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Economic Energy  Genera.on  in     Low  Current  Velocity  Water  

DEEP GREEN - TIDAL AND OCEAN CURRENT ENERGY Power genera*on  from  *dal  and   ocean  currents  is  predictable  and   reliable  compared  to  other   renewable  energy  sources.  Minesto   has  a  unique  posi*on  in  the  emerging   marine  energy  industry  since  its   technology  is  the  only  one  known  to   operate  economically  in  low  current   veloci*es,  of  only  1.2-­‐2.5m/s,   meaning  that  the  technology  unlocks   hitherto  inaccessible  renewable   energy  resources.      

Deep Green resembles an underwater kite, comprised of a wing and a turbine, which is secured to the seabed with a tether and moves with high speed in an 8-shaped path in the tidal or ocean current, reaching a speed 10 times higher than the ocean current speed. The unique principle offers a number of advantages: •  High efficiency has the ability to increase the relative flow by a factor of 10. •  Small in size and lightweight a 0.5MW plant weighs 7 tonnes •  Low-cost offshore operations smaller boats and equipment for installation, service and maintenance. •  Availability at sites for offshore operations Deep Green sites are accessible up to 14 hours per day versus in high-velocity currents boats can only operate for a maximum of 3 hours per day.

The unique design and all the above reasons lead to the ultimate advantage of a low cost of energy.

Other tidal technologies are designed for high- speed currents with velocities above 2.4 m/s. These sites contain large amounts of energy, but their geographical areas are limited and due to strong water currents, the sites are difficult to operate in. Due to the ability to operate in lower velocities Deep Green complements other technologies rather than compete with them. To learn more about this and other innovative solutions Go to OceanExchange(dot)Org

Deep Green  

Deep Green by Minesto provides economic energy generation in low current velocity water. Deep Green was the winner of the 2014 WWL Orcelle®...

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