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Convert Wasted Heat into Electricity on Aircraft

CONVERT WASTED HEAT INTO ELECTRICITY Modern aircraft have become increasingly electrically dependent in efforts to improve efficiency, reduce weight, and increase passenger comfort and convenience. With this shift in design comes the need for additional engine driven generators. A new kind of thermoelectric generator can convert wasted heat from aircraft engines into electricity. The device offers reduced fuel costs, higher energy availability in flight, power for onboard devices and instruments, and more emergency power options.

Thermoelectric generation uses tubular thermocouple technology. This tube shaped thermocouple creates electricity from the temperature difference between the inside and the outside. The greater the differential the higher the output. It is suitable for usage with any fluid or hot air and the nickel components can be fully immersed.

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Hybrid Heat Exchanger  

Hybrid Heat Exchanger by Alteg Systems converts wasted heat into electricity on aircraft.

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