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Harnessing Drywall and Concrete in Large Commercial Buildings as a Thermal Energy Storage Medium

TURNING BUILDINGS INTO BATTERIES Automated, cloud-based technology, known as Model Predictive Control (MPC) can harness building mass, such as the drywall and concrete in large commercial buildings, as a thermal energy storage (TES) medium. The MPC technology then uses that storage to intelligently, dynamically, and comfortably reshape building cooling load profiles. The technology integrates building HVAC operations with grid operations and markets. There is no capex, no space, and no equipment needed. MPC technology has been successfully tested at The Sears Tower, and at The University of Colorado.

The thermal energy storage harnessed outperforms other forms of thermal or electric storage, in several dimensions: • Better efficiency at the site, more at the source. • Dramatically lower deployment cost. • Rapid deployment, strategically located, locally scalable. • Infinite cycles with no degradation in performance. • Detailed, calibrated, high fidelity building model.

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FINALIST | Turning Buildings Into Batteries  

Turning Buildings into Batteries by QCoefficient harnesses drywall and concrete in large commercial buildings as a thermal energy storage me...

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