulder asking would I have the next dance and I just got as far as the sailor pants and I said no thank you, I didn’t even lift my head.” Jan said she didn’t realise what she had done until a girlfriend pointed out that it was Richard in national service attire. “Thankfully he came back and asked again and since then we’ve always just been together. We’ve been

By JESSICA GRACE married now for 55 years with three children, ours still is a love story,” she said. Jan’s journey began with calisthenics and after winning the Most Graceful Physical Girl in 1954 she joined the Melbourne Mannequin Academy (Academy of Modeling) where she was scouted. “At graduation a Myer Director asked me to come and join the company as a full time swimwear model,” she said. Jan was picked up from her home in Toorak by a little Mercedes bus and taken to the factory in Burwood. “I was the body the swimsuits were made on at the actual manufacturing company between ‘55 and ’56 which was just unbelievable,” she said. “I was with Myer for several years not just for swimwear but daily parades whenever they were having a promotion.” From there Jan was chosen by Vincent’s A.P.C powders to be photographed for advertisements and featured on bill boards, posters and calendars.

Jan Profitt with one of her Vincent’s posters.

“I’m not sure what bathers had to do with medicine but I was wearing a swimsuit and sitting on a diving board with a packet of Vincent’s A.P.C in my hand,” she said. “The huge poster was on all the railway stations with a new photo every

three months and calendars distributed throughout Asia.” Jan said her fondest memory was being in the Myer Mural Hall during the International Parade where she represented Australia. “It was fantastic with the

Denis Farrington band, you would come down the steps onto a big catwalk and there were hundreds of people there, it was wonderful,” she said. “I was in the luckiest era in my opinion. I had a lot of publicity although I never asked for any of it, but also having the option of just going home and being happy at home “I didn’t have to go to parties or travel; it was just a very secure existence, just wearing gorgeous clothes all the time.” When Jan had children she went on to own two fabric stores which she ran for over 20 years teaching people how to sew and how to create their own gear. “I still create my own knit wear and clothes and teach people,” she said. After Richard’s rural company had taken its main office in Lara the couple decided to move to Ocean Grove where they have remained for the past 22 years. “We were shown this house and we opened the front door and could see water through the back door,” she said. “We feel very lucky to share this tranquil part of the world.”

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Cafe, restaurant fusion BeachHouse Barwon Heads has been operational for four and a half years, in the once Barwon Heads fire station. This beautifully renovated venue is a fusion of café and restaurant styles. A relaxed café environment during the day, serving some of the town’s best coffee, makes way for modern Australian cuisine, during the evening hours. BeachHouse Barwon Heads prides itself on its friendly and efficient service, constant quality of food, and affordable

and extensive wine list, which has a large number of local wines on display. The kitchen staff, lead by Ashley Cargill, aim to provide fresh and tasty dishes, with the signature dish being the grain fed eye fillet, currently being served with wet polenta, green beans, Cafe de Paris butter and Madeira jus. With winter now set in, our bar room with open fire is the perfect place to sample our ever changing sharing plates menu whilst enjoying a glass of locally

produced wine, beer or cocktail. This room can also transfer into a private room for your next function. BeachHouse Barwon Heads is open 7 days, for breakfast, lunch and dinner all year round, from 9am Monday to Friday, and from 8am Saturday and Sunday. Menu’s can be seen on www. and bookings are highly recommended and can placed on 5254 3376 or info@

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SWEET BASS LINE BLUES Sweet Felicia has been charming audiences around Australia with her distinctive, powerful yet touching vocals and bass work, which have put her in a category of her own. Driving her band to swing hard and give the music a feel that reminds us of the “hot clubs” of the 40’s and 50’s, she delivers her original songs in a voice that is paramount to her ideology, that music must be played with a depth of feel, heart and soul for it to be enjoyed by all. Sweet Felicia will be playing at the Piping Hot Chicken Shop on Friday

August 11. She has travelled her music to Blues Festivals all over the country, and either won or been nominated for numerous awards. Sweet Felicia has played bass for such legends as Phil Manning, Jeff Lang, Red Rivers, Mojo Webb, and for the last three years has been playing bass for The Chris Wilson Band as well as keeping her Honeytones on the hop. The Ocean Grove show starts at 8pm. She will be supported by the Devenport Poultry Club, making their Chook Shop debut.

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Live music fans would have seen Alvin banging on the drums in various bands over the years. The train driver with the driving beats is a fave around the OG scene. Lets find out more about this weeks ‘guest’, Alvin Guest. Hey Alvin, tell us a bit about yourself. I grew up in Geelong but have lived in Clifton Springs for about 12 years now. I have 2 grown up boys and they have families of their own. My full time job is as a train driver with V/Line. I am in a relationship with the beautiful Jill Bourke and life is good. Do you remember when you first started playing music? I first started playing music when I was about 13. I took a few guitar lessons at high school but it wasn’t happening fast enough for me so I switched to drums. I taught myself and played on and off for about 4 years and then stopped until about 10 years ago when i took it up again, I’m so glad I did, I love playing. What instruments do you play? I play drums but I am trying to teach myself bass and guitar. Tell us about the bands you are in? I am currently in a band called “RAM” with Roy Green and Mike Leahy. We play a mix of blues and hard rock with some originals thrown in. Still in the rehearsal stage at the moment but we hope to be gigging soon. I’m also in a band with some mates from work, we get together about once a month for a jam. If you could pick a lineup to play in Ocean Grove, who would it be? Fortunately I have played with quite a few musicians from the area and



Corner Mobbsy meets Alvin Guest found them all to be talented and unique but I am really enjoying playing with Roy and Mikey at the moment. Your all time fave song? I could never pick just one favourite song as there are so many good songs, but anything by Led Zeppelin would do me. John Bonham has always been my fave drummer. How much of a workout is drumming? For me drumming is quite a workout, I always work up a healthy sweat when I play. I read recently where Clem Bourke from Blondie was monitored during a gig and the results were that a drummer is on a similar level to an elite athlete. Athletic? Me? Go figure. Do your hands hurt after a gig? My hands don’t hurt after a gig, but usually my back hurts when It’s time to load out. Sometimes get blisters on my fingers. What’s the longest gig you have played? The longest gig I played was last New Years eve. I filled in with Lyle Zanoni for an hour and then played with my band at the time “Hollywood Flu” for 3 hours, so, 4 hours all up. To say I was stuffed by the end of the night would be an understatement.

Do the guys in the band ever let you do a solo? Do the guys LET me do a solo? LOL, I don’t usually do solos but the guys in the band are very supportive and encourage me to break out occasionally. Do you remember the first gig you ever saw? The first gig I saw was back in the early ‘70s (showing my age now) at Kardinia Park. It was an all day festival type thing. The headliners were Madder Lake and a band called Missippi played who later went on to become The Little River Band. There were also a few local bands playing and it was a great day. Whats your fave movie? Picking just one fave film or T.V show is hard but “Pulp Fiction” is one of my faves, and “Get Smart” still makes me laugh. “Breaking Bad” is a T.V show I’ve been enjoying lately. Do you watch any of the Idol, Voice style shows? I don’t usually watch the Idol/Voice type shows because I believe musicians need to learn their craft playing,not being fast tracked by producers. Nobody taught Mick Jagger how to work an audience

and he did OK. Fave local musos? All the Musos from the area are great. They all have something unique to offer. The talent in the area is amazing. Where do you see the OG music scene going in the future? I see the local scene getting bigger and better. There is lots of talent around and now we have Greenman Studios for rehearsal we don’t have to go to Geelong to rehearse, there really is no excuse for anybody to stay in the bedroom/ Garage playing. Do you know any good drummer jokes? Now Pete, you know there really is no such thing as a GOOD drummer joke, but a favourite is, At a gig, the drummer is watching the guitarist and thinking,”I could do that”. So the next day he goes into a shop and asks for a Les Paul Custom, a Marshall stack and all the effects pedals he can get. The shopkeeper says, “Are you a drummer?” and the drummer replies ,”yeah, how can you tell?” and the shopkeeper says, “cos this is a fish and chip shop.” I told you there is no such thing as a good drummer joke.

music/live events

• Ocean Grove Bowling Club/Club Grove Sundays in Leleans Bistro Live Music and wine and cheese tastings 3-5pm Ph: 52 551 540 • Barwon Heads Hotel -Wednesdays Happy Hour 6-7pm Free Trivia 7 30pm -Thursdays: Open Mic in BakBar from 8pm -Friday: Happy Hour 5-7pm Raffle Live Acoustic Zane Carroll 9pm Free Poker -Saturday: 9pm Live Acoustic James Carrigg Ph: 52 54 22 01 -First Sunday of the month Open Mic for youth U/18 with Jill Meehan in the Barwon Heads Bistro. All young performers welcome/ soloists/dancers/bands Ph: 0431606476 to get on the program • Ocean Grove Hotel - August 11 Doubleheader: Skabang &The Devenport Poultry Club - August 18 Sugar & The Spikes • Queenscliff Uniting

Church Hesse Street August 8 Stories from Afghanistan 6pm Afghan Meal by Donation Jessica will share stories of her recent journey to Afghanistan Ph: Jo 52 581722 • Potato Shed Drysdale August 10 630- 8pm Talent Quest Auditions 8.30pm Adult Open Mic Night Ph: Trish Redman 0403023523 • Ocean Grove Piping Hot Chicken Shop -August 17 Sweet Felicia and the Honeytones with Devenport Poultry Club Ph: 52 551566

markets &fairs

• Barwon Heads Community Hall Saturday25 Barwon Heads Market 9am to 1pm • Parkes Hall Newcombe Street Portarlington Sunday 16 Portarlington Community Market 9am to 2pm • Point Lonsdale Primary School August 12 Point Lonsdale Market 9am - 2pm • Ocean Grove Park Saturday August 18

what’s ON

Bellarine Community Farmers’ Market 9am to 1pm • Queenscliff Harbour Sunday August 19 Queenscliff Farmers’ Market 9am to 1pm • Bellarine Aquatic and Sports Centre Ocean Grove Sunday September 2 the Indoor Winter Community Market 9 1pm Ph: 0401606036


• Leura Park Estate Sundays 12.30pm – 4.30pm Live music, sensational food and wines available Ph: 52 53 3180 • McGlashan’s Wallington Estate Swan Bay Road Wallington Open weekends and public holiday’s 11am 5pm new release wines, gourmet platters and classic car displays Ph: 5250 5760

reading & writing

• Ocean Grove Library – corner Presidents Avenue and The Avenue. - Thursdays 11am Babytime- Nursery Verses

- Friday’s Preschool Storytime 10.30am Last Wednesdays of the month Chatterbooks junior book club for kids aged 7-12 4-5pm www.

family fun

• Koombahla Equestrian Park Tuesday to Friday After school riding programs special school holiday courses available Ph: 5256 2742. • Bellarine Church of Christ Hall 17 Tareeda Way Ocean Grove Saturdays 10-11am Tuesdays 7.30- 8.30pm Ocean Toy Library Borrow a range of toys for children aged six months to six years, open to all families on the Bellarine www. • Uniting Church Ocean Grove Every Monday to Friday 10am-12pm Ocean Grove Play Group Any children 5yrs and under welcome to join a friendly play group large indoor and outdoor area, lots of toys, great craft activities, music and story time Ph: 52 552801

get active

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• Ocean Grove Recreation Hall Ocean Grove Calisthenics classes incorporating dance, song, ballet and gymnastics with strength and creativity Ph: 0438055679 • Senior Citizens Hall Ocean Grove Mondays 9.15am and 10.15 am Gentle exercises to music Ph: 52 551 335 • Uniting Church Hall Ocean Grove Wednesdays 9 30 am Gentle exercises to music Ph: 52 551 335 • Queenscliff RSL Mondays 1.30pm Ph: 5255 1335 • Marcus Hill Hall cnr Banks Road and Bellarine Highway Tuesdays 745pm – 10pm Ocean Grove Scottish Country Dance Ph: 52513393 • Senior Citizens Hall Ocean Grove Mondays 7-8.30pm and Wednesdays 1-3pm Line Dancing Ph: 0413690597 • Belmont Pavilion, Barrabool Road, Belmont Thursday afternoon 2.30 – 4.30pmLife Activities Club

Geelong Inc weekly Tea Dance $5 all welcome Ph: 52 51 35 29 • Yoga and dance with Tara Lynch. Classes for all ages and abilities Ph: 0435481920 -Barwon Heads Community Hall Mondays: Yoga and Dance Little Champions for 3 to 5 year olds 10. 15am to 11.15am -Ocean Grove main beach in front of dunes café Yoga on the beach Tuesdays and Thursdays 7- 8am Sundays 2-3pm • Scout Hall, The Avenue Ocean Grove Wednesday 7pm 1st/2nd Ocean Grove Scout Group Clubs Meet Enquiries Ph: 0422700951

classes & exhibtions

• Ocean Grove Neighbourhood Centre Check out our program with a range of courses, classes and fund activities Ph: 52 554 294 • Bardeli Café Ocean Grove First and third Saturday of most months Making Waves acoustic music and poetry afternoons with Jill Meehan $5 donation entry, BYO instruments and voices Ph: 0431 606 476

Have your event included in What’s On phone: 5255 3233 or email: journo@

Clubs meet Mondays Ocean Grove Bridge Club, 1pm, Marcus Hill Hall, Bellarine Highway end of Banks Road. Also Wednesdays and Fridays 1pm. Phone Marg 5256 2550. Bellarine Table Tennis Club, 7-9pm. (juniors/seniors) at the Memorial Hall, 123 The Avenue, Ocean Grove. Phone 5255 1641. Ocean Grove & District Men’s Shed, 9am to 3pm, 17 Smithton Grove. Phone Ernie 0421 703 368. Jujitsu, 6.30pm – juniors; 7.30pm – adults, Surfside Centre, Phone Steve 0438 019 991. First Monday of every month Bellarine Fly Fishing Association, 7.30pm, Bellarine Secondary College. Phone 0409 545 929. Legacy Laurel Group of Ocean Grove and Barwon Heads, 2pm at St Peter’s Church Hall, Draper St. Details 5256 1863. Third Monday of every month Ocean Grove RSL, 2.30pm, Club Grove. Committee meets at 1.30pm, The Terrace. Ocean Grove Garden Club, 1.30pm, Uniting Church Hall, Eggleston Street. Phone Margaret 5255 2848. Fourth Monday of every month Combined Probus Club of Ocean Grove, 10.30am, Ocean Grove Golf Club. Friendship is our theme. Phone Michael Turner on 5255 1572. Tuesdays Bellarine Table Tennis Club, 10am to noon (adults only) at the Memorial Hall, 123 The Avenue, Ocean Grove. Phone John 5256 2489 or Chris 5256 1996. Bellarine T.O.W.N., 6pm, Uniting Church Hall, Eggleston Street. Phone Sue on 5255 2068. Rotary Club of Ocean Grove, 6pm, Club Grove. Phone 0457 315 900. Barwon Heads Chorale 7.30pm at the Anglican Church Barwon Heads. All abilities welcome to come along for a sing and a laugh. Phone Jo 5254 2670. First Tuesday of every month Ocean Grove Men’s Probus, 10am to noon, Ocean Grove Hotel, Collendina. Guest speakers, make friends. Visitors welcome. Phone Terry 5255 5587. First and Third Tuesday of every month Ocean Grove Barwon Heads Lions Club, 7pm, Moorfield Park, Grubb Road. New Lions most welcome. Phone 0418 524 873. Wednesdays

Ocean Grove & District Men’s Shed, 9am to 1pm, 17 Smithton Grove. Phone Ernie 0421 703 368. Jujitsu, 6.30pm – juniors; 7.30pm – adults, Surfside Centre, Phone Steve 0438 019 991. First Wednesday of every month Bellarine Business Women. From 7pm, Moorfield Park, Grubb Rd. or 0412 199 467 Second Wednesday of every month Parkinson’s Self Help Support Group, 1.30pm, Grove Centre (next to library), Presidents Avenue. Phone Pam 5255 5152 Third Wednesday of every month Ocean Grove on Barwon Probus Club, 9.45am, St Peter’s Church Hall. Fourth Wednesday of every month Ocean Grove Angling Club, 7.30pm, Minerva Close sporting oval club house. Phone Jason 0418 737 808 Last Wednesday of every month Cancer Support Group, 10am, Community Health Centre. Fourth Wednesday of every month Ocean Grove Stamp Club, 10am, Senior Citizens Hall, 101 The Terrace. Phone Dianne 5255 1372. Thursdays Bellarine Table Tennis Club, 10am to noon at the Memorial Hall, 123 The Avenue, Ocean Grove. Phone John 5256 2489 or Chris 5256 1996. First Thursday of every month Ocean Grove Nightlights CWA, 7.30pm, Senior Citizens Hall. Visitors welcome. Phone Faye 5255 4430. Fourth Friday of every month Ocean Grove 4 Villages Mixed Probus Club, 10.30am, Club Grove. Meet new friends, visitors welcome, no waiting list for membership. Phone 5256 1671. Saturdays Bellarine Table Tennis Club, 3-5pm, Memorial Hall, 123 The Avenue Phone John 5256 2489 or Chris 5256 1996. Coasters Social group. Social events for people of working age. Dining out, movies, trivia, bands/trivia nights. or phone 0411 952 598.

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Meet the family: pigeons NATURE watch this week is the Common Bronzewing. I recently travelled to Far North Queensland, and gained a greater appreciation for the beauty of birds belonging to the Pigeon family, such as the Diamond Dove, White Headed Pigeon and the Peaceful Dove. In the Bellarine Peninsula there are several species of Pigeons, and I thought I would highlight these birds over the next few weeks. The first of these birds is the ‘Common Bronzewing’, which, as the name suggests, is frequently seen around this area. The Common Bronzewing in this image was photographed in the Ocean Grove Nature Reserve. Common Bronzewings are medium-sized, 33cm in length, and solidly built pigeons. They are usually seen in small flocks or in pairs. The male has a yellowwhite forehead and pink breast (the bird in the image is a male). Both sexes have a white line below and around the eye, and a mixture

S T I B ES IC V IT SER We provide a managed IT support p la n for: · IT Mainten ance

A Common Bronzewing pictured at Ocean Grove Nature Reserve.

of green, blue and red feathers in the wing. In the sunlight the wing feathers are particularly beautiful. Young Common Bronzewings are duller and browner than the adults. The colourful wing feathers are absent or not easily seen in young birds. Like other Pigeons, the Common Bronzewings construct a flimsy nest of twigs and sticks in

a tree or bush. Pigeon nests are often so roughly constructed that I wonder how the eggs remain in the nest! Both males and females incubate the eggs, and both sexes care for the young birds. Like other pigeons, Common Bronzewings release a milky substance from an area in their digestive system known as the ‘crop’, produced to feed their young

fledglings. The crop is a muscular pouch located at the top of the Oesophagus. Not all birds have a ‘crop’; for example owls do not have this pouch, where as birds of the raptor family all have a ‘crop’. The Common Bronzewing may be frequently seen throughout Australia, but they have uncommonly pretty wings!

• The Local Bird Watching Group, Bellarine Birdlife, will meet on Monday the 6th of August at the Ocean Grove Neighbourhood Centre at 7.30pm. There will be a bird watching outing on the 8th of August at the Ocean Grove Nature Reserve, starting at 8.30am. For all enquiries regarding this group, please contact Miles Charlesworth on 0438 531782 or email

& Audits · Project Pl anning & Su pp · New Purc hases & Upg ort rades · Network M onitoring · Data Back up · Broadban d, E-mail & Website Se · Anti-Virus tup , Malware & Spyware M onitoring Conta

ct Shau 0411 416 3 n on 5255 3925 or requiremen 84 to discuss your ts! www.b





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Bella’s a good listener

Thrilled youngsters at Surfside will get to use iPads in grades ones and two.

An Apple a day

Bella the Dog with grade one students and chaplain Rhonda Stubbings.

OCEAN Grove Primary School is in the second year of a truly unique Delta Therapy Dog program that encourages children struggling to read. Chaplain Rhonda Stubbings said she has brought her Golden Retriever Bella into grade one classrooms as part of a canine classroom initiative. “The dogs are accredited therapy dogs that go into schools to listen to children read and to help in the literacy area,” she said.

“The dogs are non-judgemental and the children enjoy reading to the dogs even if they are struggling readers.” Rhonda said the dogs help build a child’s enjoyment of reading, their confidence and self esteem. “I work here four days a week and I looked at that and thought what a great opportunity, I’m working with kids all the time and she’s a terrific dog,” she said. “So I thought I would see if I could marry the two and the kids love her.”

Coordinator of Delta Classroom Canines, Glenda Bridgman, said that the program gives children the incentive to read. “Children who are struggling with reading or are reluctant to read volunteer to read to the therapy dogs,” she said. “The dogs don’t judge their reading so it becomes a relaxing and fun experience for them, they forget that anxiety they may associate with reading.”

OCEAN Grove Marketplace has awarded Surfside Primary School10 iPads. $1,500 in cash grants was also issued to other local primary schools as part of the iPads for Schools promotion which ran across the state. Surfside Primary School collected the most vouchers, declaring them the winner of 10 iPads. Mark Huglin, Principal of Surfside Primary School said, “We are thrilled to have won and the ten iPads will be put to good use in our 1 and 2 grades.” The school introduced iPads in their prep grades this year and Mark Huglin said: “It is amazing to watch the preps with them, they are natural with technology. They are very engaging and excellent to reinforce and teach literacy and numeracy skills.” Cash grants were also given to three

other local schools who also participated in the program, which included Our Lady Star of the Sea, Ocean Grove Primary School and Barwon Heads Primary School. The iPads for Schools program ran over eight weeks with the schools collecting vouchers by shopping at their local participating centre. “The program was such a great success we have decided to run iPads for Schools again next year. It was great for us to be able to help our local primary schools and we would like to thank all participants for their support,” said Jo Radcliffe, Asset Manager. The iPads for Schools program will run in 2013, to give more schools a chance at broadening their resources, giving Victorian children a chance to increase their learning.

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Antenna Services



Home Maintenance

Fencing Concreting

Auto Repairs Glass

Graphic Design & Marketing Electrician



Hire Equipment

be the first call for services contact Michael on: 5255 3233



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trades & services

Mowing Services

Painting & Decorating

Plumbing & Gas

be the first call for services contact Michael on: 5255 3233

Roofing Services

Roofing Services

Training & Tuition Nursery

Panel Beater

Uniforms Painting & Decorating Roofing Services


Window Shutters

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grove sport

Ocean Grove Tennis Club reports A TOUGH time this week for a few teams, some matches only won or lost by a couple of games. With finals just around the corner, seven Junior teams are in the top four ladder positions and all Senior teams are in the top five. JUNIORS Results Saturday July 28: 4 Girls were at Home vs Waurn Ponds, lost 2,23 to 4,30 and place 3rd on the ladder. 7 Mixed played at Drysdale and unfortunately lost 1,14 to 5,35. They are 8th on the ladder. 8 Boys had a difficult match at Torquay losing by only one game! 3,27 to 3,28. Currently 4th on the ladder. 10 Mixed still undefeated, hosted Geelong East Uniting

at Home, 3,27 to 3, 24. Top of the ladder. 11 Boys played at Bannockburn and won convincingly, 5,35 to 1, 19. They are 4th on the ladder. 13 Boys hosted Grovedale Black at Home but lost 1,21 to 5,34. Remain 2nd on the ladder. 14 Mixed also undefeated, played away at Inverleigh and won 3,27 to 3,21. Top of the ladder. 17 Mixed travelled to Lethbridge and won 4,32 to 2, 15 placing them 2nd on the ladder. SENIORS Here is how our 4 Senior teams went on Saturday 28th July. Section One played away at

Grovedale and lost 3,21 to 3,27. Currently placed 5th on the ladder. Section Four had a tough match at Home vs Grovedale Yellow losing by one game only 3, 31 to 3, 32. They are 4th on the ladder. Section Five travelled to Waurn Ponds and unfortunately couldn’t pull off a win 2, 27 to 4, 28. Also 4th on the ladder. Section Ten resulted in a frustrating drawn match at Home vs Eastern Districts 3,32 to 3, 32, currently 4th on the ladder. Results Saturday August 4. 4 Girls played away at St Mary’s and had a very tough match for the second week in a row, losing by just one game,

3,26 to 3,27. 7 Mixed hosted Leopold at Home but unfortunately lost 0,14 to 6,36 8 Boys had a great win over All Saints at Home 4,31 to 2,24. 10 Mixed had a brilliant win over Grovedale at their home courts 6,36 to 0,13. All players won both singles and doubles. 11 Boys struggled at Leopold and lost 1,14 to 5,35. 13 Boys played at home against Hamlyn Park winning 4,32 to 2,27. 14 Mixed suffered their first loss of the season when they played All Saints at home 2,20 to 4,32. 17 Mixed had a fabulous win at Wandana Heights 4,25 to 2,15.

bellarine storm basketball U12 Boys BELLARINE 39 def Melbourne (2) 34 U12 Girls BELLARINE 50 def Eltham (2) 28 U14 Boys(1) BELLARINE 37 def Frankston (3) 22 U14 Girls BELLARINE 18 def by Warrandyte 29 U16 Boys BELLARINE 39 def Latrobe 37 U16 Girls(1) BELLARINE 26 def by Bellarine (2) 27 U18 Boys BELLARINE 55 def Craigieburn (2) 31 U16 Girls (2) BELLARINE 27 def Bellarine 26 U14 Boys (2) BELLARINE 35 def by Broadmeadows (3) 42 U16 Boys (2) BELLARINE 44 def by Craigieburn (2) 46

BELLARINE STORM RESULTS 3/8/12 U12 Boys BELLARINE 53 def Eltham (2) 28 U12 Girls BELLARINE 53 def Hawthorn (5) 16 U14 Boys(1) BELLARINE 37 def by Waverley 47 U14 Girls BELLARINE 37 def Altona (2) 19 U16 Boys BELLARINE 57 def Frankston (2) 36 U16 Girls(1) BELLARINE 40 def Eltham (3) 33 U18 Boys BELLARINE 43 def Diamond Valley (4) 41 U16 Girls (2) BELLARINE 44 def Diamond Valley (3) 23 U14 Boys (2) BELLARINE Bye U16 Boys (2) BELLARINE results unavailable

JUNIOR TENNIS next Season enrolments are beginning NOW. If you may be interested in playing juniors next season please come and join in the fun! New Players are very welcome. Any interested players, new or current, please email Donna James at donna_james@ or phone/ email Richard Proctor on 5255 1034 or email mrproctor@ Summer season commences October 2012. Results complied by Jen & David Franks. Go to ‘David Franks Tennis Coaching’ facebook page for results, tips and more information.

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cobras footy

Cobras head to the pointy end of season Under 14 (1) Round 10 v Barwon Heads OGCC 5.8.38 defeated Barwon Heads 2.3.15 The stakes could not have been higher for the Cobras as they battled to keep their finals hopes alive – a must win game against the traditional rivals from the other side of the bridge. A goal in the opening minutes to Kyle Ewart got the Cobras off to the start they were looking for, but despite having most of the play, that was the Cobras only major for the quarter as the Seagulls defenders stood strong. The pattern continued in the second quarter, the Cobras midfielders led by Riley Featherby and Riley Maloney continually pumping the ball forward with the silky skilled Oliver Monteith playing his best game of the year on a wing. Although not making the most of their opportunities, the Cobras increased their lead and went into the long break holding a 10 point lead over their rivals. Determined to reverse a trend of third quarter fade outs, the Cobras upped the ante in the third term, kicking 2 goals but importantly defending desperately when the Seagulls attacked. Jake LeMaistre, Byron ‘Bristle’ Taylor and Nick Giblin stood strong across half back, ensuring the Cobra boys won the quarter and increased their lead to 17 points. A goal to Spencer Luppino iced the game in the final term and the Cobras ran out well deserved 23 point victors, their finals hope still alive. Sitting third with two rounds remaining, but with a tough draw and two rivals snapping at their heels, the Cobras are like the proverbial boy with the barrow. They have the job in front of them. Goals: Lachlan Smith 1, Fletcher Sharrock 1, Spencer Luppino 1, Kyle Ewart 1, Sam Quigley Best Players: Riley Featherby, Darcy Pearson, Byron Taylor, Oliver Monteith, Jack Priestley Round 11 v South Barwon OGCC 0.2.2 defeated by South Barwon 4.7.31 The Cobras finals aspirations took a massive dent after going down to South Barwon in Round 11. Playing in howling wind and driving rain, goals were always going to be hard to come by and this was certainly the case for both sides. The bigger bodies of the Swans proved the difference in the end, although the Cobras had a red hot go from start to finish. Although not entirely out of contention, the Cobras now need to rely on results going their way in the final round to have any chance of finals actions. Footy’s a funny game so the boys head into the final game determined to knock over Grovedale and keep their fingers crossed that the other results fall their way. Best Players: Byron Taylor, Spencer Luppino, Nick Giblin, Darcy Pearson, Michael Smith Under 14 (2)

Cobras under 10 Blue celebrate their win over Corio at Erin Reserve, Newcomb. Round 10 v Bannockburn OGCC 4.0.24 defeated by Bannockburn 5.6.36 A crunch game for two teams destined for finals action, the U14 (2) boys made the long trek out to Bannockburn for the second time this season to face the only team to knock them off since the season proper began. Despite being undermanned due to last minute withdrawals, the Cobras rich vein of form continued in the opening quarter as they ran rings around their Tiger opponents. Tall timber Liam ‘Chops’ Warren and Aaron Tormey were dominating and giving first use of the ball to the likes of Tom Smith and Hamish Drake and goals to Connor Harvey, Kyle Lock, Jackson Peters and Aaron Tormey opened up a three goal lead at quarter time. Things were looking rosy, however Bannockburn are a quality side and they slowly started working back into the game, reducing the margin to 9 points at half time. A very heavy knock to Aaron Tormey after a strong mark, took the wind out of his sails and left the Cobras without anyone on the bench for the remainder of the game. The second half was a slog with the Cobras clinging desperately onto their lead under heavy pressure from the Tigers, Declan Bradley and Ryan Simonds battling bravely across half back. Leading by one point at three quarter time, stand-in coach Bernie Jordan urged his charges for one last effort, but it was not to be, the Tigers kicking the only 2 goals of the quarter to run out 12 point victors. Although disappointed with the loss, the Cobras showed great fighting qualities and proved that they have nothing to fear should they meet the Tigers at the pointy end of the season. Goals: Aaron Tormey 1, Kyle Lock 1, Connor Harvey 1, Jackson Peters 1 Best Players: Tommy Smith, Ryan Symonds, Liam Warren, Aaron Tormey, Declan Bradley Round 11 v Geelong West SP OGCC 6.5.41 defeated GWSP 4.13.37 The Cobras tough stretch of matches continued with another

must win game against the Geelong West Roosters in round 11. Equal on points and sitting one position below the Cobras in fourth, the Roosters were a much improved outfit from their previous meeting and from the first bounce it was obvious they had come to play. With the bigger bodied Roosters pumping the ball forward at every opportunity, the Cobras were denied the opportunity to use their silky skills, and were forced to scrap for every possession. On the few occasions they found space, the Cobras hit the scoreboard with two goals to Hamish Drake setting up a narrow quarter time lead. The trend continued in the second term with scrappy footy the order of the day. Kicking to the scoring end the Roosters had most of the play but poor conversion let them down, and after being held goalless for the term, the Cobras left the field for the half time break in front but facing a real battle to win the game. A goal to Jesse Caligiuri in the first minute gave the Cobras some breathing space but the battle of attrition continued deep into the second half. When the Roosters kicked the first goal of the last quarter it was ‘game on’ and the Cobras needed someone to step up. Enter Connor O’Keefe who played the small forwards role to perfection to snag two last quarter goals against the run of play to seemingly put the game out of reach of the Roosters, but they kept attacking to the end. Reed Jordan stood tall in defence and took mark after mark to repel the rampant Roosters. Sometimes you have to ‘win ugly’ and just get the job done and the Cobra boys did just that. The four point win ensures finals action for the Cobras but before then there is a final home & away game against the top team, Leopold to look forward to. Goals: Jesse Caligiuri 2, Hamish Drake 2, Connor O’Keefe 2 Best Players: Liam Warren, Ryan Symonds, Tom Smith, Hamish Drake, Connor O’Keefe, Jesse Caligiuri Under 12 White Round 14 v Drysdale OGCC 8.6.54 defeated Drysdale 5.9.39

A surprise visit to the Snakepit by 2008 Premiership coach, Alistair Clarkson was the highlight of a competitive clash between the Cobras Under 12 White team and Drysdale. Kicking into the wind in the first term, the Cobras made the most of their limited opportunities to post a single goal and were thankful for the inaccuracy of their opponents, who kicked 6 straight behinds to waste their wind advantage. The Cobras were determined not to make the same mistake when they had the wind, a return of 4.4 to a single point in the second term saw them leave the field with a healthy 27 point at half time, Noa Northam and Lachlan Potter leading the way. The Hawks made better use of the wind in the third term, kicking 4 goals and reducing the margin to just 2 points at the ¾ time break. With the game in the balance, both teams played a final quarter which left the coach of the AFL flag favourites seriously impressed. An inspiring goal from Max Sutton proved the difference as the Cobras ran out well deserved 15 point winners. Goals: Joshua Lange 2, Bailey LeMaistre 1, Felix Drayton 1, Max Sutton 1, Lleyton Woolley 1, Noa Northam 1, Lachlan Potter 1 Best Players: Noa Northam, Lachlan Potter, Tom Ness, Will Richardson, Lachlan Street, Charlie McEvoy, Lachlan McVilly Under 12 White and Blue Round 15 Derby OGCC White v OGCC Blue OGCC Blue 9.12.66 defeated OGCC White 2.5.17 Derby day is undoubtedly one of the biggest days in the Melbourne sporting calendar, and so it is in Ocean Grove too with crowds flocking to the Snakepit and a festive atmosphere prevailing for the much anticipated local derby between our Under 12 Blue & White teams. After a relatively even first quarter the Blue boys hit their straps in the second term showing great ball movement and allowing their forwards to make the most of every opportunity. The Hyphen, Harry Dixon-Jennings, Daniel Foster and Jack Havis were the standouts for the Blue boys while in defence for the Whites, Lachlan

Ocean Grove under 12 Blue ahead of defeating Corio 3.14-32 to 3.5-23 Street, Nick Malone and Hamish McManus battled hard against the odds. The Blue boys continued their good form in the second half sharing their goals between eight players, but to their credit the Whites never gave in and fought hard right to the very end. Seamus Spanner, Logan Taylor and Jordan Babb completed solid games for the Blues while the Whites were well represented by the Richo Man, Will Richardson, Max Sutton and James Gillians. Bragging rites went to the Blues this time but everyone went home happy after a great days footy, with the possible exception of Paul Sutton who finished his coaching career at the Cobras having never tasted victory in a local derby. Blues Goals: Harry DixonJennings 2, Logan Taylor 1, Max Fairbrother 1, Brad Walder 1, Chris Ewart 1, Joe Nagle 1, Nate Curtis 1, Lochlan Habgood 1 Blues Best: Harry DixonJennings, Jack Havis, Daniel Foster, Seamus Spanner, Jordan Babb, Logan Taylor Whites Goals: Lleyton Woolley 1, Flynn Drake 1 Whites Best: Will Richardson, Max Sutton, Lachlan Sutton, Lucy McEvoy, Lleyton Woolley, James Gillians Under 10 White Round 13 v Corio OGCC 5.6.36 defeated Corio 5.5.35 A Friday night trip to Corio is a daunting task for a whole host of reasons, none the least the fact that the Devils had knocked our boys over by 84 points in their previous meeting. And it looked like a case of déjà vu when the Devils skipped away to a 3 goal lead at quarter time with the Cobras yet to bother the scorers. With our captains, Aston Lynch and Daniel Townsend, leading the way, the Cobra Boys gradually worked their way back into the game, reducing the margin to 11 points at half time, and then in a blistering third quarter, hitting the front to lead by a point at three quarter time. Will Herron, Charlie Every and Sydney ‘ The Hyphen’ Chauvet-Allen were dominating proceedings, and Sam Donnegan’s fearless attack on the ball put the Devils on the back foot as the Cobras roared back

into contention. Up forward, the likes of Josh Miller, Rohan Lock, the X-Man Xavier Norman and ‘Special K’ Kye Annard kept the scoreboard ticking over as a victory against the odds loomed. The final term was a thriller, highlighted by Rhys Devlin’s desperate smother and Josh Miller’s great tackle of an opponent heading for goal. When the final siren sounded with the Cobra Boys a point ahead, it was a fitting reward to the entire team who gave their all and never gave up. Way to go Cobras! Goals: Josh Miller 2, Xavier Norman 1, Kye Annard 1, Rohan Lock 1 Best Players: Will Herron, Charlie Every, Sidney Chauvet-Allen, Xavier Norman, Josh Miller Under 10 Blue Round 14 v Corio OGCC 6.5.41 defeated Corio 4.4.28 The Cobra Blue boys welcomed the Corio Devils to their home away from home, Ervin Reserve, for round 14 action. In cold and windy conditions the boys were slow out of the blocks but managed to keep in touch with the Devils, trailing by 2 points at quarter time. A dominant second quarter by Corio, kicking 3 straight goals, threatened to take the game out of reach of the Cobras, who couldn’t manage a score and went into the long break facing a 20 point deficit and certain defeat. These Cobras are made of stern stuff however and they took up the challenge, responding with 3 goals of their own in the premiership quarter. Captain Bryce Dunell led from the front and received great support from the Big O, Oscar Price, Cooper Falconer, Jools Bond and Campbell Hoober. With the Devils kept scoreless for the term, it was anyone’s game with scores level at three quarter time. The last quarter was always going to be a battle of wills, and after hitting the front for the first time, the Cobras ran away from their opponents kicking two goals for the term and once again keeping the Devils goalless. In what was undoubtedly the Cobras best half of footy for the year, it was fantastic to see the goals shared between six individual goal kickers. A great

team effort by the Cobra boys who will remember this come from behind win for a long time! Goals: Tom Fairbrother 1, Luka Capitelli 1, Bryce Dunell 1, Josh Kuipers 1, Noah Cunningham 1, Hayden Ewart 1 Best Players: Oscar Price, Cooper Falconer, Campbell Hoober, Bryce Dunell, Jools Bond Under 10 Orange Round 15 v Belmont Lions OGCC 4.4.28 defeated Belmont Lions 2.8.20 A great start to the first quarter by the Under 10 Orange boys set up a well deserved win over the Belmont Lions. The Cobras hit the ground running in the first term with 3 goals setting up a 20 point lead at quarter time. Joe Doedel, Cooper Collett and James Spowart were leading the way and Phoenix Bowers, Nathan Down and Will Monk made the most of their opportunities, all kicking great goals which had the Cobra fans cheering. Although the Lions came back in the last quarter, the Cobras were able to hold on and win by eight points. The win was great reward for the Orange team after a tough couple of games, and while it’s always good to have a win, what has been more pleasing is the fantastic attitude the team displays regardless of the result. Good on ya Cobras! Goals: Phoenix Bowers 2, Nathan Down 1, Will Monk 1 Best Players: Joe Doedel, Cooper Collett, James Spowart, Kirby Reilly, Tyler Davis, Rory Quinn Clarko visits the Cobras • The Cobra Under 12 White team were fortunate to receive a visit from 2008 Premiership coach, Alistair Clarkson. Staying in the region after watching the Cats-Crows game the previous day, Alistair accepted an invitation from his old school mate and coach of the U12 White team, Paul Sutton, to watch the Cobras strut their stuff against Drysdale. Clarko willingly gave up his Sunday morning to watch the entire game, presented his own encouragement award to Lachlan McVilly, and then happily posed for photos with both teams and signed autographs.

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Voice goes places

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waves soccer

Juniors in action at Shell Reserve

ABOVE: Action from Surfside Waves under 15 fixture against Lara. The game ended in a 2-2 draw with Waves goals from Jack Ryan and Nick Stephanides.

SURFSIDE WAVES UNDER 12S: Back row. Coach Damian, Fraser, James, Travis, Tom, Wade, Kian, Max, Rodrigo, Kai. Front row: Jasper, Perry, Gabriel, Riley, Noah. SURFSIDE WAVES UNDER 9S: Patrick (coach) Ashleigh, Ciera, Alex, Sam, Jarvis and Darren (team manager). Front row: Matt, Joshua, Will and Ty

UNDER 9S: The Surfside Waves under 9 mixed soccer team has proven to be a team to watch out for in the future. These young dynamos show great skill and control with the ball and have had some good strong wins for the season this year. The Under 9 and Under

11 teams play each week in the “small sided football” competition at grounds around Geelong. There is no ladder for these divisions to encourage all teams to take part. The season is nearing to a close soon and both teams have been thrilled with their performance this year.

Many of our junior players started their soccer careers at the indoor soccer skills session that is held every Saturday in the Bellarine Sports and Aquatic Centre. All kids aged 5-12 years are welcome to come along to develop fundamental soccer skills and techniques at these indoor soccer sessions.

WELL done to the Surfside Waves Boys under 12 soccer team for their superb effort against the Lara soccer club at home last week. Surfside’s strong attack put the team in the lead at half time at 1-0. Lara found it difficult to break past our superb line of defence, eventually only managing to score one goal to level the score at 1-1. In the last five minutes of the game, Tom

Richardson kicked a strong, accurate goal into the net, resulting in a win for the Waves with the final score 2-1. The whole team is commended for their display of good sportsmanship and excellent team work, led by coach Damian Bromley. The Waves under 12 boys team sit at 5th place on the ladder (out of 9 teams).

Page 28 - Ocean Grove Voice, August 8-21, 2012

junior netball

Ocean Grove under 13 (2). Pictures : LINDSAY KELLEY

Ocean Grove under 13 (1).

Round 15 juniors Under 19: Ocean Grove 28 defeated Portarlington 26 This was another nail biter for the girls with the scores close at every change. Both sides threw everything into the game as there was plenty at stake - 4th position on the ladder. The first quarter saw both teams playing defensive netball and it was all even after a low scoring first quarter. Ocean Grove defenders Lauren Ollis, Siobhan Baker and Eden Bolton controlled the back half and picked off any loose ball on offer. The defensive units of each team were again on top during the second quarter and neither side could get on top. Bree Fankhauser and Alyse O’Keefe were having an enthralling battle with their opponents in their quest to control the centre court. Some solid team play saw Ocean Grove go to the major break one goal in front. Portarlington came out fired up in the third quarter and charged to a three goal lead despite the best efforts of Brooke Walter who was holding things together for her team in defence. The last quarter had everything wind, rain, sun, wasting time penalties and a ten goal quarter. Goalers Jess Morris and Emma Doolan were cool in the crisis when the game was there to be won and were good enough to put the finishing touches on some great team play further up the court. Grove got home in a thriller but they have to keep winning

to secure a finals berth – they are currently out of the final four by 1%. Best players: Lauren Ollis, Eden Bolton, Alyse O’Keefe Under 17-1: Ocean Grove 25 defeated Portarlington 20 The girls got off to a flier in the first quarter but then relaxed which allowed a determined opposition back into the game. They had to work hard in the last ten minutes to hold on. Best players: Clementine Praud, Grace Caldow, Zanna Woods Under 17-2: Ocean Grove 45 defeated Portarlington 14 A good steady effort. Controlled the ball and general play in the windy conditions. Best players: Alice Digby, Briony Wemyss Under 15-1: Ocean Grove 24 defeated Portarlington 9 A comfortable win which showcased the class in this team. Best players: Keely Peatling, Maddy Traynor, Meg Badrock Under 15-2: Ocean Grove 38 defeated Portarlington 4 A good team effort. Best players: Maddy Moroney, Matilda Doyle, Olivia Duhamel Under 13-1: Ocean Grove 30 defeated Portarlington 9 These girls are starting to bring the skills and moves they have been learning on the training track to their games. Best players: Isabel Hackett, Michaela Giblin, Sami Gravener Under 13-2: Ocean Grove 31

Ocean Grove under 11s line up against Anglesea. defeated Portarlington 3 Under 13-2: Ocean Grove 29 An easy win against an defeated Anglesea 3 opponent who still had their Best players: Sienna Beasley eyes on the finals before this Friday Night game. Competitions – Round 14 Best players: Brielle King, Under 13 Div 3: Ocean Leah Bruckner, Ali Gannon Grove 7 defeated St Marys 4 Round 16 juniors Goals: Sarah Bastiaan 3, Under 19: Anglesea 32 Kate Hudson 2, Phoebe defeated Ocean Grove18 Humphrey 1, Mietta Wilkins Best players: Eden Bolton, 1 Alyse O’Keefe, Jess Morris Best: Sarah Bastiaan, Alannah Under 17-1: Ocean Grove 38 Mcelligott defeated Anglesea 20 Under 13 Div 4: Ocean Best players: Kyla Beasley, Grove 17 defeated St Joeys 10 Laura Ellis, Molly Babb Goals: Stephanie Golightly 8, Under 17-2: Ocean Grove 27 Eliza Bromley 2, Lara Walters defeated Anglesea 11 2, Ruby Connell 2, Erin Best players: Briony Wemyss, Quinn 2, Niamh Ansell 1 Bec Watson Best: Ruby Connell, Under 15-1: Ocean Grove 34 Stephanie Golightly, Erin defeated Anglesea 13 Quinn Best players: Paige Under 15 Div 3: Torquay 33 Woolhouse, Maddy Traynor, defeated Ocean Grove 22 Meg Richardson Goals: Skylar Duckett 11, Under 15-2: Ocean Grove 37 Carla Warren 11 defeated Anglesea 7 Best: Gemma Dunne, Carla Best players: Lizzie Lowe, Warren, Bryley Reid Maddy Moroney Under 15-17: Ocean Grove Under 13-1: Ocean Grove 28 (1) 22 defeated Newtown & defeated Anglesea 17 Chilwell 16 Best players: Emily Moroney, Goals: Sofie Beale 15, Lucy Abbey Badrock, Taya Payne

Conquit 6, Bethany Walder Best: Mikaela Dodd, Sofie Beale, Bethany Walder Under 15-17: Ocean Grove 19 defeated St Marys 12 Goals: Cathryn Mason-Payne 12, Naomi Lemaistre 6, Brooke Walter 1 Best: Cathryn Mason-Payne, Naomi Lemaistre, Elise Trower Friday Night Competitions – Round 15 Under 13 Div 3: Ocean Grove 27 defeated GWSP 6 Goals: Sarah Bastiaan 7, Brooklyn Sacchetta 6, Phoebe Humphrey 4, Taylor Stapleton 4, Zoe Boland 3, Kate Hudson 3 Best: Brooklyn Sacchetta, Zoe Boland, Phoebe Humphrey Under 15 Div 3: GWSP 36 defeated Ocean Grove 8 Goals: Bryley Reid 5, Khelsy Whyte 3 Best: Bryley Reid, Carla Warren, Khelsy Whyte Under 15-17: Ocean Grove (1) 17 defeated Torquay 5 Goals: Mikaela Dodd 13, Indiana Van Someren 3, Lily Bowers 1 Best: Indiana Van Someren, Mikaela Dodd, Shaynesha Page All Abilities: Ocean Grove 19 defeated South Barwon 14 The Ocean Grove side had to work hard for this win. They teamed well and showed great skills against a determined opposition. The win kept them in second place on the ladder and is a reminder to Newtown & Chilwell that they will have plenty of opposition come finals time.

Ocean Grove Voice, August 8-21, 2012 - Page 29

grove netball

Young side with promise Netball Round 15 Ocean Grove versus Portarlington – 28 July A-Grade: Portarlington 76 defeated Ocean Grove 39 Injuries and unavailability necessitated that the coaching staff looked to the club’s youth to bolster the side for the game against Portarlington. While many of the girls who took the court were displaying their “L” plates, they can be commended for their efforts and will be far better for the experience. Debutants Erin Mercer from the under 17s and Maddy Goodger from the under 15s proved that they were up for the challenge. Erin played her role in the goal circle according to the coach’s instructions while Maddy showed amazing adaptability in a foreign position in Wing Defence. The game certainly started with a bang and Port led by 11 goals at the first change with Lauren Ollis and Grace Caldow having their work cut out for them in defence trying to stop the barrage coming down through the centre. Things didn’t get much better for the Grove girls in the second and third quarters despite Luci Ross and Jaimie George giving their all and showing their team the way through the centre corridor to feed to Zanna Woods in goals. However the experienced Portarlington side kept the heat on and the pressure was too much for their younger opponents. Port’s scoreboard dominance continued into the last quarter and they ran out comfortable winners. However, the young Grove side will have learned a lot from the experience and they will keep improving as they get more opportunities in the final games of the season. Best players: Zanna Woods, Maddie Goodger, Erin Mercer B-Grade: Portarlington 40 defeated Ocean Grove 36 After an even start to the game, The Grubbers took a one goal lead into the first change thanks in part to the great work done at the defensive end by Sarah Degenaro and Paula Birch. The second quarter saw more of the same but Port made the most of their scoring opportunities and took over on the scoreboard. Young gun Bridget Taylor was her usual energetic self and her drive gave goalers Jess Morris and Laura Ellis plenty of ball. Bree Fankhauser , Kat Sykes and Emma Doolan were keeping Grove in the game in the second half and the final result came down to the fact that Port’s finishing was more polished. From the sidelines they looked the better side but Port did better on the scoreboard. Best players: Sarah Degenaro, Jess Morris, Bree Fankhauser C-Grade: Ocean Grove 26 defeated Portarlington 15 This was a great win from the girls who took their training form onto the court and it paid dividends. From the first whistle they came to play and were up by six goals at half

Clockwise from left, action from Grove’s D, A, B and C grades against Anglesea. time. Sharna McNamara was a standout in defence along with Danielle Vicary and Emma Mooney helping her out. The girls kept control of the game throughout and played the game on their terms to win comfortably by nine goals. Best players: Sharna McNamara, Emma Mooney, Danielle Vicary D-Grade: Portarlington 25 defeated Ocean Grove 20 This was one that got away! The game was tight in the first half and Grove were in with a big chance. However things didn’t go to plan after the major break and they lost the third quarter by four goals. Despite winning the last quarter, the margin was too great and they ultimately ran out of time. Emma Collins was a standout in defence rebounding loose balls while at the other end of the court, Cath Slevin was having a good game and finished with 12 goals. Bec Kenny who has been a consistent performer for this team played a controlling game through the centre. Best players: Emma Collins, Bec Kenny, Cath Slevin Round 16 Ocean Grove versus Anglesea – 4 August A-Grade: Anglesea 68 defeated Ocean Grove 35 The Anglesea girls came to play their style of netball today and were on fire from the start against the young Ocean Grove side. The defensive line of Luci Ross, Lauren Ollis and Kelly McIntosh were working overtime and Anglesea made the most of their opportunities

to go to the first break 11 goals up. The second quarter was a more even affair with Grace Caldow and Jaimie George showing great determination through the centre as they worked the ball well down the court to create scoring opportunities for goalies Zanna Woods and Erin Mercer. The young Grubbers more than held their own and their pressure worried the experienced Anglesea line-up into multiple unforced errors. The second half was played largely on Anglesea’s terms but Ocean Grove’s second quarter efforts showed what this young team is capable of and when consistency becomes part of their game, they will be a force to be reckoned with. Best players: Lauren Ollis, Jaimie George, Grace Caldow B-Grade: Anglesea 59 defeated Ocean Grove 42 Ocean Grove produced a competitive four quarter effort with some junior stars shining through again. Clem Praud was leading the way in defence together with Sarah Degenaro, Alicia Nolan and Bree Fankhauser. Emma Doolan, Bridget Taylor and Luci Ross broke even through the centre court while Jess Morris and Laura Ellis made the most of their chances in the goal circle. A determined showing in the second half created headaches for the Anglesea side and highlighted some promise for the future. Best players: Clem Praud, Bree Fankhauser, Bridget

Taylor C-Grade: Anglesea 27 defeated Ocean Grove 26 This game was there to be won. Unfortunately they couldn’t quite get the job done despite leading for most of the game and going into the last quarter four goals up. Famie Needham and new goalie Jess Grace had good games and combined well to control the goal circle. Sharna McNamara led the way in defence with back up help from Christie Clark and Danielle Vicary. Emma Mooney did her best to carry her team over the line but Anglesea finished hard to win a nail-biter. Best players: Sharna McNamara, Britt Long, Christie Clark


D-Grade: Anglesea 29 defeated Ocean Grove 18 The game started in fine fashion with Ocean Grove up by two at the first quarter break. Anglesea turned things around in the second quarter to lead by five at half time but the game was still up for grabs. Jodie Boland and Emma Collins were instrumental in keeping Grove in the game with some great intercepts and Kate Mason was keeping the pressure on her opponents. Georgia Ellis and Cath were proving to be a great combination in the goal circle but Anglesea were able to maintain their lead. Best players: Kate Mason, Emma Collins, Georgia Ellis.


Come in and see our range of imported wall and floor tiles, glue, grout and tiling tools. 4 Marine Pde Ocean Grove

5255 2212


HIA AWARD WINNER 2011 Western Victoria renoVations/additions Project of the Year 2011 Western Victoria custom Built homes $350,000-$500,000 2009 Western Victoria custom Built homes $500,000-$700,000

PH/FX: 03 5255 4329 MObILE: 0417 524 143 WWW.DUNCANPASCOEbUILDERS.COM.AU

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Under 16s reports THE firsts kicked the dew off the grass at Bell Park and played as if we were still on the holiday break going down 10.4.64 to 3.9.27. We had plenty of play early but wasted opportunities to put a score on the board. Bell Park had two 50 forward entries in the 1st quarter for two easy goals. When Curtly Balshaw kicked a goal early in the 3rd quarter scores were level, but from there Bell Park kicked the last six goals of the game unanswered with little resistance shown. Ned Thorley, playing a lone hand in the ruck was outstanding and shows a lot of promise as a developing tap ruckman, and he also worked hard around the ground. Che Durran, Nick Murphy and Matt Caldow all worked tirelessly in the midfield. GOALKICKERS – Alex Shiels, Brayden Warren,and Curtly Balshaw 1 each. The firsts then bounced back to record an excellent win over St Marys 8.8.56 to 5.4.34. We were able to sustain a much better 4 quarter effort where we consistently attacked and put our head over the ball. Our back 6 of Andy

Douglass, Luke Bastiaan, Riley Denneman, James Stirling, Hamish Hoober, and Ben Potter stood firm all day. Ned Thorley again did a mountain of work rucking single handedly. James Teague and Curtly Balshaw gave us great drive off their wins, and in the middle we had constructive ball winners in Matt Caldow, Ned Holland, and Che Durran. All in all an excellent team performance as we look to finish the season off on a positive note. GOALKICKERS – Curtly Balshaw 3, Rob Procter 2 and Nat Gravener, Jacob Nicholson and Brayden Warren kicked 1 each. The seconds had a close, come from behind win against Modewarre/GWSP 10.10.70 to 8.14.62. A slow start saw us 4 goals down at quarter time which by 3 quarter time we had pegged back to 2 goals, and in a terrific last quarter effort we kicked 4 goals to 1 to run over the top of them in the end. Excellent contributors on the day were led by Jack Ness, Jack Benjamin, Alec Hernan, Ben Sanders, Jed Evans and Will Gant. The win sees us just

outside the 4 with plenty to play for, and we wish John and Tom well in their recovery from nasty injuries. GOALKICKERS – James Peers and Jack Benjamin 2 each, with John Bjornenak, Vincent McDonald, Will Gant, Daniel McManus, Jake Taylor, and Tom Beasley all kicking a goal a piece. The seconds came up against a side they have had trouble getting over the top of, but keeping our finals chances alive triumphed 8.15.63 to 6.5.41 over Belmond Lions. Only poor conversion on our part in front of goal offset our around the ground dominance which saw the scores level at 3 quarter time. With our season on the line we responded with a 3 goal 5 to 1 point last quarter. Hard nuts James McGarry and Will Gant thrived in the heavy going. Around the ground Sam Pfeiffer and James Peers were excellent, and Jed Evans rucked tirelessly around the ground. GOALKICKERS – Jack Benjamin, Daniel McManus and Ben Sanders all kicked 2, Nick Murphy and Will Gant kicking 1 each.

Turnaround in form

PLAYER accountability was a key component in Ocean Grove’s form reversal that saw the Grubbers defeat Portarlington at Portarlington by 155 points on July 28, writes Mark Heenan. A week after suffering a massive 114-point loss at the hands of Barwon Heads on July 21, Ocean Grove came to Portarlington with a purpose albeit against the second-bottom team. Final scores were Ocean Grove 29.19.187 to Portarlington 4.8.32. Ocean Grove prolific midfielder Tyson Doherty, an integral part of the

Grubbers’ leadership group, said it was good to be back on the winners’ list after the Heads’ drubbing a week earlier. According to Ocean Grove Football Club statistician Peter Keating, 23-year-old Doherty had the ball on a string with 54 possessions including 30 kicks and 24 handballs. “Accountability was our number one (priority), we sort of wanted to play defensive first before we went for the footy – that was our main aim was to play on our opponent and then get the footy,” Doherty said. “As coach Cam

(McGregor) said it should not take a rev up for us to get going, it has got to come from us and within the club. “I think it was a good turning point for us and we need to start building from now.” The Grubbers shot out of the blocks early with a seven-goal first quarter and the visitors led by 81 points at half time. In the second half Ocean Grove kicked 14 goals to Port’s three majors. Key tall Louie Holmer played a brilliant match, kicked seven goals, collected 21 possessions and took 12 marks, while teammate Brandon Backwell chipped

in with five majors. Ruckman Michael Stewart dominated in the ruck with his 36 hitouts. The Grubbers wore black arm bands after the loss of a family relative for Holmer before the match. Ocean Grove coach Cameron McGregor said Holmer’s role gave the Grubbers added flexibility in the road to the BFL finals. “He (Louie) can play ruck, he can play half-forward, he can play full-forward, he can play on a wing,” McGregor said. “He is hard to stop when he is up and about and he is quick for a big bloke.”

Reserves run away winners over Anglesea

Pictures: LINDSAY KELLEY THE Grubbers’ reserves grade enjoyed a 123-point victory over Anglesea on Saturday at Ocean Grove. Final scores were Ocean Grove 22.12.144 to Anglesea’s 3.3.21. Lively forward Travis Gavin booted six majors, while key tall Harrison Foott was named in the best for the Grubbers. In all, Ocean Grove had 10 goalkickers with Daniel Freeman kicking five goals and Dave Gray booting four majors. The Grubbers remain in outright third position with a 12-4 record after 16 rounds.

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Grove action against Anglesea.


Grove on a mission OCEAN GROVE begin their quest for finals glory later this month with some mouthwatering fixtures against the two elite BFL teams, writes Mark Heenan. Grubber coach Cameron McGregor said away matches to ladder leaders Queenscliff this Saturday and secondplaced Torquay on August 18 is the ideal dress rehearsal before finals. Third-placed Ocean Grove (13-3) sit two games clear of the in-form fourth-placed Drysdale (11-5). “It gives us a good dress rehearsal before finals,” McGregor said. “We certainly want to be playing two of the better sides leading into the finals than two of the bottom sides.” On Saturday, BFL reigning premiers Queenscliff suffered their first loss of 2012, a onepoint defeat at the hands of Drysdale. Ocean Grove has won their past two matches at Queenscliff by 15 points last season and by two points respectively in 2010, and McGregor concedes the Coutas are beatable on their home turf. “We have always thought they (Queenscliff) are beatable, we have beaten them at their ground for the last couple of years, they went on last year and won the premiership and won it pretty comfortably,” McGregor said. “Queenscliff have been really good this year and they are still going to be the best side in the competition. “Anyone is beatable on their day, Barwon Heads have proven that, Drysdale have proven that and Modewarre have proven that.” MEANWHILE in the

Grubbers’ final home game for the season, Ocean Grove solidified their top three spot with a 47-point win over Anglesea on Saturday. Final scores were Ocean Grove 19.15.129 to Anglesea 12.10.82. A fast finishing Louie Holmer, who kicked seven goals against Portarlington in Round 15, was the star up forward up for the Grubbers booting five majors to increase his season goal tally to 36 goals. The flexibility that Holmer gives to Ocean Grove becomes more important in the road to the BFL finals, after the Grubbers lost star ruckman Michael Stewart to a season ending finger injury following Ocean Grove’s 155-point win over Portarlington. McGregor said while Stewart’s injury is a big loss he said his team had plenty of options to turn to in the ruck with Tom Foott and Holmer, unlike in previous seasons. “It is a big loss, we have always had the luxury of the extra tall Tom Foott stood up today and has done well,” McGregor said. “It is his little finger on his left hand and he has had surgery on it and everything, so it is pin and plated up.” Ocean Grove gained the early ascendancy with seven goals to the Seas’ two majors in the first quarter. Key defender Tom Roberts nullified the influence of Anglesea forward David Mensch in the opening term with some explosive running bursts from defence against his older opponent. “Tom Roberts was brilliant in the first quarter, you know he ran off him and exposed

Mensch’s lack of pace – obviously they had to change things up and put him in the ruck for the rest of the game,” McGregor said. Anglesea closed the margin at the main break only to be down at 17 points on the back of some solid work from the dashing Dyson Bell-Warren, who booted three goals, and midfielder Dean Whitten. The home side kicked nine goals to Anglesea’s five goals in the second half. “It was important that we put together four quarters of footy, our third quarter wasn’t the best, the other three quarters was certainly good footy and good team footy,” McGregor said. The Grubbers are expected to regain some classy midfielders in the coming weeks with ball magnet Tyson Doherty and co-captain Rowan O’Callaghan to return from unavailability and injury. Meanwhile prolific onballer Ben Ricardo (knee injury) aims to return to senior footy in time for the BFL finals. Saturday’s senior match at Queenscliff Recreation Reserve starts at 2:10pm.

SCOREBOARD OCEAN GROVE 19.15-129 DEFEATED ANGLESEA 12.10.82 Ocean Grove Goal Kickers: L. Holmer 5, D. Maloney 3, B. Backwell 2, J. Rawlings , S. Jack , A. O’Callaghan , A. Higgins , L. Sinnott , D. Moroney , K. Reardon , J. McTaggart , P. Corredig Best Players: L. Holmer, S. Fairway, T. Foott, B. Backwell, K. Reardon, J. Milnes

CLAIRE MAKES SPLASH Matt to don the green and gold

Grubbers on finals run in

Ocean Grove’s Claire O’Callaghan.

THE representative honours keep coming for Club Grove Bowls coach Matt Flapper (above), writes Mark Heenan. The 33-year-old has been picked to play for Australia at the 6th Asia Pacific Merdeka Championships, to be staged in Malaysia from October 1 to October 6 later this year. Flapper, who took on the prized job at Ocean Grove Bowling Club in May, will play in the singles event alongside fellow Australian Dylan Fisher. He will also team up with Fisher in the Mixed Fours event and Australian female lawn bowls player Carla Odgers in the Mixed Pairs event. Flapper, Odgers and Fisher all hail from Victoria.

OCEAN Grove’s based St Ignatius College student, Claire O’Callaghan is going places in her chosen sport of Water Polo, writes Mark Heenan. Last month Claire played in the Victoria White team in the 2012 East Coast Challenge at the Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre. The 2012 East Coast Challenge, for players 14 and under, was held over 4 days of competition involving 7 teams from NSW, QLD, SA and VIC. Claire’s coach and mentor Carol Van Berkel has been training Claire and other local young players in water polo skills. Water Polo skills development is held Friday nights during school terms at the Bellarine Aquatic Centre. Carol has been a strong mentor to Claire after Carol has played Water

Polo for Victoria as an Under 18 representative. Carol, who has worked with City Greater of Geelong for 10 years in childcare and has been employed as a swim teacher in the region’s local aquatic centers, played Water Polo for Victoria as a 15-year-old for three years. “Very proud, (Claire) has done really well since she started in the sport, learning to egg beater kick, learning to swim with her head up is usually quite difficult,” Carol said. Carol has been coaching Claire for three years. “The workload playing Water Polo for Victoria and the hours they put in especially now days is huge.” “And with Claire travelling to Melbourne, there is not a lot of competition in Geelong

now,” “Her (biggest strengths) are her defensive side and reading the play because you don’t have to be a fast swimmer, it is those that can read the play,” Other local water polo players, Shannon Schaeche-Priestley and James Scorgie also travelled to Melbourne for the East Coast Challenge Water Polo trials. They tried out against some of the best junior water polo players in the State. Claire has been invited to participate in the VWPI Tier 3 Athlete Program to develop her water polo skills towards elite performance. Many hours of travelling and training are ahead for Claire. Both Claire and James will be playing with the Essendon Water Polo club in the summer season.

Grubbers took out Anglesea on Saturday. Grove now face Queenscliff and Torquay in the final games of the home and away season. Story page 31. Picture: LINDSAY KELLEY.

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