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Solar VIA™

More Power. Less Space. Better Performance. Lowest Cost.

Solar VIA™ Solar VIA™ is 510nano’s patent-pending innovative, ground mounted photovoltaic (“PV”) module. Solar Via™ generates electricity at a lower per unit cost than conventional solar thus increasing the rates of return for solar power plant operators. This is made possible by Solar VIA™ ability to generate up to 90% more electricity than current competing PV technologies over a defined operating footprint,. As a result, Solar VIA™ can yield a cost of electricity of $0.05 per kwh without subsidy and without fluctuation of fuel price.

Solar VIA™’s Value Proposition  90% more electricity per operating footprint  Up to 80% lower cost than conventional PV systems  3rd party tested and validated  Patent submitted on 2/2010 and expected this year

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Low Cost, High Efficiency Solar Technology

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