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Recycles All  Plas1c  Garbage  From  Land  &  Ocean  

Social Approach  to  Waste  Collec1on   And  Recycling  Plas1cs  

ECOPOST ECOPOST, located in Kenya, manufactures eco-friendly plastic lumber from plastic waste and sawdust. Integrating a commitment to environmental excellence with a business wide approach to sustainability. EcoPost’s products are designed especially for impoverished areas in Africa. Once manufactured the profiles/boards can be put together to build whatever size house necessary for a family or a communal area. Materials found on site like straw and cardboard can be added into the spaces between EcoPost boards for more insulation against very strong wind and to provide thermal and sound insulation. EcoPost profiles and boards are easy to work with just like timber, and can be assembled into houses by joining them together with nails or bolts.

In just 3 years of operation EcoPost has: •  Created 40 direct and 500 indirect jobs for the people in the marginalized areas who collect, sort and provide the waste we require for manufacturing. •  Withdrawn and recycled over 2 Million kilos of waste that would have otherwise been dumped in open areas, rivers, clogging our sewers and even encroaching people’s homes. •  Manufactured and sold over 30,000 profiles which have provided a suitable alternative to timber and thus saving over 350 Acres of forest while generating Millions of Kenya shillings in Revenue Per Annum. •  Prevented over 2.5 Million Kgs of CO2 emissions from the environment further mitigating climate change.

To advance to its full potential, EcoPost needs to secure: •  The flow of raw material. Set up more collection yards for purchasing waste material. •  Funds to purchase adequate plastic and sawdust waste from the marginalized youth and women groups who will be collecting and selling the waste to the collection yards, other labor and electricity. This business is a for-profit operation. Currently operating 100% through revenue from sales of products (sales of posts worth $US 250,000. ) EcoPosts profitability stands at 25 – 35% of the capitol employed. To learn more about this and other innovative solutions Go to OceanExchange(dot)Org

Recycles All Plastic Garbage from Land & Ocean  

Recycles all Plastic from Garbage, Land, and Ocean by EcoPost is a social approach to waste collection and recycling plastics. This solution...

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