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Monitoring Emissions  from  Ships  During  Cruise  

PROJECT SENSE Project Sense introduces a cost efficient and reliable system for monitoring emissions from ships during cruise using lowcost drones equipped with environmental sensors to sample plumes. In combination with AIS data and advanced data analysis the system can detect non-compliant behavior and report back in real-time, enabling effective enforcement of the emission regulations. Project Sense is very innovative in both its approach to air sampling overall and the use of drones as a way of monitoring ships during cruise.

Most air sampling technologies today that measure air quality rely on expensive sensor technologies with a very high level of sensitivity. Project Sense takes the opposite approach – if we can get close enough, we don’t need sensitivity. We just need to be able to tell if the sulphur content is above or below the 0.1 % limit applicable from 1 January 2015.

Project Sense has the ability to scale the solution quickly and to cover a multitude of geographies at the same time, thus ensuring an enforcement impact on a large scale. Project Sense is based on ready-available, inexpensive hardware components that can easily be multiplied combined with bespoke software capable of handling large amounts of data.

Project Sense is focused on the ship emission enforcement task. However components of the technology, or even modified versions of the existing platform, can be used in a multitude of other industries and markets such as general air monitoring, environmental enforcement on land-based sources, and farming to name a few.

To learn more about this and other innovative solutions Go to OceanExchange(dot)Org

Project Sense  

Project Sense by Explicit monitors emissions from ships during cruise. Project Sense was a 2014 Ocean Exchange Finalist.

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