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Popfax Distribution list – a feature available only for Send & Receive accounts that allows customers to receive all their faxes at multiple email addresses. The feature is included in the Option pack. Set up multiple email addresses to which you want to receive your faxes, attached in PDF or TIFF format. Distribute faxes to subsidiaries, departments, offices… It is similar to a fax machine that stands in the corridor used by a whole group of people. You gain multiple user capability but lose some of the confidentiality of personal communications. The choice is yours! How it works

The Distribution list can be managed from My account > Account Management > Distribution list Here you can add as many email addresses as you need., professional fax services, worldwide

Popfax – PDL110610 – EN Page 1


Popfax – PDL110610 – EN Page 1 Product description Distribution list How it works Here you can add as many email addresses as you need. Easy...

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