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Hydrogen Enhanced  Combus3on  

HYDROPLANTTM SYSTEM Reduces vehicle operating costs by improving fuel efficiency up to 20%, while lowering greenhouse gas emissions up to 70%. By utilizing an on-board, real-time, on-demand electrolysis system to separate hydrogen and oxygen from water, the technology eliminates the need for high-pressure hydrogen storage or hazardous chemicals while producing a stable, inexpensive alternative fuel source. By offering a constant, real-time monitoring system as part of a hydrogen fuel solution with retrofit capability into standard vehicle engines, HPTG provides emission-reducing fuel savings to a broad spectrum of industry, including logistics, trucking, heavy equipment, marine and agriculture Â

The HydroPlantTM is a bolt-on fuel reformer that splits water and allows H2 and O2 gas to safely enter the air intake of any diesel engine or generator, thus improving combustion efficiency. HydroPlantTM enables a 10-25% improvement in fuel efficiency, as well as a 10-50% drop in GHG emissions. The HydroPlantTM solution uses a polymer electrolyte membrane (PEM) electrolysis unit to split distilled water into hydrogen and oxygen, which are fed into the air intake of a diesel or gasoline engine.

Proven Results

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H2 Assisted Combustion  

H2 Assisted Combustion by Hydrophi is hydrogen enhanced combustion that saves fuel and reduces emissions in a wide range of vehicle types. H...

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