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2015-2016 Enrollment

O C EA N ACADEMY Social Enterprise, Technology, Innovation, Development (SEaTIDe)

INVITATION FOR 2015-2016 ENROLLMENT You don’t have to leave the island to get a worldclass education . . . • 5 International Awards, 11 National Awards • 17 International Partnerships

And join the school that offers more opportunities . . . • Academic Education & Skills for Employment • Highly Qualified Faculty • Personal Education Plans • Full Academic Offering of CXC (for CXC scholarships) • CXC Scholarship Track, “Second Track” • Expert Belizean & International Mentors • Day Shadows • Apprenticeships, Internships • Small Classes, Personal Attention •Students Can Earn School Fees

Adaly, Form I “Join us at OA where you will be challenged, have fun, and solve the important problems like we did with Hire Belize.”

Johnny, Form II “I did not plan to continue after primary school. Now, I love high school. I do 3-D architecture, fly fishing, and I spoke on national television.”

Lily, Form III “OA is preparing me for success at St. John’s with CXC prep and Applied Learning skills such as organization, initiative, and communications.”

Ocean Academy • Caye caulker, BZ • 226.0321 •

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2015-2016 Enrollment

P ERS O N A LIZ ED ED UC A TIO N Personal Education Plan (PEP) No two students are alike. We work with every student and their parent to create a personal plan based on the student’s and parent’s goals.

Personal Interests, Strengths, Passion We spend time figuring out what gets each student excited. Then, we help the student choose the paths and opportunities that will help him/her reach his/her goals. For example, students interview doctors, lawyers, and musicians; others build mobile apps for phones or design homes.

Personal Challenges, Obstacles

An Option for Each Child CXC Scholarship Track - Emphasizes preparing for CXC while gaining real-world experience as apprentices and developing skills for employment.

Equally important, students identify weaknesses and obstacles and make plans to overcome them. For example, students get extra math tutoring, find scholarships, or attend counseling.

“Second Track” - Emphasizes real-world experience and developing skills for employment while building core academic

Setting Goals

skills such as reading, writing, and math.

Students (with help from parents and OA counselor) set goals and the plan is shared with all teachers. Goals are reviewed and updated.

*Students may move between tracks.

Career “Shopping List” We guide the student (and parent) to create a career shopping list: what careers would be a good fit for you? Then, we set up times for students to observe a person in the career (day shadows) and if they like it, real hands-on experience working in the career (apprenticeships/internships). It is just as important for a student to learn that he/she does not like a career, so he/she does not prepare for the wrong path. Students learn about a career in Law in areas such as criminal defense, contracts, and rights for the poor.

Tertiary (Sixth Form/University) “Shopping List” In the PEP, students and parents list the schools and programs that interest them. We talk with Sixth Form and University Department Chairs to learn about their courses and plan campus visits. By choosing a path that is the right fit (instead of where a friend is going, or where an uncle went), students have a much better chance of success.

Ocean Academy • Caye caulker, BZ • 226.0321 •

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2015-2016 Enrollment

F O U R KEY A REA S 1. Social Enterprise Social enterprise uses business to solve social needs. OA has won two international awards in: 1. Kayaking, fly fishing, and biking from UNICEF/Beyond Sport (competed with 350 organizations from 70 countries), 2. Fish with Purpose, Best Business Plan in North America and the Caribbean from Teach a Man to Fish in the U.K. (1250 schools from 93 countries participated).

Ideas Come to Life When young people are part of starting and growing their own businesses, they are learning how to turn their ideas into something that can make money.

More than 50 Belizean and International Expert Mentors in more than 20 Careers When experts mentor students one-on-one or in small groups, the students learn more about reaching their success than any book can teach them.

Students Earn School Fees Students earn money for their pockets and money toward their school fees.

Award-Winning Kayak with Purpose Students learn important job skills such as how to make eye-contact with an adult, tell interesting stories, and speak standard English. Meanwhile, they earn school fees and act as eco-ambassadors for international visitors. Workshop training includes kayak strokes, rescues, first aid, and communication skills. Other Ocean Academy social enterprises include Bike with Purpose, Fish with Purpose, Dinner with Purpose, and Culinary Herb Sales.

2. Technology: Coding & Robotics Students at OA are learning the newest technologies: computer coding robotics, graphic design and GIS drones. They are learning that they can create the “magic” behind the computers and tools they are using.

Computer Software & Tools Technology changes every day. The students are learning how to find, download, and use new software programs in their areas of interest (architecture, art, engineering, etc.) that make them stand apart from other young people. OA Alumnus, Jamal Boiton, won a Mobile App development competition.

International Projects Students work with mentors across the world to build new technologies such as an underwater robot or an Adobe film.

Ocean Academy • Caye caulker, BZ • 226.0321 •

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2015-2016 Enrollment

O C EA N A C A D EM Y ’ S S EA TI D E 3. Innovation Innovation is all about “creating” some new thing or idea or “improving” an existing thing or idea. OA classes and projects push students to find their OWN solutions. The first step to innovation, is getting passionate about something. We guide students to find that passion in their Personal Education Plans (PEPs) which begin at the time of registration and continue until graduation.

Winners of the Belize High School Innovation Challenge

OA students competed with 15 high schools from across Belize District to solve youth unemployment. Ocean Academy students won with "Hire Belize", a mobile app they created to easily connect youth with employers and customers. The students worked together as a team to brainstorm the idea, create the technology, and present to a panel of judges and audience members. Most Creative and Innovative Project 2015

4. Development Ocean Academy’s motto is “Preserving our Heritage, Creating our Future.” Students work on national and international projects to protect the sea, the island, and the “old ways” of Caye Caulker . . . while learning how to grow the island in ways that are good and sustainable for all.

The Environmental Club competed in the National Sagicor S.T.E.M. Visionaries Challenge with "The Caye Caulker Mangrove Action Plan" that includes replanting mangroves in the southern part of the island and developing an interactive mobile app so that visitors can use GPS coordinates to visit mangrove replanting sites. Then, they can take their own photos and load them onto the app.

Ocean Academy • Caye caulker, BZ • 226.0321 •

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2015-2016 Enrollment

H IG H LY QUA LIF IED F A C ULTY Dr. Corinth MorterLewis

OA's faculty are highly trained professionals who are dedicated to academic and personal success for every student. Our teachers are life-long learners, and every month they study in Teacher Professional Development workshops.

Faculty qualifications include: 1 Doctorate Degree in Psychology of Education 2 Master's Degrees in Education 2 Bachelor's Degrees in Secondary Education 2 Bachelor's Degrees in Teaching Subjects (+1 in progress) 3 Associate's Degrees

Dr. Lewis is Ocean Academy's school counsellor (Thursdays and Fridays) and Professor and President Emeritus of the University of Belize. At OA, she counsels students and families, teaches Life Skills classes, and conducts Personal Education Plan interviews. Dr. Lewis leads a Parenting Workshop Series every month.

Visiting Professors

Courses Include: English, Math, Integrated Science, Computer Science, Social Studies, Life Skills, Applied Learning, Entrepreneurship, Principles

Dr. Hawthorne, Georgia State University is one of many visiting professors at OA. He teaches the students about GIS drones and mapping.

of Business, Principles of Accounting, Human & Social Biology, Geography, World History. Electives include: Scuba Diving (NAUI Certification), Fly Fishing, Kayaking, Carpentry, Drumming, Poetry, Art, Graphic Design, Guitar, Calligraphy, Marine Biology, Yoga, Basketball, Beach Volleyball, Football and new ones every semester. Tutoring is free.

C O S TS A T O C EA N A C A D EM Y Yearly Registration

Yearly Fees

Form I

Form II

Form III

Form IV













Monthly Fees (*with Government Subsidy)

Ocean Academy • Caye caulker, BZ • 226.0321 •

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2015-2016 Enrollment

C X C RES U L TS & A WA RD S In 2014 - 2015 alone,

CXC Results 2014

OA won . . . two

Students earn two-year Associate’s Student Excellence   Degree scholarships, Certificates in Business   studies and top grades in CXC exams.

international awards, three national awards, and one District award (see pages 3-4) and more below . . .

CXC Exam  Results  2014  

Belize Department of Youth Services‘ National Youth Award for Environmentalism Ocean Academy’s Aquatic Tourism Program was recognized for developing entrepreneurship skills of ecological ambassadors. This is the ninth award received from Youth Services over the last five years.

               Lidy                        &                    Evelio     Six  CXC  passes  =  qualification  for  two-­ \HDUVFKRODUVKLSIRU$VVRFLDWH¶V'HJUHH     CXC  Certificate  in  Business  Studies.     Top  CXC  grade  (1)    in  Spanish.     Lidy  also  earned  top  CXC  grade  (1)    in   English  A.  




Six  CXC  passes  =   qualification  two-­ year  scholarship  for   $VVRFLDWH¶V'HJUHH  

Top  CXC  grade  (1)   in  Math  &       Integrated  Science.      

Top  CXC  grade  (1)   in  Spanish.  

Education Showcase Theme

Ministry of Education selected OA’s theme, “Our Youth: Innovator’s Today; Changemakers Tomorrow” to use across Belize.

Ocean Guardian School with NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration)

Grant to reduce single-use plastics on Caye Caulker by encouraging the use of reusable shopping bags.

Students accepted the National Youth Award in Belize City. Ocean Academy competed with schools

U.S. State Department Central American Regional Security Initiative (CARSI). $95,000 USD grant. Three-year grant to support OA’s Aquatic Tourism program.

Ocean Academy • Caye caulker, BZ • 226.0321 •

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Ocean Academy SEaTIDe 2015-2016 Enrollment Brochure  

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