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January 9-22, 2013



‘One of the best fairs in the state’

Maddie and Lauren Dobbie from Ocean Grove enjoying the fairy floss at Saturday’s Tranquility Fair. More than 5,000 people attended - some visitors commenting it’s one of the best in the state. Story and pictures pages 16-17. Picture: LINDSAY KELLEY

DISCONNECTED A THREE to four year wait for broadband and inaction by Telstra has left scores of frustrated Ocean Grove residents. According to locals, sluggish plans by the telco have left them in limbo. Worst hit are home businesses which rely on the service to trade or communicate.

By JESSICA GRACE “I moved from The Parade to Kingston a few weeks ago and contacted Telstra to transfer over my phone, foxtel and broadband,” resident Lee Bickley said.

“They said there was going to be a slight delay on the broadband and then they informed me that there are no ports on the exchange. Basically I can’t access broadband.” Lee said as he works from home the only other alternative is far too costly. “The only other option is wireless and you’re paying three to four times as much. I asked when ports would

be free and they said they have no plans to put anymore in,” he said. James Howe, Telstra media relations, said whilst there are Telstra broadband ports currently available in areas of Ocean Grove new estates will have to wait for the National Broadband Network. “A number of sites like Kingston Estate will be broadband enabled as

News desk and Advertising 5255 3233

part of the NBN and we encourage customers to contact Telstra directly for specific enquiries,” he said. Rhonda Griffin, Communications Manager for National Broadband, said that NBN will eventually provide access to high- speed broadband to all Australians. Continued page 2.

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Waiting in pain for NBN Continued from page 1. “While we expect to pass around 6000 premises a day at the height of the rollout, it is still going to take over nine years to complete

the rollout on current projections,” she said. “Ocean Grove is scheduled for works to begin March 2015 which take approximately 12

months to complete once started.” Lee Bickley said a three to four year wait is not good enough considering Telstra would’ve been well aware

of the new estates going up. “Considering there’s probably another 4,000 houses to be built in Oakdene and Kingston, not

providing broadband isn’t good enough,” he said. “Even if you wanted to change providers you can’t because Telstra owns the infrastructure in this area.”

Two weeks to Aussie Day kite flying

OCEAN Grove Barwon Heads Lions are making plans for the annual kite flying on main beach on Australia Day - Saturday January 26. Lions will again be providign kite making materials and helping younsters make their own kites. The event runs from 10am until midday and usually proves very popular. Lions will also be running a sausage sizzle and providing Aussie theme facepainting. Holly and Kade are pictured enjoying last year’s event.

Rat bait warning for Grove pets LEADING Veterinarian Dr David Hopkins is warning Grover’s to keep their canine friends away from rat bait, writes Jessica Grace. Dr Hopkins said at Bellarine Veterinarian Practice they’d already treated several dogs that day. “Dog owners need to be vigilant in keeping rat bait away from animals. We’ve already seen three dogs this morning and a couple more before Christmas,” he said. “Rat bait is the thing we see the most. It interferes

with blood clotting. They knock out vitamin k and vitamin k is an essential part of blood clotting.” Dr Hopkins said if an animal does not have vitamin k their blood won’t clot so every time they knock themselves they begin to bleed internally. “So the dog eats the rat bait and it looks fine for a couple of days. People have often said the dog looks fine and it’s not a problem, it hasn’t affected the dog,” he said. “But it takes a couple of days for their blood clotting to get affected and

then they just slowly bleed to death. They come in here and they’re deathly white.” Dr Hopkins said by this stage the dog has been haemorrhaging into their lungs or chest and if they cut themselves they don’t stop bleeding. “When they’ve collapsed they can be pretty hard to save and they need to get blood transfusions. Most of the dogs we see, people have twigged when they’ve found a half eaten packet of rat bait or something,” he said. “If people twig before the dog gets sick then it’s

fairly easy. We put them on the antidote of vitamin k. If they come in collapsed that can be a lot more serious.” Dr Hopkins said there are a lot of rats and mice down here on the Bellarine, consequently a lot of people have rat bait in their sheds. “The rats love it so therefore the dogs love it too. If they sniff it out they’ll eat it all because it’s very tasty to them,” he said. “You’ve got to make sure you keep it in a secure place high up on a shelf where the dog can’t get it. You can’t just throw it behind

the couch or in the garden as the dog will sniff it out.” Dr Hopkins said pet owners should contact their vet immediately if they have any suspcions that rat bait has been ingested. “They can do a blood test to determine if your dog has been poisoned and treat them effectively,” he said. “By the time your dog is exhibiting symptoms like lethargy and very pale gums, they’re pretty sick. They can go from looking healthy to dead in a very short time.”

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New Year’s Eve a law and order ‘success’ EIGHT arrests and several breach of peace orders signalled a successful New Years according to Bellarine Sergeant Mick Knight. As large crowds gathered for the celebrations Sgt Knight said that the evening went pretty well having enforced a no alcohol policy earlier on. “We put patrols out on the beach and made people with open containers empty them otherwise they will be issued with penalty notices,”

he said. “Overall the crowd was really well behaved. We did have a number of fights break out but they were controlled and we made eight arrests at both Barwon Heads and Ocean Grove.” Sgt Knight said those arrested for drunkenness were between 18 and 21 and six younger kids were arrested for breach of peace (BOP). “BOP is not actually a crime that results in a fine but it says police can take

any action to stop groups we think are about to fight. You can grab them and remove them from the scene,” he said. “Those arrested for drunkenness were all issued penalty notices and those for BOP were taken back to the station where they were collected by their parents.” Bob Jordan, General Manager of Barwon Coast, said months of planning paid off after a successful and peaceful New Year’s within the caravan parks and

beaches. Bob said at the beach front they provided additional temporary lighting, a first aid service with St John’s Ambulance service and a harm minimisation centre. This was manned by volunteers from the Wave church with a free sausage barbecue and bottled water. Barwon Coast provided it’s now regular firework display from the Bluff after which the crowds dispersed peacefully.

news in brief

Surf club rescue ON New Years Eve, local emergency services assisted with the recovery of a capsized boat at the RAAF’s end of Ocean Grove main beach. “A couple of days ago we had a boat turnover in the river mouth,” club president ChriPaterson said. Surf lifesavers also assisted in the rescue of a teenager injured in sand dunes. See page 5.

Coast map

The Lassin family has been holidaying at Collendina Caravan Park for 31 years and wouldn’t have it any other way.

Quality time WHILE some may dread family vacations, for the past 31 years the Lassin’s have insisted on them, writes Jessica Grace. Robyn and Michael have been caravanning at Collendina Caravan Park with their four children, Shane, 37, Kristy, 35, Shereen, 32, and Teagan, 28 since 1981. “We wouldn’t change it for the world. We like the caravan life, Robyn loves it. She’d rather that then go on a five star flight to New York,” Michael said. “It’s because of the atmosphere and the people. The kids have been able to run around and do what they want. We’ve just embraced it over the years.” It seems caravanning is now in the Lassin’s blood, two out of four children having purchased a van of their own and a third currently in the process. “When mum and dad decided to upgrade a few years ago to a cabin

with a bathroom they put the caravan up to the four of us and I decided I’d purchase it,” 32 year-old Shereen said. “Within a few months my other sister Kristy, 35, bought a caravan on the same road about ten vans down. So mum and dad have a cabin and we both have vans.” The Lassin’s journey began in 1981 when they wanted to find an economical way to be able to holiday as a young family. “We had three children at that stage, we’re from Melton and my boss was selling his van. I said we were looking on the Bellarine and he recommended Ocean Grove,” Michael said. “He set up the van and we’ve come here every year since. Our youngest daughter Teagan was born in January 1985 and we brought her from the hospital straight back to here.” Robyn said as the kids grew older she could’ve made a fortune ferrying them all in her four wheel drive

backwards and forwards to the Barwon Heads Pub. “I used to be the bus for the Barwon Heads Hotel. I used to drop them all off and then at four in the morning they’d ring me and I’d go and pick them all up,” she said. “I used to do that every year. The amount of times I took kids backwards and forwards, I could’ve been a millionaire but it never happened.” Michael said whilst some families may holiday together occasionally he believes his family is a rarity and will continue for as long as they can. “We haven’t become tired of it and we still look forward to. There are a number of people in the park that probably stayed maybe 10 to 15 years but not up to our period,” he said. “From our first canvas annex that leaked all the time to chasing snakes with golf clubs, to our kids starring in the talent quests, we’ve got truly wonderful memories.”

WORK on the Geelong – Queenscliffe Coastal Mapping Project will begin early in 2013 following the announcement of the successful tender last week. The project will map the potential impacts of climate change on the coastline in the Geelong, Queenscliffe and Bellarine area. Ms Diane James, Chair of the GeelongQueenscliffe Coastal Mapping Partnership Group said following evaluation of several high quality submissions the project partners have appointed Infrastructure and environmental services company, Cardno Pty Ltd. “Cardno have proposed a very sound approach to undertaking the local coastal mapping and have nominated a highly qualified team with extensive experience in the local region,” Ms James said. Cardno have previously worked on the Bellarine Coastal Processes Study, Geelong Coastal Processes Study, Clifton Springs Foreshore Study and the Port of Melbourne Channel Deepening Study. The local coastal mapping project will model current and potential hazards, such as inundation and erosion and help land managers to make sound decisions about addressing risks.

CFA call outs OCEAN Grove CFA has been called out to six incidents in the last week. They included a beach rescue, a small vegatation fire in Point Lonsdale and four minor or false alarms in Ocean Grove, Wallington and Marcus Hill.

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working together

Team rescues teen in dunes LOCAL teams worked together to rescue a 13 year old boy who was stuck 12 metres up a sand dune after falling and possibly fracturing his leg. Jet and his friend Oliver from Melbourne had been jumping between dunes near 7W which is the nearest access point from the Cheeky Cow Café. The accident happened just before 6pm on December 28 but because of the location and

concern about moving him from the fragile dunes he was up there for about two hours. Paramedics were joined by teams from Barwon Coast, Ocean Grove CFA and Geelong Rescue and Ocean Grove Surf Life Saving Club. The Surf Life Saving Club four-wheel-drive took Jet back to a waiting ambulance before being taken to hospital. It is believed he may have fractured a leg in the fall.

Left: Geelong Rescue lower the injured teen on a spinalboard before, above, he is ferried up the beach by the surf lifesavers.

Safety first out on water SUMMER time means fun time on the water. Whether that be for fishing, boating or just plain relaxing. Our waterways are used for numerous reasons and sometimes conflict with other users can inadvertently occur. On one day last week there were 48 trailors at the car park serving the boat ramp off Guthridge Street – that means a lot water users. To offer greater understanding of local agencies and to get updated advice on boating safety, last Sunday Barwon Coast joined forces with key agencies and community groups to assist the boating community utilise this resource safely. They held a free boating

Members of the different agencies that were represented at Sunday’s Boating Day in Ocean Grove.

day at the boat ramp, off Guthridge Street where all boat and powered water craft operators were able to bring their families down and chat to representatives from Barwon Coast,

Parks Victoria, the Water Police, Maritime Safety, Maritime Pest, Coastwatch, Estuary Watch, Ocean Grove Coastcare and Ocean Grove Angling Club. They were supported

by members of Ocean Grove Barwon Heads Lions Club and St John Ambulance. • Barwon Coast has sent out a reminder that Personal Water Craft (PWC) (jet skis etc)

are not permitted to be launched from Barwon River beaches. Ocean Grove boat ramp, Guthridge Street, is the nearest point where they can be launched.

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WORTH THE EFFORT: Nicki O’Brien inside the revamped caravan named Betty.

Hard work makes Betty beautiful AS water began cascading from the roof into the caravan, Nicki O’Brien started to get a feeling that she’d just bought a lemon. What followed was proof that with determination and the help of a kind neighbour, anything is possible. “My two teenage daughters and I had camped four years ago, in tents. The weather was miserable, it was raining and everything,” she said.

“I thought if we had a van it wouldn’t be that bad. I knew I had to go cheap though. It didn’t worry me if I had to do some work because I knew how to use a drill.” Nicki said she saw the ad’ in the paper for the van and asked her neighbour Graham who she knew was a builder if he thought it was do-able. “We’d hardly ever spoken before but he said yes it was fixable. Neither of us realised

how bad it was until I had bought it and everything we touched was rotten,” she said. “We ended up gutting the whole thing.” Neighbours watched on with interest as the dilapidated van underwent its drastic makeover, in the process acquiring the name Betty. “It was on the street and people would go passed and say ‘what’s happening with

it’. Everyone sort of bagged it and said I couldn’t do it and it wouldn’t be ready,” she said. “My dad came and helped a little, my brother did some electrical work and one of my daughter’s friends came and helped me paint it. Some people thought it was a food van originally.” After a month of extensive works Nicki completed the job and said she is now no longer afraid to ask for help

and encourages others to take time to get to know your neighbours. “It’s been fun because the neighbours all talk about it, it brought the street closer. I’ve got a really great friendship with Graham. It sends out a message to anyone that you can do it,” she said. “I couldn’t do it myself, there’s no way it could’ve turned out how it did without his (Graham’s) help.”

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Life is - a copy of the Voice and a Bintang on the beach Ocean Grove’s Joanne Eaton and her partner Seto have been spending time with his family in his village, Pangandaran - South West Java. The couple, who run a gardening business ‘Seto’s Gardening Service’ - in the Grove remembered to take a copy of the ‘Voice’ with them - a perfect accompliment to sitting at the beach bar while enjoying a Bintang or two.

Betty, centre, with her son and daughters at her 90th birthday party.

Happy birthday Betty FRIENDS and family of hardworking community stalwart Betty Stevens got together at Ocean Grove Golf Club at the end of last month to celebrate her 90th birthday. More than 60 guests attended the celebrations for Betty who is actively involved in the Laurel Ladies Group.

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THE WARNINGS ARE CLEAR: Ocean Grove’s strike team leader Lee Bickley checks the drinking water and suncreen suppies are topped up in case they were called to help across the state last Friday. Fortunately they weren’t called into service but the danger period is far from over.

Brigade at the ready A scorching 40 degree day signals the beach for some but for a team of Ocean Grove firefighters it can mean a call out, any time, any where, in the state. Talking on Friday as a team of Ocean Grove volunteers went on standby for a strike team facing the worst conditions since Black Saturday, communications officer Andrew Cooper said they were ready to react to the call. “Today we’ve got trucks from Wallington, Barwon Heads, Leopold and other locations ready to respond anywhere in the state for up to three days,” he said. “There are four of us here today ready to man the truck and another

By JESSICA GRACE two including myself to work the thermal imaging camera which basically goes through and looks for hotspots.” OGFB strike team leader Lee Bickley said on a scorching day of 40 degrees upwards the crew needs to be on the ready to stop anything with potential to spread. “We’ve got to stop anything that has potential to escalate to a bigger job on a windy hot day like today. Ash Wednesday, Black Friday and Black Saturday were all 40 plus days and windy,” he said.

“A fire up in Melton which started form a spark from an angle grinder needed 20 trucks in the end to contain it wasn’t even a windy day.” The City of Great erGeelong’s Emergency Management and Fire Prevention Unit have asked all property owners to keep their grass maintained and no longer than 10cm high. “We have had several very high fire danger ratings and total fire ban days which are the worst possible conditions for a bush or grass fire,” portfolio holder for Infrastructure, Parks and Gardens Cr Lindsay Ellis said. Cr Lindsay also said the CFA want residents to know what fire weather

district they are in and to check the Total Fire Ban and Fire Danger Rating for that district every day over summer. “Everyone should listen to local radio stations and ABC 774AM for warnings, and lookout for one another,” said Cr Ellis. “In strong winds embers can travel up to 35 kilometres in front of a fire, starting new fires so please take care and speak to everyone that lives near you about your plans so you all know what you’ll do on a bad day.” Lee Bickley said they are urging everyone to obey the fire bans and avoid things that can cause a spark in any way shape or form.

“If you see something, report it early. We’d rather have three or four people report smoke. We get there quicker if you don’t assume someone else would’ve reported it,” he said. “By that stage it’s escalated and become a much bigger situation than if we’d been alerted earlier.” To download a Fire Ready Kit and to keep informed of fire alerts and warnings please visit the CFA’s website or call the Victorian Bushfire Information Line on 1800 240 667. For more information contact the city’s Emergency Management and Fire Prevention Unit on 5272 5272.

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Real benefits from busy town AS the sun shines holiday makers continue to arrive in droves and, according to Barwon Coast, the more the merrier. General Manager Bob Jordan said the caravan park is fully booked once again, highlighting the importance of the holiday period for the Ocean Grove and Barwon Heads townships. “It’s a really busy time and it’s a very important time for us because of the way Barwon Coast operates. All the profits are reinvested back into the coast,” he said. “The profits from the

caravan parks go into barbecues, toilet blocks and re-vegetation. It’s very important to have a full house and maximize profits to fund future works.” Bob said works of late have centred on a draft landscape master plan released two years ago for the Ocean Grove Spit/Riverside Camping Ground. “There were some planned changes and reductions in sites, improvements to amenity blocks and the public walk way trails in the area,” he said. “Currently we’re

upgrading the very, very old amenity blocks and have spent $300,000 over the last two years.” Bob said they had to replace the brickwork, toilet and shower cubicles, provide new roofing and new plumbing fixtures. “We don’t plan on doing anything else in there at the present time because of the cost of the works and other priorities,” he said. “The master plan is always there though to guide us when we do get in a financial position. It will be at least a couple of years away though because of

other plans we’ve got on.” Bob said the caravan parks themselves are always 100 per cent full this time of year and that the demand is as strong as ever. “It’s the old story that if we had twice as many sites this time of year we’d fill them. Generally we’re absolutely solidly booked with people coming back year after year,” he said. “We’re booked through now until the end of Australia Day long weekend and then it drops off with the spit caravan park shutting down thereafter.” Bob said as a resident

in Ocean Grove he understands why some people may get frustrated with the influx of people but encouraged Grover’s to be tolerant. “I live in Ocean Grove; it’s only five or six weeks every year and it’s a very important time. If we didn’t have this period we would have less shops in Ocean Grove and Barwon Heads,” he said. “The shops wouldn’t be able to survive 12 months a year. It’s a coastal thing, there’s no reason why tourists can’t come down and share the resources.”

they were going to a chess club at the Ocean Grove Neighbourhood Centre and asked if I’d like to go along. Surprise, surprise there was Malcolm.” Liam said he has played ever since, having won several zone competitions across Geelong and most recently coming 23rd in the State Final out of 19,000 active chess players in Victoria. “It takes a lot of practice to get to a high level but, more importantly, interest. You’ve got to be interested in it, in all of the different strategies and openings,” he said. “My game style is extremely aggressive. Malcolm used to tell me I needed to sit in the rose bed and sniff the roses a bit longer. He used to be so surprised and it was always a big deal when I would beat him.” Liam said he has been told by a few people that he is a chess talent but hasn’t really thought about playing chess outside of school. “I’ve got eleven medals and two plaques to date. You never stop learning with chess, it’s a constant thing. There are quite a few more people in our club now at the OGNC than when I started,” he said. “When I started there were four or five and now

there’s seven or eight but they’re all at least thirty years older than me so they have a lot to teach me, even though I beat them.” Fellow club member Ralph Wright said the club was a fantastic way for people of any skill level to come along and get involved in the game. “I’ve been involved for about four years. Malcolm was mainly tutoring school children then we started up the adults groups and it’s become a pretty successful thing,” he said. “It runs every Tuesday night from 7pm until 9pm during the school term and we gather at members houses during the holidays.” Ralph said some of the

older members were champions in their day and still beat him despite being in their seventies and eighties. “We’re encouraging more members to come along. We’re prepared to teach beginners. Malcolm had a couple of adults coming along and they pretty much just learnt the fundamentals of the game,” he said. Liam said that chess has been a life changing game for him and the chess club at the OGNC has equipped him with a vital skill. “Confidence, it’s given me confidence. I never really thought I was good at anything; I would encourage anyone to join. Chess is a game for all ages,” he said.

Liam sweeps the board

IMPRESSIVE: young chess player Liam McLellan.

LIAM McLellan is a fifteen year old who works casually at a fish and chip shop and in his spare time beats grown men at chess. Having taken up the game in grade four, mentored albeit briefly by the late local chess legend Malcolm Hughes, Liam said he only picked it up again two years ago. “There was a chess club

running at my school when I was in year four and Malcolm taught that but afterwards I didn’t do much else with it for quite a while,” he said. “I was really sick for the first half of year seven but at the end of the year I entered into a chess competition and won,” he said. “Then when I was in year eight a friend told me

Members of the Ocean Grove Neighbourhood Centre Chess Club.

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the name’s the same

True sister cities, I TRAVELLED to Ocean Grove on the NJ Transit line from New York’s North Jersey via Asbury Park. ‘The Grove’ as locals also call it doesn’t have its own train station but geographically it’s closer to its neighbour than we are to Barwon Heads – interestingly, both are separated by water and both are connected by a boardwalk or pedestrian bridge. The train from Penn Street Station in mid Manhatten to Asbury Park takes two hours with a change over in Long Branch. Long Branch? I hear you say. Well that’s where some interesting connections begin. Long Branch is where Bruce Springsteen was born. I warn you may find a common thread here. Getting off at Asbury Park – there were no ‘Greetings’ as such (the name of a Springsteen album) but it has a tidy entrance. It is however a town of contrasts, both within itself and with its southerly neighbour. Asbury Park probably deserves to be up there with Nashville, Memphis and our own Tamworth as capitals of music. The

likes of Bon Jovi, Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes, Patti Smith, Count Basie and Arthur Pryor, as well as Bruce Springsteen all cut their teeth playing its lively music scene. That lively nightscene is bolstered by its closeness to the big metropolis, ocean beaches and amusements that line the shore. Well that was certainly the case until October of last year when Hurricane Sandy decimated the coastal regions of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. The city also lives with the memory of race riots. While some 40 years ago, the city remains a place where some areas remain hugely disadvantaged. Part of the reason for painting the picture of Asbury Park is to draw a contrast with its more stately neighbour Ocean Grove. Ocean Grove is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and features more Victorian gingerbread homes than any other place in the United States - and an “old time religion” tent city. This Methodist based organisation is the same as that responsible for settling in and naming our Australian Ocean Grove. Until 1979 you couldn’t

drive in New Jersey’s Ocean Grove on Sundays. They used to chain the streets off. People would have to take their cars and park them in neighbouring towns and then walk back in. Ocean Grove remains a popular place for Christians to visit for summer camp in a seaside setting. Currently, 114 Associationowned tents go up in the village between May and September. Campers rent the same locations year after year. The camp is set around the impressive Great Auditorium, a 6,000 seat timber music venue that becomes one large instrument when they fire up its massive organ - one of the 20 largest in the world. The likes of Johnny Mathis and Frank Sinatra jnr have played at the Auditorium. Numerous presidents have spoken from its stage Grant, Garfield, McKinley, Teddy Roosevelt, Taft, Wilson, Eisenhower and Nixon. Enrico Caruso once sang there. Woody Allen used the building as a backdrop in the Stardust Memories movie. While Grove and Asbury share a boardwalk it is noticeable that the commercial (some would

say tackiness) of Asbury Park with its amusement arcades, casino and bars and restaurants, halts at the Grove border. Here the boardwalk, well what remains of it thanks so Superstorm Sandy, is owned by the Camp Meeting Association. Before heading into Ocean Grove I caught a taxi up to the out of town offices of the Asbury Park Press. The APP is a daily paper that has been in existence for more than 140 years. There I met with Randy Bergmann, director of community engagement, and investigative reporter Jean Mikle, a longtime resident of Ocean Grove. Jean, who also a runs a business taking people on tours of the Jersey Shore music spots, actually presented a different Ocean Grove than I’d expected. She described how the town, which is still owned by the Camp Meeting Association (she pays a minimal $10 a year lease to the Association), was in need of some TLC by the early 90s. “I’ve lived there since 1988 and bought my house in 1992,” she said. “It was very run down at that time. There were a lot of big old

Chelsea Carpenter and Rich O’Reilly at the Barbaric Bean coffee shop.

Victorian hotels there that had been turned into homes for de-institutionalised people. “What brought it back was the gay community moved in and really started renovating these Victorian houses in the mid to late ‘90s. The downtown became much more vibrant and new restaurants opened up.” That apparent clash of cultures in Ocean Grove does rear up occasionally but mostly it sits side by side in the long term intersts of the town. In one notable

clash in 2007, the Camp Meeting Association denied three same-sex couples the right to carry out their civil unions at the town’s boardwalk pavilion. Out of that an organisation called Ocean Grove United continues to lobby for equal rights in the town. Interestingly Hurricane Sandy may play a role in this debate with the question of whether the boardwalk is a public or private amenity. Much of the boardwalk, along with the pier, were ripped up and damaged or destroyed during that

superstorm. In order to gain money from the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s disaster relief fund the boardwalk would have to be deemed ‘public’. If it’s not, the hefty bill for repairs could lay with the Camp Meeting Association. The Camp Meeting Association isn’t waiting around though, it is actively fundraising itself and is calling for volunteers to help ‘rebuild’. Politically Ocean Grove falls into the Neptune township along with Neptune City and Bradley

Ocean Grove Voice, January 9-22, 2013 - Page 13

the name’s the same

just a world apart

The Ocean Grove beachfront boardwalk was wrecked by Huricane Sandy.

New Jersey’s Ocean Grove is good at signposting its assets.

Beach. Actors Danny DeVito, Jack Nicholson as well as musician Southside Johnny all hail from Neptune. Jean tells me that several members of Springsteen’s E Street Band (E Street is in Bradley Beach) all live in Ocean Grove, as does Southside Johnny. Springsteen himself made the video for his 2008 song Girls in their Summer Clothes on Ocean Grove’s main beach. Apparently it was filmed on a cold winter’s day. Randy drove me into Ocean Grove, passing the stately gates, along the main street, passed the Auditorium and to the beach front. It is the beach front that bears the scars of the big storm. It contrasts with the main street which looked imaculate. On one end of the beach a summer ice cream parlour has collapsed with edges of the roof resting on the sand. Some of the boardwalk is buckled and looks more like a rollercoaster. Some of it has gone completely. The remnants of the boardwalk lead to the remnants of the pier. In Springsteen’s video you can clearly see the old fisherman’s house on the end of the pier. Now it’s gone. Before meeting up with some of the movers and shakers of Ocean Grove I took a stroll down the main street with a mind to getting a bite of lunch. Putting my head in a few of the really festive looking shopfronts I was amazed how excited locals

were at the fact that I was from the Australian Ocean Grove. They were genuinely thrilled about our connection. Somehow I found myself in a coffee shop. Probably

and business in summer. The fact that they still lock the gates at midnight from Asbury Park into Ocean Grove.They used to do it to the front gate too but that got taken down.

FACTS ABOUT OCEAN GROVE • In the summer Ocean Grove swells from 5-6,000 residents to 21,000 at weekends. • Our streets Inskip, Osborne and Asbury are all related to the Ocean Grove in New Jersey • Part of Mickey Rourke’s movie The Wrester was shot at the Casino that links Asbury Park to Ocean Grove. Springsteen did the soundtrack • Woody Allen paid for the illuminated cross on the Auditorium after using the building as a hotel in the movie Stardust Memories.

the similarity to the Olive Pit that drew me in. The shop – called the Barbaric Bean – was being staffed by Rich O’Reilly, the stepson of the owners and Chelsea Carpenter. Announcing: “I’m from Ocean Grove - Australia. I was greeted by, “Oh, that’s our sister town. That’s crazy,’ said Rich. “I love Ocean Grove. I’ve lived here for 18 months. I’ve been working on and off in Ocean Grove for two and a half years at this business and our family has run the business for five years. “It’s a really interesting, unique town. I mean everything about it is shaped by the Camp Meeting Association. Not influenced, but just by their presence. Like parking,

Rich and Chelsea explained that most things revolve around the Great Auditorium. Chelsea said that this was especially the case for small businesses. “It affects us. The crowds come in for the speakers and the music and so we get really affected by the Camp Association.” Rich: “They have a good presence in the community. “But Ocean Grove isn’t just Christian people. It’s got a very large homosexual community here. “They made it a lot nicer, they gentrified it.” New Jersey’s Ocean Grove is not a family place like our Ocean Grove. There is no school in Ocean Grove. The school is in Neptune. That said Ocean Grove

The remains of Ocean Grove Pier. Superstorm Sandy completely removed the fisherman’s shack from the far end (inset as it was before Sandy).

remains an affordable place to live. Apparently it has the lowest income in Monmouth County - in part the effect of a high number of retirees. Interestingly a casino connects Asbury Park and Ocean Grove. This gives visitors an opportunity to enjoy completely different experiences. They would typically go to the Grove for the daytime atmosphere and Asbury Park for the nightime atmosphere. “Every shop on this block is owner operated. There’s not a single chain store,” Rich said. “There is also the Ocean Grove Historical Society which stipulates the colour range that properties can use.There are approved colours we are allowed to use on the facade.” Rich believes that the continuing ban on the sale of alcohol is responsible for keeping chains and more restaurants out of the town. Apparently, where similar bans have been removed the environment changed radically. “I lived in a college town that was dry and as soon as they passed a law that you could buy liquor the chains came in. They look at the profit/loss and say we can’t serve alcohol so it’s not worth it.” Our coffee shops are very similar in that they have become great meeting places. After the Barbaric Bean I went over to meet Lois Hetfield of the Ocean Grove Area Chamber of Commerce. Lois is a real champion of the town and kindly organised for me to meet two of the town’s leading blog writers Charles Layton and Mary Walton. Both former Philadelphia Inquirer journalists, they write for Blogfinger which fills a void left by the old Ocean Grove Record and Times newspapers. As a non-commercial operation they deliver a really well informed and

regularly updated stream of local news – from historical and comical matters to late breaking news and photos. Lois, Charles and Mary took me on a tour of the town and the Great Auditorium, introducing me to Christopher Flynn who manages the complex. Even the Auditorium suffered at the hands of Sandy, losing part of its roof and forcing some temporary repairs while I was there. We enjoyed a couple of hours of chat in the town before retiring back to the Barbaric Bean – clearly I’d worked out the best meeting spot. There it became obvious that my hosts were as interested in interviewing me as I was in them. It probably seemed curious to watch, two sides enthusiastically trying to glean something about the other. It certainly demonstrated a shared appreciation of our links across the globe. Later we were even joined by Neptune Township Mayor Randy Bishop. He and the Neptune Council are working together with the Camp Meeting Association in a bid to secure FEMA funding to repair the dunes, which they say protected Ocean Grove from more serious flooding and damage during the Sandy Huricane. The Camp Meeting received FEMA funds for boardwalk repairs following the 1992 northeaster and they hope that a precedent was set then. Even if they secure federal money for the boardwalk it is unlikely the pier will get the same consideration. Recently attempts to make repairs after Huricane Irene were knocked back. As night drew in Lois drove me down to Long Branch to catch the train back to New York. Certainly one winter’s day is not enough time to spend in Ocean Grove. But I tell you, in a short time I learnt that although we live

One of the town’s fire stations.

The Great Auditorium. The white cross was paid for by Woody Allen after using the building in one of his movies.

Inside the Great Auditorium, photojounalist Alan Barber with Auditorium manager Christopher Flynn and blogfinger writers Mary Walton and Charles Layton.

so far away we certainly share one really important trait - both Ocean Grove’s are friendly, welcoming and really interesting towns. Towns that the more you get involved in, the more you’ll get out.

I’ll certainly return to visit. Perhaps it would be good if we could build on our links? What do you think? news@oceangrovevoice. com. By Alan Barber

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Ocean Grove Voice, January 9-22, 2013 - Page 15

our street, our neighbours

Callistemon Court As part of a series aimed at helping us get to know our neighbours, the Voice’s Jessica Grace went to meet some of the residents of Callistemon Court. Let us know if you’d like us to feature your street or area. Contact

Janis Keating, 64, retired I’ve lived here since 1966. We moved from Geelong. My father always wanted to retire down the beach. He moved down from Melbourne to Ford Geelong, then Avalon, and then Alcoa so we moved down. I love that we’ve been here for so long so we know half of Ocean Grove. Not so much the newer lot. All the older families that we knew when we were younger and got married down here and met with kids. The kids have grown up together and we still know everyone from that era. We’re into all the sports, not so much now we’re older, but we were always into them. We followed the kids in their sports too. It’s been a good place to bring the kids up. I play tennis two days a week and walk with friends. And I also work in two op-shops. I do a lot of craft and try to keep busy.

Bruce Ward, retired I’ve been in Ocean Grove about 35 years. I’m from Geelong originally. I like the environment, I like the quietness of it, I like the fact that even though it’s a fairly big town now it still feels like a small town. I don’t have much spare time, between the men’s shed where I spend two and a half days a week co-ordinating it. I’m a member of the model railway club in Geelong West. I was a teacher and I mainly worked in education technology and student welfare. I enjoyed working with multicultural kids at North Geelong Secondary College. I had a multicultural linguistics life saving program going which won a few state awards. I was the treasurer for the Surf Life Saving Club for eleven years and was the leader of the Ocean Grove youth club when it was going many years ago.

Michael Bartley, 50, teacher

We’re on holiday from Melbourne. This is our unit in Ocean Grove. We’ve been coming down for about 20 years now. We love being by the beach. We love the weather and people. We come down approximately every holiday. We just love it as somewhere to getaway to and relax. I am a teacher up in Melbourne and I’ve been teaching for about 25 years. Home is very different than here, everyone in Ocean Grove is very friendly. It’s a very different attitude people have towards one another down here. Melbourne is far less friendly. In Ocean Grove the children go out and ride their bikes around the streets. They can go off and do their own thing and explore and we don’t have to worry about how they are.

Marie James, business owner I’ve lived in Ocean Grove since 1959. I grew up in the house next door where my mother still lives. My husband Allan and I have lived in the Grove since 1973. We moved to Callistemon Court in 1981 having previously resided only a few streets away. I have three grown up sons who are married with children. One lives in Ocean Grove with two nearly three kids, one lives in Clifton Springs with four boys and one lives in Belmont. There’s nothing not to love about Ocean Grove, lots of friends and family around. My brother and one of my sisters and their families also live in the town. I run a band booking agency business from home and I don’t have plans to retire in the near future. The thing we enjoy most is being able to see our grandchildren.

Don Gerling, 78, retired I’ve lived in Ocean Grove for 16 years. I love the quiet, especially here. You’ve got to go down the street to be in a crowd and that’s why I like the quiet. I was in the infantry in the medical core and I served with the British Army in England. I had an eight year stint attached to the British Army. I was in my twenties then, at the end of ‘56. I did my initial training in ‘53. I’m a blood donor also. I’ve been donating for 60 years. The first time was when I was in the army. I’ve given 569 donations. I collect badges. They give you a nice badge when you reach certain milestones. I went to Russia and while I was there I was with a group of Cossacks and the General said we have to make you an honorary Cossack.

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tranquility fair

Fifteen and going “I THINK we were very lucky with the way the weather turned out,” commented Ocean Grove Park president Colin Atkins following the 15th annual Tranquility Fair. Twenty five degrees was preferable to 41, he said. More than 5,000 soul-seekers steamed into the park to get mellow, mingle and munch to music. “We think the numbers were down on last year but it was still a very good year. “There were about 5,000 but we don’t actually count the smiles (there’s free entry to kids that arrive with a smile) so we’re not exactly sure. “We thought it was a great day with a

Four-year-old Aidan McGee from Barwon Heads.

Cath and Samantha White from Ocean Grove.

Andrea Marzari and Daniela Sea-Gypsy from Melbourne.

The Jennings family from Ocean Grove.

great demographic mix of people. “On one gate people were commenting about how good the improvements to the park were now. “We had feedback from stallholders saying that the fair was definately in the top ten in the state.” Give or take a few there were about 120 sites booked this year. “We had a good mix of stalls. “We had a new animal farm. We were very pleased with them. “Once a child had paid to go in they were able to go backwards and forwards throughout the day, which we thought was pretty good.”

Ocean Grove Voice, January 9-22, 2013 - Page 17

tranquility fair


Roz Crook with Princess Planet.

Will Pattison and Mikayla Trotter.

Grove reserves Premiership Capt/Coach Kane Montgomery with wife Jackie and 13 month old twins Issy and Gus.

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Ocean Grove Voice, January 9-22, 2013 - Page 19

Surf’s Up for outdoor movies OCEAN Grove’s free open air movies return this month with a screening of the family cartoon Surf’s Up. The story follows a teenage rock hopper penguin named Cody Maverick from his hometown of Shiverpool, Antarctica, where all of the other penguins think he’s nothing but a surfing fool. Young Cody is determined to win the most important competition in the world of penguin surfing in honor of “Big Z,” a deceased surfing

legend whom he has idolized since childhood. But the waves in Pen Gu are different than in Shiverpool, and the competition is steep. The current champ, egotistical Tank Evans, isn’t just about to let this little penguin knock him from first place without a fight. When Cody wipes out and encounters Geek, a recluse aging former surfer, living in the jungle, he learns some important lessons about life and surfing. The regular vendors - the

coffee van, selling both hot drinks and slushies, along with the Dutch stroopwaffel ladies – will be joined by a new vendor selling fairy floss and popcorn. There will also be free facepainting and balloon modelling. All of these will be available from 7.15pm. Surf’s Up is screening at Ocean Grove Park on Saturday January 12. Gates open 7pm, movie 9.15pm. On 23 February it’s the annual surf movie, more details in the next edition of the Voice.

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Mussel town THE annual Portarlington Mussel Festival is on this Saturday January 12 and promises to be bigger than ever. Located on the picturesque Port’ harbour frontage the festival promotes the local mussel industry as well as all the wonderful food and wine producers that are located on the Bellarine Peninsula. Since the commencement of the festival in 2007, the festival has grown and expanded to include a large variety of entertainment for all age groups. The festival now attracts over 20,000 people to the event each year. This year the event will include mussel cooking demonstrations, more than 60 food stalls and mussel farm visits.

There will also be a massive classic car display, hourly trips on the Enterprise sailing ship as well as two stages with a full day of live music. Among those appearing will be Ocean Grove’s The Tiny Giants, as well as Soul Sister Swing, the Hip Cats, Matt Orchard and the Tess Righetti Jazz Trio. For the kids there will be face painting, Dazzling Dan the Magic Man and Wilbur the Giant Fish. There’s even sport of a kind – The Hayman Reese Tug of War and the Neville Richards Real Estate Dry Boat Event. The Portarlington Mussel Festival is on Saturday from 9.30 am to 5pm. Entry is by gold coin.


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music/live events

• Ocean Grove Park, Outdoor Cinema, free showing of Surf’s Up. From 7pm. • Barwon Heads Hotel -Thursday – Open Mic 8pm -Friday Happy Hour 5-7 raffle live music -Saturday Open Mic for youth U/18 with Jill Meehan in the Barwon Heads Bistro. All young performers welcome/ soloists/dancers/bands Ph: 0431606476 to get on the program • Ocean Grove Hotel -January 12 Dog Gone South -January 19 The Famous Will and Rach -January 26 2 Fat 2 Scate • Potato Shed Drysdale January 8 to January 10 Blues Boot camp a fun and challenging two day and one evening highly interactive workshop, participants will gain theoretical and practical music industry skills from trained experienced

what’s ON

professional which culminates in a public performance Ph: Wayne Jury 0409 829 445

Grove Craft Market 9am until 1pm

exercises to music Ph: 52 551 335

• Portarlington Foreshore, Mussel Festival, January 12 from 9.30am to 5pm. • Point Lonsdale Primary School January 13 Point Lonsdale Market 9am - 2pm • Queenscliff Harbour January 20 Queenscliff Farmers’ Market 9am to 1pm • Ocean Grove Park January 19 Bellarine Community Farmers’ Market 9am to 1pm • Barwon Heads Community Hall January 12 Barwon Heads Community Market 9am -1pm • Parkes Hall Newcombe Street Portarlington January 27 Portarlington Community Market 9am to 2pm • Kingston Park Ocean Grove February 3 Ocean


• Leura Park Estate Sundays 12.30pm – 4.30pm Live music, sensational food and wines available Ph: 52 53 3180 • McGlashan’s Wallington Estate Swan Bay Road Wallington Open weekends and public holiday’s 11am - 5pm new release wines, gourmet platters and classic car displays Ph: 5250 5760

• Uniting Church Hall Ocean Grove Wednesdays 9 30 am Gentle exercises to music Ph: 52 551 335 • Queenscliff RSL Mondays 1.30pm Ph: 5255 1335 • Marcus Hill Hall cnr Banks Road and Bellarine Highway Tuesdays 745pm – 10pm Ocean Grove Scottish Country Dance Ph: 52513393 • Senior Citizens Hall Ocean Grove Mondays 7-8.30pm and Wednesdays 1-3pm Line Dancing Ph: 0413690597 • Yoga and dance with Tara Lynch. Classes for all ages and abilities Ph: 0435481920 • Scout Hall, The Avenue Ocean Grove Wednesday 7pm 1st/2nd Ocean Grove Scout Group Clubs Meet Enquiries Ph: 0422700951 • Yoga classes in Ocean Grove and Barwon Heads: Beginners,

markets &fairs

get active

• Ocean Grove Recreation Hall Ocean Grove Calisthenics classes incorporating dance, song, ballet and gymnastics with strength and creativity Ph: 0438055679 • Senior Citizens Hall Ocean Grove Mondays 9.15am and 10.15 am Gentle

Hatha, Vinyas & Svaroopa Yoga Ph: 0413955331 or Kerryn@

reading & writing

• Ocean Grove Library – corner Presidents Avenue and The Avenue. -Thursdays 11am Babytime- Nursery Verses -Friday’s Preschool Storytime 10.30am Last Wednesdays of the month Chatterbooks junior book club for kids aged 7-12 4-5pm www.

family fun

• Koombahla Equestrian Park Tuesday to Friday After school riding programs special school holiday courses available Ph: 5256 2742. • Bellarine Church of Christ Hall 17 Tareeda Way Ocean Grove Saturdays 10-11am Tuesdays 7.30- 8.30pm Ocean Toy Library Borrow a range of toys for children aged six months to six

years, open to all families on the Bellarine www. au • Uniting Church Ocean Grove Friday 10am-12pm Ocean Grove Play Group Any children 5yrs and under welcome to join a friendly play group large indoor and outdoor area, lots of toys, great craft activities, music and story time Ph: 52 552801

classes & exhibtions

• Ocean Grove Neighbourhood Centre Check out our program with a range of courses, classes and fund activities Ph: 52 554 294 • Bardeli Café Ocean Grove First and third Saturday of most months Making Waves acoustic music and poetry afternoons with Jill Meehan $5 donation entry, BYO instruments and voices Ph: 0431 606 476 • The Old Portarlington Mill

January 12 to 4pm Wednesdays and every weekend Attitudes 10th Annual Art Exhibition ‘Celebration’ Varied artworks in oil, acrylics and water colour as well as local wood turner Laury Vella Ph: Susanne on 52592630

health & wellbeing

• The Zebra Bar Ocean Grove 1/85 The Terrace Last Friday of every month 1PM-3PM Breast Cancer Support Group (lunch and nibbles available) Phone Julie Rodger on 0435362573 or email for more information.

To have your event included in What’s On phone: 5255 3233 or email: journo@

Clubs meet Mondays Ocean Grove Bridge Club, 1pm, Marcus Hill Hall, Bellarine Highway end of Banks Road. Also Wednesdays and Fridays 1pm. Phone Marg 5256 2550. Bellarine Table Tennis Club, 7-9pm. (juniors/seniors) at the Memorial Hall, 123 The Avenue, Ocean Grove. Phone 5255 1641. Ocean Grove & District Men’s Shed, 9am to 3pm, 17 Smithton Grove. Phone Ernie 0421 703 368. Jujitsu, 6.30pm – juniors; 7.30pm – adults, Surfside Centre, Phone Steve 0438 019 991. First Monday of every month Bellarine Fly Fishing Association, 7.30pm, Shannon Park, Shannon Avenue, Newtown. Phone Pat on 0414 959248 or Bruce on 0407 361319 or email Legacy Laurel Group of Ocean Grove and Barwon Heads, 2pm at St Peter’s Church Hall, Draper St. Details 5256 1863. Third Monday of every month Ocean Grove RSL, 2.30pm, Club Grove. Committee meets at 1.30pm, The Terrace. Ocean Grove Garden Club, 1.30pm, Uniting Church Hall, Eggleston Street. Phone Margaret 5255 2848. Bellarine Fly Fishing Association, 7.30pm, Shannon Park, Shannon Avenue, Newtown. Phone Pat on 0414 959248 or Bruce on 0407 361319 or email Fourth Monday of every month Combined Probus Club of Ocean Grove, 10.30am, Ocean Grove Golf Club. Friendship is our theme. Phone Michael Turner on 5255 1572. Tuesdays Bellarine Table Tennis Club, 10am to noon (adults only) at the Memorial Hall, 123 The Avenue, Ocean Grove. Phone John 5256 2489 or Chris 5256 1996. Bellarine T.O.W.N., 6pm, Uniting Church Hall, Eggleston Street. Phone Sue on 5255 2068. Ocean Grove Senior Citizens Club, The Terrace Tuesday 1pm. Also Thursday and Friday 1.30pm. Phone Dianne on 52 552996 Rotary Club of Ocean Grove, 6pm, Club Grove. Phone 0457 315 900. Barwon Heads Chorale 7.30pm at the Anglican Church Barwon Heads. All abilities welcome to come along for a sing and a laugh. Phone Jo 5254 2670. First Tuesday of every month Ocean Grove Men’s Probus, 10am to noon, Ocean Grove Hotel, Collendina. Guest speakers, make friends. Visitors welcome. Phone Terry 5255 5587. First and Third Tuesday of every month Ocean Grove Barwon Heads Lions Club, 7pm, Moorfield Park, Grubb Road. New Lions most welcome. Phone 0418 524 873.

Wednesdays Ocean Grove & District Men’s Shed, 9am to 1pm, 17 Smithton Grove. Phone Ernie 0421 703 368. Jujitsu, 6.30pm – juniors; 7.30pm – adults, Surfside Centre, Phone Steve 0438 019 991. First Wednesday of every month Bellarine Business Women. From 7pm, Suma Park Winery, Bellarine Highway. For details contact or 0412 199 467 Second Wednesday of every month Parkinson’s Self Help Support Group, 1.30pm, Grove Centre (next to library), Presidents Avenue. Phone Pam 5255 5152 Third Wednesday of every month Ocean Grove on Barwon Probus Club, 9.45am, St Peter’s Church Hall. Fourth Wednesday of every month Ocean Grove Angling Club, 7.30pm, Minerva Close sporting oval club house. Phone Peter 0419 782629 Last Wednesday of every month Cancer Support Group, 10am, Community Health Centre. Fourth Wednesday of every month Ocean Grove Stamp Club, 10am, Senior Citizens Hall, 101 The Terrace. Phone Dianne 5255 1372. Thursdays Bellarine Table Tennis Club, 10am to noon at the Memorial Hall, 123 The Avenue, Ocean Grove. Phone John 5256 2489 or Chris 5256 1996. First Thursday of every month Ocean Grove Nightlights CWA, 7.30pm, Senior Citizens Hall. Visitors welcome. Phone Faye 5255 4430. Fourth Friday of every month Ocean Grove 4 Villages Mixed Probus Club, 10.30am, Club Grove. Meet new friends, visitors welcome, no waiting list for membership. Phone 5256 1671. Saturdays Bellarine Table Tennis Club, 3-5pm, Memorial Hall, 123 The Avenue Phone John 5256 2489 or Chris 5256 1996. Coasters Social group. Social events for people of working age. Dining out, movies, trivia, bands/trivia nights. or phone 0411 952 598.

Seniors Seniors

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Australians are living longer and they want to remain independent. Ocean Grove and the Bellarine region offers a wide range of service providers that can help realise that plan for later life. Whether it’s where to live, mobility equipment and transport services, financing or health and wellbeing, there are local suppliers close by.


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Moving into Aged Care Facilities Aged Care accommodation is a complex issue due to the various procedures and fees based on the individuals’ income and assets. Opportunities are available to restructure your assets but must be addressed prior to assessment. Call our Financial Advisers now to obtain an Aged Care brochure or to discuss how we can help you.

L1, 72 The Terrace Ocean Grove Vic 3226 T: 03 5255 5077 F: 03 5255 2193 E: better advice for a better life Accounting • Financial Planning • Audit & Assurance • Lending & Finance • Business Advisory Tax Consulting • Estate & Succession Planning • Risk & General Insurance Agribusiness Consulting • Superannuation & SMSF Liability limited by a scheme approved under Professional Standards Legislation other than for the acts or

Local services Financial advice • Core Financial Planning • WHK Funeral Services • Tuckers Funeral and Bereavement Service


Ocean Grove Voice, January 9-22, 2013 - Page 25


Mobility • Geelong Wheelchairs • Scoot Mobility Scooters Retirement Living • Eden Park Aged Care Residence • Homestyle Aged Care • Kingston Community Project Social and Support • Bellarine Police Community Support Register • DoCare Geelong (Bellarine groups)

Health and Well Being • Alzheimer’s Australia • Bellarine Oesteopathic Clinic • Epic Health • Greg Sly Optometrist Transport • Ocean Grove Remedial Massage • Bellarine Taxis • Portside Physiotherapy

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Ocean Grove Voice, January 9-22, 2013 - Page 27

rotary market

Boost for SLSC

Grove surf lifesavers patrolling the main beach. SUNDAY was the first of the monthly summer markets run by the Rotary Club of Ocean Grove for 2013. The last few markets of 2012 were a great success with up to 90 stall holders taking part and offering a range of products, goods and services. All gate takings for January went to the Ocean Grove Surf Lifesaving Club. The Surf Lifesaving Club does a great job patrolling Ocean Grove’s main

beach as well as manning a post half way to the Barwon River at The Spit/ RAAF’s Beach. Another major January project for Rotary is the annual caravan park raffle visits. If you are camping in one of the local caravan parks in early January you can probably expect to see a Rotarian or two selling raffle tickets for one of the Club’s major yearly fundraisers. Gary Golding, the raffle sales coordinator, said

“There are two great cars on offer again in this year’s raffle, and last year our Club sold one of the winning tickets. This raffle is one of the key sources of funds for the Club and allows us to provide grants to local organisations and charities, as well as a number of educational opportunities for young people on the Bellarine.” For more information on the markets or how you can help Rotary with its work see www.

Wal Kelly carried out a survey on defibrillators. The local Rotary club has been responsible for getting most of the town’s lifesaving devices installed.

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Ocean Grove Voice, January 9-22, 2013 - Page 29


Wild life versus feral life I WAS talking to a work colleague, Lynette, on the weekend. Lynette lives near the ‘big dipper’ in Thacker Street and on Boxing Day morning she went out into her garden and found a surprise visitor and it wasn’t Santa on his way back to the North Pole. It was a rather large kangaroo, and after Lynette gave him a surprise it hopped over her fence and headed at a rapid hopping rate in a North East direction. I feel sorry for kangaroos in this area especially at this time of the year when there are so many cars on the road. I’ve seen two dead kangaroos lately, one on the Wallington Road, the other on the Barwon Heads Road. Lynette sent me a photo of the kangaroo that she took on her iphone. I took my dogs for a walk this morning at Wallington Reserve, and I was perplexed to see so many rabbits hopping around the oval in broad daylight. Usually they hide in the bushes but they seemed to be hopping away from something, so I had to leave the dogs in the car

until the rabbits were safely out of sight as I didn’t want the dogs to chase them on to the road. As we started walking I was startled to see a big fox lurking around the bushes, not more than two metres from me. I was a bit worried that my King Charles Spaniel would be mistaken for a rabbit, so I made lots of noise to scare the fox (I think I was more nervous than it was because it was so close and I was worried about the dogs). Foxes were introduced to Australia in the 1830’s and 1840’s for the purpose of the traditional (and barbaric!!) English sport of fox hunting. Foxes have thrived in Australia, and they are a very active and destructive predator. The spread of foxes across the southern areas of Australia has been accompanied by the widespread increase in rabbit numbers. Rabbits were also introduced to Australia in the 1850’s. Rabbits are very plentiful around Wallington at the moment, so the foxes must be having a feast. Foxes are found in all

A Thacker Street ‘roo.

states except Tasmania, and are widespread with the exception of northern Queensland, the Kimberley and the Top End of the Northern Territory. From 2010, confirmed evidence of foxes in Tasmania has been reported by the state’s Department of Primary Industries. Foxes exist successfully in urban as well as rural areas. My friends in Leopold lost all their chooks to a fox

A Wallington fox

recently, as did my friend in Yarrambat in Melbourne. More upsetting was that they killed the chooks but didn’t eat them; they are ruthless killers. My friend from Portarlington had her lambs killed by a family of foxes. Unfortunately foxes also prey on many species of Australian native wildlife including birds, reptiles and mammals. The kangaroo that was seen in Lynette’s garden wouldn’t stand a chance against a fox.

If you drive down Andersons Road through Mannerim, a sheep farmer has killed about 20 foxes and hung the dead carcasses on the fence as a sort of trophy display. It’s a vivid reminder of the destruction that these creatures can cause. Apparently displaying foxes on a fence is a tradition that originated in Victorian Times in England, when gamekeepers hung out the animals they killed

as proof that they were doing a good job. In 2011 the Victorian Government introduced a ‘bounty’ on dead foxes, where farmers were offered $10 for every fox scalp they handed in, and $50 for every wild dog killed. Since the bounty was introduced, more that 100,000 fox scalps have been handed in. Thank goodness young Max, my King Charles Spaniel, avoided becoming the foxes dinner.

Don’t forget to look out for the facebook page ‘Friends of Ocean Grove Nature Reserve’ at groups/34794023030/ On January 20 there will be an outing organised by members of Bellarine Birdlife to Bald Hills. If you are interested you can contacting me on jencarr@ Wishing everyone a wonderful 2013. Jennifer Carr

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trades & services

Air Conditioning



be the first call for services contact Leigh on: 5255 3233


Antenna Services Hire Equipment



Home Maintenance

Auto Repairs


Bin Hire



Cleaning Bookkeeping

Mowing Services


Ocean Grove Voice, January 9-22, 2013 - Page 31

trades & services

Mowing Services


Painting & Decorating

Plumbing & Gas

be the first call for services contact Leigh on: 5255 3233

Shower Screens

trades & services

be the first call for services contact Leigh on: 5255 3233

Training & Tuition

Roofing Services

Panel Beater



Plastering Painting & Decorating

Window Shutters

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Culinary refuge

DINING OUT the shade Summer is here and The Olive Pit is a great destination to enjoy perfect coffee (hot or cold!) on the shady side of the street. With a menu ranging from simple wraps and sandwiches made from fresh, quality ingredients all the way to duck or rabbit pie with a rocket pear and parmesan salad and beetroot relish, The Olive Pit caters for every end of the scale. The Olive Pit All Day Breakfast is made from local free range eggs and the ever more famous Istra free range bacon, with the choice of adding as many sides as your plate can stand. Eggs Benedict, Persian Eggs and Salmon Bagels all grace our breakfast menu, available til 3PM every day. All of the paperwork is finally in

and, (fingers crossed!) with no more unforseen obstacles, The Olive Pit will be licensed by late February/early March. Sticking with the theme of quality produce, the wine on offer will be Australian and European with an aim to build a wine and champagne list of some depth and character. Late night trading on weekends and an extended menu will be next. Look forward to an announcement in the next few weeks. If you are a local producer with a registered kitchen, The Olive Pit is always looking for locally made products. The shelves have been well and truly denuded over the Christmas period and need restocking. Last of all, don’t forget the coffee. There’s no need to make any claims about how good it is. It just is.

Ocean Grove Voice, January 9-22, 2013 - Page 33

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Ocean Grove Voice, January 9-22, 2013 - Page 35

IN the summer time ... Ocean Grove, the Bellarine and Geelong offer everything from relaxation to a hair-raising adrenalin rush. From learning about what lives under the sea and cruising Corio Bay to skimming the skies in a microlight aircraft. It’s all just around the corner. Alternatively for a slightly different day for the kids the Rainbow Riders is a must. Just imagine a day in the country, learning to saddle up, helping feed and care for the horses. They can look after the demands of everyone - from the beginner to the experienced rider. For more action, why not take a fishing charter? Spot On operate out of Queenscliff, Clifton Springs, St Leonards and Geelong. And if you bring your own bike don’t forget that Sprockt is on hand in Queenscliff to keep you on the road or track.

Page 36 - Ocean Grove Voice, January 9-22, 2013

The Voice Business Directory CONVEYANCING


Barwon Grove Holiday Rentals Bells By The Beach Holiday House Bellarine Getaways Bellarine Stayz Bed & Breakfast Big 4 Bellarine Holiday Park Broome Mansion Day & Night Spa Portarlington Beach Motel

0412 102145 0403 221737 5254 3393 0402 607262 5251 5744 0434 088404 5259 3801


5256 2764


Seaviews Manor

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Able Antenna Service Point Lonsdale Television

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Collier and Reid Architects de Atelier Architects Drent Architecture & Interiors

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art’s Kool - kids & teens art classes 0437 582772 Asiz Art Gallery & Studio 0402 317531


5256 3732


Hire for Baby Sandi’s Spot

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The Olive Pit

5255 1511


0411 802020 5255 2943


ANZ Bendigo Bank NAB Westpac

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Dream Spa & Beauty Studio 5255 3111 Hydrate Beauty 0411 240 564 Mermaids Unisex Beauty Salon 5255 5844 Salon Grove 0408 172062 The Smooth Spot 0431 196007 AAAA Cheaper Bins


Glenn Skipper Bricklaying

0422 564 878


Dr Alastair McCallum - dentist

5255 2584 5255 4533

Brendan MacGeary Dental Prosthetist

DISABILITY EQUIPMENT Geelong Wheelchairs Scoot Mobility Scooters

5244 0844 0427 313771

Alterations and Repairs

5256 1633


0409 553022

Brendon Brice Electrical

0416 165855


Craig Stevens Electrical Contractor 0412 518400

Modern Spark Oaten Electrical

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Just Paling Fences Know A Fence Portarlington Fencing

0407 694422 0409 222112 0416 206696

FINANCIAL SERVICES Coastal Business Services Core Financial Planning Drysdale Bookkeeping Lighthouse Business Services WHK Accountants

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Bellarine Flooring Drysdale Carpet Court Tile Boutique

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Sand-It Floor Sanding & Polishing

0418 358737

Beachside Blooms

0438 442519

Ocean Grove Fresh Fruit

0409 359667


5255 3355

BUILDERS & NEW HOMES Beechmore Building Solutions Coastyle Building Solutions Duncan Pascoe Builders Geelong Homes Heyward Constructions Homes by Chapman Hotondo Homes Le Maistre

5250 4638 0418 332081 0417 524143 5222 5522 0412 121906 0414 752159 5255 3556 5255 1309


Benno’s Meating Place Ocean Grove Quality Butchers Pretty’s Prime Cuts

5254 1828 5255 1471 5256 2720


Bellarine Landscapes & Carpentry 0432 805432 Dream Maker Constructions 0409 700229 Mark Pattison Carpentry 0410 454822 Moore Carpentry & Bld Maint 0411 061556

CARPET CLEANING Carpet Cleaners Geelong

0414 408528

Graham Coates Carpet Cleaning Service 0408 526997

Stanley Steamer Carpet Cleaners 0428 520525


Bellarine Catering

5256 2657


CLEANING SERVICES Mazza’s Way-to-Clean Mojo’s Cleaning Services

0426 897479

0418 429 438 0432 505692


5256 2050

COMPUTER SALES & REPAIRS BITS IT Services OG Tech SeeCureIT Onsite Repairs

0411 416 384 0457 363261 0413 967 051


Greater Geelong Garages Grove Roller Doors

Creecy’s Excavating Hey Mr Mower Man Jim’s Mowing Ruby’s Mowing Ocean Grove


Fast@Geelong Frenchy’s Coastal Glazing


Smartline Mortgage Brokers Moss Grotto Homewares The Red Pidgeon


Barwon Heads Hotel Drysdale Hotel Piping Hot Chicken Shop Green Steam

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Cleo Fine Jewellery Ian Pattison Jewellers

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CMS Landscaping, Design & Construction 0419483395 Lindsay Marriott Landscape & Construction 0417 349176 Nathan Hovey Landscaping & Maintenance 0411 571482

Outdoor Vision Landscaping Stone Circle Landscapes


Coulter Roache Lawyers Vines Lawyers Whyte, Just & Moor Lawyers

0429 990850 0414 525392 0420 205 572 13 15 46 0419 583154 5222 1332 0448 541221


5255 4392 0418 329 765 0407 705706 5254 1877 5255 4411 5222 2077

Step into Life

Total Martial Arts

0413 359672 0431 338475 0438 019991 0416 266607 5255 2572 0403 896104

0422 534821


All Gutters Coastal Roofing Dabcon Quik Flash Roofing

0418 990 213 5255 2732 0466 613038 0417 357769

SECURITY & LOCKSMITHS Posilock Locksmiths Sectrol Security Sylont Watching Service Turn Key Locksmiths

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SHADES, TENTS, ANNEXES Canvas & Vinyl Solutions

0458 026028

SHOE SHOPS Mudge’s Shoes

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SIGNAGE Signs t’ Go

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SPORTS RETAIL Sports Fanatics Trampolines Oz

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Store and More Self Storage

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Murfs Longboards Surf Shop

5255 5525

MORTGAGES Smartline Mortgage Brokers Ocean Grove Music School McOuats Nursery Press Here


Greg Sly Optometrist Ocean Eyes Optometrists


Steven Flynn Painting Services Wallington Painting Services

PETS La Petterie Dog Grooming & Accessories

Peninsula Boarding Kennels Surfcoast Dog Grooming


Barefoot Media Photography

5258 3193

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PRINTERS Paxton Press Press Here


All Coast Property Bellarine Property Fletchers Real Estate Hayden Real Estate Kerleys Coastal Real Estate RT Edgar

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Cruise Control

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Land Surveying One Tom Freeman

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Ocean Grove Pizza & Pasta Ocean Grove Sushi & Noodle Bar Ocean View Fish N Chips Subway Tradies Take-Away Trident Fish Bar

TATOOISTS Coastline Tattoo

Peninsula Taxis


Premier Tile Laying

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Drysdale & Dist Accident Towing

TRAVEL AGENTS Harvey World Travel Jetset Travel - Ocean Grove Ocean Grove Travel Pty Ltd

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Bellarine Peninsula Tree Services 0414 305845 Tree Cycling 0458 641127 Wajamar Maintenance Tree Services 0400 572301


Surfside Tyre Centre


Website Concepts Wonderful Websites

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WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHERS Barefoot Media Photography

WINDOW CLEANERS Excel Window Cleaning

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WINDOW TINTING Complete Window Films Tintmaster

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Carl Davies Leadlights & Repairs

5254 2622 HLB Frames 3/1570 Bellarine Hwy, Wall 5250 3711 5258 1955 PLANTATION SHUTTERS 5256 2795 GB Plantation Shutters 0400 595 738 5259 2492 PLASTERERS 5254 2622 Beaton Bros 5255 1236 HAIR DRESSERS Bells Interior Lining 5256 3260 Boo Hairdressing 5259 3356 Precision Plastering 0410 659469 Coastal Cutz 5255 3360 PLUMBING Ivy Hair Creations Hair on Harbour 5258 4764 Annandale Plumbing 0408 037686 Kalo Hair Beauty 5255 4443 Bellarine Peninsula Plumbing 0418 521352 Ocean Rouge 5255 3955 Hugh McLaren Plumbing 0402 769973 Salon Sojourn 5255 3779 Ocean Grove Plumbing 0430 443700 Salon Utopia 5256 2282 W H Plumbing and Gas 0430 112102 4EVERfitness Hard Yards Fitness Jikishin Ju-jitsu Ocean Grove Jumpt Personal Training Ocean View Health Club

At The Heads Bar Deli Beachhouse Cafe Maritana Elkhorn Roadhouse Leleans Restaurant & Functions Ocean Grove Hotel and Bistro Ocean Grove Pizza and Pasta The Dunes The Groove The Mex The Purple Duck


13th Beach Public Driving range Lonsdale Golf Club Ocean Grove Golf Club Portarlington Golf Club Smith Attrill Golf Academy




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0414 607453 0438 231799

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GARDEN & HOME MAINTENANCE Bellarine Black Diamond Garden Service

Ocean Grove Hire


BUILDING DESIGNERS Michael Higgins Building Design


5255 3599

Tuckers Funeral & Bereavement Service 5221 4788

Bellarine Memories

Mobile Massage - Males Only OG Chinese Medicine OG Remedial Massage Centre Ocean View Massage Seaside Serenity Massage The Weight Works - Weight Loss Waurn Ponds Hearing Clinic



5255 2034

5256 2500

Geelong Physiotherapy Ocean Grove 5255 5755

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13th Beach Osteopathy 5254 2668 A Touch of Class Remedial Massage 5255 5137 Bellarine Hypnotherapy 0432 395709 Bellarine Osteopathic Clinic 5256 3642 Bellarine Podiatry 5256 2019 Bellarine Remedial & Sports Massage 0417 331694

Ocean Grove Garden Centre & Landscaping




Epic Health Medical Clinic

Melbourne Demolitions VIC

Laker Engineering 5258 1777 5255 3884 Ocean Grove Engineering 5255 5922 5253 1644 5251 2322 ENGRAVING 5255 2019 5255 5380 Ian Pattison Jewellers 5255 1050 ENTERTAINMENT/MUSIC 5256 3210 Haze Music Booking Agents 5256 3240 FENCING 5221 0400 Bellarine Timber & Fencing 0413 580990 5256 3183 Jim’s Fencing 131 546

Andersons Auto Care Bellarine Auto Services Drysdale Smash Repairs Gardiner Automotive Ocean Grove Automotive (RACV) Parts 4 Automotive Peninsula Collision Repairs Peter Stevens Motor Cycles Sheen Panel Service


Sargeants Conveyancing Surfside Conveyancing Vines Conveyancing

5255 3233

Leura Park Estate McGlashans Wallington Estate

0438648761 5221 8877 5253 3180 5250 5760

5255 3233

Ocean Grove Voice, January 9-22, 2013 - Page 37

business news

Focus on goals GENEVIEVE Sutherland has launched PODIUM Business Solutions in Ocean Grove. “It’s quality bookkeeping by accountants using online accounting software and specialising in XERO. That includes conversions, set ups, training and including payroll - and what I call “Locum” services. “This is when business owners or their staff go on annual leave or conference, and require someone to step in and take total care of business and / or private accounts.” Genevieve said she had been using Xero herself for about a year. “I love it! Xero takes the ‘yawn’ out of bookkeeping and fundamentally changes how you work. It is a very automated system, in real time figures and instant collaboration online with your tax accountant. “It’s anytime and

anywhere at your convenience, and allows you to make the most up to date informed decisions and get on with your business goals and therefore success. It even has an app, called Xero touch, to view your bank balance, complete invoices, receivables and payables and email on your mobile phone. “At the moment I’m working in Podium on my own and from home. Before this I was a tax accountant (CPA) for 20 years and also worked on Health Promotion Projects, called the Walking School Bus in primary schools, and cycling education for adults in Neighbourhood Centres.” Genevieve moved to the Bellarine about two years ago with her husband and boys. Away from work she is a “fanatical cyclist” (hence Podium). “I really enjoy getting out on the bike in the bunches

Genevieve Sutherland.

around the area. “At the moment my business comes from Geelong as most of my past connections in accounting are in town. But I’m hoping that will really change as more people get to know me and the services Podium offers. “I have already been involved with the BEAR project and can’t wait to view the database and

outcomes that will help businesses thrive and stay in Ocean Grove. “I also lead a female road riding group called the Breeze ride. This leaves from Hendry’s bike shop each Wednesday at 6 30am for about an hour. Follow us on twitter @ OGBreezettes. For more information on PODIUM see www.

Page 38 - Ocean Grove Voice, January 9-22, 2013

















Pembroke Massage

Mike Duffield


Health Fund Rebates Tel: 5255 4445 16A Pembroke Road, Ocean Grove, 3226 Email:

be the first call for health services contact Leigh on: 5255 3233

Ocean Grove Voice, January 9-22, 2013 - Page 39

voice sport

Ralph Wright in action during his epic 202km paddle down the Murray.

Upstream with a paddle OCEAN Grove’s Ralph Wright paddled 202km during one of the world’s longest canoe races, the Murray Marathon. “It starts in Yarrawonga and finishes in Swan Hill passing through several towns along the way. It’s over five days, 50km the first three days then around 30km and 20km,” Ralph said. “It’s a really great event that’s been going since

By JESSICA GRACE 1969. This was the third time I competed, my first back in 1985 as a 20 year old.” Despite competing in ‘85 and ‘86 consecutively Ralph took a hiatus until rediscovering his love for paddling earlier last year. “I stayed in touch with the event, being on various

support crews over the years but I really got into triathlons and bike racing so I no longer had as much time for kayaking,” he said. Ralph said he found the race which started at 11am each day and went for five hours, easier this time despite been 27 years older. “It really is an endurance event rather than speed so I probably got a little bit

better with age. There are people of all ages competing, there are even people in their sixties and seventies,” he said. “It was really good to compete again and help support the event. Having done it all those years ago I find it, as a sportsman, part of my character.” Ralph said you have to be organised and take several factors into account when training and preparing for

an endurance event. “I was paddling about twice a week building up the distance and length of the paddles and also doing running and cycling. I was doing about 12km regularly and did a few 24km paddles,” he said. “I was also doing surf ski training too in the ocean which builds up your fitness. The main factor is determination, I guess, to complete it.”

Page 40 - Ocean Grove Voice, January 9-22, 2013

sports year in review

Success, on oval, JANUARY OCEAN Grove Surf Life Saving (OGSLSC) Legend Dave Renton was awarded with a local surf boat in his honour. Renton has been a patrol member of the Ocean Grove SLSC since 1966 and has a boat named in his honour called ‘The Dave Renton’. A STATEWIDE surf life saving carnival was held at Ocean Grove. Big crowds

Club Grove Bowling Club. OCEAN Grove Cricket Club claim a hat-trick of Twenty20 titles after defeating Newcomb by 46 runs in the Bellarine Peninsula Cricket Association Big Bash Final. OCEAN Grove Bowling Club hosts their annual three-day bowls event with more than 100 people competing from Victoria and interstate.

February: Jamie ‘Doc’ Brennan, 300 games.

flocked to main beach with surf boat, sprints and board races among the most exciting spectator events. OCEAN Grove Football Club signs new recruit Tom Roberts for the 2012 season. Roberts is considered a gun defender from Shepparton United who played in the Goulburn Valley Football League. FEBRUARY VETERAN Collendina bowler Jamie ‘Doc’ Brennan notches up his 300th senior game of cricket against Jan Juc for the Cobras. VAL Cook was crowned the Ladies’ Champion bowler at

RISING Ocean Grove swimmer Michaela Caldow wins gold at the Victorian Sprint Championships at the Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre in the 50m freestyle event. MARCH COLLENDINA defeats Ocean Grove by 38 runs in the BPCA A-Grade Final at Portarlington. It was the Cobras second A-Grade premiership triumph in the past three seasons. IN other BPCA Grand Finals, OCEAN Grove wins C-Grade and D-Grade premierships as the Grubbers claim Club Championship honours.

April: Ocean Grove versus Drysdale.

OCEAN Grove Football Club announces Rowan O’Callaghan and Pete Corredig as their senior cocaptains for the 2012 season. GRUBBER spinner Mick Gill takes out the Ocean Grove Cricket Club’s top honour. COBRA cricketer Corey Walter takes out the club’s inaugural Leigh Norquay medal following his brilliant score of 99 in the BPCA A-Grade final against Ocean Grove. OCEAN Grove SLSC lifesaver Mark Graham takes out gold in the Surf race (30-35 age group) at the Australian National Surf Lifesaving Championships on the Gold Coast. SALLY Schaller wins her fourth consecutive Ocean Grove Golf Club Ladies Club Championship.

BELLARINE Secondary College Ocean Grove-based student Ned Weatherly breaks a 40-year-old discus record on May 3 at Landy Field in Geelong. Ned threw 51.60 metres to beat the previous record mark by 11 metres. OCEAN Grove Bowling Club announces Australian representative Matt Flapper as their new full-time bowling coach.

APRIL OCEAN Grove Football Club claims a one-point thrilling win against Drysdale to open the new 2012 season at home. TWO former Ocean Grove Football Club premiership winning coaches go head to head in the AFL. Melbourne AFL coach Mark Need, a four-time premiership winning coach with the Grubbers, coaches against Brendan McCartney, who led Ocean Grove to four senior flags. For the record the McCartney’s Bulldogs defeated Neeld’s Demons by 21 points. A LOCAL soccer identity demands council to improve the inadequate sized rooms at Shell Road Reserve. Ian Waugh, who is now the president of the Surfside Waves Soccer Club, said numbers will continue to decline if facilities don’t improve.

June: Jacob Grills earns his first ATP Tour ranking point.

MAY OCEAN Grove locals Ken and Gabe McClelland, Kane McBean, Luke Spitty and Rob Hopkins compete in the Victorian state Water Polo team at the National Championships in Queensland.

JUNE GROVE golfer Nick Lewis wins the Ocean Grove Men’s Golf Club Championship defeating 2011 champion Scott Beyer by one stroke. WESTERN Bulldogs coach Brendan McCartney was a special guest at the Ocean Grove Football Club’s Under 15’s 1963 reunion at the Grubbers’ home fixture against Torquay on June 10. OCEAN Grove Tennis star Jacob Grills earns his first ATP Tour ranking point at a professional F2 Futures event at Maribor in Slovenia. THE Grubbers remain in third spot on the Bellarine

Football League ladder with their 9-2 record after 11 rounds. JULY OCEAN Grove Football Club senior coach Cameron McGregor announces 2012 will be his last season in charge as coach of the Grubbers. McGregor had been the senior coach of the Grubbers for three seasons

since 2010. SEVEN Ocean Grove SLSC members compete at the 2012 IRB National Challenge to be held at the Ocean Beach in NSW. LOCAL Ocean Grove Paralympian Sam McIntosh was selected to represent Australia at the 2012 Paralympics in London. BARWON Heads claim ‘Battle of the Bridge’ bragging rights after defeating Ocean Grove by 114 points at Ocean Grove in their second encounter for 2012. Earlier in the season the Grubbers defeated the Seagulls at Barwon Heads. OUR Lady Star of the

June: Nick Lewis wins the Men’s Golf Club Championship.

Ocean Grove Voice, January 9-22, 2013 - Page 41

sports year in review



court and ocean Sea student Heidi Demeo wins the Under 12 Victorian Cross Country Championships in Bundoora. AUGUST OCEAN Grove Bowling Club Bowls coach Matt Flapper picked to play for Australia at the sixth Asia Pacific Merdeka Championships held in Malaysia in October.

season. THE Grubbers begin their search to look for a new senior coach for 2013 after Cameron McGregor steps down. SEPTEMBER THE Grubbers exit the 2012 BFL finals race after losing to Modewarre in the first semi-final at Drysdale. The loss for the Ocean Grove seniors meant they

August: Matt Flapper picked to play for Australia.

TWO Ocean Grove netballers Emma Mangan and Lu Rendina, members of the All Aged Abilities’, win at the National Titles in Adelaide. FORMER Major League baseballer Graeme Lloyd conducts a Rally Caps clinic aimed at introducing youngsters into the sport of Baseball at the Bellarine Sports and Aquatic Centre in Ocean Grove. The program is an initiative of the Bellarine Bears Baseball Club. OCEAN Grove Football Club senior team finishes in third place at the end of the 2012 home and away

September: u13 div 2 premiers.

had been bundled out in straight sets for the second year running. Queenscliff win back-to-back premierships to take 2012 BFL senior Grand Final. OCEAN Grove SLSC’s Olly Gant was announced as new Club Captain for the upcoming 2012/13 season. COLLENDINA Cricket Club receives a $7,000 funding grant from council after the refurbishment of the club’s nets. OCEAN Grove Football Club’s reserves grade wins BFL premiership against Torquay on September 15 at Drysdale. It was the Grubbers’ second premiership in four years.

Grubbers playing coach and multiple premiership player Kane Montgomery announces his retirement from the game. GRUBBERS win four junior premierships in Netball including wins with Under 13 div 1, Under 13 div 2, Under 15 div 1 and Under 15 div 2. SHANE Jack was announced as playing coach of the Ocean Grove Football Club for the 2013 season. ON-Baller Liam Rock was crowned as Ocean Grove Football Club’s senior best and fairest winner for 2012. OCTOBER OCEAN Grove Denise O’Loghlen, triathlete, competes in New Zealand at the 2012 ITU World Triathlon Championships in Auckland. THREE Surfside Waves u17 girls Izzy Greer, Maddy Hogan and Caitlin Pickett were successful at trials for the Greater Geelong Galaxy representative Under 15 girls soccer team. They won a chance to play for Galaxy in the Victorian Championship League. REIGNING A-Grade premiers Collendina suffer a round-one loss to Portarlington to kick off their BPCA campaign. COLLENDINA A-Grade defeats Ocean Grove in their re-scheduled one-day match at Ocean Grove on October 13. The match was reduced to a 40 overs per side game as rain abandoned the scheduled two-day game the week earlier. GAVIN Berry was announced as the Football Director of the Ocean Grove Football Club for season 2013 after the long serving Mick McManus steps down. OCEAN Grove SLSC win a swag of medals at the Victorian IRB Championships. NOVEMBER OCEAN Grove A-Grade batting sensation Mick Kenneady had a golden weekend with the bat after

scoring hundreds in the two-day match against Drysdale. He then he scored an unbeaten ton against Ocean Grove 2 in a Twenty20 match the following day. OCEAN Grove Cricket Club youngster Zac More claims the amazing figures of 6/2 against Teesdale in an Under 13’s cricket match. THE Grubbers commence their 2013 pre-season

as most divisions still had a bit of room to move for the main surfers in contention for a placing. The two open divisions were taken out by Myles Fletcher and Mel Wright (Renton).



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5 550 tel: 525

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St, Oce

Give this Easter and help the kids

that never guess Zac YOU wouldin 11-year-old ned at one time he was confi life Nelson’s lchair. his to a whee around with Lady Star Running the Our the cousins, student is now Sea the of . of health osed with picture diagn stic Zac was Lymphobla of age Acute at the of Lymphoma he complained four after pains and began legs. stomach use of his said he the losing Jennie l Zac’s mum with a spina osed in was diagn an MRI scan tumor after May 11 2004. on y referred Geelong diatel the imme He was Lo at Patrick ren’s to Dr Royal Child Melbourne Hospital. diagnosed at 11am the to got “He was time we in and by the at 3pm he was hours of children’s within two surgery ,” she said. r getting there ur was bigge Zac’s tumoball and required s that than a tenni surgery sive val of a part inten the remo included . he of his spine Lo) was great, “He (Dr that it was very do let us know he would e and ,” Jenni serious he could everything 2 said. ED PAGE CONTINU


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Terrace L1, 72 The e Vic 3226 Ocean Grov 5077 T 03 5255 oceangro

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PLANS Rustys are well underw of the a fitting ay to send give off The Bands com loca petition.for the Glo the Australa l teen band bal Batt which le represen sian title won for t the 27. continenBest Ban the d will

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by a scheme


campaign on the lush greens at Collendina Caravan Park. BELLARINE Secondary College Ocean Grove campus Year 8 girls Rugby League team wins the prestigious Robbie Kearns Cup in Melbourne. LOCAL surfer Jemima Hutchins takes out the Open Women’s Division at the Ghanda Girls Surf Off at Ocean Grove main beach. THE SOUL longboard club finished up its year with a final comp of the season at Ocean Grove main beach. This last comp turned out to be an important one

Wallington. COLLENDINA Cricket Club junior cricketer and Surfside Primary School Student Logan Taylor compete at the National School Sport 12 and Under Cricket Championships in South Australia. BARWON Heads scores a resounding win over Collendina in their A-Grade two-day match at Collendina. MORNINGTON based Sarah Klein and Kane Wille from Upwey in Melbourne take out the Rip to River 10km events on December 30 at Ocean Grove main beach.

November: Open men’s champion Myles Fletcher.


www.m Grimmet emorie t s.n


DECEMBER OCEAN Grove Cricket Club A-Grade consolidates their top-four spot after wins against Barrabool and

October: Izzy Greer, Maddy Hogan and Caitlin Pickett were successful at the Galaxy representative trials.

Limo for 60th


celebr ls tel: 525 N GR 5 550 OVE telling ations 0 NEW your OCEA S AN story N GR D AD OVE’S VERT NUM ISING BER 5255 ONE 3233 NEW SPAP ER


Zac Nelso






for life ’s sign


this contin teams State sporting ing keen to see the 2010 le Grove’s Lisa Nevil yet, accord During OCEAN lose hope Labor MP $5 million shouldn’t government. Election, last ess. that the itted the t to progr to the state recent fears Precinct commd for the projec seat Despite ed the neede Sporting le retain e of in the Ms Nevil but the chang Shell Road n’t go ahead l on mark Bellarine project wouldfuture, state libera the of t left a questi foreseeable ves have said governmen ate ng. representati on the agenda. over fundi ine Liberal candidthe still Sport and 2010 Bellar said he believed plans are ter for Reiter important The Minis Hugh Delahunty, part Kurt t was critically lobby for to Recreation, not being projec continue despite , Shell Road said that and would Liberal Party. se nment policy sion. the on promi of gover it within up for discus for Mr not a coaliti it won’t go “It was was still swoman not mean 3rd that does “The team A spoke said the May all but ,” Mr Reiter said. about honour Delahunty ahead concerned many sly would ts. budget were seriou the finances so commitmen project not able state of election Grove the the commitments were included.” “The Ocean agenda for the not costlyAL Shell Road of Greater L ME made, is not off t, however, it was rm to be CHCity the AIR while ANICAHaskell platfo CO Mean governmen nted policy NDappoi L REPA d she party’s CLU ng has ITIONthe detaile election,” part of the IRS p ING GeeloTC Hto develo AN 2010 state REoms D BR clubro has asked PAIRS HAtects for the Archi ND minister AK the new forBO Sport and LPG OK Road.E RE said. “The ng design CO tment of for ShellSERVIC PAIRS sedNV his Depar to have ongoi AND ING City propo4X Recreation with Geelong 4 SER SERVIC VICING ING discussions l.


bellar Ocean


HIA AWARD WINNER 2011 Western Victoria renoVations/additions Project of the Year 2011 Western Victoria custom Built homes $350,000-$500,000 2009 Western Victoria custom Built homes $500,000-$700,000

PH/FX: 03 5255 4329 MObILE: 0417 524 143 WWW.DUNCANPASCOEbUILDERS.COM.AU

Come in and see our range of imported wall and floor tiles, glue, grout and tiling tools. 4 Marine Pde Ocean Grove

5255 2212

Page 42 - Ocean Grove Voice, January 9-22, 2013

rip to river 2013

Ocean Grove Voice, January 9-22, 2013 - Page 43

Three Page Special

Runaway success

A sterling effort from the Disabled Surfers Association team.

MELB OURNE-based runners Kane Wille and Sarah Klein stole the show at the Rip to River Classic run last month, writes Mark Heenan. Wille and Klein, who defeated a large local contingent, both took out the 10km race events held between Point Lonsdale and Ocean Grove on December 30 . Wille, 23, from Upwey in Melbourne, who won in a time of 31 minutes and 41 seconds defeated local runner and 2010 and 2011 winner, Nick Wightman, who finished fourth and was vying for his third straight title. M E A N W H I L E Mornington-based Klein, is still on a massive high after winning the 10 km women’s race. The 27-year-old finished in a time of 39 minutes and 50 seconds.

Sarah Klein.

The Caulfield Grammar based school teacher, who left Mornington at around 5:30am on her journey to Point Lonsdale for the start of the 10km race at 8am said it was an enjoyable day. “We had to drive over, we left at about at 5.30am

and then we got the ferry back to Sorrento from Queenscliff,” Klein said. “I really was not expecting the win. “I was training for a marathon mid-year in 2012 and got a stress fracture the week before the race. “So I haven’t raced since May (last year) and went overseas for a couple of months and have been running every day since the 1st of December. “That is my second rip to river event - I think I ran 42 minutes the first time I ran the Rip to River (10 km) event the first time I did it.” IN the other events, Merryn DawbornGundlach won the 10km walk, youngster Mitchell Dyer claimed the 5km race event and Andon Saplamaev won the 1.4km Nipper Beach Run.

Page 44 - Ocean Grove Voice, January 9-22, 2013

rip to river 2013

5km runners under starters orders.

Jordan Orr.

Rein Littlewood.

Robert Ciach.

Mitchell Dyer wins the 5km.

Nick Wightman of Ocean Grove.

Charles Wilson.

Rosemary Catton.

Andrew Braverman and Warwick Allen.

rip to river 2013

Monica and Natalie Virgo-Milton.

Michael Koutsoukis.

Ocean Grove Voice, January 9-22, 2013 - Page 45

Cameron Ward of Ocean Grove.

Genevieve Pape of Ocean Grove.

Patrick Sheehan, Cameron White and Matthew Gibson.


Graham Bignell, Russell Taylor and Lauren McSwain.

Gregory Barton and Dion Houtman.

John Koronui of Ocean Grove.

‘Best Rip to River yet’ Continued from page 48. Chris Paterson continued: “We certainly have our major briefings the day before. “It is an early start, I think we were on the beach at about 4.30am to set up on the Sunday morning. “We are working with the City of Greater Geelong, Borough of Queenscliffe, Barwon Coast and Life Saving Victoria with regards

to permits.” The December 30 fun run is also considered Ocean Grove SLSC’s biggest fundraiser in a calendar year. Proceeds from the annual event go to upgrading vital club lifesaving equipment and will assist with future building works at the Ocean Grove SLSC. Paterson said the Ocean Grove SLSC ranked

alongside Torquay, Anglesea and Lorne as one of the biggest Surf Life Saving Clubs in total membership base across the state and is one of the fastest growing Surf Life Saving Clubs in Victoria. “It is still our single biggest fundraiser for the year,” Paterson said. “Some of the revenue goes directly into lifesaving equipment.

“But at the moment, the club’s big push is we are in the initial stages of planning a fairly major building renovation. “Even though the clubhouse is only 16 or 17 years old, when it was built we had a membership of about just under 400 (members) and we’ve more than doubled that now – we are sitting around 900. “If you look at all

that development with Armstrong Creek and Oakdene (estates), you would have to imagine that we will easily double in the next 10 years, which puts us up to close to around 2000 members. “So we are looking at a building program which we hope to be ticking off in three years – a lot of this fundraising will be targeted towards that.”

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Page 46 - Ocean Grove Voice, January 9-22, 2013

grove sport

All to play for in last

OCEAN Grove Voice’s Mark Heenan compiles a mid-season wrap up and previews the remainder of the 2012/13 Bellarine Peninsula Cricket Association season with the four local clubs; Collendina, Ocean Grove, Barwon Heads and Wallington. The local cricket new year resumes on January 12.

Collendina Cobras SEASON SO FAR: The defending A-Grade premiers are 3-3 after seven rounds and have had an indifferent start to their 2012/13 campaign, due to injuries and unavailability. Collendina A-Grade has far from been a settled line-up with a total of 20 players used this season. However the emergence of youngsters Andy Higgins and Byron Taylor and more recently new recruit Alastair Grant, with both bat and ball have added extra flexibility and firepower to the Cobras’ line-up. The flame is still alive to make finals after the Cobras scored a morale boosting victory over Barrabool in round seven, in where Collendina won off the last ball of the game in a thrilling contest. A loss against Barrabool would have ended the Cobras’ hopes of making the finals. Cobra Leigh Keast, has continued his consistent season with the bat, scoring 233 runs at 38.33,

including a season defining knock of 97 against Newcomb in round five. Collendina captain, Jye Hearps, is the club’s leading A-Grade wicket taker with 8 wickets at 24.

Preview for remainder of the season Seventh-place Collendina are under no illusion if they win all games in the run home then they will deserve to make the top four. It is a tough road home for the Cobras, who have won two of the past three A-Grade titles, with away trips against second-placed Queenscliff and likely finalists Drysdale. An away win against Queenscliff or Drysdale will give Collendina a massive boost in confidence. Star all-rounder Corey Walter who starred in last season’s A-Grade Grand Final with a match winning innings of 99, has been sorely missed this season. He is yet to play a game this season with a knee injury and his addition will help the Cobras win more games to finish off the season.

Run home Round 8: Wallington (A) Round 9: Jan Juc (H) Round 10: Queenscliff (A) Round 11: Drysdale (A) Ocean Grove Grubbers SEASON SO FAR: A 4-2 win loss record has Ocean Grove in a perfect position to pounce for finals after their bye in round seven. The Grubbers’ bowling stocks was a key component in the club’s rise up the ladder last season. In fact, the Grubbers A-Grade bowlers are the most efficient in the league with their team conceding the least amount of runs so far this season. Former Melbourne University club bowler, Stephen Carlile, is a welcomed addition and the club’s A-Grade leading wicket-taker claiming 16 wickets at 12.44, while spinner Mick Gill continues to be a dominant force with 14 wickets at13.86. A fully fit Lucas Cameron, who has taken

8 wickets at 14.63, will only further strengthen the club’s bowling stocks in the new year. Meanwhile, Michael Kenneady, has been the standout batsman for the 2012/13 season scoring 375 runs at 62.50 including two centuries, while the evergreen Dean Gills has provided good support at the top of the order accumulating 218 runs at 43.60.

Preview for remainder of the season The Grubbers have the luxury of playing three of their last four games at home in the road to the finals. Ocean Grove currently in sixth place, definitely have a point to prove after losing to cross–town rivals Collendina in last season’s A-Grade Grand Final. They had their bye last round and games coming up are all winnable. The Grubbers would have to win at least three of their last four games to secure a finals berth. It is ideal preparation

for finals with match ups against finals contenders Barwon Heads and Portarlington. The club’s final home and away fixture against Portarlington could have a big bearing on the finals make-up.

Run home Round 8: Anglesea (H) Round 9: Jan Juc (H) Round 10: Barwon Heads (A) Round 11: Portarlington (H) Barwon Heads Seagulls SEASON SO FAR The ladder leaders have rediscovered their 2011/12 winning touch that saw them claim the A-Grade premiership. Barwon Heads have won five matches this season, their only loss a dramatic two-run defeat against the much improved Portarlington in round four at Portarlington. The Seagulls have recorded some big wins this season, including a massive a 148-run win against Collendina in round six

Ocean Grove Voice, January 9-22, 2013 - Page 47

grove sport

three months 2013 cricket preview and the next match they scored a resounding win over finals contenders Queenscliff after bowling out the Coutas for only 73. Barwon Heads’ captain, Jason Mallett, has been in sparkling touch with the bat and is the competition’s leading run scorer with 437 runs at 72.83, while recruit Sam Herbison, a former Geelong Club cricketer, has been useful with the willow scoring 200 runs at 66.67. Bowler Sam Schaller has been on fire with the ball claiming 18 wickets at 13.22.

Preview for remainder of the season One expects the firstplaced Seagulls to be in the thick of the BPCA finals action. On form, Barwon Heads rightfully deserve to be premiership favourites especially after their 135-run win over second-placed Queenscliff at home. The club’s round 10 home clash against battle of the bridge rivals, Ocean Grove, shapes a crucial game in terms of

the finals make-up. The A-Grade Seagulls only play one more home game and face must-win away trips to Barrabool and Newcomb if they are to consolidate their top spot and earn a home semifinal. A bye in round nine means the Seagulls will not be able to register any points.

Run home Round 8: Barrabool (A) Round 9: Bye Round 10: Ocean Grove (H) Round 11: Newcomb (A) Wallington Wallabies Season so far The young and inexperienced Wallington outfit have learnt some valuable lessons after losses against some of the BPCA’s best including; Barwon Heads, Drysdale and Ocean Grove. On a positive note, the Wallabies’ B-Grade pulled off some impressive wins against Barwon Heads in round three and Newcomb in round one. Wallington A-Grade

bowler Daniel Connoley is the leading wicket-taker with six wickets @ 39.87, while teammate Ben Atkinson is the leading run scorer with 122 runs @ 20.33 and posted a well compiled 52 against Jan Juc in round seven.

Preview for remainder of the season While the winless A-Grade Wallabies have endured a tough start to the season, they play the next three consecutive games post Christmas on the comfort of their home surrounds at Wallington. The club would like to see improvement especially with games against Anglesea and Barrabool. Expect the Wallabies to continue with their youth policy as more youngsters play top level Bellarine cricket. Run home Round 8: Collendina (H) Round 9: Queenscliff (H) Round 10: Anglesea (H) Round 11: Barrabool (A)



Jacob Grills competing in the Victorian Grasscourt Tennis Championships.

Picture supplied by Ken Barton of Geelong Lawn Tennis Club.

Testing time for Jacob JANUARY is shaping up as a smorgasbord for Aussie tennis fans as Ocean Grove local Jacob Grills gears up for a big test on the bright lights of Melbourne Park, writes Mark Heenan. Grills will compete at the Australian Open Junior singles and doubles events at Melbourne Park later this month. Before Grills embarks on his second successive Australian Open juniors’ campaign, the gifted hard-working teenager who has been at a tennis training camp in Melbourne, heads to Traralgon in the coming days to compete in an ITF tournament. The 17-year-old has capped off a remarkable year in 2012. He earned his first ATP Tour ranking point at a professional F2 Futures event at Maribor in Slovenia in June, and only last month Grills competed

in the Australian Open Men’s Wildcard Playoff at Melbourne Park. Grills won high praise for his amazing efforts, despite losing to No.3 Australian Open wildcard seed Matt Reid in five sets 3-6 3-6 6-2 6-2 6-1 in round one of the playoffs. Jacob’s father, Tim Grills, said his son’s main focus in 2012 and the coming year would be honing his tennis skills against the men’s elite, rather than globetrotting around the world to compete in junior events. “The last six months he (Jacob) has not gone down the junior path to make any of these tournaments,” Tim said. “With his coach Wayne Arthurs in Melbourne now; he said to Jacob: ‘You have got 12 months left, we can keep going with juniors’ competition or you can go into the

men’s competition’ – And that is what he has done. “I think it has been the right decision for Jacob because he has probably played four to six players ranked between 250 to 400 in the world in the men’s and beaten two or three of them.” Tim confirmed although his son had a heavy workload in 2012, he said the last twelve months was a significant step in the development of Jacob Grills, the professional tennis player. “Coming up to the middle of the year last year, Jacob’s schedule has been quite heavy,” Grills said. “He went to the Tennis Australia Asia event last year for three or four weeks, came straight home and had a week of hitting. “He went straight to Europe for seven weeks and (then he) came home, then went to Alice Springs,

Darwin, Happy Valley, Port Pirie, Traralgon (and) Bendigo. “He just did not get a day off.” Despite his busy domestic and international travel competing in professional tennis events, Grills still kept in touch with his local surrounds playing in the Victorian Grass Court Tennis Championships last month at the Geelong Lawn Tennis Club. Although he made the semi-finals of the singles event after losing to Lewis Miles, Grills, No.1 doubles seed, then teamed up with Harry Bourchier to claim the doubles’ title on Sunday December 30. The Australian Open Juniors event at Melbourne Park gets underway on Monday January 21. Grills is sponsored by Ocean Grove Bowling Club and a member of Geelong Lawn Tennis Club.

Kane Wille won the men’s Rip to River Classic.

OCEAN Grove Surf Life Saving Club President, Chris Paterson, has hailed the prestigious annual Rip to River event as one of the best yet, writes Mark Heenan. In its in 33rd year, the traditional post Christmas challenging sand run staged between Point Lonsdale and Ocean Grove on Sunday December 30 attracted more than 1500 competitors. Paterson said participant numbers were up on the previous year due to the race being staged on a Sunday, sunny weather conditions and the decision to host the event five days after Christmas day. “We were very happy, all in all,” Paterson said.

sport news 5255 3233 –

“The numbers were probably up by a couple of hundred compared to the event the year before. “And probably put that down to the actual date because we could actually run on a Sunday, it was probably a bit easier for people to get to. “Obviously we had good weather too, which helps as well.” He said the amount of work that went into setting up the event was enormous, especially in the 24 hours before the race. “There is a lot of preparation that goes on the day before,” Paterson said. Continued page 45. Report and pictures 4345.

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Ocean Grove Voice 9 January 2013  

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