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A Solution to Indoor Climate Control Based on Principles Found in Nature

Airflow™ Panels: Energy Saving Gills for Buildings Buildings consume more than 40% of the world’s energy, much of it to operate ventilation and air conditioning systems. AirFlow Panels present a dramatically improved solution based on principles found in nature, and are able to cool a room with 25-50% less energy. The system emulates the architecture and function of fish gills, exchanging heat and moisture across permeable membranes between incoming and exhaust air streams just as gills transfer oxygen and CO2 between water and the bloodstream. By symbiotically combining ventilation and enclosure functions in a single component, the AirFlow™ Panel improves the performance of each.

The Benefits of Airflow™ Panels: • Air conditioning energy savings of 25-50%. • Reduced the quantities of condensation in the system by 75%, lowering the risk of mold and microbial growth. • Increased the usasable floor area of building floor plate through space-saving integration into the enclosure system.

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Airflow™ Panels  

Airflow™ Panels by Architectural Applications reduce the energy consumption of ventilation and air conditioning systems in buildings by emul...

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