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HTC BioProcessor

An Exceptionally Energy Efficient Solution for Sustainable Sludge Handling from Municipal and Industrial Wastewater Treatment Plants.

HTC BioProcessor The challenge: Sludge volumes produced by waste water treatment plants worldwide is growing rapidly •280 TWh/yr unused energy (equivalent to 15m households) •Handling expensive, leads to significant greenhouse gas emissions, potentially hazardous The C-Green innovation: A sustainable and cost cutting solution based on hydrothermal carbonization (HTC) •1 KWh of energy put into the process = 15 KWh of biogas, electricity and heat generated. 3-5x higher energy efficiency than competing HTC processes and 10-16 times better than sludge drying •Enables phosphorus separation, avoids greenhouse gas emissions, carries no chemical safety risks • One production unit can process sludge from 200 000 people (30 000 ton/yr) and fits in a standard container.

The Sustainable C-Green Process

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FINALIST | HTC BioProcessor  

A Cost- and Energy Efficient Solution for Sludge Handling from Municipal and Industrial Wastewater Treatment Plants

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