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We propose growing fresh local vegetables using controlled environment agriculture (CEA) greenhouses combined with renewable energy and sustainable nutrient resources that incorporate current best technologies. This innovation enables year round, high yield food production to generate economic growth in any local community worldwide. By connecting a greenhouse to renewable energy sources, the focus will be novel biomass conversion of human and agricultural wastes, nature’s limited resources will be reduced and waste consumed as a resource. This scalable waste to energy to nutrients for crop growth will supply the greenhouse with power (thermal and electric), organic plant nutrients and CO2 to accelerate grow rate and yield.

The novelty is a design that can be built and operated in any climate on the globe at a scale appropriate to a location’s need. CEA is the aggregation of technologies bringing forth advanced greenhouse food crop production. CEA transforms current art in greenhouse growing by using advanced building engineering and the highest productive agriculture growing methods to economically supply locally-grown vegetables 24/7 and 365 days per year in any climate. The result is to deliver economical, highly nutritious, tasty, fresh produce to the consumer’s table. Produce will be safer, more nutritious, grown without herbicide/pesticides and harvested hours not days by transit into their community markets.


CEA is engineered conversion of waste-to-energy combined with carbon capturing food production.

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