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Recyclable and Biodegradable Freeze Dried Foam to Manufacture Green Products

AEROCLAY AeroClay is an open cell, flame resistant, aerogel-type foam made from a clay and polymer mix manufactured in a freeze drying process. It is reusable and biodegradable, adaptable material that can clean hazardous materials from the oceans and fresh waters. AeroClay can help with: •Oil spills •Pollution clean up

There are three types of AeroClay products, each with different uses and benefits: Sponge, Foam (right), and Pellet (top). Aeroclay is based on technology licensed from Case-Western University being commercialized by Compadre in Austin, TX. To learn more about this and other innovative solutions Go to OceanExchange(dot)Org


AeroClay by Compadre is a recyclable and biodegradable freeze dried foam with multiple green applications.

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