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Kelly Snelling, President - G.E.L.C. Children's Village \ ~are~ Jo~:s :" ~abor Relations~~ Uctooer L<S, LV 1 0 -; Personal Leave

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As you are aware, most County employees are provided five Personal Leave days per year. The current practice for crediting Personal Leave to an employee's bank is to add it during the first full pay period of each year. If an employee wishes to use Personal Leave earned in the new calendar year, they can after January 1, even though the leave may not appear on the employee's pay stub. Personal Leave for 2011 will be credited to leave banks the beginning of the first pay of 2011, which falls on January 1,2011. Employees will be able to utilize their Personal Leave bank for 2011 anytime during that pay period. We will continue this practice during subsequent years, usage of the new allotment of hours begins at the start of the first full pay period of the year instead of January 1. To avoid the loss of the next year's Personal Leave due to being at maximum accumulation, the hours must be used by the end of the previous pay instead of December 31.

This change will not limit an employee's accumulation or use of Personal. Leave, but will provide for easier administration and understanding as to when newly credited Personal Leave is available.


Kelly Snelling, President - G.E.L.C. Children's Village \ 1/\(' I J f) Uctooer L&lt;S, LV 1 0 -; ~are~ Jo~:s:"~abor Relations~~ Personal Lea...

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