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Place an AD 949-551-6992

Orange County Animal Care Services (714) 935-6848

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A Message from the OC Dog Reporting Team Cookie A0848170

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“Please remember when you adopt a dog, It is a big responsibility. Many dogs are homeless due to people not understanding our doggy needs. We need the same things humans do. We need lots of love, attention, exercise, and food. We love to play and go for rides and have long leisurely walks; We love to be social and play with other dogs too. We have feelings just like you. We get sad when we are left alone. Anxious when we are abandoned. Terrified when we are dumped at a shelter. Guilty, when we have done something wrong. Pain when we are hurt. We even feel jealous sometimes. But Most of all we feel love... especially for our human companions and will do anything to please them. So please understand that when you take home a four legged child you are are in fact adopting a being with feelings and emotions”.

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Hey kids: puppies are really cute and If your answer is yes to the following questionaire then you are ready to adopt a Furry Friend.

Rudy A1088752

1. Just like humans dogs pee and poop and sometimes are not potty trained. Are you able to accept this and learn to use gentle methods help train your newly adopted dog or puppy or find a trainer who will assist you if you can’t? Yes NO 2. Just like humans dogs need a well balanced diet. Are you reponsible enough to feed your dog two to three meals a day without forgetting? Yes NO

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3. Just like humans dogs need exercise. Are you able take your dog for two long walks in the morning and evening? Yes NO 4. Just like children, dogs do not want to be left alone all day. They get bored and anxious and can develop separation anxiety which could cause them to bark, chew your shoes, eat your garbage and even the drywall off the walls. This usually happens when people have no time and leave their dogchild for hours alone. Are you able to make sure your dog is not alone for more than 4hrs at the most? Yes NO 5. Just like humans dogs need doctors and dentists. Are you able to afford a vet if there is a problem? Yes NO

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Agoura Hills Animal Shelter 29525 Agoura Road,Agoura, CA 91301 Telephone: 818 991-0071

6. Just like children dogs like to be close to their families, that means when the family moves they take all their children including the four-legged child. If you are going to move to a new city of residence are you going to take your four legged child with you so matter what? Yes NO

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Rudy A1087260 Rudy A1088752 Timu A1093137 Yes NO Yes NO Yes NO Yes NO Jiffy A1093028 Molly A1093353 Oscar A1094267 Rosie A1093506 Blue 24742...