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The Saphonian

THE SAPHONIAN The Saphonian is a radical new way to generate efficient, cost-effective and sustainable green energy. The design is different from conventional bladed turbines as it is bladeless and doesn’t rotate. It rather follows a back and forth 3D knot motion and has a simple and unique design that is largely inspired from sailboat Tests have shown that The Saphonian is by far more efficient than a comparable bladed turbines. Efficiency level stands at the outstanding level of around 80%. Generated power increases exponentially with the wind speed.

The Saphonian also offers major applicability across various industries. On-grid, off-grid and distributed energy markets are a major target for the zero-blade technology. The new machine could also be used as water pump and air conditioner mainly in remote locations. To learn more about this and other innovative solutions Go to OceanExchange(dot)Org

Zero-Blade Wind Energy Converter  

Zero-Blade Wind Energy Converter by Saphon Energy is a non-rotating, bladeless wind turbine which can generate efficient, cost-effective and...

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