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Maximizes Biomass Production While Reducing Energy Consumption

MANTA RAY LED GROW LIGHT Increasing population and high demand for high quality food are pushing food production to indoor facilities, called Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) systems. Artificial lighting systems, such as those used in CEA’s, are expensive and consume a tremendous amount of energy. The Manta Ray LED Grow Light uses a unique biofeedback system which monitors plants light use efficiency in real time, allowing the LED’s to change light outputs based on the plants real needs.

DIRECT BENEFITS FOR FARMERS •Increased Revenue •Energy savings •Increased resource use efficiency •Convenience • • • • •

BIOFEEDBACK LIGHT CONTROL Lights are “talking” to the plants Monitors plants light use efficiency in real time Constantly adapts the light output to match the plants needs Dynamic system that adapts to any kind of plant (different species) Patented technology

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FINALIST | Smart LED Grow Light  

Smart LED Grow Light by Phytosynthetix maximizes biomass production while reducing energy consumption in indoor farms.

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