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ATA TAILINGS TREATMENT TECHNOLOGY After extensive laboratory and field research, Soane Mining is commercializing a specialized, polymer-based technology capable of eliminating tailings impoundments by rapidly consolidating tailings streams into high strength, reclamation quality solids, while also recovering clarified water for immediate recycle. The technology can also be adapted to the clarification of existing impoundment areas, mitigating a major environmental liability.

The ATA Process, comprises three basic components: an Activator polymer, a Tether polymer, and an Anchor particle. First, a small dose of the Activator polymer is added to the fine tailings stream, causing the suspended fine particles to aggregate. Separately, Anchor particles are coated with a Tether polymer. When the two treated streams are combined, the Tether-bearing Anchor particles quickly bind to the aggregates in the Activated fines stream, forming robust complexes that can be easily separated from the waste stream. No complex mechanical separation or thickening is required to recover or dewater the solids.

Two output streams emerge from the ATA process: a clean water stream that can be reused on-site, and a dewatered solid that possesses sufficient mechanical integrity for landfill, construction, and/or reclamation. Recycling of clean water produced by the ATA process can significantly decrease the need for fresh water intake. Soane Mining is developing technologies for increasing productivity and/or treating waste streams for the following mining industries: • Coal • Phosphate • Potash • Rare earth elements • Silica • Specialty metals To learn more about this and other innovative solutions Go to OceanExchange(dot)Org

ATA™ Rapid Mine Water Reclamation  

ATA™ Rapid Mine Water Reclamation by Sloane Mining is a polymer-based technology capable of eliminating tailing compounds from water used in...

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