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Transform Class 2-4 Fleets into Hybrid Vehicles

HYBRID ELECTRIC POWERTRAIN The hybrid electric powertrain is the lowest-cost, highest quality hybrid electric solution for Class 2-4 vehicle fleets, and is simple to install, drive, and maintain. The technology transforms new and existing OEM vehicles into hybrids by adding an electric motor, an advanced lithiumion battery back and control software to the vehicle without significant modifications. The powertrain features regenerative braking which captures energy normally wasted in braking and reapplies that energy during acceleration to reduce fuel consumption. Potential Savings •On fuel – 25% increase in miles per gallon. •On emissions – 20% reduction in CO2 emissions. •On price – System starts at less than $10,000.

The Hybrid Electric Powertrain can be retro- and up-fitted.

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Hybrid Electric Powertrain  

Hybrid Electric Powertrain by XL Hybrids can transform Class 2-4 fleets into hybrid vehicles.

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