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Desalinated Water  with  Radically   Energy  Efficient  Process  

ELECTROCHEMICALLY MEDIATED DESALINATION Modern desalination technologies use energy-greedy processes which are ultimately dependent on the combustion of fossil fuels to create extreme hydraulic pressures (Reverse Osmosis), massive heat sources (Distillation) or extreme electrical currents (Electrodialysis). This dependency tethers desalination to pre- existing energy and water distribution (e.g. piping) infrastructures via centralized water production (utility) models. As a result, desalination is more expensive than fresh water harvesting, and its penetration into the overall water market has been limited geographically to only the most highly water-stressed, gentrified areas (desalination represents today merely a $20B slice of an overall $360B total water market).

The Okeanos WaterChipTM is a solid- state, Massively Paralleled Desalination (MPD) platform that uses a newly characterized, patent-pending microscale process called Electrochemically Mediated Desalination (EMD) to desalinate with radical energy-efficiency. It is completely membrane free, and the first technology of its kind ever developed. The platform desalinates a millionths of a liter at a time – that is, they “Microdesalinate” – and they do this using tiny microstructures, which are then massively paralleled to produce useful water flows.

EMD is ultra-efficient because its “engine” is limited by electron rather than ion-transfer kinetics, as is the case with all other desalination technologies. In essence we exploit the built-in, corrosive potential of seawater and, in very tiny spaces, and at the “speed of light”, redirects this corrosive potential towards the useful task of desalination.

The efficiency of WaterChipTM powered desalination will be great enough to enable off-grid desalination on alternative energy sources, and a new distributive model where water is desalinated from brackish/oceanic sources when needed, by whom it is needed, where it is needed. In the developing world this will make the difference between life an death, and in the developed world, it will open entirely new desalination markets to help ameliorate their water problems and change our trajectory from crises to sustainability.

To learn more about this and other innovative solutions Go to OceanExchange(dot)Org

Desalination at the Speed of Light  

Desalination at the Speed of Light by Okeanos is a radically energy efficient process of water desalination. Winner of the 2014 Gulfstream®...

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