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Concept already demonstrated for automotive application with a converted bi-fuel Toyota Corolla that has successfully operated on the road for a year.

BOATS POWERED BY ADSORBED NATURAL GAS At Luon Energy, we have developed a nanotechnology adsorbent that acts like a sponge, soaking up natural gas at low enough pressure to be filled from a conventional natural gas line using a modest compressor that costs 5-10 times cheaper than CNG counterpart. We have developed an on-board storage tank for the fuel, and a simple engine modification, both applicable for commercial vessels as well Our project will demonstrate a natural gas filled recreational boat (e.g. a fishing-sized vessel) with a target range of 200 miles or greater between refills. We will offer two concepts- an onboard storage tank that adds about 10% of the dry weight of the vessel; and a second concept employing a floating tender with virtually unlimited storage capacity and range.


Luon Energy has developed an absorbant nanotechnology that enables boats to be powered by natural gas fuel.

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