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Energy Storage Using an Iron Flow Battery

LOW COST ENERGY STORAGE Energy storage is essential for reliably integrating renewable energy sources to existing energy grids. This environmentally friendly battery system minimizes electricity expenditures while providing the facility-wide backup power needed to coast through power outages. The technology combines a safe, abundant and non-toxic iron based electrolyte with a patent pending flow cell design. A flow battery is an easily rechargeable system that stores its electrolyte—the material that provides energy—as a liquid in external tanks.

The resulting combination of high performance with low cost means that the iron flow battery technology is ideally suited for applications that range in size from behind-the-meter commercial sites, with or without renewables, and to integration with utility scale renewables facilities.

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Low Cost Energy Storage  

Low Cost Energy Storage by Energy Storage Systems uses Iron Flow Battery (IFB) technology to reliably integrate renewable energy sources to...

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